Essay on value of time in punjabi

essay on value of time in punjabi

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Synonyms: limited, circumscribed Flagrant (adj) Noticeably offensive the executive was fired for his flagrant abuse of the company expense account. Synonyms: glaring, outrageous Flaunt (verb) to display showily Sheila, who could not resist bragging, flaunted the "A" marked on her test paper. Synonyms: parade, brandish Flaw (noun) An imperfection The otherwise perfect diamond had a tiny flaw that reduced its value. Synonyms: defect, blemish Flourish (verb) to make bold, sweeping gestures The fairy godmother flourished her wand and turned the pumpkin into a carriage. Synonyms: brandish, wave foil (noun) One that enhances or underscores by contrast The sweet cookie was a perfect foil to the sour lemon sorbet. Synonyms: complement Fragile (adj) Delicate jade placed the fragile vase out of reach of her rambunctious boys. Synonyms: frail, brittle Fraud (noun) Trick The con man's fraud involved selling swampland to gullible investors. Synonyms: deceit, racket Frugal (adj) Thrifty, cheap The frugal shopper only bought items that were on sale.

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Synonyms: honorable, moral Eulogy (noun) Speech or writing in praise of deceased Ernesto delivered a moving eulogy at his uncle's funeral. Synonyms: homage, panegyric Euphoria (noun) feeling of great happiness Cassandra was overcome with euphoria when she met her long-lost sister. Synonyms: elation, ebullience Exalt (verb) to elevate by praise The fireman was publicly exalted for his heroism. Synonyms: glorify, honor Exasperation (noun) The state of being irritated The longer Jorge waited in line at the ticket counter, the more his exasperation grew. Synonyms: irritation, frustration Exception (noun) A case to which the rule does not apply The teacher made an exception and let Gina eat her snack in class. Synonyms: anomaly, deviation Extant (adj) Currently existing Some consider Clint Eastwood the greatest extant American director. Synonyms: living, surviving Extenuating (adj) Partially excusing The extenuating circumstance of Calviin's illness caused the teacher to excuse his lateness. Synonyms: mitigating, qualifying Extol (verb) to praise highly The statesman extolled the ambassador who single-handedly negotiated the peace treaty. Synonyms: glorify, exalt buy Facade (noun) false or superficial appearance Emily's smile is just a facade masking her broken heart. Synonyms: mask, deceit Fidelity (noun) State of being faithful Unlike her fickle friend Benji, may belle was known for her fidelity. Synonyms: loyalty, devotion Finite (adj) having definite limits The exasperated mother had finite patience for her toddler's tantrums.

Synonyms: blowhard, braggart Elate (verb) to fill with joy it elated Margaret to be awarded first place in the for science fair. Synonyms: delight, thrill Eloquent (adj) Fluent, expressive kim, an eloquent speaker, was the best choice to make the presentation for the group. Synonyms: articulate, persuasive elusive (adj) Hard to grasp The words to the song are elusive, as the singer tends to mumble. Synonyms: evasive, obscure Embellish (verb) to decorate sari embellished the plain curtains with satin ribbons and tassels. Synonyms: adorn, garnish Entangle (verb) to involve in trouble jonah regretted entangling Parker in his legal difficulties. Synonyms: embroil, implicate Epistolary (adj) Contained or carried on in letters The shoebox filled with letters was the ony remains of Ming's epistolary friendship with Emile. Epitaph (noun) Brief statement honoring a dead person "Beloved by all was the epitaph Edgar chose for his wife's tombstone. Synonyms: inscription, eulogy Equitable (adj) fair and equal The judge made an equitable decision dividing the estate evenly among the sisters. Synonyms: impartial, unbiased Ethical (adj) Conforming to accepted standards Mary did the ethical thing and turned in the diamond necklace she found.

essay on value of time in punjabi

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Synonyms: detect, discriminate disconcert (verb) to throw into confusion Jennifer's outspoken criticism of the meal disoncerted the waiter. Synonyms: unnerve, bewilder Disdain (noun) feeling of contempt The arrogant writer did not hide his disdain for his uneducated dinner companion. Synonyms: scorn, discersion Distortion (noun) The act of twisting out of shape The story about the actress in the gossip column owl was a distortion of the truth. Synonyms: contortion, mutilation Drab (adj) Dull, monotonous The drab winter scene made keisha long for the vibrant colors of spring. Synonyms: dreary, colorless Drub with (verb) to defeat decisively The powerful young boxer drubbed the longtime champion. Synonyms: beat, thrash Dubious (adj) questionable karl found kevin's claim that he was sick dubious, as he had just seen him playing football. Synonyms: suspect, doubtful Duplicity (noun) Deceptive thought, speech, or action The life of an undercover detective is filed with necessary duplicity. Synonyms: deceit, dishonesty Ecstatic (adj) overwhelmingly emotional They were ecstatic when their team won the championship game in the last second. Synonyms: overjoyed, rapturous Egotist (noun) Self-important person Darren dreaded carpooling with the egotist Shelly, who talked about herself nonstop.

Synonyms: postponement, reprieve defiant (adj) Showing bold resistance The defiant toddler refused to leave the park. Synonyms: impudent, disobedient Demean (verb) to lower status The embarrassing photograph demeaned the candidate in the eyes of the voters. Synonyms: humble, degrade demeanor (noun) Behavior towards others Carlos was well liked because of his charming demeanor. Synonyms: disposition, comportment Derelict (adj) Abandoned The derelict house was condemned as a public hazard. Synonyms: destitute, forsaken Derivative (adj) Lacking originality Critics panned the movie as a derivative version of last year's Best Picture. Synonyms: banal, cliche diffident (adj) Lacking self-confidence The diffident student never raised her hand in class, even when she knew the answer. Synonyms: timid, bashful discern (verb) to recognize as separate as distinct The pastry connoisseur was able to discern Swiss from Belgian chocolate.

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essay on value of time in punjabi

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Synonyms: akin, analogous Composed (adj) Calm Although her stomach was in knots, the actress appeared perfectly composed when she took the stage. Synonyms: serene, unperturbed Comprehensible (adj) Understandable Shannon spoke slowly so her directions would be comprehensible to her foreign visitor. Synonyms: intelligle, coherent pharmd Compulsion (noun) An irresistible impulse tamar, a shoe fanatic, could not resist the compulsion to buy the shiny red boots. Synonyms: urge, obligation Condone (verb) to treat as acceptable Crystal condoned her friend's late arrival because she found it hard to be on time herself. Synonyms: excuse, sanction Conduit (noun) means for transmitting or distributing Jason, a notorious gossip, was a conduit for information about his friends.

Synonyms: channel, pipeline corrective (adj) Intended to correct The school decided to take corrective measures to prevent truancy. Synonyms: remedial, curative corroborate (verb) to support with evidence "Unless you can corroborate your story, it will not be admissible in court the attorney told his client. Synonyms: verify, prove corrosive (adj) Bitingly sarcastic The cruel Estella's corrosive comments made pip cry. Synonyms: caustic, sardonic Cunning (adj) Showing clever insight The general eksempel devised a cunning strategy to outfox the enemy. Synonyms: crafty, ingenious Curtail (verb) to make less Doreen decided to curtail her spending after she bounced a check. Synonyms: shorten, reduce deferment (noun) The act of delaying Sybil was frustrated by the deferment of her much anticipated vacation.

Synonyms: cushion, mediator Buffoonery (noun) foolish behavior Clarence, an irrepressible comic, was held after cass for his buffoonery. Synonyms: jocularity, clowning Camaraderie (noun) Spirit of friendship The manager hoped the retreat would increase the camaraderie among the feuding workers. Synonyms: sociability, espirit de corps Catastrophic (adj) Relating to extreme misfortune The effects of the massive hurricane were catastrophic. Synonyms: devastating, disastrous Celebrated (adj) Widely known, respected The fans waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the celebrated actress. Synonyms: admired, famous Censure (verb) to find fault with The critical teacher was quick to censure her students for even small mistakes. Synonyms: blame, criticize civility (noun) Politeness The usually unruly Thomas acted with great civility when his favorite uncle visited.

Synonyms: courtesy, consideration Clairvoyance (noun) Ability to see things beyond ordinary perception Rosa used her clairvoyance to help Alexander find his lost keys. Synonyms: divination, foretelling Clairty (noun) Clearness The refreshing water in the mountain stream was remarkable for its clarity. Synonyms: lucidity, limpidity colossal (adj) Immense, enormous After pushing with all his might, Frank realized he could never move the colossal boulder. Synonyms: gigantic, tremendous Combative (adj) Eager to fight The teacher suggested the combative student channel his aggression into boxing. Synonyms: aggressive belligerent Combustion (noun) Act of burning Campers must use fire with great caution to prevent combustion of the parched brush. Synonyms: igniting, kindling Commemorate (verb) to mark by a ceremony each year, the Franklins commemorate their anniversary by visiting the site of their first date. Synonyms: observe, remember Comparable (adj) Similar, equivalent Helen will only accept something of comparable value for her ticket to the concert.

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Synonyms: antiquated, ancient Archetypal (adj) Characteristic of the original model or perfect example Shakespeare's sonnets are considered archetypal write love poems Synonyms: classic, consummate augment (verb) to make greater Wanda read the dictionary every night to augment her vocabulary. Synonyms: enhance, amplify authoritarian (adj) favoring absolute obedience to authority marco's authoritarian mother never allowed him to watch more than one hour of television a day. Synonyms: strict, despotic avian (adj) Relating to birds The old man affectionately referred to pigeons as his "avian friends." Synonyms: bird-like awe (noun) Emotion combining dread and wonder Charlie was in awe of his uncle, a professional football player and chess champion. Synonyms: veneration, amazement Belated (adj) Past the normal or proper time even though I forgot his birthday, i hoe my father accepts my belated card. Synonyms: tardy, overdue benefactor (noun) One who offers financial help Michael's aunt and benefactor paid his college tuition. Synonym: patron Beneficial (adj) Helpful there is no doub that eating vegetables is beneficial to one's health. Synonyms: advantageous, salutary benevolent (adj) Kind, helpful Sherman revealed his benevolent side when he offered to help Carter with his homework. Synonyms: altruistic, generous Brandish (verb) to shake or wave menacingly The baseball player was fined for brandishing his bat at the opposing pitcher. Synonyms: flourish, swing Buffer (noun) Protective barrier The dense trees acted as a buffer against the heavy rain.

essay on value of time in punjabi

Synonyms: oxygenate, carbonate red aesthete (noun) Person having or affecting sensitivity to beauty consuela's friends called her an aesthete when she claimed that Monet's paintings made her cry. Synonyms: connoisseur, epicure Anthology (noun) A collection of selected literary pieces The writer was thrilled when his story was included in an anthology of American masterpieces. Synonym: collection, compilation Antidote (noun) Something that relieves or counteracts Veronique found that listening to French music was an antidote for her homesickness. Synonyms: cure, remedy Apathetic (adj) Showing little or no emotion Carmine was concerned about his usually cheerful brother's apathetic attitude. Appalling (adj) Inspiring dismay or disgust Hector found his roommate's habit of leaving his dirty socks on the floor appalling. Synonyms: dreadful, awful Appraise (verb) to evaluate the worth of Simone, an expert in African sculpture, was asked to appraise the ambassador's collection of masks. Synonyms: assess, review Archaic (adj) Characteristic of an earlier time In the world of high fashion, two-year-old shoes are considered positively archaic.

the house's location in the best school district was advantageous to the seller. Synonyms: favorable, beneficial, adversary (noun). One who opposes or resists, franklin hoped to defeat his adversary in the afternoon's tennis match. Synonyms: opponent, enemy, absolve (verb). To forgive; to free from guilt. Marta felt greatly relieved after her mother absolved her for breaking the vase. Synonyms: exculpate, pardon Accentuate (verb) to emphasize carla used red ribbons to accentuate the coppery tones in her hair. Synonyms: highlight, stress Aerate (verb) to supply with air every spring, soloman used his tiller to aerate the compact soil.

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Essay on value of time in punjabi
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