Sir syed ahmed khan essay

sir syed ahmed khan essay

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In 1869 Sir syed travelled to England to study the university system there. He dreamed of setting up a university for Muslims in the sub-continent. He was very impressed by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and hoped to set up an educational institution based on their model. However, on returning home, he found that his plans were often met with suspicion. He could not start with a university straight away. So instead he decided to begin with a school. a committee was set up, which toured the country raising funds for anew Muslim school.

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In this he came into conflict with ulema. They believed that acceptance of scientific and technological ideas might undermine Islamic beliefs. Sir syed believed that the holy quran emphasized the need to study and that an understanding of modern scientific beliefs actually helped reveal the full majesty of God. to gain support for his views Sir syed set up an Urdu journal called Tahdhih-ul-Akhlaq. This journal contained articles from your influential Muslims who agreed with Sir syed that there was a need for a new approach to education. Although some ulema attacked the journal, it best played a major part inbringing about an intellectual revolution amongst Muslim thinkers. In 1863 Sir syed founded the Scientific Society at Ghazipore. Its main purpose was to make scientific writings available to a wider market by translating them from English, persian or Arabic into Urdu. When he was transferred to Aligarh in 1864 he continued his work and in 1866 began issuing a journal called the Aligarh Institute gazette. he had already shown his commitment to expanding educational opportunities when, in 1859, he opened a school in Muradabad. In 1864 he opened another school in Ghazipore.

As we have seen after 1857 the muslim community discrimination at the hands of the other British, whilst the other groups were supported. The hindus for example, had decided that they should work with the British. This helped the British to see them as a counter to the supposedly disloyal Muslims, so hindus were keen to learn the English language and to acquire a british education in the subcontinent. This helped them to gain employment and to make progress in society. By 1871 there were 711 Hindus father's in government employment compared with only 92 Muslims. The hindu movement gained strength as more and more hindus received education in the new schools, colleges and universities which were springing. This increased confidence among Hindus also led to them viewing Muslims with an increasing lack of respect. Sir syed took steps to change muslim attitudes to receiving British education.

sir syed ahmed khan essay

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Another example of this was the British Indian Association which Sir syed established to try to increase co-operation between the two peoples. Many muslims, however, were father's very suspicious of any British influence because they believed it corrupted Islamic learning. Sir sved realized that he needed to increase awareness of the benefits of western technological advances. He did not accept the arguments of British Christian missionaries that the technological advances that had been made in Europe were a result of the teachings of Christianity. He believed that they had to do with greater political development and a higher standard of education, particularly in science. He therefore laid great emphasis on the need to bring about improved education for Muslims. Encouraging the growth of Western education.

The British thought that this was an insult, but Sir syed pointed out that the word came from Nasir, an Arabic word meaning helper. So the term was a reflection of the positive image muslims had of British, not an insult. Convincing the muslims, sir syed was aware that the British knew very little about Islam. Indeed, on a visit to England he was so offended by an English book on (P.B.U.H) that he immediately wrote his own work correcting the many errors. It was also true, however, that the muslims in India knew very little about Christianity. He tried to overcome this was by writing Tabyin-ul-Kalam, in which he pointed out the similarities between Islam Christianity. Due to lack of resources the work was not finished, but it showed Sir syeds commitment to improving relations.

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sir syed ahmed khan essay

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In this work he defended the muslims from the British accusation that they were disloyal. He gave a detailed account of the loyal service which Muslims had given and named various Muslims who had shown particular loyalty to the British. At the same time he called on the British to end their hostility towards the muslim community. In order to convince the British that they were wrong to put the full blame for the events of 1857 on the muslims, sir syed wrote a pamphlet called Essay on the causes of the Indian revolt. In his resume writing he pointed out the main reasons for the uprising were:. The lack of representation for Indian government of the country. The forcible conversion of Muslims to Christianity.

The poor management of the Indian army. He also listed many other measures taken by the British which created dissatisfaction and led to resentment among the muslim community. This pamphlet was circulated free amongst the British officials in India and was also sent to members of Parliament in England. Even members of the royal family received copies. Some British officials were angered by what Sir syed wrote as he seemed to be blaming them for the uprising. Others read what he wrote with sympathy and accepted that there was truth in his words. Sir syed also tried to clear up a misunderstanding amongst the British who resented being called Nadarath by the muslims.

The British had put the entire responsibility for the war of Independence in 1857 on the muslims. As a result they carried out policies of repression against the muslims after 1857. The hindus and other religious groups were considered to be loyal and prepared to assist in governing India, but the muslims were seen as rebellious and unhelpful. Even as early as 1843 the British governor-General had stated: I cannot close my eyes to the belief that the muslim race is fundamentally hostile. Our true policy is to reconcile the hindus.

Sir syed wanted to ensure that this false view was corrected. There was a deep-seated resentment of the British among many in the muslim community. This was sometimes based on the fact that the British were seen as foreign invaders and sometimes because they were thought to be trying to replace Islam with Christianity. Other Muslims rejected all Western ideas because they were often not in line with Islamic beliefs. Sir syed wanted to ensure that the benefits and advantages of British rule, in particular in the areas of science and technology were embraced by the muslim community to improve the lives of the masses. Convincing the British, in 1860 Sir syed wrote The loyal Mohammadens of india.

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If they did not, then the hindus would continue to prosper because of their more cooperative approach. Sir syed wanted to see the muslims united and prospering. He also wanted to see an improvement in their economic, social, political and religious fortunes. He made this ambition his lifes work and, because so much of his effort revolved around a muslim renaissance taking place in Aligarh, he is said to have founded The Aligarh movement. The central aims of the Aligarh movement were to: -Improve relations between the British business and Muslim communities by removing British doubts about Muslim loyalty and Muslim doubts about British intentions, -improve the social and economic position of Muslims by encouraging them to receive westerneducation and. Improving Relations between the British and Muslim Communities. Sir syed believed that the position of the muslims in the subcontinent could only be improved if relations with the British were improved and Muslims gained higher-quality education. There were two major obstacles to good relations.

sir syed ahmed khan essay

Beliefs, sir syed was extremely unhappy about the position of the muslims in the subcontinent. Since the days of the mughal empire their social and economic status had declined sharply. The role of Muslims in the war of Independence had led to a further decline in their fortunes as the British took measures to ensure that their control would not be subject to further challenge. Sir syed felt that the poor status of the muslims was due to the way they were treated as second-class citizens by the British and the hindus, but that they also had to take essay some of the responsibility themselves. Many muslims considered the British to be little more than invaders in India and wanted nothing to do with them. Sir syed believed that the muslim community had to accept that the British were rulers who intended to stay for many years. The muslim position could only be improved if they adopted a more positive approach to the British. They needed to accept more British ideas and to take advantage of British education.

called Athar-al-Sanadeed. When the war of broke out in 1857 Sir syed was working as chief judge in Bijnaur and is said to have saved the lives of many women and children during the fighting. In return for his loyalty the British offered him an estate with a large income, but he refused the offer. His belief that armed uprising against the British was pointless him unpopular with some muslims, but it did not stop him working towards reconciliation between British and the muslim community after the war. He appointed Chief Justice in Muradabad and later was transferred to Ghazipore. In 1864 he was transferred to Aligarh where he played an important part in establishing a new college. In 1876 he retired cork in the law to concentrate on running the college and to devote himself to improving the positions of Muslims in the sub-continent through education. Aligarh became the centre of a muslim renaissance. He died in, having served his fellow Muslims in a way which few had rivaled.

In 1886, he founded the All India muhammadan Educational Conference devoted to promote western education, particularly in science and literature. He regarded his crowning achievement the founding of owl the Aligarh Muslim University in 1875. Learn more about Modern Asia. Sir syed Ahmad Khan was born in 1817 in Delhi. He came from a wealthy family which was well known and respected in the area. Great care was taken by sir syeds father to ensure that he received a high-quality education. By the age of 18 he was skilled in Arabic, persian, Ahmed Khan Mathematics and Medicine. He had also been introduced to some of Indias most able writers and had developed a love for literature.

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Full Answer, a widely published scholar, guaranteed syed Ahmed Khan studied religion, politics and history closely. In his most famous work, the causes of the Indian revolt, he rejected the theory that the muslim elite conspired to subvert the raj because of the diminishing influence of Islam. He blamed instead the British East India companys policy of aggressive expansion and its purposeful ignorance of Indian culture. A supporter of the raj in the main, Khan worked to ease societal tensions, seeking to reform Islam by introducing modern science and philosophy. Accordingly in 1862, he founded the Scientific Society of Aligarh, the first of its kind in India, to translate and publish scientific works in Urdu so that Muslims could learn about modern science. A strong proponent of Urdu, khan regarded it the lingua franca of Muslims and promoted its use in his publications. In other attempts to foster unity among Indias Muslims, he helped form the All-India muslim league and the muhammadan Association.

Sir syed ahmed khan essay
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