Write a letter to a soldier in iraq

write a letter to a soldier in iraq

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If you want to send a care package, make it only food items or only non-food items. You would not believe how even factory sealed cookies taste when they have lived together in the same package with bath soap for a month in 120 degree heat. Also, since so many folks simply won't repack liquid items in vacuum bags (like foodsaver tm for example please just use another box. We get requests all the time that folks not send soaps, bug repellent, dryer sheets, air fresheners, detergents, deodorants, (getting the idea?) in the same box as food items. Trust me, a good smelling arm pit is a nice thing, but a cookie that tastes like one will not improve a soldier's morale. ( close ) Email? (How to and why it might not work) so you picked an address and the address is bad. It happens, for many reasons.

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However, if they open your package, they have punishment to send you a letter stating that the package was opened for inspection. Don't want your package bounced back to you? What if your contact is gone? On the customs Form, in block #10 is a "If non-deliverable" section. Check the "Redirect to Address Below and put in what you wish. "Any local Chaplain" is a good one, or "Addressee's Commander" is a suggestion. The customs forms are available at your post office and you can complete them online. (Note: The online form asks for a destination phone number, just put all '1s'.). If you have questions about the customs forms, please ask your post office! ( close ) Don't Mix food and Non-food Contents! Do not, for any reason, or in any amount, include food items in a care package with any hygiene items or chemicals of any type.

Sincerely, robert MacCloskey, postal Service headquarters ok, still a lot of fixes needed but hopefully this is a helpful start. All apo/fpo zip codes have a "B" restriction which states that the custom form 2976-a is required for all mail weighing 16 ounces or more. In addition, mailers must properly complete required customs documentation when mailing presentation any potentially dutiable mail addressed to an apo/fpo regardless of weight. All mail is subject to x-ray so fill out the customs form accurately. Not putting on there that there is an electrical device and putting a few bars of soap in may cause an innocent package to be blown to bits because it looks like an explosive device of some kind. Custom Declaration requirements for apo/fpo addresses are defined by restriction codes, and these are listed in every postal Bulletin under the "Overseas Military mail" article and can be found. I'm asked often about Customs opening packages. Yes, they can, and they.

write a letter to a soldier in iraq

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As the reviews contents would be the same, then the list of contents would be standardized too, and a copy of the same packaging list could be used as delineated in Option 2, above, for each package. I would recommend a master copy of the list be created in a computer then as many copies as needed (one for each volunteer to use in preparing the package and one to go with the form 2976-a in the envelope, form 2976E) could. After the packages were completed they could be sealed; the form 2976-A should have "see attached list" written in Block. (you would need only one form 2976-A per package.) The form 2976-a and the list of all of the contents would then be enclosed in the envelope 2976E and the item would be ready for mailing. Of course not all of the packages may be perfectly identical so father's perhaps the "non-standardized" items could be listed on the first Form 2976-a and then the computer generated list could be used to list the standardized contents. I do hope this will prove useful to you. Incidentally we have a number of employees who have been recalled to duty and they, and all of our soldiers, are in our thoughts.

Please note that the following instructions are printed as part of the revised instructions for completing ps form 2976-a, may 2009 edition: Block. If there is insufficient space on the form to list all articles, use additional form(s) as needed. Indicate on the first form (to the right of the barcode) the following: "Additional forms enclosed". Important: Obliterate the tracking number and barcode on subsequent form(s) and place all the form(s) into ps form 2976-E (plastic envelope). A sheet of paper can be used to list the remaining items in the package and attached to the ps form 2976-A. Insert the additional sheet along with the ps form 2976-a into the plastic pouch (ps form 2976-e, customs Declaration Envelope). From what i understand of the process you are probably sending virtually identical packages to each soldier on your list. What I would recommend, therefore, is to build a "model package" and have each package contain the same items.

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write a letter to a soldier in iraq

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We are trying to contact the person responsible for this disaster for correction. Contact your, congressman and, senators. Now and let them know about this! Got called back from the us postal essay Service office of Public Relations, by yvonne yoerger, responding for sue brennan. Yvonne shared with me her frustration of the new form, and advised me that due to the changes of control by the commerce department, postal Reform Act of 2006, that was the reason for the new form. She will be sending my concerns up the chain, and we just go from here. Got this from super-supporter Barbara duprel who has been helping find solutions to this idiotic form: "This is to acknowledge your email to the postal Regulatory commission, who shared it with our Consumer Advocate.

I am responding for the consumer Advocate. Thank you for your question and for your efforts to support our troops and i am sorry you find the forms so troubling. In reviewing your concerns I believe there is an option that may be useful in this situation. There are two acceptable procedures for listing the items in Block 1 description of Items. List the first 4 items on the ps form 2976-A; attach additional forms to list the remaining items. Add these forms along with the original form and insert them in ps form 2976-e, the customs Declaration Envelope. (Cross out the barcode on the additional forms).

Although soldiers complained of endless work and boredom, camp life also provided an opportunity to form friendships, reflect on loved ones at home, enjoy moments of recreation, and engage in spiritual renewal. Wisconsin goes to war: Our civil War Experience. Featured e-books: personal narratives, george. Huntington diary of 1864 (Private collection Donation reminiscences of a rebel (pdf, 8 megs, 148 pages) - wayland Fuller Dunaway of the 40th Virginia infantry regiment. The story of a common soldier of army life in the civil war, (1920) (pdf, 24 megs, 312 pages) - by leander Stillwell, a soldier in the 61st Illinois Infantry regiment. Echoes of the civil war as I hear them (pdf, 19 megs, 297 pages) - by michael Hendrick fitch, of the 21st Wisconsin Regiment.

How to send: (Please note: keeping links current to the usps site is impossible as they change urls constantly, so we now link just to their home page from where you can easily use their search engine to find the information you want from their. There is a new customs form, dated January 2009. Whoever designed the form is either ignorant that care packages actually go to the military or simply does not care. The new form only allows for the listing of 4 items, with the instructions, "Enter a detailed description of each article -. G., "men's cotton shirts." General descriptions -. G., "samples "food products" or "toiletries" - are not permitted.". Also causing mass confusion is the address "to area, which makes it almost impossible to enter a military address, and the online version even asks for a phone number! Good luck with that! (put all '1s' if you use.).

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Unable to open rss feed with error. Http error: 403, exiting, database Statistics, correspondences: 1,471, soldier Profiles: 424, soldier of the moment: Crawford, milton. Full Name: Crawford, milton, home State: Pennsylvania, allegiance: Union, unit/Service Branch: 21st cavalry, with bio: Private milton Crawford of the 21st Pennsylvania. Read more about Crawford, milton. Featured Soldier Resource: Soldiers on both sides spent much of their time in camp. Some military campaigns followed seasonal changes-battle in the spring and summer, camp in the fall and winter. Daily life in camp included drills and other military duties.

write a letter to a soldier in iraq

A has no mcClellen Men Amongst our. I think that every man that Belongs. A will autobiographies Vote for Old Abe without a doubt.". March 13, 1865,. Charles, Arkansas ".of all the dirty little Smokey shantys ever see those certainly was the greatest Each Shanty large anough for 2 men i my bunk mate Mr Albert Grimes took possession of one Shanty to work we went and In one half day. Charles, Arkansas ".If they do not Surrender I hope to god that our government will Exterminate the whole Crew of those general Officers leading men for they cant but know that there case is a hopeless one have no reason for Continuing the war longer.". Charles, Arkansas view an image of this document. (828 k) ".you need not write any d you can tell the Friends of the 36th Iowa vols to cease writing to the boys for we will most Probaly leave arkansas for home in Ten days." revised June 2, 2016 Return to the introductory page. This work is licensed under a creative commons License.

1864, helena Arkansas "He was caught going out Past our Picket guards was arrested examined papers of Importance to the rebels found in His Possession he was Brought Back court martialed sentenced to be hung dead by the neck.". February 14, 1864, little rock Arkansas "One day last week there was 126 men mostly deserters from Price citizens of this State came in took the oath of Allegiance 100 of them joined our army.". July 22, 1864, little rock Arkansas ".If Permited to live then i exspect to return Home see the people eat peaches. We could get Home This winter Coming by reenlisting as Veterans for 3 years longer But i am not wanting to get Home that Bad yet a while.". November 3, 1864, little rock Arkansas, view a pdf of this document. (2.6 M) "And I hope think that the war will be over by that Time. I think that the Election or reelection of President Lincoln will do much Toward the Closeing of the war. "The Election is near at hand and i i *sic* am glad to tell you that.

View an image of this document. June 17, 1863, camp Prentiss, helena Arkansas "I am Appointed Ordy sergt in the 2nd Regt Arks Vols. You better Beleive that i have some big times with reviews the darkies.". July 6, 1863, helena Arkansas ".all this time our Hill Batterys ten or twelve pieces in the bottom the gun boat Tyler with 8 or ten guns were throwing Shells Amongst them thick as hail But they filled up there fallen Ranks with Fresh Troops. July 23, 1863, helena Arkansas "I am verry much over joyed over our late victories at Vicksburg Helena port Hudson other Places I suppose that you have heard the particulars of our Fight at Helena While you all was haveing Such good times. We was Shooting Rebels.". View a 200 image of this document.

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To see the full text of the letter, fuller select the date of the letter you wish to see. The letters have been transcribed as written, with no attempt to change spelling or punctuation from the original. October 24, 1862, camp Lincoln, keokuck, iowa "Indeed dear Miss there is thousands of poor Soldiers that will see home friends no more in this World If you was in keokuk see the number of Sick disabled Soldiers it would make your heart Ache.". November 30, 1862, benton Barracks,. ".those little towns on the. Side of the river are hard looking Places little dirty cabins with nothing to sell Hardly but whiskey the people looks to suit the Places.". March 9, 1863, on board the lavinia logan "we have some 6 or 8 gun boats with us we are now Penetrating into the verry heart of Dixie since we Started we have taken over one hundred thousand Dollars worth of cotton taken what beef. April 9, 1863, helena Arkansas ". We respected Rebel Property but little where ever they fired on our boats we landed burnt every thing that would Burn.".

Write a letter to a soldier in iraq
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The letters have been transcribed as written, with no attempt to change spelling or punctuation from the original. May 02, 2014 this 1945 letter, from Harold Porter to his mother and father in Michigan, describes the situation at the dachau concentration camp after liberation. The most often asked question is When is the deadline to send things?

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  1. Military letter of recommendation. To write your military letter of recommendation, put it on your organization letter head. If you don't have it, ask an administrative assistant, desk clerk, staff duty or someone in your higher command's office for an electronic version that you can copy and paste to and keep on file. Write personal letters of appreciation to send to Troops, first Responders, and Veterans. Were fighting our hardest, my love, but the enemys attacks on Christmas are relentless. Today alone they took out three nativity scenes.

  2. Letter Writing, team (LWT) is a team of amazing Angels who enjoy writing to our heroes, and who know how important it is for the service members to hear their name called at mail call. Founded in 2004, a million Thanks is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the. Click here to read our history. Customer service being what it is these days, sometimes the best way to get a favorable response is to write a letter. Sure, you have to organize your thoughts and wait for a response, but thats worth it if your situation is dealt with in a way that makes sense to you. Org is for teachers, instructors, historians, and researchers interested in civil War soldier letters and diaries database.

  3. Maybe you're thinking about joining the letter writing team and adopting a soldier, maybe you've already joined and haven't written your first letter yet. Send a letter to a soldier. The form below will allow you to write a letter to a soldier. We will then print your letter and include it in one of the packages. Who we are and What.

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