The gift of the magi plot summary

the gift of the magi plot summary

The gift of the magi, wikipedia

He explains that no haircut could make him love her any less, but that he was surprised because of the present that he bought for her. Della opens the package to find expensive tortoiseshell combs for her long hair. Shes ecstatic for a moment before she begins crying, and Jim has to comfort her. Suddenly, della remembers her present to jim, and asks to see jims watch so that she could put the new chain. Jim sits back on the couch and smiles, then admits that he sold his watch in order to buy the combs. The narrator wraps up the story by describing the magi who invented the art of giving Christmas presents. He compares Della and Jim to these wise men, and concludes that of all those who give gifts, these two are the wisest.

The gift Of The magi summary

She had been hoping to save enough to buy her road husband Jim a worthy Christmas present. Della suddenly goes to gaze at her reflection in a window, letting her hair fall to its full length below her knee. Dellas brown hair and Jims gold watch that had been passed down from his grandfather are the couples most prized possessions. Della runs to a hair shop and sells her hair for twenty dollars. Then she uses the money to buy jim a simple platinum watch chain. The chain is described as possessing quietness and value, like jim. Della returns home to fix her hair into curls and make dinner. When Jim walks into the door, he freezes, staring at Dellas hair. Della tells him that she did it in order to buy a proper Christmas present for him. Jim snaps out of his shock, hugs Della, and throws a package on the table.

Jim has not yet seen his beautiful present. She holds it out to him, and the precious metal catches all the nuances of light in the room. It is indeed a beautiful specimen of a watch gps chain, and Della insists on attaching it to jims watch. Jim looks at her with infinite love and patience and suggests that they both put away their presents—for a while. Jim has sold his watch in order to buy the combs for Della even as she has sold her hair to buy the watch chain for Jim. Like the magi, those wise men who invented the tradition of Christmas giving, both Della and Jim have unwisely sacrificed the greatest treasures of their house for each other. However, of all those who give gifts, these two are inevitably the wisest. The story begins with Della despairing over the meager amount of money shes managed to save over the past few months by pinching pennies.

the gift of the magi plot summary

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He opens the door, sees Della, and an indiscernible look, neither sorrow nor surprise, overtakes him. His face can only be described as bearing a mask of melancholy disbelief. Even though Della rushes to assure him that her hair grows fast and that she will soon be back to normal, jim cannot seem to be persuaded that her beautiful hair is really gone. Della implores him to understand that she simply could not have lived through Christmas without buying him a gift; she begs him, for her sake, as well as the seasons, to be happy. Jim, as if waking from a trance, embraces her and readily tells her that there is nothing a shampoo or haircut could do to della that would alter his love for her. In the excitement he has forgotten to give her gift, and now he offers her a paper-wrapped package. Tearing at it eagerly, della finds a set of combs, tortoise shell, bejewelled combs that she has so often admired in a shop on Broadway, combs whose color combines perfectly with her own vanished tresses. Her immense joy turns to tears but quickly returns when she remembers just how fast her hair grows.

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the gift of the magi plot summary

What is the symbolism in the gift of the magi

She excitedly anticipates Jims reaction when he sees a proper chain for his watch. Until now, he has been using an old leather strap, which, despite the new watchs elegance, has forced him to look at the time surreptitiously. Arriving back at the flat, breathless but triumphant, della remembers her newly bobbed appearance. She reaches for the curling irons and soon a mass of close-cropped curls adorns her shorn head. She stares at herself anxiously in the mirror, hoping that her husband will still love her.

As is her usual custom, she prepares dinner for the always punctual Jim and sits down to await his arrival. The precious gift is tightly clutched in her hand. She mutters an imprecation to god so that Jim will think federalist she is still pretty. At precisely seven oclock, she hears Jims familiar step on the stairs, his key in the door. He is a careworn young man, only twenty-two and already burdened with many responsibilities.

Although she lives in an eight-dollar-a-week flat and her general surroundings, even by the greatest stretch of the imagination, do not meet the standards of genteel poverty, della determines that she cannot live through Christmas without giving Jim a tangible reminder of the season. Distraught, she clutches the one dollar and eighty-seven cents in her hand as she moves discontentedly about her tiny home. Suddenly, catching a glance of herself in the cheap pier glass mirror, a maneuver possible only for the slender and agile viewer, the perfect solution suggests itself. Whirling about with happiness, she lets down her long, beautiful hair. It is like brown sable and falls in caressing folds to below her knees.

After a moments self-admiration, and another half-moments reservation, during which time a tear streaks down her face, she resolutely puts on her old hat and jacket and leaves the flat. Dellas quick steps take her to the shop of Madame sofronie, an establishment that trades in hair goods of all kinds. Entering quickly, lest her nerve desert her, she offers to sell her hair. Madame sofronie surveys the luxuriant tresses, unceremoniously slices them off, and hands Della twenty dollars. For the next two hours, della feels herself in paradise, temporarily luxuriating in the knowledge that she can buy anything she wants. She decides on a watch fob for Jims beautiful old watch. If there are two treasures in the world of which James and Della dillingham young are inordinately and justly proud, they are her hair (lately and gladly sacrificed) and Jims revered gold watch, handed down to him by his grandfather. She finally sees exactly what she wants, a platinum watch fob that costs twenty-one dollars.

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After much crying, when she hands Jim her precious present, he, being too overwhelmed with emotions, falls on the couch and discloses how he has sold his watch to purchase her comb. Finally, the dark assertion is explained. Attempting to emphasize the broader impetus behind gift sharing,. Henry draws a striking parallel between the gifts of the wise magi and that of foolish Jim and Della. For, it is love that inspires their gifts, dedication that propels them to be unselfish. Thus, the author poignantly claims that all those who give gifts like jim and Della are unquestionably the wisest). Della young is a devoted young married woman. Christmas london eve finds her in possession of a meager one dollar and eighty-seven cents, the sum total of her savings, with which she wants to buy a gift for her husband, jim. A recent cut in the family income, from an ample thirty dollars a week to a stingy twenty dollars a week, has turned Dellas frugality into parsimony.

the gift of the magi plot summary

Jim steps in quietly, and stops as he narrative glances at Della. His void expression turns Della terrified, and she proceeds to justify the reason for her changed image, with the hopeful promise that it would grow soon. Soon after, jim overcomes his trance, and while he engages in fondling Della, the narrator triggers us to analyze a seemingly drab fact; Eight dollars a week or a million a year—what is the difference? He further hints that a mathematician would probably supply the wrong answer, and that this dark assertion would be explained later. Back in the story, jim clarifies that his stunned look had not been prompted by her cropped hair and he rather insists her to unwrap his present. Dellas nimble fingers tear up the paper to reveal an expensive set of pure tortoise shell combs with jeweled rims that she had worshiped long in a broadway window. But they are futile, for her tresses are gone.

latter had been a measly janitor. The sacrifice, meanwhile, della looks into the mirror of a pie glass in her flat, sheds a tear or two and hastens to the store bearing the name, fronie hair goods of All Kinds. Having sold her hair for 20, she now vigorously searches the stores to find her cherished present. Finally, she discovers it, a platinum fob chain, that by its simple and chaste design, reflects its inner worth; a quality that is akin to her adorable jim. Costing 21, the chain influences her to surmise various possibilities, one of the foremost being the fact that Jim would now unhesitatingly be able to check the time, wearing this watch chain, something that he had been prevented from doing due to his paltry earlier. Now, since her craving has been fulfilled, rational thinking regarding her altered appearance peeps in and she seeks to repair it by the judicious use of curling irons. Soon the ravages are somewhat managed, and she is left looking like a truant school boy. The revelation, it is 7 oclock, and Jim is expected soon. Earnestly requesting God to make jim like her new demeanor, della eagerly waits, as Jims step is heard on the stair of the first flight.

The occupants of a certain furnished flat, james and Della, had lived quite comfortably when James had been paid 30 per week. But now, his income having shrunken to diary 20, the couple are depicted as trying hard to make both ends meet; a fact that is glaringly highlighted by an impaired electric button and a deserted letter box. However, the author subtly points out that overshadowing all shabbiness, is the unaltered portrayal of unadulterated passion dellas routine calling out to her husband as Jim after his arrival, and his subsequent response by affectionately hugging her. The musings of a loving Wife. Having ascended from sobs to sniffles, as Della looks outside the window of her flat to contemplate the dire status of her situation, the narrator hints at the obvious cause of her recent anguish. The.87 had been saved to buy a fitting gift for the person she loves most in the world, her husband, jim. Their Prized Possessions, the two possessions are jims gold watch, a family heirloom, and Dellas rippling and shining hair. The narrator alludes to two important Biblical figures to emphasize the importance of these objects to the two characters.

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Published in 1906, in American author,. Henrys second collection titled The four Million, The gift of The magi reigns as one of the most popular short stories that celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Employing the habitual backdrop of Christmas gift sharing, the author weaves a tender tale of selfless love, the essence of which is timeless. Its only One dollar and eighty-seven cents. This opening statement leads the reader to some important facts: Its Christmas eve, this meager amount (counted three times is an business outcome of laborious saving that has been strenuously secured by bulldozing the grocer. Its sole possessor, della, who is, by the way, one of the protagonists of the story, is visibly crestfallen, owing to the grueling limitations rendered by the sum. Naturally, della vents off by collapsing on the couch and howling. The nondescript living of the dillingham youngs.

The gift of the magi plot summary
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  1. O-henrys short stories are known for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization, and clever twist endings. The gift Of The magi is one of interesting short story which is I have already read. But usually plot can be found in the beginning of the story. This gift of the magi summary would be incomplete without discussing the very important message hidden between its lines which is very relevant to todays materialistic world where true love is fast becoming a rarity. To sum up, i felt that The gift of the magi is a great story that everyone, especially the couple should read.

  2. The gift of the magi has a surprisingly beautiful and satisfying ending. The author has also used some strong symbols to develop the storys plot and engage the readers. Published in 1906, in American author,. Henrys second collection titled The four Million, The gift of The magi reigns as one of the most popular short stories that celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Its only One dollar and eighty-seven cents.

  3. Della's beautiful, brown, knee-length hair is one of the two great treasures of the poor couple. It's 21, and she buys. Excited by her gift, della returns home and tries to make her now-short hair presentable (with a curling iron). Documents Similar to the gift of the magi summary. Della and Jim still buy gifts for each other and the gifts turn out to be really the best ever.

  4. Create a visual plot diagram of "The gift of the magi". Ela-literacy/RL/9-10/2 Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze in detail its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text. Upgrade to litCharts. Instant downloads of all 668 LitChart pdfs (including The gift of the magi). The gift of the magi. Once della's recovered herself, she goes to a mirror to let down her hair and examine.

  5. Henry's The gift of the magi. Enotes plot summaries cover all the. What is the summary of "The gift of the magi"?no. James and Della dillingham young are a young couple, very much in love. What is the summary of the story "the gift of the magi"?

  6. But he tells her that even though she is bald he still loves her anyway. Then Jim gives her a gift. The gift is a bunch of combs and haircare products. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The gift of the magi. The story of the gift of the magi deftly displays powerful themes of love, sacrifice, and the concept of true value and worth. Complete summary.

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