Songkran festival essay

songkran festival essay

An, essay on, songkran, festival in Thailand for Students and Kids

In addition to traditional water rituals and street parties, there are other key activities that the Thai people participate in during this week. Many will take this time to attend their temple. Some may also participate in an annual spring cleaning of their homes. On the second day of Songkran, many families rise early and take part in traditional Buddhist rituals. They give alms to buddhist monks. They also take part in a ritual that is known as Bathing the buddha image. During this ritual, devout followers will pour water over the statues of Buddha in their home and at their local temple. The most celebrated festival in Thailand is the songkran festival.

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Some people make add herbs to the ritual water, as well. As April is the hottest month of the year, the celebration of water is relevant on many levels of the festival. However, songkran is not always celebrated in the same traditional manner. In big cities, the country takes to the streets. Cities like bangkok see a host of street parties and water fights. The most famous street party in Bangkok is called essay Silom. This party takes place all along a street that is over 4 kilometres in length. It is a huge party in which thousands of people have water fights with water guns, balloons and any other vessels they can get their hands. The street is also crowded with vendors selling water guns, toys, food and drinks. As a national holiday, offices and banks are closed during the three-day period. Many people take this as an opportunity to go visit their families.

The word Songkran is derived from the sanskrit work samkranti, which means astrological passage. It is a traditional Buddhist festival, and it is usually celebrated between 13 salon and 16 April unless the dates are modified by an official government announcement. Year, date, day, holiday 2019 13 Apr to 16 Apr, sat to tue. Songkran Festival 2020 13 Apr to 16 Apr, mon to Thu, songkran Festival. Most viewed Thailand holidays today: The songkran Festival is also known as the water festival. It celebrates water as a ritual of washing away negativity from the year before. People celebrating Songkran take part in a traditional pouring of water that symbolises washing away back luck and sins from a persons life.

songkran festival essay

The, songkran, festival : Traditional New year's day, essay - 911 Words

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Essay on, songkran, festival in Bangkok, thailand

songkran festival essay

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Where you book for your accommodation depends on where you plan to celebrate this festival. However, you can choose to stay. Bangkok as it is centrally situated where you can access key celebration centers. Halloween and its history, we all know Halloween as an event where people are dressed in unusual costumes, which are scary yet innovative. This day is celebrated on 31 st October of every year, just a day before All saints day on 1st  november. Halloween is also known as All Hallows eve, which was its initial name.

From this time of the year, the nights starts getting colder and people who usually preferred to stay in their homes come out to rejoice with many activities and foods, to welcome the new year of harvest and the All saints day. It is believed that during this time of the year the wall between the alive and the dead becomes blurred and this is the reason for the ghosts to come to earth and play evil. Halloween Essay, start of Halloweens treat or trick. Halloween was started long back during the All souls day parades in England, when the poor used to beg for food and families used to give them soul cakes and ask them to pray for the dead relatives in their family. This was later promoted by the churches, as during this time food and wine used to be left for the souls roaming around. This was later picked up by the children who used to dress up as ghosts and go to houses to ask for goodies, chocolates and treats. Dressing traditionally on Halloweens, halloweens is a great time of the year when everyone is dressed up in a scary way and celebrates the festival. But there is a reason behind getting dressed like ghosts.

Songkran festival in Chiang mai, thailand - matador Network

But now, there is already a fixed date for the celebration, Just in case the dates fall on a weekend, they will still follow the date but some of the missed days will be taken from weekdays. However, just to make sure, everyone can join the event, the three consecutive days are declared as non-working holidays. Songkran 2018 falls. April 13, 2018 to, april 15, 2018. In conclusion, songkran festival is a mix of tradition and fun. On the other hand, this even is also about showcasing Thais finest dishes. After the tiring 3-day celebration, natives in their genuine kindness diligently serve the guests and travelers with their very affordable cocktails and spicy goodies. So plan ahead for the, songkran 2018 by booking your accommodation early.

songkran festival essay

Armed with water guns and domain water containers, travelers and natives including children throw water upon others, which symbolizes cleansing and rejuvenating of their bodies. There is no exception in this festival but obviously everyone understands the real meaning of this event. There are also places in Bangkok where side events took place. While other folks are busy cleansing and throwing water to the passersby, there is a pageant where women from the particular area showcase beauty and talents. But just like how April fools day is being celebrated, there are also women who play pranks on men while passing the streets. When is Songkran Festival 2018? In the past, there is no particular date as it was originally set through astrological calculation.

since it is traditionally celebrated for three consecutive days. Similar to other nationalities, Thais also have beliefs which truly originated from their forefathers. A day before the celebration of Songkran, the housewives must clean their house and remove all the rubbish. Otherwise, it might bring them bad luck for the remaining months of the recent year. As part of the belief, buddha images should be washed carefully so as to bring good fortune to house owners. Rather than an earthly enjoyment, songkran 2018 focuses on spiritual intentions like giving alms to monks and paying a visit to buddhist temples in their place. In addition to that, they build sand pyramid images and festoon colorful stuff such as flowers and flag lets. But before we forget, the festival would not be complete without the so-called.

Truly, there are different ways people celebrate new year. While western countries use paper fireworks for the celebration, Chinese nationals have their dragon dance. However, Thailand has the most unusual way of celebrating New year, and this is known. If this is the first time you heard about this, then you may want to know more. You might also be interested in joining them. If we would take a look at the history, songkran actually originated from Burma. In fact, there are also other countries practicing such festivity like vietnam and laos. The word Songkran was actually derived from.

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Songkran festival essay
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  1. It celebrates water as a ritual of washing away negativity from the year before. Songkran, festival, khao san road). Below you will see some pictures from the. Songkran 2009 water festival. Each photo has a brief description of what its about, and in addition to this.

  2. Kent is a very good songkran festival essay place to work as a solicitor and a good place to study law. Songkran, festival the Thai new year. Songkarn, festival is the new year in Thailand. This year it was the 12-15th of April. Songkran, festival is also known as the water festival.

  3. Samut Prakan, songkran, festival. Busaba eathai are collaborating with fairground to create a thai new year. Songkran, festival in the heart of Londons East End on Sunday. The official dates for the. Songkran festival in Chiang mai are Friday, to sunday.

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