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urban fantasy writers

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Is there a strong mystery plot to your book? If your book follows the main character as they try to uncover some type of paranormal mystery, and it ends with the mysterys successful resolution, theres a good chance your book is an urban fantasy. Uf books have strong ties to noir, and many of the protagonists in urban fantasy books wield a paranormal power that helps them in their work as private investigators. Famous urban fantasy pis are harry Dresden from Jim Butchers Dresden File series ( wizard detective seanan McGuires Toby daye ( fae half-breed pi ), and Alexa Craft ( grave witch and police consultant ). Do your characters supernatural abilities develop gradually? If thats the case, youre most likely writing an urban fantasy. Character development and wielding magic go hand in hand: the manifestation of a characters powers is a token of her journey as a character. In Christina henrys black wings, about an agent of death who turns out to be lucifers own progeny, the heroine, madeline, needs to battle nephilim and demons to save her life.

Urban fantasy - wikipedia

Urban fantasy is such a popular genre that we often forget that its of relatively recent vintageit only came to the fore in the 1990s. Kelley armstrongs bitten is a case study for this rapid transformation; in her words, it was called a supernatural thriller, then paranormal suspense, and finally urban fantasy. to complicate matters, urban fantasy are very similiar. The most fundamental characteristic they share is, of course, the presence of magical creatures (vamps, weres, shifters, angels, demons, and fairies, to name a few). However, as paranormal romance authors have ramped up the worldbuilding in their books and crafted mythologies that any fantasy writer would kill for, urban fantasy authors have steamed up their novels with great, sexy subplots. It is harder than ever to tell the two genres essay apart. Weve come up with a genre questionnaire to help you shelve your book in the right place. Is your book set in a contemporary city setting? One of the fundamental conventions of urban fantasy is the modern urban setting. Theres grit, theres danger, and the dour realities of city living. If your story takes place in the past or in the country, your book is most definitely not an urban fantasy.

By the time i knew better it was too late, and I was trapped. I had about resigned myself to an revelation eternity as a fake demon.' i was very much interested in his story. I knew, of course, that all G-men are either lawyers, magicians, or accountants, but all that I had ever met were accountants. This calm assumption of incredible dangers impressed me and increased my already high opinion of Federal agents. You may use our portal to return Anianda said. Stick close.' Then to the rest of us, Shall we go now? leiber is worth pursuing in almost whatever you can find. 19 Adriafaye jul 18, 2013, 12:40pm Richard Kadrey, author of the sandman Slim series.

urban fantasy writers

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I think i tried one of poul Anderson stories, don't remember which one. I've never heard of Fritz leiber! Lol I thought Interview With the vampire was more horror. And I thought it was from the 80's. P 18 bluetyson Oct 31, 2009, 9:19am. Well, not quite :- "no, that's the trouble. Perhaps I should explain myself. I'm assigned to the antimonopoly division; we got a apple line on this chap Ditworth, or Nebiros. I followed him in here, thinking he was simply a black wizard literature and that I could use his portal to get back.

A few examples : Robert. Heinlein wrote magic, Inc. Poul Anderson wrote Operation Otherworld stories about a witch and her werewolf husband in the 1950s. Fritz leiber's Conjure wife is from the early 50s. Anne rice's Interview With the vampire is from 1976, hard to miss that. then there are the victorian era occult detective types. 17 spoiledfornothing Oct 30, 2009, 3:23pm 16: bluetyson - i have heard of Magic Inc - never read it! Thought it was other type of fantasy, with like a magical company or something.

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urban fantasy writers

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The giants collection is pretty good, some vary varied short stories, some obviously better than others, but overall better than many collections. 13 spoiledfornothing Edited: Oct 28, 2009, assessment 3:17pm 10: Anniemod - he did? 12: reading_fox - okay. This is all news. I didn't know he wrote (or edited!) anything except science fiction although i have trouble believing any of his works could be urban fantasy (and the person asked for male urban fantasy writers, not fantasy in general) since urban fantasy is a fairly recent sub. 14 reading_fox Oct 29, 2009, 8:13am "since urban fantasy is a fairly recent sub genre" Just because it's been 'defined' recently doesn't mean earlier works don't also fall into that category. There was a thread recently asking for the definition of uf which had some replies including a very broad scope of works.

15 spoiledfornothing Edited: Oct 29, 2009, 6:54pm 14: reading_fox - i know that, but the earliest urban fantasy work i've ever encountered review was from the 80s and asimov wrote earlier than that. Much earlier, like in the 1950s. 16 bluetyson Oct 29, 2009, 11:35pm 15 Asimov wrote a series of stories about a guy and a demon called azazel, for one. You are sort of wrong in both directions - asimov wrote from the 30s to the 90s. The azazel stories are from the end of his career. He also has a collection called "Magic, the final Fantasy collection" from this period. Because the 80s is the earliest you have encountered just means you aren't terribly well versed.

10 Anniemod Oct 27, 2009, 9:00pm 9 spoiledfornothing: he did write not so bad fantasy stories also even if he is mostly popular for his sf works. 11 amberwitch Oct 28, 2009, 5:09am I think you are going to end up with a very long list:-) i've tried to avoid duplicates in the list below, and the only criteroin has been genre and gender - not quality. Urban fantasy goes from. Pulp to something resembling magical realism, so there is a great variety on the list. Sean Stewart Graham joyce jonathan Carroll guy gavriel kay - apart from Ysabel most of his works are historical Simon Hawke peter. Lee martinez jasper Fforde tom Holt John.

Ford Peter david paul Brandon James. Nylund Adam Stemple william Mark simmons/. Sellars - not recommended Martin Millar Perry moore. Pratt tim Pratt mentioned above andrew Fox Pete hamill 12 reading_fox Oct 28, 2009, 11:53am 9 - well at least he edited some, i don't know of any titles he actually wrote himself. There's a series of which i only own giants Asimov's magical worlds of Fantasy. I can't remember all the rest, but it's witches, Ghosts etc etc.

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Martin China mieville john meaney michael moorcock kim Newman Dan Simmons Roger Zelazny ray bradbury roald Dahl laird Barron Stephen King Clive barker george. Martin Tim Pratt Charles Stross Michael Swanwick poul Anderson Lucius Shepard Steven Brust John Langan joe. Lansdale tim Lebbon Todd McAulty. Somtow Greg van eekhout. Paul Wilson Robert. Heinlein david Drake james Gunn Isaac Asimov mike resnick 7 viciouslittlething Sep 3, 2009, 7:52am thomas sniegoski i came across him in the mean Streets anthology, his story about fallen angels, more particularly remy Chandler. Would like to get hold of his series of books now. 9 spoiledfornothing Oct 27, 2009, 8:35pm 6: bluetyson - isaac Asimov wrote urban fantasy? Consider my confused, general because he is a classic science fiction writer.

urban fantasy writers

Charlie huston, toby barlow, mario acevedo, mike carey. Charles de lint, andrew Fox, scott Westerfeld,. David Sosnowski, neil gaiman, john Ajvide lindqvist, sergei lukyanenko. Green, christopher moore, christopher Golden, do you know of anyone else? Aug 19, 2009, 11:22am, you might try john levitt. I really enjoyed his new series featuring a society of sorcerers who police the magical community of San Francisco. Begin with Dog days (Ace fantasy book) and New Tricks. 6 bluetyson, aug 19, 2009, 1:44pm, bram Stoker. Henry kuttner, murray leinster, mark liberty Chadbourn, fritz leiber Mark teppo Stephen Dedman Chris Roberson Greg bear raymond feist george.

recently made a post, as well as a full list. Amazon about male urban fantasy writers and I was hoping you could tell me if I missed anyone. Here is my list at the moment. Marcus Pelegrimas, mark del Franco, anton Strout, jim Butcher. Mark henry, justin Gustainis, john levitt,.

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Anfenwick: Inspiration for urban fantasy writers

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Urban fantasy writers
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  1. I love the tolkien stories but I didnt grow up with them like a lot of fantasy writers of my generation did. A type of fantasy fiction in which the narrative is set in a city. I write urban fantasy. Count noun an urban fantasy with a strong heroine. I know many other authors who are writing paranormal romance and a handful who are writing urban fantasy.

  2. That was the first writers conference i had ever attended and it was also the first time i learned how important "genre" is in the world of publishing. This particular book is a collaboration focused on Urban fantasy writers. Tags: download, hephaestus books, ebook, epub, urban fantasy writers, including. Novelists specialising in the urban fantasy genre. Pages in category "Urban fantasy writers". What sparked your interest in urban fantasy?

  3. sign up Log. Welcome to 8tracks radio: free music streaming for any time, place, or mood. Tagged with writing, florence the machine, fantasy, and original story. My totally deep thoughts as a writer on my amazing writing journey will appear here. However, as paranormal romance authors have ramped up the worldbuilding in their books and crafted mythologies that any fantasy writer would kill for, urban fantasy authors have steamed up their. I never set out to write an urban fantasy.

  4. Urban Fantasy was also what gave me the courage to start writing myself and remains my writing focus still. And check out a few of my favorite urban fantasy writers. I recently made a post, as well as a full list at Amazon about male urban fantasy writers and I was hoping you could tell me if I missed anyone. Urban Fantasy is cool though. I like it enough that i attended a workshop on the subject at Context. The lecture was given by author Lucy.

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