The road essay

the road essay

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Even though the father is angry at god, because of his son, he still has belief in e "fire" in the novel, The road, can be referred to as the flame of humanity that has been left alive still burning inside their hearts. It is the son that brings out that shred of humanity in his father's heart. Throughout The road, the boy's reactions and pleading to help the people who they meet during their journey shows how the son and his father act as foils towards one another. An example would be when the man doesn't show any guilt or remorse for leaving the people locked up in the basement. He instead feels relief for successfully getting his son and himself out of there, however the boy is upset that they didn't attempt to help them, just like when his father didn't let him help the man struck by thunder or the little boy and. It's difficult for the boy to understand how they can be the "good guys" when there are so many bad guys out there. He continuously asks his father whether there truly are any others like themselves, the good guys. The father is the one leading the boy to mature and become aware of the world they are in and to understand how life will.

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In the related end, however, it's his son who makes him see the tiny flicker of light and that you can always carry that hope even in the most difficult of times. Through the father's eyes, the boy is seen as a god-like figure. The way the father speaks of his son is overflowing with religious references towards god. He says, "If he is not the word of God, then God never spoke." (McCarthy,.5). Another reference would be when "He sat beside him and stroked his pale and tangled hair. Golden chalice, good to house a god." (McCarthy,.75). The boy lets the father still have that sense of belief in god by believing that he was appointed by god to watch over him and protect him. "My job is to take care of you. I was appointed to do that by god. I will kill anyone who touches you. Do you understand?" paper (McCarthy,.77).

Come on, let's." (McCarthy, roughout the novel, The road, the son is seen as the flicker of light in a dimming world, representing hope. The way he whole-heartedly believes and thesis has faith in the "good guys" and acting as his father's morals gives the father the hope and faith he needs to continue on with their journey and to "carry the fire". Over and over again, despite the loneliness, despair and lack of hope, the boy's goodness shines out brightly in a black and grey world, for example when the thief stole their belongings from the beach, the boy stopped his father from hurting him and begged. As the novel progresses, the father's faith starts to waver concerning his situation in the post-apocalyptic world they are journeying through. The setting of The road plays a major role in letting the father continually struggle to keep his faith in humanity and god. He questions god and openly reveals his hatred towards god and his circumstances by saying, "have you a neck by which to throttle you? Have you a heart? Damn you eternally have you a soul? Oh God." (McCarthy,.11-12).

the road essay

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Pull him toward you. Quickly." ( ) this" reveals the fathers powerful love for his son, wanting him to pass on painlessly; still being the "good guy" while he himself would suffer what the tainted world threw at him. Needless to say, the love that the father and son share is powerful. It's what guides them on the road. It gives them the strength to continue and move on even when they are at deaths doorstep. At some point, the father's strength to survive starts to slowly seep out of him, wishing it could just be over, but the boy brings back his father's spirit and strength. "What's the bravest thing you ever did?" guaranteed he spat into the road a bloody phlegm. "Getting up this morning" he said. Don't listen.

Curse god and die. What if it doesn't fire? It has to fire. Could you crush that beloved skull with a rock? Is there such a being within you of which you know nothing? Hold him in your arms. The soul is quick.

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the road essay

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Of course you can." "What would you do if I died?" "If you died I would want to die too." "so you can be for with me?" "Yes. So i could be with you." "okay." (McCarthy,.11). Also, the assignment father, viewed as both the archetypal father and mother, always put his son first when it comes to food, warmth, and safety. The father disregards his health over his sons. "he awoke coughing and walked out so as not to wake the child.

He coughed till he could taste the blood" (McCarthy,.54) "They had a single blanket in the pack and he got it out and covered the boy with it and he unzipped his parka and held the boy against him" (McCarthy,.67). Throughout the novel, readers can clearly see the father struggling with himself, wondering if he would have the strength in him to pull the trigger releasing the one remaining bullet, killing his own flesh and blood to let him die remaining innocent and unharmed/tainted from. "Can you do it? When the time comes? When the time comes there will be no time. Now is the time.

It supplies us with a situation that each person has to face at least once in their life. That situation being that each person has to struggle to try and put their life on the right road. The road which leads them to what they believe to be happiness. These were the parting words of a dying fathers last breath to his beloved young son as his time on what remained of earth was slowly fading away. In Cormac McCarthy's novel The road, the father and his son are traveling towards the south in a post-apocalyptic setting with only the thought of "carrying the fire" within their hearts.

The term "carrying the fire" is McCarthy's way of saying that the father and son need to carry on with their journey no matter the hardships they face and to carry on the flame of what humanity was. The "fire" represents the love that they feel for each other and their strength that's pushing them forward to carry on with their journey to the south. The "fire" can also represent their hope and faith in a gruesome and decaying world. Another argument would be that "fire" can also be represented as the humanity that is left alive. In Cormac McCarthy's novel, The road, throughout the journey the son is portrayed as the father's inner "fire".The father's undying love for his son is what gives him the strength to carry on with their journey and survive. The love that the father and son feel for each other is evident to the readers throughout the novel, The road, without them having to utter the three worded sentence. This is proven through the conversation the two had during another one of their restless nights. "Can i ask you something?" "Yes.

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Also in the third stanza he says, i shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence. I dont believe he said this is in a negative way, as to dates show that he chose the wrong road. Instead I believe it helps to show that he chose the right one, and the sigh was to show that it had not been easy. It helps to show that through the years he stuck with the path he chose no matter what the situation, or how hard it was to stay on it and keep going. Finally in the last two verses the speaker tells us that he did choose the road less traveled, and that it has made all the difference. By this I believe he meant that since he decided to be different it lead him on the road to a good life. One that was full of confidence, happiness, and independence. After you read this poem you realize that below the middle diction and simplistic look that the poem is actually very deep.

the road essay

Once he made his decision he would probably never be able to turn back. Again in help the third stanza, the speakers tone seems to change. This time his tone seems to be filled with confidence, and the confused and scared tone is gone. I believe this confidence is shown in verse eighteen, when the speaker repeats the first verse, except he leaves out the word yellow. I think he purposely left out the word yellow to show that he had gained confidence, and that he was no longer scared. I also believe that the word yellow was used to show the lapse of time between when he was first faced with the decision to the time he actually made his decision. Using this imagery, in the first stanza yellow meant the color of the trees foliage, and in the third stanza they are no longer yellow.

tone is in the eighth verse where he says, because itthe second road was grassy and wanted wear. It also shows that the speaker may not want to be like everybody else, a follower, but instead choose a different road and be himself, a leader. This verse also says that the road wanted wear, like he was drawn to path not just out of his own desire to be different, but maybe out of some pity. That pity being that the road is traveled less not because it is not appealing, but that people are to afraid to be different. Verse 12 is interesting when the speaker says that, In leaves no step had trodden black, which I take to mean that the few people who did choose to take the road less traveled did not come across any difficulties or obstacles. He then goes on to say that, oh, i kept the first for another day, as to say that it took him a long time to make his decision. Actually it may have been months or even years before the speaker chose a road. He knew that the decision he made would determine the outcome of his life, and that he would have to be devoted to the road he chose.

Another interesting part of this verse is how he describes the woods as fuller yellow. A word that strongly helps out the imagery, helps to describe the uncertainty of the speaker, and implies that he may be scared to even choose a path. Evidently he does not want to decide upon the wrong road and mess up the rest of his life. I believe that as he stands before these two roads he is really confused and scared as to which road to pick. All he can do is look as far down each road as possible, and hope that he decides upon the right one. This is exactly what he does when he looks down the first road, at the end of the first stanza. The second stanza starts off with the speaker talking about the other path, and how he looked just as hard, just as long, and just as fair on this path as he did the first. Meaning that he took exactly every step analyzing this road as he did the other.

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Critique of The road Not taken Essay, research Paper. Robert Frosts The road Not taken shows the uncertainty as to which road of life a person should choose. It raises the evident question of whether it is resumes better to choose a road in which many travel, or to choose the road less traveled and explore it yourself. In this poem the speakers tone, diction, and setting help to illustrate the struggle a person goes through in their lives to pick the right road to travel. In the first verse of the first stanza, frost says Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, which is seemingly a very important part of the poem. This line is a metaphor in which Frost uses the woods to represent life. Using this as an image helps to have a better understanding of the complexity of the problem that the speaker is facing. If you were standing at the edge of some woods you would not be able to clearly see what was ahead of you, because it would be obstructed by trees and branches. Life is like those woods because no one can clearly see or predict what will happen in the future, only hope to choose a path that will lead you to good fortune and happiness.

The road essay
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