My graduation essay

my graduation essay

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It was an odd feeling, but it felt good too, for the first time in my life, i wasnt the new girl in school. So, then my junior year came. It was great, peopl. My graduation day essay, hopes, Dreams, and reality, graduation by maya angelou is an essay about discrimination. Academic dress, Black people, commencement speech 1013  Words 3  Pages. Open Document, graduation day, graduation day is what all high school students are waiting for, the big day we all think as grown people and weve made the right decisions because of how far weve gotten. Graduation was one of my of my most memorable moments in my life, its like a new start to my future. We all come to think college is the next step to our pathway and we all mainly do it for a better future, but most importantly to make our parents and family proud, and to me it seems like education is your number one.

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I only thought that Graduation would be the day i was going essay to receive a certificate and go to another level of education. I never thought of my senior year as something special, nor a year things was going to change, i only knew that my senior year was going to be like any other school year, but with the only difference that next year I wasnt going. It was the way i thought before i came into metropolitan Senior High or before i was that close to my graduating year. This was the first time, since i can remember, that Im in the same school for three years in a row. I used to change of school every year, since my father always moves of country every year. So i just thought that my sophomore year was going to be the same. I didnt really care much about the activities my friends were doing to collect enough money for our Graduation, since i just though what for, if Im going to move next year? But for some queer reason, i didnt move next year, not from a country anyhow. Actually, i did go to the States for three months and studied there, but i always came back. I felt a little bit out of place the first day i came back. Everything seemed so different, so changed, there were new students and new teachers; but at the same time, i felt like in home.

Thinking quickly, i managed to use time as my excuse and scampered out database the door to avoid any more questions. When i arrived at the coliseum, i was quite confused considering I did not listening to anything the principal had stated at practice graduation. Ah, Graduation, a meaningful word. Graduation - a ceremony at which degrees are conferred. Thats the definition for the word Graduation. But this word means more than a ceremony for. It means changes in my life, to reach a higher stage of my life, the time to become a new person, the time to grow up, time to follow my dreams and separate responsibilities from fun. I never though Graduation would mean that much for me, since i always change from one school to another.

my graduation essay

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I woke up at eight thirty on the dot. With no essential worries and not a care in the world what I looked like, i merely jumped out of bed and put my graduation dress, cap, and gown. In six minutes flat I was ready. I made it out my room and past the mirror wall right before i was about to leave. Looking at myself i knew I looked unacceptable, but my mind could not lead me to care. Right before i could make it out the door my mom vented her words of refutation. Where do you think you are going? You did not bother to brush your hair, wash your face nor take a shower.

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my graduation essay

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With fancy inscription, my gift was entitled Class of 2009. I had just graduated. Ok seniors, everyone settle down and take your seat with your name. The principle conducted everyone as we prepared to get ready for our practice graduation walk. Amusement and volume suffocated the single gym as show more content, i could sense the stares glaring upon me as I switched positions every second in my chair.

Two hours wasted out of my life before the orator called my name. With a shamble walk, insensible arms, and a tilted head I deliberated myself across the front of the gym and out the door. One of my classmates ran out the door and past me with glee assuring me that she would see me on Monday, the day of our graduation. Saturday and Sunday went by fast. Vowing that God had cut off at least twelve hours off my weekend, monday morning arrived. I had to be at the coliseum at nine.

The story begins by introducing the preparations for graduation. It describes the hard work, anticipation, and excitement that goes into this event. This event brings people of all ages together to celebrate an important event. Angelou states, "graduating classes themselves were the nobility. Like travelers with exotic destinations on their mind". Graduation is an unforgettable day that turns children into adults, it's the commencement of twelve long years of accomplishment.

After graduation, you are set free into the real world to find your identity. I myself feel "like a traveler with an exotic destination on my mind." I feel like there is something out there for me that I haven't discovered yet, and through my hard work and searching I will one day find the exotic destination that i've. Angelou explains how on your graduation. 1213 Words 5 Pages, stepping upon a simple stage was the best thing I could have ever done. Overseeing the multitude that was there to witness my every word, every tremble, every emotion, and every heart beat, was then that I realized that the sentiment was real. It was essentially the end of time and I could not bear to hold back what I no intentions of doing. Tears of joy darted down my face as I walked across the stage and received my ultimate gift.

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The beginning of this essay reminded me of my own high school graduation. How scared but excited I was to be taking the next step up in my life. I felt like the story paralleled my experiences at the beginning, but at the end supermarket I had a totally different resumes outlook on this piece of writing. As I got further into the essay, i felt that there was nothing about Angelou's life that I had ever experienced or could relate. Many people in my graduating class have moved on to college but Angelou explains that only a small percent of her class would be continuing on to college. Angelou speaks of how blacks were not given an equal chance and how they would never see the side the white people were exposed. "Graduation" begins on a sunny summer day at the end of June.

my graduation essay

A job that fits my talents, characters and natures. I do hope that I can work in a big international bank and will prepare for it with all my energy. Have had a pretty good job is not enough, i also need to have a family of my own. Finding someone whos caring, gallant, talent and love me enough to marry will meant so much to me cuz its my lifetime happiness. Having 2 children, living in a house with a garden full of flowers, cooking, telling joke, smiling, hugging, kissing, breathingall of those little happy things I want for my family. It may sound like drama but its what I love. And, in the very end of my life, i do want. Hopes, Dreams, and reality, graduation by maya angelou is an essay day about discrimination.

you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples. Want Rubric, nothing but to study hard and get a good academic performance. My university life will be so boring without joining a club so Ill find one that suits me most. Maybe i can fall in love with someone in these 4 years haha :X After my graduation Ill go seeking for a job. There are countless jobs and professions in this world. Among those, how am I going to choose the right one?

Once we have a map, it will be easier and more efficient to find the way we should take. Also, the map would lessen the risk of getting lost in our long journey of life. Today, i describe how I construct my map. I start making my map with the destination. My destinations are a graduate diploma, a well-paid job, revelation a happy family and a long trip to another continent to help those people. The next step is to draw it in a detailed way. As a college student, studying will be my top priority so i begin with my graduate diploma in the next 4 years.

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Hey guys, my future After Graduation introduction. Im so glad to be here today with all of you. Im going to tell you st abt my future plan now. Please pay attention presentation to it and feel free to ask me everything when ive finished. Why do people do plan? We plan for next day, next month, next year and. Someone said : a goal without a plan is just a wish. I think planning is like drawing a map that guides us to the destination we seek.

My graduation essay
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  3. My hobbies essay pdf current supreme court justices political ideology essay. Related Post of my high school graduation essay.

  4. More Essay examples on Want Rubric. Nothing but to study hard and get a good academic. Maybe i can fall in love with someone in these 4 years haha :X After my graduation Ill go seeking for a job. Of course, this document get the piece written invite to our team. Our sample documents are every single detail my graduation essay you need when.

  5. It was my deep interest in nbsp; my five year Plan After Graduation Essay - 1249 Words Bartleby : so i finally decided that I 39;d have to study my way out of a middle class family. Essay by bethanyj, college, undergraduate, a, april 2003. Graduation by maya angelou is an essay about discrimination. My graduation day essay — english forums my graduation day essay. It x27;s more of an recount of what I had went through during my graduation day yesterday. I was happy because my graduation party and receiving my bachelor degree, but I was sad because we - my classmates and.

  6. "my graduation day essay " Essays and Research Papers. The beginning of this essay reminded me of my own high school graduation. Essay about Facing my fears (of Graduation). High School Graduation Essay. 659 Words 3 Pages. An Example of a graduation Speech.

  7. It's more of an recount of what I had went through during my graduation day yesterday. I wrote it into an essay as a practice for myself as well as to record this memorable event. We can write a custom essay. My plans After Graduation Essay sample. According to your Specific Requirements. It was the way i thought before i came into metropolitan Senior High or before i was that close to my graduating year.

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