Aga khan hospital lab reports

aga khan hospital lab reports

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Hamdard Research Institute of Unani medicine (H.R.I.U.M.) was included in the faculty of Eastern Medicine as approved by the Academic council held on Currently, the faculty offers following degrees: Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery (Regular five years) Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery (Condensed. Programs are offered on regular bases. The degree programs offered by the faculty are accredited by the national council of Tibb, ministry of health government of pakistan and by the higher Education Commission, Islamabad. Most of the. Graduates start their own practice by establishing their clinics. Others are employed in hospitals and research institutes and organizations such as Hamdard foundation and Hamdard Laboratories, pakistan, Ibn-e-sina Institute for Tibb and University of Western Cape, south Africa and Qarshi Industries, pakistan.

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26 The faculty at hims includes three professors, three assistant professors, six lecturers, two teaching assistants and nine members from visiting faculty. 27 Faculty of lab Humanities and Social Sciences edit The faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was inaugurated in 1992. It offers its degrees through Hamdard Institute of Education and Social Sciences (hiess which was established as the first constituent institution of Hamdard University's main Campus. The institution's mission, as described on the official site, is "the production of the unconventional, capable, dynamic, creative, democratic and innovative teacher". Hiess offers the degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.). The teaching faculty of Hamdard Institute of Education and Social Sciences (hiess) consists of one associate professor (the acting director two assistant professors, two lecturers and a research associate. 29 Faculty of Eastern Medicine edit faculty of Eastern Medicine, karachi The faculty of Eastern Medicine provides education in the field of herbal medicine, which continues to be practised in many of the Islamic countries today. The countries where it has, to some extent, enjoyed an official status are India, pakistan, bangladesh, Sri lanka and south Africa. In pakistan, in the mid-sixties, the government under the then-president ordered the official registration of "hakims". The faculty of Eastern Medicine was established "to produce graduates with knowledge of Eastern Medicine with latest technology for diagnosis and modern methods for the management of diseases and health care".

(Management Sciences) program and a post-graduate. (Master of Business Administration) program which has been divided into four categories with respect to the time-span and previous education: A three-and-a-half year mba plan for students with a previous two-year bachelor's degree in any discipline, a regular two-year mba plan for students having. City campus i is an extension to the Institute of Management Sciences, karachi. The teaching faculty of hims karachi and City campus i includes three professors, three associate professors, 16 assistant professors, seven lecturers and two research associates. Hims islamabad edit hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, Islamabad offers. (Bachelor of Business Administration) in undergraduate category and post-graduate. (Master of Business Administration) programs, similar to those offered by the hims karachi.

aga khan hospital lab reports

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25 Laboratories for the campus include a research Laboratory, an Electronics Laboratory, a communications Laboratory, an Industrial Control Laboratory and a simulation modelling Laboratory. 19 Faculty of database Environmental Sciences edit The faculty of Environmental Sciences offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Environment energy management. Faculty of Management Sciences edit The faculty of Management Sciences offers the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Business Administration (B.B.A. (Management Sciences) through its two constituent institutes: hims karachi and hims islamabad. Hims karachi edit former building for Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (hims now Hamdard College of Medicine writing dentistry. Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, karachi offers a four-year program. (Bachelor of Business Administration) in undergraduate category,.

E.) were merged to form one program. This was applicable from the intake of 2007 and onwards. The institute is thus offering. (Electrical Engineering) with two streams,. E., telecommunications and Electronics. Pakistan Engineering council has granted conditional accreditation to the engineering programs of huic for the intakes of 2004, 20, for Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering programs. 24 The institution offers the following programs:. (Computer Science) The teaching faculty for huic includes four professors, seven assistant professors, 16 lecturers and 11 members from visiting faculty.

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aga khan hospital lab reports

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Later on, the plan graduate studies were offered under the institute of gsesit and hiet karachi was dedicated for the bachelor's programs only. The institute offers the following programs: Bachelor of Engineering:. (Textile Engineering) Bachelor of Science:. (Information Technology) evening Shift. (Telecommunications networking) The faculty for hiet karachi includes six professors, six associate professors, 24 assistant professors, 12 lecturers, 20 laboratory engineers and few members of visiting/adjunct faculty.

As of, the director of Hamdard Institute of Engineering Technology is Prof. 23 hiet islamabad edit hamdard Institute of Information Technology, islamabad is a constituent institute of Hamdard University, islamabad Campus which came into being with the establishment of Islamabad Campus in 2000. Hiet islamabad initially offered Bachelor of Science (B.S.) programs in Computer Science, information Technology and Computer-Systems Engineering. Then, the institute introduced Engineering programs in Telecommunications and Electronics in 2003. On the advice of pec, the two tendon engineering programs (T.E.

Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology edit fest (Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology headed by dean, Prof. Vali Uddin, offers its bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees through its three institutions: gsesit, hiet karachi and hiet islamabad. 21 gsesit edit The Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and Information Technology was established in 1997 with the name of Hamdard Institute of Information Technology (hiit). Later on, due to its main focus on graduate programs, it was renamed the Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and Information Technology (gsesit). Initially, master of Sciences in Information Technology ms (IT) was offered with the inception of the institute. In fall 2002, master of Science in Software Engineering ms (SE) program was introduced.

Recently, new Masters,. Degree programs are being offered to take active part in research and development and to concentrate toward the area of specialisation, and the institute is catering the needs of professionals through short courses, certificates and diploma programs. 22 ieee student Branch is also established at gsesit (STB62211) to create research and innovation activities. Gsesit offers the following graduate and research programs: Master of Sciences/Philosophy:. (Environmental Sciences) Doctorate/mscellaneous programs:. (Software Engineering) Other certifications and short courses such as ccna, java and Web programming, etc. Hiet karachi edit hamdard Institute of Engineering Technology, karachi was established in 1997 at the main Campus. Initially it offered graduate programmes only.

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18 The Islamabad Campus houses three institutes which offer disciplines in Engineering, it, management Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences. These institutes include hamdard Institute of Information Technology, hamdard Institute of Management Sciences and Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Islamabad Campus offers facilities for students and faculty-members which include an auditorium, wireless Internet access, hospital training for Pharm. Students, student-teacher centre and aboratories. 19 The campus shifted to the Blue night area fully in September 2013. Hamdard Institute of Information Technology, 23- west, fazal-ul-Haq road, Blue area, islamabad. Phone: Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, 23- east, fazal-ul-Haq road, Blue area. Phones:, fax: Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 23- east, fazal-ul-Haq road, Blue area. Phones: Fax: Faculties and institutes edit hamdard University offers undergraduate and post-graduate education through its institutions/faculties which are based on the campuse.

aga khan hospital lab reports

The others are in downtown Karachi and are known as the city campuses. Main campus edit The main campus of Hamdard University is in the vicinity of the sindh — balochistan border, 28 km from the commercial center of Karachi, on the main highway leading to murad Khan Dam (Bund against the backdrop of over 350 acres of Madinat. The main Campus houses institutes and faculties which include hamdard Institute of Information Technology, hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, resume faculty of Eastern Medicine, faculty of health and Medical Sciences, faculty of Environmental Sciences, faculty of Humanities, faculty of pharmacy and Social Sciences. City campuses edit There are two major City campuses, in addition to the main Campus, in Karachi: City campus I (cc-i) snpa 30, kathiawar Hall, "B" Block, adamjee nagar, off Tipu sultan road, karachi 17 ( 245245N 670502E /.879059N.083935E /.879059;.083935 ). It houses the Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and Information Technology and Hamdard School of Law. A summer semester, for the students who want to improve their grades or apply for the courses which they previously failed to complete/pass, is offered at cc-ii during JulySeptember, every year. Islamabad campuses edit The main Islamabad campus was constructed in 2000. It is in the Blue area near China Chowk, islamabad.

Sciences (hims hamdard Institute of Engineering Technology (hiet faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology (fest usman Institute of Technology (uit hafiz mohammad Ilyas Institute. 16 In 1996 the first city campus of the university was established at Adamjee nagar. Later on, another city campus operating weekend and evening programs was started in pechs, karachi. The number of campuses increased with the establishment of Islamabad and faisalabad campuses in 19 respectively. During the period, five lahore-, islamabad- and Karachi-based organisations, imparting professional education became affiliated with the university. 16 Campuses edit hamdard University has four major campuses in two main cities of pakistan: three in Karachi (the financial hub of pakistan one in Islamabad the capital city. Karachi campuses edit out of the three campuses in Karachi, the one at Northern Bypass is the oldest and the largest. It is known as the main Campus.

Higher Education Commission (hec 11, pakistan Engineering council (pec 12, pakistan Medical and Dental council (pmdc 13 pakistan Bar council (pbc national Telecommunication Corporation (ntc and the pakistan Pharmacy council (PCP). 14 Contents History edit hamdard University was established on, by writings a provisional act of the sindh Assembly. The founding chancellor, hakim said, had been long advocating for the establishment of private-sector higher education learning institutions. He received the university's charter from then- President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in a solemn ceremony. The university is named after said's philanthropy and education lobby organisation, the hamdard foundation. An area of about 178 acres was earmarked at Madinat al-hikmah: "a city of Education, Science and Culture" in Bund Murad neighborhood of Gadap Town of Karachi. 16 Stretching over an area of 1350 acres, madinat al-hikmah includes, in addition to the establishments of the university, hamdard Garden, sports stadium, hamdard Public School and college, operating as its earliest institutions, imparting education from primary to higher secondary level and bait al-hikmah library.

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Hamdard University urdu : ) sindhi : ) is a private research university with campuses in, karachi and. 5 6, it was founded in 1991 by the renowned philanthropist, hakim said of the hamdard foundation. 7, hamdard is one of the first and the oldest private institutions of higher education in pakistan. 8, in Karachi, hamdard University is the largest private research university 9 with a campus area of over 350 acres. Hamdard University's central library, bait-ul-hikmah is one of the largest research libraries. South Asia with a collection of over half a million books, some of them dating back to the 17th century. 10, the university includes eight faculties, nine research institutes, three teaching hospitals and three affiliated engineering institutes. There are more than 15,000 alumni of Hamdard University employed in organisations in pakistan and worldwide. Major programs of Hamdard University are accredited by and offered in collaboration with bodies such as the.

Aga khan hospital lab reports
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  3. Aga khan university hospital labs and diagnostic reports. Online lab reports default sad berazategui to view reports on the internet.

  4. Aga Khan Museum Jobs civic Hospital Jobs two direct reports, reports to the svp hr and is responsible for end to end. hospitals with Aga Khan Hos- pital taking four, nairobi hospital two and Mater Hospital one, leaving 69 at the countrys premier. Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu facility manager, residen. Aga Khan Education Service Project Manager and Lit. Aga Khan Hospital will be hosting a cme session for pharmacists focusing on the topic of thrombosis. interventional workshop hosted by the Pcssa and the paediatric Cardiology Unit at Inkosi Albert Luthuli central Hospital in november.

  5. The Aga Khan Award for Architecture was established by the Aga Khan in 1977 to read more. Dr Irfanullah Khan Born: 15th July,1994 in Khagram, Dir Upper kpk pakistan. Others names:Doctor Irfo, peshoo education:Pharm-d scholar. Hudson City Schools Oh Snow and Ice removal 216.691.7300 The Cleveland heights Service department is armed and ready for this years. Kurth has partnered with Kenyatta national Hospital, the University of nairobi, and Impact Research and. us and Aga Khan University hospital and other nonprofit organizations in developing countries including Afghanistan and pakistan for.

  6. aga - khan -university- hospital. Aga khan, university, hospital, nairobi, nairobi, nairobi, kenya, kept up to date case histories of patients. practitioners at, aga, khan, university, hospital where baby a was born nor any of the doctors at Kenyatta. Hospital where (s)he has been. Aga Khan Hospital sources confirmed that museum authorities have been given the ct scan report but the same has not been made public. global Scholar Jelena Obradović (Stanford University) travel to karachi, pakistan to explore collaborating with the Aga Khan University.

  7. And a quality control (QC) lab.41 Students are evaluated for attachment by submission of projects, ward reports and presentations. of medical school (1990) was with. Aga, khan, health Services in Gilgit, northern pakistan, as manager for a primary healthcare program. The daily herald reports 18-year-old Joshua oconnor also was charged Thursday in everett District court with robbery and assault. medicine Associate Professor Director of Postgraduate Programs Department of Medicine, aga, khan, university, hospital, karachi, pakistan.

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