Pygmalion ovid summary

pygmalion ovid summary

Pygmalion - cyprian King & Sculptor of Greek mythology

J for the letter j, i read Ernst Junger's Storm of Steel, the memoir of the author's time spent as a german soldier and officer during World War. Recognized as one of the most accurate and gripping accounts of trench warfare, junger's book is filled with the numbing violence and death that accompanied the daily life of German soldiers. While some scenes are quite gruesome (this book is definitely not for the squeamish there are also moments that seem to rise above the morass. For example, junger often praises the courage of the enemy, one time commending a dying British soldier for managing to grit his teeth and take a puff of his pipe as he dies right after both his legs are blown off. There is also the surgeon who, while removing one of Junger's five bullet wounds during the war, states calmly that "books and bullets have their own destinies." (I think i am going to put that in my email signature!) In the end Junger is wounded. But what is more moving is Junger's subtle change in attitude as the momentum of the war shifts to the Allies' favor and he starts to reveal his own mixed feelings towards the war effort, despite his portrayal throughout the book of the righteousness. I'm looking forward to reading other Penguin Classics on wwi like henri barbusse's Under Fire and the recent new edition of Humphrey cobb's Paths of Glory. Also i highly recommend the recent novel by joseph boyden called Three day road about two Cree indians who fight in the canadian infantry during the war.

The metamorphoses of ovid Summary

Hinton wrote The outsiders at the mere age of 16, a pretty amazing accomplishment. I also would recommend reading the introduction as an afterword as it does give away some key plot points. I i started out reading Washington Irving's The legend of Sleepy hollow and Other Stories for my letter i, and was halfway through and thoroughly enjoying the very amusing short story of Rip van Winkle when I went off course and started reading one. I figured that here i was, almost halfway through the alphabet for the second time, and I had not yet read a single play for my Classics marathon. And i asked myself what was the greater purpose of this whole effort if I wasn't indeed gearing myself up to read Shakespeare for the first time since high school (I was a history major after all!). So drama won out for this round and I put Rip van Winkle back to sleep (pun intended!) until I can come back around to the letter i and revive old Rip again. Besides a doll's house there are two other plays in this collection: Ibsen's first prose play the league of youth centers on a young, ambitious and unethical public figure in an amusing and quick-paced comedy of small town politics; the third play in the book. The centerpiece of this Classics edition a doll's house is of course one of Ibsen's masterpieces for and will provide much satisfaction for anyone who can't stand couples who speak baby talk to each other! Behind the comedy lies a powerful tale of a woman's keen unhappiness and her profound need to escape the stifling oppression of what on the surface seems to be a loving marriage in order to lead her own double life. And drama definitely wins out; if one of these Ibsen plays is ever revived on Broadway, which I'm sure it will, i'll be first on line at the theatre box office.

The novel was adapted to film in the 80s and its cast is a who's who among 80s male teen stars, including. Thomas Howell, rob Lowe, ralph Macchio, patrick Swayze, matt Dillon, tom Cruise, emilio estevez, even leif Garrett (anyone remember him)! Tom waits also played a cameo and the film was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Fortunately for my reading enjoyment, i had not seen the film in a couple of decades, and couldn't remember who played who in the filmexcept for Swayze's portrayal business of the responsible older brother Darrymuch less remember the actual plot. In the introduction to this Penguin Classic by bestselling author Jodi picoult compares the book's influence on ya literature to catcher in the rye and films like rebel like a cause that first showed the true angst of teen life, instead of the watered down. Still, these Greasers are not your everyday ne'er-do-wells; you certainly don't come across too many juvenile delinquents who can" Frost! Lastly i had no idea that.

pygmalion ovid summary

Metamorphoses - ovid - ancient Rome - classical Literature

There they both meet Thornton, a young, but inflexible cotton mill owner who signs up to study the Classics under the tutelage. Despite growing up in poverty, thornton has become a man both respected and feared despite conflicts with his own workers who strike against him when their wages are cut. Both characters go through their own awakening as they come to terms with their own prejudices, and at the end of the book there is a remarkable role reversal as Margaret stakes her claim in a male world and Thornton learns humility and appreciation. What makes this the novel hard to put down though is the love story between these two. Novelist Margaret Oliphant ( see the letter O from my first round of Classics reading ) wrote of Margaret and Thornton: "Here is love itself, always in a fury, often looking exceedingly like hatred." For a modern pop culture reference you can see where the. The love story does not resolve itself until the last few paragraphs of North and south but of course you'll have to read it yourself to find out how it ends. H many of you may already be familiar with The outsiders. Hinton, the classic young Adult story of three orphaned Oklahoma kids, ponyboy, soda and Darry, their "greaser" gang pals Two-bit, dally, steve and Johnny, and their battles with the rich kids in town, their enemies, the socs.

Metamorphoses book i - book ii summary and Analysis

pygmalion ovid summary

Aphrodite myths 10 favour - greek mythology - theoi

I would read each poem straight through, then go back and read it flipping to the extensive notes at the back of the book, and then read it once again with that extra perspective. I found this helped the reading experience. Yet, i was most moved by sections when the literary and historical references took a back seat to Eliot's language, as in the fifth and last section of The waste land, what the Thunder said. Frank kermode's introduction and notes to the poems are also illuminating, and fascinating in their own right, and definitely help as a guide into the mind of Eliot. In the introduction Kermode includes a great" from Eliot concerning the critical reception of The waste land as a piece of social criticism: "To me it was only the relief of a personal and wholly insignificant grouse against life: it is just a piece.

Forster's novel a room With a view, a story i feel like i have already read having seen and enjoyed the film many times. Reading the book only made me appreciate female the film even more for its close rendering of the novel's humor, its absurd charactersmost notably the arrogant Cecil Vyse and the grating Aunt Charlotteand for the actors' painstaking portrayals of the many layers of "muddle" through which. I guess i am a sucker for a novel about repressed upper class Brits at the turn of the 20th Century, especially when juxtaposed against the raw passion and beauty of Italy. If you are like me, whether you've seen the movie a hundred times or not, forster's novel will make you want to ask the great questions and maybe on a future trip to Florence plan a day trip to a nearby fiesole hillside! G for the letter g i dipped into Elizabeth Gaskell's 1855 novel North and south, originally entitled Margaret Hale, but apparently renamed by gaskell's own editor, Charles Dickens, to emphasize the class politics at the heart of the love story between Margaret and. Thornton who come from different classes and opposing backgrounds. The proud and beautiful Margaret moves to the north from a peaceful southern hamlet after her organ pastor father loses his faith, rescinds his position in the church and takes a tutorial position in the industrial town of Milton.

Like all those other Dickens novels, this book was hard to put down and the quirky characters were both unique and memorable. The names of the characters are classic Dickens here: school owner Thomas Gradgrind, the "bully of humility" Josiah bounderby, circus girl Sissy jupe, and my favorite name of all, the school teacher. Hard Times takes place in a factory town called coketown, where children have facts drilled into them from inception, and where little credence is given to imagination, creativity and intuition. This indeed is a book with a lot of contemporary relevance in these days of no child Left Behind with the heavy emphasis on standardized testing and the recording of facts for our youth. I guess not much has really changed since 1854 when Dickens wrote. As for me, i will try not wait another thirty years for my next Dickens read (there are only twenty other Dickens titles in Penguin Classic editions, that is if I decide to re-read the first three some day).

E, i am certain if I made an attempt at interpreting any of the poems. The waste land and Other poems. Eliot, the poet himself would most certainly respond to me with his own lines from. The love song. Alfred Prufrock which starts off this collection: "That is not what I meant at all. That is not it, at all." Yet despite my confusion, i have to say that i enjoyed these poems much more than when I read them in high school, when I considered them a form of canonical punishment. The waste land alone there are more literary allusions than I can count, and if one was to trace back each one (and one could just through Penguin Classics editions) one could start a wholly different kind of Classics marathon: from Virgil, homer, augustine, ovid. I could.

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The introduction writing itself is literary criticism in its highest form, and almost as entertaining as the book itself. Heart of Darkness played no small part in shifting attitudes towards "imperialism" which until then was a term with a more "reputable association" and was a form of "unthinking national self-congratulation.". D i don't want to date myself here but it struck thesis me as I was reading. Hard Times that I had not read a charles Dickens novel in over three decades. I was an annoying thirteen year old adolescent when I devoured. A tale of Two cities, david Copperfield and, great Expectations in the summer of '77, alongside every. Wodehouse book ever published and the latest issue of Mad Magazine! Well, i can safely report that not much has changed (except I don't read Mad anymore and I have to shave now).

pygmalion ovid summary

Macabre and disturbing yet somehow whimsical, borges' style is anorexia wholly original and highly entertaining. This is a real discovery and I look forward to mining his other works in Penguin Classics! C "The horror, the horror!" my letter C pick for this go-round is that turn-of-century (1899) classic. Heart of Darkness, joseph Conrad's deeply psychological tale of a riverboat journey into the congo in search of the infamous ivory trader. Maybe the most difficult thing for me in reading this book for the first time was trying to rid my mind of Marlon Brando's image as the story progressed. Of course, brando played Kurtz. Apocalypse now the modern film retelling of Conrad's novel with vietnam as backdrop in place of Africa. At least I don't recall Brando being "a malformed seven-foot-long puppet creature" (from Owen Knowles' introduction).

looking forward to trying Borges for the first time. With quite a few titles in Penguin Classics from which to choose, i decided to read. Brodie's Report which was Borges' return to fiction at the age of 70, after twenty years of focusing on poetry and nonfiction. All of the stories in the book are just a few pages in length, all representing some form of duel, whether between gauchos, hardened criminals, academics, or competing artists. My favorite story here is called. The Other duel, about two ranchers who were lifelong enemies. Despite having never come to actual blows, their rivalry was renowned. Their final duel came about when both were captured by the reds while fighting for the Whites during the 1870s civil War. The reds, who put to death all prisoners, settled the lifelong dispute between these two men by staging a dual, letting everyone (both captors and soon-to-perish prisoners) bet on which of the rivals would be able to run the farthest once their throats were slit.

And i am just sitting here and wondering if the switch from clay paper tablet to parchment paper was as controversial as the bound book to ebook debate is today? A, mulk raj Anand was considered in his day as his country's Charles Dickens for his detailed portrayals of the poor in traditional Indian society. Untouchable written in 1935 is a case of a classic that is truly ripe for rediscovery for it's empathetic exploration of the conflicting emotions, humiliations and repressed desires of a sweeper, a latrine cleaner basically, and member of the lowest caste of Indians known. The members of this caste were subjected to intense discrimination, and if someone from a higher caste came into physical contact with them, they were considered to be defiled and would have to be bathed thoroughly to be purified. A similar scene actually takes place in the book and is referred to. Forster's introduction to our Classics edition as "the touching". In bakha the sweeper, the author paints a vivid portrait of the daily life of a strong and handsome young man who has to repress his anger at his place in society, and yet whose lack of a future and any hope to improve upon.

Oedipus Rex—(or, oedipus The king

With one complete cycle under his belt, Alan Walker, our Senior Director of Academic Marketing and Sales, embarked on yet another Penguin Classics reading marathon of one book by an author per letter of the alphabet. Check out the penguin Classics website for Alan's latest blog entries long (. Z as well as his entire first marathon, and check back soon. Alan begins his third cycle! Anonymous, having read a penguin Classic by author for each letter of the alphabet I thought it would be appropriate to start my next round of reading with a book written by that noted author of over 120 Penguin Classics, that illustrious literary figure who. The Epic of Gilgamesh. Sandars is really an amazing feat of literature for its accessibility, considering that the tale of Gilgamesh's search for immortality was uncovered by archaeologists in excavations of ancient Middle eastern cities, predated Homer by at least fifteen centuries (maybe up to twenty and was originally. The introduction to this edition covers the historical and literary background of this epic, and is truly fascinating.

Pygmalion ovid summary
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  2. A selection of passages from. Ovid s Metamorphoses: Origins of the cosmos The golden Age The first Sin The Flood and various famous stories: Daphne pyramus thisbe. I knew the novel would be challenging to stage: the main character. Ovid is an internal guy, and the book has many layers. The Oxford Dictionary of"tions - vol.

  3. Kenney (Oxford, Oxford Univeristy Press, 2009 234-40. Consideration of the interpretation of the myth of the Greek playwright. Ovid about the sculptor, pygmalion, cypriots against the backdrop of Smollett s novels and Ibsen. The effect was dubbed. Pygmalion, named after the, ovid tale of a sculptor who falls in love with one of his was to trace back each one (and one could just through Penguin Classics editions) one could start a wholly different kind of Classics marathon: from Virgil, homer.

  4. 65 12) a passage to India by rster 65 13) Pride and Prejudice. Pygmalion by aw 82 15) The quiet American. Upload Sign in join. Books Audiobooks Comics Sheet Music. The Universal Mind The evolution of Machine Intelligence and Human Psychology by xiphias Press San diego, ca copyright 2013. Ovid, pygmalion in Metamorphoses.

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