Where to buy foam paper

where to buy foam paper

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Wire: I did purchase the wire from ebuy, (Dang! I don't get paid for this advertisement) Some craft stores sell the wire. You may even use the wire from old electronic parts if you have a background about electronics. Magnets: I did purchase it from the craft store. Ceramic magnets are ok, but the sound is louder using neodymium magnets. I do recommend neodymium magnets for better results. Some hardware stores sell those magnets.

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Be sure nothing touches the foam plate, only the business cards should touch. Some personal or portable audio devices doesn't have enough power to writings drive a speaker. Try many audio sources if you get no sound or the volume is low. warning* do not use awg 24, 26,. You need to use at least awg. The wire should be isolated! Again, it should have a coating. Do not use any other kind of wire as it may short-circuit the audio output. Where to buy the parts: foam Plate i did purchase the foam plate from the supermarket. That is for free from anyone.

If the foam plate is too soft, it may not work well. It should not be folded, bent or have cuts. Loose parts can cause distortion. If the sound is not loud enough (don't expect miracles or it to be louder than a commercial speaker) The sound is too quiet? Be sure the coil have at least 50 turns or, if you have a multi-meter, more than 7 ohms. Adjust the height of the coil in reference to the magnet. Try to glue the business cards closer or away from the coil until find the perfect location/volume. Be sure the business cards are parallel.

where to buy foam paper

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The wires should move freely. The presentation cards are completely glued, apply glue on all areas and no corners are left unglued. The coil have no loose wires. Try to dates keep the coil tight enough and secure it with glue or tape. Loose wire may vibrate and cause distortion. The coil should not touch the magnet. Try to make the coil wider. Also, the coil should not touch the base of the speaker.

Don't forget to remove the coating from the copper wire (Yes, i told you, it should be enameled copper wire. Just bare copper wire is not going to work. In case you are using a plug from cheap headphones, connect one end to the copper wire from the headphones cable and the other end to the red or white wire. Stereo headphones usually have three wires. After the glue dries, your homemade speaker is ready! You can make two if you want to have stereo speakers. I did plug my homemade speaker to my computer and I was satisfied with the result, the volume is good, the quality of the sound is really good, basically works fine like a commercial speaker does. If your speaker sounds Horrible, check: Nothing touches the wires.

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where to buy foam paper

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I did remove about 1/4" of the enamel so the circuit will be closed when connecting the wire. Update: you can take the enamel off much easier with the flame of a lighter than a wire stripper or a razor. Thanks Gregg from statement wi thomas from papua new guinea for this tip! This step may help you to determine if the home-built speaker is working. Just touch the sides of any. Aa or aaa battery with both ends from the speaker wire.

Do not hold the wires, just touch the battery sides slightly. While doing this, the speaker should produce a noise. If there is no sound coming from the speaker that means the wire setup is not good or there is a short circuit. 12/26/2007 - update: This diagram shows how it is connected to the plug. Using a mono plug, just conect one end of the wire to the center connector and the other end to the side connector of the plug. If you are using a stereo plug, just connect one end of the wire to the center of the plug and the other end to any of the side contact from the plug.

Fold the business cards as the picture shows. If the magnet is not high, try to make small three tight folds only, so the coil stays just above the magnet. I mean, not wide folds. Glue the cards to the foam plate. Try to align both business cards. Now, put some glue on the magnet and each business card.

Now, put the plate so the business cards and the magnet stick to the base. The "base" can be a solid cardboard or wood. Anything flat and rigid works fine. I did use a cardboard. Using wood, the sound is better as wood vibrates less than cardboard. Check the wires, keep the wires away of the business cards or it may cause some noise and/or a rattle noise, so try to keen both wires separated. Remove the coating from the copper wire tip.

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Glue the paper cylinder to the plate; try to glue it exactly at the center of the plate. Start making the coil, keep the magnet inside so you don't crush the paper cylinder. Make about 50 turns of wire (awg 32). If you don't have copper remote wire awg 32, then use awg 30 but be sure the coil has at least 7 ohms. After you finish the coil, remove the magnet and the inner paper cylinder. Discard the inner paper cylinder and try not to damage the second one. The inner cylinder is only used to create a gap between the magnet and the coil.

where to buy foam paper

I used a ring magnet, and a plastic isolated wire, global 70turns though. Love." - mindaugas from Lithuania. "I was so impressed by the quality of the speaker, it truly is commercial quality with a paper plate! ben from. "It took me a day but this works and the quality of the sound is amazing!" - michael from Los Angeles. Roll the second paper strip over the first one. Do not tape the paper with the first roll. Remove the magnet after the paper cylinder is ready.

plates are too soft, plastic disposable plates produces excessive vibration. Bill of materials: foam plate. Two strips of paper. Copper wire, awg 32 (enameled tape. (Hot glue works great). First, roll one strip of paper over the magnet. Do not tape the paper to the magnet.

The site is secure using 128bit encryption and we welcome payments by credit cards, debit cards and paypal. From the Inventor of the Styrofoam Plate Speaker, here are the instructions to build the "hi-fidelity homemade styrofoam-plate speaker". After I built my homemade speaker, with a plastic cup, some people started to criticize it without even trying to build one. The worst rant was the "quality of the sound". Other people started to make their own homemade speaker based on my instructions without even giving me the credit as the original author, so i decided to build a new version, assignment simple and better. When I said, "keep your socks up i really mean. I was working and doing some tests until finally i was able to build my own homemade speaker with the sound quality that competes with commercial speakers.

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Where to buy foam paper
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  2. One of these foam sheets was rolled and hot. Find an incredible selection of scrapbook paper for scrapbooking and paper crafts online at joann. Browse joann's craft store for scrapbook supplies. Must select ground shipping at checkout. Oversize charges may apply.

  3. Online shopping from a great selection at All Departments Store. Shop upholstery foam including foam padding and foam for cushions at joann. Find high density foam and foam for padding and cushioning upholstery. Multiple sheets, good for crafts with kids. We used these to make rockets out of pool noodles.

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