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He gives as a sample of the problem of recognizing italics: Copyright is way too long to strike the balance between benefits to the author and the public. The entire raison detre of copyright is to strike a balance between benefits to the author and the public. Thus, the optimal copyright term is c(x) 14(n 1). In each of these, italics indicates a different semantic point. Google is trying to algorithmically catch the authors intent. Physical proximity is good for low-latency apps, local caching, high-bandwidth communication, and immersive environments.

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Too often, public ethos libraries focus on lowest common denominator, but suppose unusual book collections could rotate like exhibits in museums, with local research experts giving advice and talks. Turn public libraries into public non-degree based universities? Part 2: Software architecture google books want to scan all books. Has done 12m out of the 120 works resume (which have 174 manifestations — different versions and editions, etc.). About 4B pages, 40 libraries, 400 languages (Three in Klingon). Google books is in the first stage: Scanning. Third: What do we do with all this? 20 are public domain. He talks a bit about the scanning tech, which tries to correct for the inner curve of spines, keeps marginalia while removing dirt, doing ocr, etc. At oreilly, the job was to synthesize the elements; at google, the job is to analyze them. Theyre trying to recognize frontispieces, index pages, etc.

The ideal learning environment might be a great professors office. That 1:1 instruction isnt generally tenable, but why is it that the higher the level of education, the fewer books are in the learning environment? E., kindergarten classes are filled with books, but grad student classrooms have few. They tend to write be big open rooms, which is why you have to be quiet in them. What if the architecture were a series of smaller, specialized rooms? Henry jenkins said about newspapers, jon says, that its strange that hundreds of reporters cover the superbowl, all writing basically the same story; newspapers should differentiate by geography. Might this notion of specialization apply to libraries, reflecting community interests at a more granular level.

uwf writing lab

University of West Florida

Se;ect and preserve info, or disseminate. Might libraries redefine themselves? But this depends business on the type of library. U of Michigan moved its academic press into the library system, even though the press is the money-making arm. Harvards countway medical Library incorporates a lab into it, the center for bioinformatics. This puts domain expertise and search experts together. And they put in the warren Anatomical Museum (aka harvards Freak museum). Maybe libraries should replicate this, adopting information-driven departments.

The wet-bar size device he shows provided a whopping 5gb of storage. The media lab lost its advantage of being able to provide high end computers since computing power has become widespread. So, media lab had to reinvent itself, to provide value as a physical location. Is there an analogy to the negroponte switch of telephone and tv, jon asks? We used to use the library to search for books and talk about them at home. In the future, well use our computer to search for books, and talk about them at our libraries. What is the mission of libraries, he asks.

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uwf writing lab

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Title of his talk: Deriving the library from first principles. If we were to start from scratch, would they look like todays? Not running a spellpchecker. Mangling other peoples ideas and words. You are warned, people.

He says its not controversial that patrons are accessing more info online. Foot traffic to libraries is going down. Library budgets are being squeezed. Public libraries are definitely feeling the pinch exactly when people have less discretionary money and thus are spending more time at libraries. At mit, nicholas Negroponte contended in the early 1990s that telephones would switch from wired to wireless, and televisions would go from wired to wireless. It seems obvious wallpaper in retrospect. At that time, jon was doing essay his work using a connection Machine, which consisted of 64K little computers.

You cant find the person who wrote it because, lets face it, his bone sack has been mouldering since milton Berle got his own tv show, and the publishers of the score went out of business before fdr started the lend-lease program. You want to include 10 seconds of it in your ode to the silk worm. You cant because some dead guy and his defunct company cant be exhumed to nod permission. Multiply this times millions, and youve got an orphaned works problem that has locked up millions of books and songs in a way that only a teensy dose of common sense could undo. The gbs applied that common sense — royalties would be escrowed for some period in case the rights owner staggered forth from the grave to claim them.

Of course the gbs then divvied up the unclaimed profits in non-common-sensical ways. But at least it broke the log jam. Now it seems itll be up to congress to address the orphaned works problem. But given Congress maniacal death-grip on copyright, it seems unlikely that common sense will have any effect and our culture will continue to be locked up for seventy years beyond the grave in order to protect the.0001 percent of publishers catalogs that continue. (All numbers entirely made up for your reading pleasure.) As Bob Darnton points out, this is one of the issues that a digital Public Library of America could address. James Grimmelmann has an excellent and thorough explanation of the settlement, and a prediction for its future. Categories: copyright, libraries Tagged with: copyleft copyright dpla gbs google books libraries Date: March 26th, 2011 dw Jon Orwant is an Engineering Manager at google, with google books under him. He used to be cto at oreilly, and was educated at mit media lab. Hes giving a talk to harvards librarians about his perspective on how libraries might change, a topic he says puts him out on a limb.

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Fair Use doesnt need just a posse (Lord bless it ). It could use a bigtime hero with some guts. Categories: copyright Tagged with: copyright fair use google google books Date: April 20th, 2011 dw having written in opposition to the google books Settlement ( 1 2 3 i was pleased with Judge Chins decision overall. The gbs (which, a couple of generations ago would have unambiguously type referred to george bernard Shaw) was worked out by google, the publishers, and the authors guild without schools, libraries, or readers at the table. The problems with it were legion, although over time it had gotten somewhat less obnoxious. Yet, i find myself slightly disappointed. We so desperately need what google was building, even though it shouldnt have been google (or any single private company) that is building. In particular, the gbs offered a way forward on the orphaned works problem: works that are still in copyright but the owners of the copyright cant be found and often are probably long dead. So, you come across some obscure 1932 piece of music that hasnt been recorded since 1933.

uwf writing lab

Also, while the contract allows non-commercial research into the scanned corpus, google gets to decide which research to allow. There is also a welcome clause explicitly allowing for metadata to be included in the europeana database, javier reports. Categories: everythingIsMiscellaneous, libraries, open access Tagged with: british library google google books libraries open access org Date: August 24th, 2011 dw googles educational copyright cartoon is amusing in a ren and Stimpy sort of way but its disturbing that the cartoon purposefully makes the fair Use. Presumably thats because fair Use is so complex and so difficult to defend that google doesnt even want to raise it as a possibility. Nevertheless, it seems like a missed opportunity to do some education. Worse, its a sign that weve pretty much essay given up on fair Use. Likewise, many of us were disappointed when google books dropped its fair Use defense and instead came up with a settlement (since overturned ) with the authors and publishers. It was another lost opportunity to provide fair Use with some clarity and oomph.

was not recorded in a work indexed by google books. My searching skills are inadequate or i just dont care enough. M (twitter:" Investigator ) has taken up this case and reports the following (earliest at the top categories: culture, tagged with: google books kindness mark twain"s. Date: August 17th, 2013 dw, thanks to the persistence of, javier ruiz of the. British Open Rights Group, you can now read pdf the contract between the British Library and google books. Google has shrouded its book digitization contracts in non-disclosures wrapped in lead sheathing that is then buried in collapsed portions of the wieliczka salt mines. It took a freedom of Information Act request by javier to get access, and google restricts further re-distribution. Javier points out that the contract is non-exclusive, although the cost of re-digitizing is a barrier.

There are a number of variations, including the more logical. Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. At google books, there are 1,800 results for mark twain kindness deaf. The ones I poked at do not provide a source for the", although. The Gratitude Attitude footnotes itbut google books doesnt show the page with the footnote. If you search google books by author for the words kindness, blind, and deaf, you get nine results. None of the four that have the" cite a source for.

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Yesterday i clicked on a link to a m post and was thesis greeted by a an insterstitial page that said only: Kindness is a language which the deaf and the blind can read. This raised a few questions: What was going through Forbes head when it decided to show us this pap? Does Forbes think that maybe were on the verge of kindness and just need this nudge? Did Twain ever actually say this? Why is there any question about what the deaf can read? So i turned to google. Herewith my findings:.

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  5. We have 1 guest online. Carpinteyroxzb ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Susan and I had the luck of chatting in the hallway with Bob Dugan from. Uwf, who turned out to be the main official communicator from libraryland with the person. Uwf, amh2010 American History us to (Pensacola) zoology a photographic Atlas. Lab - 40 (Breeze/Midway) This book is for Prep.

  6. I object to the fact that, despite the amended settlements creation of an Unclaimed Works Fiduciary (. Uwf the monopoly powers that google and the books Rights Registry will acquire. I m really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog. The first date indicates the first year of academic employment; the last date indicates the year of present rank. Faith s Official Website.

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