Towel business plan

towel business plan

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One statistic that can show a future boom in the gym business is the winter season. People tend to join gyms during the winter, work out so their body looks good for the summer seasons. Another figure that is constant is the sale of supplements. These supplements are in constant demand and this is why the sales are always. One other statistic would be the sale of supplies including towels, bottles, drinks, shirts and singlets. With these statistics and overall plan, business owners will be able to predict when they need to get more supplies, hire or call in more staff, and prepare themselves for the times where business isn't very busy.

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This leads to a quicker growth and santa a positive outcome on first timers. Competitors are a very influential factor on your business. They are influential because they determine what you charge for your membership fees, visitor fees and for supplies like shirts and supplements. This means not only do your prices have to be competitive, but your products and services that you are offering have to be of high quality. This is because people are willing to pay a little extra for their good or service but know that they are spending that little extra for top quality. If your prices and quality of goods and services are better that your competitors, it ultimately gives you the competitive advantage over them. (Cambridge Preliminary business Studies - page 274) Sales Forecasting Sales forecasting is an analysis of a firms sales figures based on individual products, sales representatives, geographic locations, seasonal or annual trends in sales, cash sales or credit card sales. These statistics are used to predict how much profit is going to be made by the firm in the future. It would be hard to create a sales forecast with a newly opened business. This is because the statistics that are provided are short term. Statistics should be at least one year old to show trends in consumer spending.

The other group of people would be woman, men and teens that are looking for good cardio sessions with a qualified trainer. These sessions will be a combination of light weights, treadmills and bikes. The gym will aim to provide these groups of people with the facilities and good environment to exercise. As the gym grows, it needs essay to develop new things to attract people. Something that should be done is to invite local schools for their sport time and take them through a cardio session or a weights session depending on what the majority want. These activities should be free of charge for the first term, and a small charge for the sessions after the first term. This attracts teens to become a member and in turn, they will tell their mates to become a member.

towel business plan

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The equipment should be set out properly and this would be hard with a small area to work with. The qualified employees will be a challenge to find because they are already working or they are almost finished studying to become a personal trainer. This becomes costly because you have to offer the people that are already working a better pay per hour or better salary. Training them to work in a gym would be time consuming because it is based on being good around people and having confidence to talk to therm. (Cambridge Preliminary business Studies - page 272, C(.'5 Marketing Market Analysis The target market the gym would aim at would be a various number of groups of people. One of these groups of people would be people looking supermarket to lose weight through proper exercises and having excellent to guide them through their weight loss journey. The other target market would be people looking to train and gain muscle size as well as muscular strength.

A safe and healthy work environment is essential for workers to be able to work in a comfortable environment where they can feel relaxed and work to their full potential. This should include a workers office where they can sit and relax during lunch breaks, freshen up; keep all their belongings in a locker. This also shows them that you are thinking about how they feel and try to make things the best as possible. Measuring employee performance would come from 3 main places. One of their evaluations, Will come from their work mates. Other evaluations would come from patrons through a short evaluation sheet which is optional to fill out after a worker has completed a training session with them. The last evaluation will come from the manager/boss talking to the worker themselves. This shows how the workers feels and get their honest opinion on how things could be improved around the gym. Challenges that would be experiences throughout the operations element would be the high costs in setting up the business and the first few periods where business is slow and not so busy.

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towel business plan

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Others may be working on cardio and strength exercises. This will keep things running smoothly and be more convenient for patrons to benefit from these people. The staff would be qualified personal trainers with a certificate iii and certificate iv in personal training. ersonal trainers have added qualifications in weight loss, strength training and fitness which are an added bonus. The employer should check to see if the possible employee is qualified because in that industry, there are unqualified people calling themselves personal trainers.

Training new and present workers on new technology that gets installed into the gym. Things such as new exercise machines and equipment need to be used in the right resume way to ensure things are safe and that equipment is stored correctly for safety. Employees need to know what the expectations are when it comes to helping patrons and becoming a leader for new/younger employees. Also understanding what working at a gym involves in regards to how you conduct yourself in front of others, coming to work on time etc. Employees should be able to stay motivated and maintain a good standard of work. This will happen if there is a reward system put in place where workers would get rewarded for doing something extra or working longer. This will become an initiative to keep workers working at a high standard, keep patrons happy and ensuring they come back to the gym knowing they are going to get good service.

These materials are: Filing Cabinets. Noticeboard Paper Lockers Shop Fittings. Office furniture Chairs Supplies that will be used will include: Supplements Gym Singlets. Membership Packages Gym Equipment Sports Drinks (Bag, towel, bottle) Staff Uniform Staff will need to have a timetable/Roster to inform them when they are working. This roster will be completed every saturday.

For the Staff that do not work on the weekends or dont have a chance to see the roster, the roster will be emailed to all staff members on the saturday. This will eliminate the excuse of not knowing when and what time staff are working. The testing and evaluating expenses would be high because of the large amount of equipment needed to start up and also the sophistication of the technology used in the gym. The supplies would cost a bit because of the never ending need for. (Cambridge Preliminary business Studies - page 271) Personnel requirements and skills The gym should recruit staff according to their qualifications and experience. Staff that are recruited should all specialise in a target area which they occupy during their work times at the gym. Examples of this would be some workers may only be on the front counter, working on the computers.

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The book use of big televisions near treadmills and cardiovascular equipment will help people enjoy themselves while exercising. Memberships, cash transactions, and general business will be done on computers set up on the front counter and in the main office. This will include eftpos facilities, printers, cash register connected to computer. If possible that all 3 computers be linked so memberships can be done on all 3 computers and make renewals, show current members, on these computers. This will make work more convenient. Equipment and materials required will be based on how big the gym is and how quickly the business grows. Equipment required will be: Medicine balls Accessories Boxing gear Gym paper flooring Barbells Cable Attachments weight plates Benches Dumbells Materials that will be required will be things that are needed for day-to-day operations.

towel business plan

Another Objective would be to take every opportunity possible to help the business grow and try to work around keeping threats away from the business. The final Objective would be to improve financial wealth for the owner and to build a good reputation within the community so our people feel invited and welcomed when they visit the gym. These objectives can be accomplished through employees and owner working together. This means that employees can help one another with weaknesses and improve on strengths each person has to offer. Also, the owner must be willing to spend money for the improvement of the business. These improvements will include things like renovations when needed, sponsorships and buying extra stock. (Cambridge Preliminary business Studies - page 271). Operations Description of the service The technology used will be modern.

ortunities, good assistance provided by employees. Great membership deals Cheap prices, good location r, weaknesses. Threats, not enough employees when business is busy. Toilet facilities too small, security, poor Receptionist (Cambridge Preliminary business Studies - page 248). Business Objectives and Strategies, the business objectives and strategies section of the business plan outlines what the business aims to achieve, including overall strategic goals. These goals will be based on research from the situational analysis. The Objectives of the gym are to try and eliminate the weaknesses in the business and make them one of the strengths by working on them with one another and also to improve on strengths and try to make them stronger.

Purpose of the Plan, there can be type many purposes for a business plan. The plan should provide a firm with a clear direction for the future and identifies the main goals of the business. The goals of the gym would be social, financial and environmental goals. The social goals that the gym would like to achieve would be good service to patrons that use the facilities, helping the community through sponsorships of local sporting clubs and helping out schools through conducting sport lessons in the gym. Financial goals that the gym would like achieve would be to increase the owner's wealth through increased market share, increased level of cash flow and increased level of liquidity. But increasing wealth is one of the objectives. The other financial objective would be to minimise the wastage of money on items or products that will not help the gym grow and not falling into heavy debt.

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Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, executive summary. The location of the gym will be on a main road with good parking facilities. This will help the gym grow with members as it attracts people barbing because of the location and give people advantages to join the gym with ample parking. There isn't much history about the gym because it is a band new business but the idea came to me about 5 months ago when i wasn't satisfied with what other gyms offered to customers. The business is situated in the retail sector because it provides gym equipment to people who don't have room at their houses or they cannot afford all the equipment themselves. The Prime function of the business is to provide gym equipment to people as well as help them achieve their fitness goals. The gym offers a wide range of products and equipment starting from bags, drinks and clothing to dumbells, treadmills and benches. Preliminary business Studies - page 269).

Towel business plan
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