Server resumer

server resumer

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Log The file was saved! t Content-Disposition nd(resBase64 client side function piece: xmlhttp. Onreadystatechange function if (adyState4 atus200) var results sponseText; " results this is a quick and dirty prototype, so i am not concerned about speed and messy code but clean and simple is preferred. How do i get the pdf that is opened in the new window, or the one that is created on the server, to display properly (Not completely blank)? Is this a problem with node interacting with the data from ssrs or is it caused by the way i am handling the data? Windows 95, windows 98, type windows me, windows. Windows Server 2003, windows Server 2008, windows Vista.

server resumer

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This happens even when I write the data to a file as a test. When using postman or curl in the web browser, or doing a direct get request from Chrome it loads the file successfully as an attachment and with no body. When I do the same get request through node, however, i get a header that claims there is an attachment along with a body containing the pdf code that I can only imagine that was converted to utf-8 encoding when it hit my node server. Because the report is generated through ssrs, i cannot use express's wnload or similar functionalists because i do not have an exact path to the pdf before it's generated. Making things more complex, i have to rely on requests limited to those in the http-ntlm library to get a response from our ssrs server to begin with, so piping and similar methods are unavailable to me to the best of my knowledge. I chose this primarily because it allows me to access the ssrs through http as opposed to https (our ssrs configuration doesn't serve a response to https). The node server function: tReportpdf function (req, resp) /-Gets the link info from the client side var myLink dy; var fileLink myLink. Post( url: fileLink, username: 'username password: 'password workstation: 'workstation domain: 'domain', function (err, res) /-Returns once the stream is complete if(err) return err; var resBase64 new Buffer(String base64 tHeader Content-Type 'application/octet-stream 'base64 resBase64, function(writeErr) if(writeErr) console.

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server resumer

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Write hi, we are now inside the thesis request tasklet br replace this query with something valid for your db sql 'select * from test limit 10' 1 if (random. Randint(0, 9) 1 m 2 if (random. Randint(0, 9) 1 producer quest. Write sending to 0:d clients'. Format(lance) nd hi from 0:d (and to other 1:d chaps.

Format(amp, lance) if (random. Randint(0, 9) 2 consumer 3 nish. Long global time reader, first time poster. I am trying to generate a pdf file from ssrs and serve it to the end user, with a nodejs server (Express) acting as a service layer in the middle. We don't want to expose anything that pertains to the ssrs to the user, so i have the node server put together the link and make the get request to the server. The problem is, i can get the pdf through the body of the response from the ssrs and pass it through to the html page, but the file is completely blank despite being the proper page count and file size.

WaitForDeferred(d, ccesfulsqldeferred) def succesfulsqldeferred(self, result r pickle. The http requester uses the Twisted http client. http client methods def waitForhttpclient(self, url d tPage(url) return self. WaitForDeferred(d, ccesfulhttpdeferred) def succesfulhttpdeferred(self, result r E(result) nd_nowait(r) schedule common methods, including the common handling for deferreds. Def waitForDeferred(self, d, success dCallback(success) rorDeferred) return self.

WaitForChannel def waitForChannel(self return ceive def errorDeferred(self, fault lue) schedule def reschedule(self if tcurrent! hedule twisted resource The llLater(0.0, hedule) is the equivalent of the deferreds giving up the control to the Stackless runloop, only in a different way since we need to return first from the render_get method. Class ClientRequestHandler(source isLeaf True def _init self source._init self) def render_GET(self, request request. Write request arrives br c ExampleController(request) stackless. Write still in the reactor tasklet br llLater(0.0, hedule) return T_done_yet example controller handle is where all the fun. All the wait* methods block, but they also inmediately give up the control to the Stackless runloop, which ultimately gives control to the Twisted runloop. When a deferred calls back the control is given up again from Twisted to Stackless, which wakes up the request tasklet. The result is a working continuation based http server in Python, with full I/O-based scheduling! Class def _init self, request quest request def handle(self quest.

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The callback of the deferred will signal that channel for completion and send the deferred result. Since the callback execution happens in the context of the Twisted runloop tasklet it gives us the opportunity to call schedule inside it, thus giving the request tasklets the chance to run again. In the example i present a father's nonsensical request processor that does 3 asynchronous sql requests, and from time to time 1 http request and a very simple inter-tasklet communication in the form of a very lousy chat. Base controller class ResumableController def tasklet(self turn_channel nwchannel tcurrent amp random. The chat receiver is just a blocking call into a stackless channel. chat methods def waitForChat(self return ceive the database guaranteed uses the standard Twisted Enterprise asynchronous database pool. db methods def waitForSQL(self, sql d nQuery(sql) return self.

server resumer

I decided there was a better way, if giving up on a stackless feature was an option. Giving up on preemption, stackless supports preemption by the way of allowing its runloop to be called for a certain amount of bytecodes. This allows it to reschedule a different tasklet, but it also introduces all the annoying problems associated with preemptive code, without any of the benefits (no true multicore execution). I was more than happy to give up on it since all I wanted was continuations. And so i had an idea: make the Twisted runloop run for as long as possible, but make sure it always calls schedule on the completion of any I/O. Since all i asked from Stackless was multiplexing I/O in a single process, and not threading emulation, this was perfectly fine for. Example, i've implemented an example on how review to integrate Twisted and Stackless in a http server. Every request spawns a tasklet, and it waits on a channel whenever it has to wait for the completion of a deferred.

inside each tasklet you call hedule when you want to give up the cpu to the runloop. A simple inter-tasklet communication primitive rounds up the library (annel). My idea then was to create a new tasklet for every request Twisted received, and have them to be scheduled away when they found themselves waiting on the completion of a deferred. The deferred callback would restart the tasklet, somehow. It turns out there was already an entire collection of examples combining Twisted and Stackless in google code. In particular the example was basically what I wanted, but it highlighted a problem: both Stackless and Twisted make use of a runloop, and both of them assume they are the runloop. The example made use of a separate thread to run the Twisted runloop.

Write(result) def resumer(self, result nd(result this worked fine. It was also useless for any practical purpose since generators only work from inside a single call frame, so it was impossible to add any complex code to the handle method. Any and all request processing that potentially father's made any I/O operation (and thus yielded the deferred) would have need to reside directly in the body of the method. This is where anybody else would just use threads and call it a day. Not me of course. I wanted to follow the Twisted philosophy of never blocking and handling thousands of request on a single process/thread, but deferreds force the programmer to use callbacks and chop up your logic in many methods. Stackless Python is a partial reimplentation of Python that adds a continuation library to the language.

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In my neverending quest for The One True way to serve web Applications i've recently become interested in the concept of continuations and how they can make single-process, asynchronous programming as easy and intuitive as simple blocking calls. A recent example. NeverBlock, built on Ruby.9 fibers. Getting really close: plain Python.5 and Twisted. Having already some experience with, twisted, i decided to try to (ab)use python.5 generators to implement continuations. The basic idea was to wrap the request logic inside a generator, and have it yield out the Twisted referred barbing whenever it made any I/O operation: (all the boilerplate Twisted code has been left out) def render_GET(self, request ntinuation self. Handle(request) ntinuation now contains the generator object advance it to at least the first yield df xt resume the generator on the df callback sumer) return T_done_yet def handle(self, request result yield nQuery select * from test request.

Server resumer
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  5. Ms-dos/Windows.1x, windows 9x, windows NT/2000. Server workStation, novell NetWare. Sample cover Letter Relocation. Windows, server, administration Sample resume.

  6. Resumer ) return server. We don't want to expose anything that pertains to the ssrs to the user, so i have the node server put together the. Substack's resumer npm module makes. Job Duties Of Cna. Monthly work report Template. Sample house rental Agreement.

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