Responding to student writing

responding to student writing

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Follow up your recommendations by asking students about their learning experiences with these resources, and comment on any improvements you see in subsequent work. While marking, dont write any more on the paper than the student is going to read and understand. Keep in mind that ambitious students are likely to be more interested in your comments than students who aim only at getting through. Make the most comments on the things you care about the most. Thats probably the content of your course rather than details of grammar or punctuation. Students become confused and sometimes resentful when their papers are covered with scribbled corrections. When you get the pile of papers, dont just plunge in with your red pen or your finger on the comment button.

Responding to, student, writing

Writing Centre instructors are also skilled at helping students in this quality way.). Youre not the only one who can give helpful comments on drafts. Students benefit greatly from kant participating in guided peer response groups. Consider using some class time (perhaps in the class preceding the due date) to get students to look at each others drafts in pairs to answer focussed questions: What was the most interesting idea in this piece? What points need further explanation? Ask students to serve as authentic readers of each others work rather than proofreaders. You are welcome to use student Advice files from this website to guide such discussions (for instance, the page on thesis statements). Dont try to do everything yourself. Encourage students to use other relevant resources. Make sure that students know about handbooks on writing in your discipline, online advice on academic writing, and writing centres in their faculties or colleges. Other campus resources also provide specialized help for anxious students, those with possible learning disabilities (e.g., a striking discrepancy between oral and written performance and students learning English as a new language.

Or ask students to write quick answers in class to similar questions. Respond individually with a checkmark or a word of comment if you can, or skim through the set and comment in class on the patterns you see. When students consult you in office hours, work on problem-solving along with them. Let them know that recognizing difficulties in a topic is a way of getting into depth about. If they business seem overwhelmed by the task of organizing the paper, dont just give a formula: ask them to tell you in four of five sentences why have chosen a topic, what they want to say about it, and why that is worth saying. Then encourage them to build the paper from what they said. Dont get drawn into supplying ideas or promising approval of revisions.

responding to student writing

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(see the Advice section of this site for concise files on outlines and annotated bibliographies.) you can read them quickly and give brief preventive or encouraging comments. Investing your effort at this stage saves time pointing out preventable flaws in final papers. This practice also deters plagiarism. Dont wait biography till the due date to find out what students problems are — by proposal then, theyre your problems. Encourage students to ask questions in class. They may harbour misunderstandings about suitable sources, the place of personal opinion, collaborative work, etc. If students are reluctant to speak out individually, ask them to generate questions in small groups: three or four students together may realize they are all wondering the same thing. Shortly before the due date, use ten minutes of class time to ask about students progress and discoveries (e.g. What useful material have you found?; What surprised you in your observations?; What disagreements did you find among your sources?).

(see related points in our page. indicate on the assignment sheet and in class discussion the expectations for each piece of work. Distribute and discuss your marking scale or rubric if you use one, or direct students to their official faculty statement about what grades mean. (For good examples and discussions of rubric design, see the books by bean,  Stevens and levi, and Walvoord and Anderson described on our page. Readings about Writing in the disciplines. showing good (and improvable) samples of past student writing to the class also sets standards and clarifies expectations. Present them as examples of possible approaches, not as models or templates. Among other elements to mention, pointing out appropriate ways of integrating and referring to sources can diminish many problems. For major assignments, ask for sentence-form outlines or annotated reference lists well ahead of the due date.

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responding to student writing

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In This Section, creating Writing Assignments, guiding Research Papers in the Sciences, social Sciences, and Humanities: Examples. Drafts, Edits, revisions, grading Essays, working with the Writing of Multilingual (ESL) Students: Frequently Asked questions. Time management Suggestions for Grading Student Writing. Additional Resources, download a pdf of Working with Student Writing. Your comments on student work can contribute to your teaching as well as explaining and defending the grade.

Fortunately, the most helpful ways of responding to students writing—before, during, and after grading—also save time and frustration for you. These guidelines are based on research studies english of students attitudes to grading and teacher commentary, as described on our webpage. Resources for Faculty, and are distilled from good practice among experienced instructors and TAs. Giving the Assignment, help students see what role the assignment plays in course goals, especially in practicing ways of thinking in the discipline. Ensure that students know what is meant by terms such as essay, borders analyse, argue, and evidence.

We talk about spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and, in the later grades, the essay form ad nauseam, but almost no one directly discusses what makes writing work. Rarely do teachers explain and explore what makes a transition jarring, why some words sound good and others dont, how to cultivate a powerful voice, common reasons why sentences sound choppy, and what makes the speeches of Martin Luther King. Sound like liquid silk. Continue reading Writing Should be taught and Caught). Writing, more than simply a mode of communication, is a powerful means of learning. Within each discipline students must learn techniques of observation, critical thinking, conceptualization, and particular terms and modes of discourse.

The process of writing affords students with needed practice in all these areas. Often the practitioners of a given discipline are in the best position to teach students how to write for that discipline. Further, people learn to write more fluently by writing often, receiving frequent feedback from instructors and peers, and revising their work. Gsis encounter many kinds of student writing, from short essay answers on exams to fully executed research papers. Reading, evaluating, and responding to these can be daunting. However, because writing is such an important way for students to process material and show the extent of their understanding, this section of the teaching guide for gsis addresses strategies for creating useful assignments, teaching students through these assignments, and evaluating student writing.

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In too many classrooms, we assign and assess writing without teaching the craft. The first time i heard about parallel structure, limiting ones use of linking verbs, and different sentence types, i was only a couple months from earning an English. From the University of Michigan. If not for one class with a graduate student named david West Brown (who went on to write the wonderfully practical. In Other Words: Lessons on Grammar, code-Switching, and Academic Writing it is likely that I would have started my career as an English teacher without even basic knowledge of these three pdf foundational writing concepts. I share this fact not to disparage my schooling, as I got lucky in so many ways with the lessons I learned and the teachers I had. But it is remarkable that someone who took dozens of English classes from quality teachers had such gaps, and I think it illustrates a major issue real with how we teach writing in this country. . The fact of the matter is that we simply dont teach much of what. Penny kittle calls the craft of writing. .

responding to student writing

Marking, college English 45 (1983 600-4. The complexities of Responding. (in, across the disciplines 3) offered a significant update. Richard Straub is also well known for his work on response, especially his book. Twelve readers reading: Responding to college Student Writing, a collaboration with Ronald Lunsford (Hampton, 1995). Straub wrote many other essays, including one about peer review directed to students, responding—really responding—to Other Students Writing, which is anthologized in Downs wardles. For many more sources, try citation searches for these influential pieces, or see. Rebecca moore howards bibliography (though note she combines grading and response). Bradley dilger's web stuff.

Ch 12: Grading Student Writing,. Ch 21: Helping Struggling Writers readers,. Some scholarship: Subscription access is required for some links below. Purdue students can contact me for a pdf. The journal, assessing Writing is very helpful,. Feedback in Writing: Issues and Challenges (Volume 19, january 2014). For many, nancy sommers wrote the book (or at least the article) on response.

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Resources for responding to student writing: Bradley dilger. Icap mentoring, january 22, 2015, bradley dilger, purdue university, these materials support a talk i gave at Purdue in Spring 2015. Feel free to use them as needed. Materials I shared during the talk: Selected how-tos. The web is full of how-to guides ranging from one-page documents like hesses to much longer, comprehensive resources. Here are two from writing programs I trust: do a few google searches and find some you like: try responding student writing, or feedback writing. Maureen Daly goggins excellent, guide to teaching the norton field guide to Writing has three relevant book chapters. You can borrow a copy from the icap office: Ch 9: Responding to Student Writing,.

Responding to student writing
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  4. shall determine whether there is a reasonable basis for believing that the responding student violated the Standards of Behavior. Responding to Student Writing The following websites include tips on how to communicate your expectations to students, design. to evaluate what they have written and develop control over their writing. (Nancy sommers, responding to Student Writing,. Gsis encounter many kinds of student writing, from short essay answers on exams to fully executed research papers. Explore options for responding to and evaluating student writing a systematic approach to developing student writing and learning.

  5. Faculty can find information about the Thompson Writing Program structure. Writing in the disciplines (WID) grew out of the recognition that while some aspects of academic writing are common across academic. Íde osullivan, patricia herron, and Lawrence Cleary, research Officers with the Shannon Consortium. the pre-conference cccc workshop that I was a part of, i focused on ways of responding to student writing, based on my 4th List of Ten. 12,600 hours of responding to student writing, which is the equivalent of working full time, 52 weeks a year, for six years.

  6. Responding to Student Academic Problems The failing Student Academic Dismissal Writing Anxiety learning skills Math Anxiety Exam. workshops on responding to student writing in departmental ta training programs and in staff meetings for large courses that assign. The twp writing Studio is dedicated to working with writers both within duke and the broader Durham community. Second Language Writing (Cambridge language Education Series) pb - kniha je určena učitelům angličtiny a zaměřuje se na teorii i praxi. Duke has a cutting-edge and award-winning writing program.

  7. Do a few google searches and find some you like: try responding student writing, or feedback writing. Responding to, student, papers Effectively and Efficiently teaching Resources responding to, student, papers Effectively and Efficiently. Re-visions: Rethinking Nancy sommers's responding to, student, writing, 1982. She makes such a conclusion after her great research on responding to the student s writing, which has lasted tens of years. of a formal concern, the Office of Community Standards should notify the responding student in writing of the nature of the concern. you to prioritize feedback—one of, if not the most crucial skills to learn when it comes to responding effectively to student writing.

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