Phd dissertation defense ppt

phd dissertation defense ppt

Dissertation Defense - institute of Education Sciences

The unique experiences of the 24 participants might not representall methods available to senior women in banking to overcome thegc barriers. The findings may not be transferable to other situations or cases(Neuman, 2006). Lack of male data for comparison limited the study findings as onlywomen in senior manager and manager positions participated.23. Recommendations The kenyan government should re-evaluate policies andapproach to gender issues. Kenyan women bankers ability to understand theindustrys structural dimensions of power is crucial. Kenyan banks should enact, implement, enforcepolicies to support womens dual responsibilities.

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Social pressures and cultural norms continue to suppresswomens career advancement in Kenya. Discovered that compared to men, women are held to higherexpectations for resilience and competence. Kenyan career women are making concerted efforts to develop theirvalues beyond the academic, intellectual, and professionalcapabilities. Informal social networks are essential sources of corporate powerin Kenya. 21Significance of FindingsFacilitates more understanding why women are notadvancing as fast as men in Kenyan ntributes to the body of literature fills the knowledge gap about gc experiences in ovides women with further information on steps totake and the pitfalls to avoid in career advancement. 22Significance contBetter planning by policy makers factors revealed may be vital in directing gender equity efforts torelevant areas. Women ceos may bring alternative leadership skillsand contribute in enhancing corporate governance within environmental scanning tool by leadersto identify cultural and structural forces working against rformance comparison Kenyan bank leaders may weigh business performance against otherorganizations with women in decision-making. Limitations/Delimitations geographic area was the metropolitan city of nairobi, resume limiting datainfluenced by rural settings. Study method may have left room for personal influence and bias Both researcher participants. In a few instances, some participants allocated inadequate time forthe interviews.

Data collection- -interviews Conducted a 45-60 minutes face to face interviewAt an off-site terviewing process started with an ice-breakerInterviews were digitally audio-recordedSemi-structured open-ended questions allowed: A flexible approach that allowed for collection of subjectiveviewpoints (Creswell, 2005) and a a procedural description of lived experiences and. Follow-up questions to clarify and probe interesting responsesthat emerged (Creswell, 2005).Verbatim data was manually transcribed immediately afterevery interview moing observations captured non-verbal cument review reinforced the participants verbal accountsand triangulated data.15. Data managementTranscribed verbatim data were input into nvivo8software to allow for: Free tree coding searching for specific words, and Matrix queryingNodes created two sets of attributes: Phrases consistent with and supporting the existence of a gc(14,293 nodes; 93). Expressions that did not support the existence of a gc (9,134nodes; 7). Data Analysis Applied the van kaam 7-step process (Moustakas,1994)to achieve a systematic discovery of Patterns Themes constructs, and meanings in the participants responses (Creswell, 2004). Constituents were sorted arranged in descendingorder. Highest 57 constituents list referenced by at least 12participants (table 10) were clustered to form nine majorthemes. Van kaam 7-step process(Full explanations on Pages 93-95 of dissertation ). 20Findings cont Determined that in comparison to men of similar qualifications andexperience, few women are breaking through the glass ceiling into attain ceo positions in Kenyan banks.

phd dissertation defense ppt

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Senior managers are candidates for ceo positions successionplanning in many organizations (Chovwen, 2007). As head of Department, senior managers serve as role modelsto junior employees. Most women in Kenyan banks tend to stagnate at themiddle and senior manager level positions (Kiamba,2008).11. Pilot summary Study a pilot test was done with two women, (seniormanager manager) to test the procedures give information about response unpredictability, and test the flow of information prior to carrying out the fullstudy The responses aided in evaluating eachresponses alignment with the researchquestions.13. Data collection- participants Selection 48 purposively selected women receivedinvitation to participate. Purposive sampling allowed the use of cases that have therequired information with respect to the subject of the study(Creswell, 2005). 27 replies were received, 3 were declines. Thus 24 women participated in the final study 12 senior managers, and 12 middle level managers14.

What strategies do women in senior and middlemanagement positions in Kenyan banks considernecessary for advancing and staying in the ceoposition? 10Target Population sample women employees in banksin nairobi, kenya. Final sample was 24 womenwho shared commoncharacteristics such as:1. Current employee of a bankbased in nairobi2. At least 2 years experience inbanking3. Be over the age of 18 years, and4. Held senior manager or middlemanagement level positions. Reasons for Population Choice senior manager position marks the starting point for keydecision making in most banks (Cormier, 2007).

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phd dissertation defense ppt

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D., committee memberNaomi. Mangatu, doctoral Candidate2. The purpose of the study3. Research method and design5. Significance of findings to leadership11. 4The Problem StatementDespite a seemingly remarkable progress oncareer advancement, women remainunderrepresented in the highest leadershippositions in Kenyan banks.

5Support for Problem StatementInsufficient knowledge about the experiences of women inbank leadership in Kenya (Kiamba, 2008; Kobia, 2007).Ineffectiveness of affirmative action plans and policies inKenya (ilo, 2007; United Nations, 2008; World Bank, 2005).Exclusion of women from leadership roles impacts negativelyon productivity and militates against. 6Purpose StatementThe purpose of the qualitative phenomenological study wasto explore the lived experiences and perceptions of 24women managers in Kenyan banks; to better understandthe factors they perceived to be contributors or barriers toadvancement to ceo positions. 7Theoretical FrameworkSocial role theory gender determines what roles should be allocated to men andwomen (Dunn, writer 2007; Eagly, 2006).Expectations state theory structural conditions rooted in feminist theory are responsible forthe second class status accorded women by society (Gold,2008; Kalkhoff, thye, 2006).Leadership categorization theory equates certain personality. 8Research Method designThe qualitative study applied a phenomenological design. The seven-step modified van kaam process (Moustakas, 1994)facilitated data oice of design was influenced by: Inductive approach that emphasizes concern for the richness, texture, and feeling for the raw data collected (Neuman, 2006).The qualitative method helped explain the how and why a quantitative method would. 9Research questionsTwo central research questions guided the study:1. How do women in Kenyan banks perceive anddescribe their experiences of the glass ceiling?, and2.

Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Dissertation oral defense presentation, successfully reported this slideshow. Dissertation oral defense presentation, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Show More, no downloads, no notes for slide, despite substantial investments on gender issues, social pressures and cultural norms continue to suppress womens career advancement in Kenya. Kenyan career women are making concerted efforts to develop their values beyond the academic, intellectual, and professional capabilities.

To access to power, kenyan women must join mainstream networks, find right mentors, and seek demanding assignments. To broaden their access to power, kenyan women must join co-educational and more mainstream networks, find right mentors, and seek demanding assignments. The gc is permeable but gains in education and access to professions have not translated into women achieving ceo positions in Kenyan banks. The study results were germane to policy makers and organizational leaders in identifying growth barriers that lead women employees toward a glass ceiling. To preserve credibility, innate biased perspectives, observations, and data interpretation were bracketed and interviews triangulated with documents review, field notes, and observations (Neuman, 2006). 1beyond the Glass ceiling: APhenomenological Study of WomenManagers in the kenyan BankingIndustryA. Dissertation, presented in Partial Fulfillmentof the requirements for the degreedoctor of Management in Organizational leadershipTitle. Panel IntroductionsPamela Brown,. D., committee memberJoanne kovacich,.

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Br / Present your research question. ImplicationsAssessing the quality of your Work br / Answer your research question! Br / The key findings need to support the answer br / Focus on your main contribution br /. T/phish108 br / m/phish108 br / recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Create a clipboard you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides yardage you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

phd dissertation defense ppt

What are the essay factors that influence the perception of peer feedback in self-directed learning? Br / question word br / Effectiveness br / Subject br /. How to use social software in formal education and how to improve the learning processes in these settings with respect to their effectiveness and efficiency? br / Effectiveness br / question word br / Subject br / Efficiency br / question word br / Subject br / Attractiveness Efficiency? Br / Effectiveness br /. Exercise 2 br / Phrase your main research question. Br / review the research question of your neighbor.

something work as expected? Br / Effect on learning br / Effect on teaching br / Social effects br /. Attractiveness br / How to make something more interesting? Br / Less drop outs br / More/different target groups br / Usability br /. Efficiency br / How to make something faster or cheaper? Br / Performance br / Costs br / Time br / Resources br /. Exercise 1 br / Identify the type of research problem your research is about. Br / Tip: There can be only 1 type! Research question br / Include 1 question word br / Include a question mark br / Concrete br / Relate to 1 research problem br / Relate to a research subject br /.

br / But in the end don't talk about the pregnancy, show the baby. Research is about Innovation in a domain br writing / What is your contribution to the tel domain? Br / Is your contribution specific to tel? Br / Why is this relevant for the domain? 4 years of Research in 20 Minutes br / Research problem br / Specific research question br / Research methodology br / key results and empirical foundation br / Implications for the research domain br /. slightly differently phrased br / Research problem br / Research question br / Method br / key results br / Implications br / Motivation br / Target br / Action br / Product br / quality br / Research br / Organisation br / Mission. Relevance to the field br / 3 Types of research problems br / Research Problem br / Effectiveness br / Attractiveness br / Efficiency br / Maturity of the research domain br /.

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Defense Presentation, successfully reported this slideshow. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More, no downloads. No notes for slide. Defense, presentationChristian Glahn br /. The, defense, setting br / Present your entire research project (max. 20 min.) br / Answer questions from the review committee (min. 20 min.) br /. You can't take nine women and make a baby in a month, there is a process.

Phd dissertation defense ppt
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  3. Well, youve come to the right place! With over 30,000 presentation design templates to choose from, CrystalGraphics offers more professionally-designed s and templates with stylish backgrounds and designer layouts than anyone. Search results for: Phd dissertation defense presentation ppt. Dissertation proposal g Infant. Doctoral dissertation defense ppt ursula gauthier.

  4. Dissertation, oral Defence - a sample, powerPoint. Faculty of Arts and Languages Department of English. Dissertation for the degree of Magister in English. You will draft your, powerPoint for your proposal defense. PowerPoint, templates - are you. PowerPoint presenter looking to impress your audience with professional layouts?

  5. Fine-Grained Localization in Sensor and Ad-Hoc Networks. Dissertation Defense, david Goldenberg, dissertation, advisor. Dissertation oral defense presentation. Ppt, dissertation Defense powerPoint presentation free to view -. Ph d dissertation Defense - boreas, otter, fife.

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