My favourite personality essay 120 words

my favourite personality essay 120 words

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In the former case, reason is, practically, an infallible guide, but in the latter, it is not always a safe one; for, whether that idea be right or wrong, reason will confirm it by irrefragable proofs. Therefore, children should be taught, as they become mature enough to understand such teaching, that the chief responsibility which rests on them as persons is the acceptance or rejection of ideas. To help them in this choice we give them principles of conduct, and a wide range of the knowledge fitted to them. These principles should save children from some of the loose thinking and heedless action which cause most of us to live at a lower level than we need. We allow no separation to grow up between the intellectual and 'spiritual' life of children, but teach them that the divine Spirit has constant access to their spirits, and is their Continual Helper in all the interests, duties and joys of life. This annotated version of the Charlotte mason Series is copyrighted to blesideonline. Org vol 6 pg 1 a philosophy of Education book 1 Introduction These are anxious days for all who are engaged in education.

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A single reading is insisted on, because children have naturally great power of attention; but this force is dissipated by the re-reading of passages, and also, by questioning, summarising. Acting upon these and some other points in the behaviour of mind, we find that the educability of children is enormously vol 6 pg xxxi greater than has hitherto been supposed, and is but little dependent on such circumstances as heredity and environment. Nor is the accuracy of this statement limited to clever children or to children of the educated classes: thousands of children in Elementary Schools respond freely to this method, which is based on the behaviour of mind. There are two guides to moral and intellectual self-management to offer to children, which we may call 'the way of the will' and 'the way of the reason.'. The way of the will : Children should be taught, (a) to distinguish between 'i want' and 'i will.' (b) That the way to will effectively is to turn our thoughts from that which we desire but do not will. (c) That the best way to turn our thoughts is to think of or do some quite different thing, entertaining or interesting. (d) That after a little rest in this way, the will returns range to its work with new vigour. (This adjunct of the will is familiar to us as diversion, whose office it is to ease us for a time from will effort, that we may 'will' again with added power. The use of suggestion as an aid to the will is to be deprecated, as tending to stultify and stereotype character, It would seem that spontaneity is a condition of development, and that human nature needs the discipline of failure as well as of success.). The way of reason : we teach children, too, not to 'lean (too confidently) to their own understanding because the function of reason is to give logical demonstration (a) of mathematical truth, (b) of an initial idea, accepted by the will.

Children taught on this principle are in danger of receiving much teaching with little knowledge; and the teacher's axiom is what a child learns matters less than how he learns.". But we, believing that the normal child has powers of mind which fit him to deal with all knowledge proper to him, give him a full and generous curriculum; taking care only that all knowledge offered him is vital, that is, that facts are not. Out of this conception comes our principle that,. "Education is the Science of Relations" ; that is, that a child has natural relations with a vast number of things and thoughts: so we train him upon physical exercises, nature lore, handicrafts, science and art, and upon many living books, for we know that. In devising a syllabus for a normal child, of whatever social class, three points must be considered: (a) he requires much knowledge, for the mind needs sufficient food as much as does the body. (b) The knowledge should be various, for sameness in mental diet does not create appetite (. E., about curiosity) (c) Knowledge should be communicated in well-chosen language, because his attention responds naturally to what is conveyed in literary form. As knowledge is not assimilated until it is reproduced, children should 'tell back' after a single reading or hearing: or should write on some part of what they have read.

my favourite personality essay 120 words

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Physiologists tell us of the adaptation of brain structures to habitual lines of thought,. E., to our habits. In saying that "education is a life the need of intellectual and moral as well as of physical sustenance is implied. The mind feeds on ideas, and therefore children should have a generous curriculum. Vol 6 pg xxx. We hold summary that the child's mind is no mere sac to hold ideas; but is rather, if yardage the figure may be allowed, a spiritual organism, with an appetite for all knowledge. This is its proper diet, with which it is prepared to deal; and which it can digest and assimilate as the body does foodstuffs. Such a doctrine. The herbartian, that the mind is a receptacle, lays the stress of education (the preparation of knowledge in enticing morsels duly ordered) upon the teacher.

The principles of authority on the one hand, and of obedience on the other, are natural, necessary and fundamental; but. These principles are limited by the respect due to the personality of children, which must not be encroached upon whether by the direct use of fear or love, suggestion or influence, or by undue play upon any one natural desire. Therefore, we are limited to three educational instrumentsthe atmosphere of environment, the discipline of habit, and the presentation of living ideas. Motto is: "Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.". When we say that "education is an atmosphere we do not mean that a child should be isolated in what may be called a 'child-environment' especially adapted and prepared, but that we should take into account the educational value of his natural home atmosphere, both. It stultifies a child to bring down his world to the child's' level. By "education is a discipline we mean the discipline of habits, formed definitely and thoughtfully, whether habits of mind or body.

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my favourite personality essay 120 words

Essay, on, my, favourite, personality

The parents' national Educational Union has fulfilled its mission, as declared in its first prospectus, nobly and generously. "The Union exists for the the benefit of parents and teachers of all classes and; for the last eight years it has undertaken the labour and expense of an energetic propaganda on behalf of Elementary Schools, of which vol 6 pg xxviii about 150 are now. During the last year a pleasing and hopeful development has taken place under the auspices of the hon. It was suggested to the head of a london county council School to form an association of the parents of the children in that school, offering them certain advantages and requiring a small payment to cover expenses. At the first meeting one of the fathers present got up and said that he was greatly disappointed. He had expected to see some three hundred parents and there were only about sixty present!

The promoters of the meeting were, however, well pleased to see the sixty, most of whom became members of the parents' Association, and the work goes on with spirit. We are deeply indebted to many fellow-workers, but not even that very courteous gentleman who once wrote a letter to the romans could make suitable acknowledgments to all of those to whom we owe the success of a movement the rational of which i attempt. Mason, house of education ambleside. Vol 6 pg xxix This annotated version of the Charlotte mason Series is copyrighted to blesideonline. Org a short Synopsis of the educational philosophy advanced in this volume "No sooner doth the truth.come into the soul's sight, but the soul knows her to be her first and old acquaintance." "The consequence of truth is great; therefore the judgment of it must. Children are born persons. They are not born either good or bad, but with possibilities for good and for evil.

The children have converted the school inspectors: "And the English!" said one of these in astonishment as he listened to their long, graphic, dramatic narrations of what they had heard. During the last thirty years we (including many fellow workers) have had thousands of children, in our schoolrooms, home and other, working on the lines of dean Colet's prayer for St paul's School Pray for the children to prosper in good life and good literature. I should like to add that we have no axe to grind. The public good is our aim; and the methods proposed are applicable in any school. My object in offering this volume to the public is to urge upon all who are concerned with education a few salient principles which are generally either unknown or disregarded; and a few methods which, like that bathing in Jordan, are too vol. I should like to add that no statement that I have advanced in the following volume rests upon opinion only.

Every point has been proved in thousands of instances, and the method may be seen at work in many schools, large and small, Elementary and Secondary. I have to beg the patience of the reader who is asked to approach the one terminus by various avenues, and I cannot do so better than in the words of old Fuller good reader. I suspect I may have written some things twice; if not in the same words yet in sense, which I desire you to pass by favourably, forasmuch as you may well think, it was difficult and a dull thing for me in so great. Besides the pains, such a search would cost me more time than I can afford it; for my glass of life running now low, i must not suffer one sand to fall in waste nor suffer one minute in picking of straws. But to conclude this, since in matters of advice, precept must be upon Precept, line upon Line, i apologise in the words. Paul, 'to write the same things to you to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe. phil 3:1 i am unwilling to close what is probably the last preface i shall be called upon to write without a very grateful recognition of the co-operation of those friends who are working with me in what seems to us a great cause.

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Already many thousands of the children of the Empire had experienced this intellectual conversion, but they were the children of educated persons. To find that the children of a mining population were equally responsive seemed to open a new hope for the world. It may be that the souls of all children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living. This is how the late Mrs. Francis Steinthal, who was the happy instigator of the movement in council Schools, wrote Think of the meaning of this in the lives of the children, disciplined lives, and no lawless strikes, justice, an end to class warfare, developed intellects, and vol book 6 pg xxvi. We shall, or rather they will, live in a redeemed world." This was written in a moment of enthusiasm on hearing that a certain county council had accepted a scheme of work for this pioneer school; presentation enthusiasm sees in advance the fields white to the. Though less than nine years have passed since that pioneer school made the bold attempt, already many thousands of children working under numerous county councils are finding that "Studies serve for delight." no doubt children are well taught and happy in their lessons as things.

my favourite personality essay 120 words

235 Chapter 2 a liberal Education In Secondary Schools. 250 Chapter 3 Scope Of Continuation Schools. 279 Chapter 4 The basis Of National Strength. 300 Supplementary: too wide a mesh. 349 (Thanks to Phyllis Hunsucker for proofreading Volume 6) Author's Preface vol 6 pg xxv It would seem a far cry from Undine by la motte fouque to a 'liberal education' but there is literature a point of contact between the two; a soul awoke within. Eight years ago the 'soul' of a class of children in a mining village school awoke simultaneously at this magic touch and has remained awake. We know that religion can awaken souls, that love makes a new man, that the call of a vocation may do it, and in the age of the renaissance, men's souls, the general soul, awoke to knowledge: but this appeal rarely reaches the modern soul;.

Of The Universe; Science and geography. 218 iii: The Knowledge Of The Universe; Mathematics. 230 iii: The Knowledge Of The Universe; Physical development and Handicrafts. 233 book ii theory Applied Chapter 1 a liberal Education In Elementary Schools.

Chapter 4 Authority And Docility. 68, chapter 5 The professional sacredness Of Personality. 80, chapter 6 Three instruments Of Education. Chapter 7 How we make use Of Mind. 112, chapter 8 The way of The will. 128, chapter 9 The way of The reason. Chapter 10 The curriculum. 154, section I: The Knowledge Of God. 158, section II: The Knowledge Of Man; History.

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Charlotte mason Homeschool Series, amblesideonline, cm series home, concise summaries. Modern english paraphrase, this edition of the Charlotte mason Series, typed by AmblesideOnline volunteers, is copyrighted to AmblesideOnline, and may not be published or re-posted elsewhere. Please refer to our. License for more information. Towards a philosophy of Education, volume 6 of the Charlotte mason Series. I, introduction, plan book. 23, chapter 2 Children Are born Persons. 33, chapter 3 The good And evil Nature Of a child.

My favourite personality essay 120 words
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