Smoking paragraph writing

smoking paragraph writing

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This reduces the bloods ability to deliver oxygen to the heart and compromises the heart muscles ability to use oxygen. People who smoke cigarettes seem to have a higher risk of death from heart disease (and possibly stroke but their risk isnt as great as that of cigarette smokers. Studies also show that smokers get more colds, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia than nonsmokers. And people with certain health conditions become sicker if they smoke; because teens who smoke as a way to manage weight often light up instead of eating, their bodies lack the nutrients they need to grow, develop, and fight off illness properly. Smoking lessens the overall health of smokers. For every premature death caused each year by smoking, there are at least 20 smokers living with a serious smoking-related illness). Click here click here click here click here click here. If you need high-quality papers done quickly and with zero traces of plagiarism, paperCoach is the way.

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This decrease in fatal diseases admission causes a decrease in the number of people who die from these diseases. Because of this decrease in number of deaths, people can live longer today. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of old people living in the world today. Related articles, the topic, main Idea, and Organizational Patterns of Paragraphs (m). Introduction to paragraph (m advertisements). There is strong medical evidence that smoking is related to more than two dozen diseases. It has negative effects on nearly main every organ of the body and reduces overall health. Smoking is responsible for the cause of preventable death and it has also negative health impacts on people of all ages: unborn babies, infants, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Similarly, it leads people to develop health problems like cancer, organ damage, and heart diseases. These diseases limit a persons ability to be normally active. The carbon monoxide produced by passive smoking competes with oxygen for required sites on red blood booths.

Your face becomes pale and the tiny blood vessels shrink under the skin so that less blood would flow if you were cut. The blood can clot faster so that there would be less bleeding from a wound. The pupils of your eyes enlarge, admitting more light during the emergency. You might be able to perform great feats of strength in this condition. There are more old people in the world today because of an increase in medical services. Today, more people can get medical services from doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics. As a result, fewer people get fatal disease such as yellow fever, malaria, remote cholera, and typhoid.

smoking paragraph writing

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In addition, they complain that the food, filled with chemical additives used to preserve the appearance of freshness, grows worse with every passing day. Last but not least, fugitives presentation from city life claim that the pace of urban living exhausts them, leaving them without the energy to enjoy the entertainment a large city supposedly offers. The emotion of fear sets off many changes in your body. When assignment you become frightened, you breathe more deeply, giving your muscles more oxygen and greater energy. Your hearts beats more powerfully so that your blood circulates faster, carrying oxygen to all parts of your body. Your stomach and intestines no longer contract and all digestive action stops. No saliva flows in your mouth and your throat becomes dry.

E., the one which explains reasons and consequences of an idea or event. Finally, chain of causes and effects,. The paragraph that shows how an action or event becomes the cause of another action or event, and this result becomes the cause of another result, and. To see the differences among these three paragraphs, look at the following examples. The first paragraph focuses on causes, the second focuses on effects, and the last is a chain of causes and effects. Growing numbers of well-to-do Americans are making the decision to move to more rural parts of the country. From their point of view, it is impossible to walk the streets of a big city at night without fear of being raped, mugged, or murdered. They claim, too, that city is poisonous, more lethal than cigarette smoke, thanks to the ever-increasing traffic congestion.

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smoking paragraph writing

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In sentence (3 motorcycles have come down so much in price is the cause, whereas everyone can have one is the result. As a method of development in writing, cause-and-effect is the search for the relationship between two or more actions or events, one or some of which we conclude is the reason for the other action(s) or event(s). Transitions Commonly Used in cause and Effect. In the writings that examine a causal relationship, one or more of the following transitions are commonly used. Study the terms and make yourself familiar with them. Common transitions for cause: because since the reason. Is that caused by results from for because of noun phrase due to noun phrase.

Common transitions for effect accordingly so thus as a result resulted in therefore consequently for this reason for this reason, three varieties of cause and Effect Paragraphs. Cause and effect paragraphs could be written in one of these three types. First, the paragraph that focuses on causes,. The one which describes what happens and why it happens. Second, the paragraph that focuses on effects,.

Paragraphs of cause-Effect, parlindungan Pardede, universitas Kristen Indonesia, introduction. Cause basically means the source of something or the reasons why or for something. Effect is simply the result or outcome. Therefore cause and effect is the causal relationship between two or more actions or two events. In reality, a cause precedes the effect, but in  a statement either the cause or effect can precede the other.

Look at the following statements: The accumulation of greenhouse gases has caused global climate change. I couldnt boot my computer because the battery was dead. Since cell motorcycless have come down so much in price, everyone can have one. In sentence (1 the accumulation of greenhouse gases is the cause or reason, while the global climate change is the result. In sentence (2) the result,. I couldnt boot my computer precedes the cause—the battery was dead.

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The most common item for smoking is cigarette. Besides cigarette, people also smoke cigar and pipes. Usually, teenagers starts smoking occasionally for fun. But, by the time they reach their adulthood, they find that they are already addicted to the habit of shredder smoking. Smoking is one of the leading causes of deaths. It causes several life-threatening diseases such as tuberculosis, lungs cancer, heart-attack, etc. The government can pass stringent laws for the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products. In India, smoking is banned at public places. Mass educational campaigns targeting the college going girls and boys explaining the harmful effects of smoking can act as a deterrent for smoking.

smoking paragraph writing

Distinguished teeth depict an unhygienic image makes people look more than their actual age. Many people are not aware of these facts when they start smoking. Staying away from smoking can give you a new life. It and can make you more energetic and can also help you to save a lot of money. It can help you to perform better and make you look better. Smoking is a habit but it one has to stop smoking it can be done by strong will power. Category: Blog, by team Work, smoking refers to the process of burning tobacco or other materials and inhaling the resultant smoke.

Smoking causes a lot of problem in the digestive system of the body. Smokers generally have bad breathe, smelly room, smelly hair and smelly clothes. Even if somebody quit smoking its very difficult to get rid of this smell. Smoking makes your teeth look brown or yellow. It is very difficult to remove cigarette stain from the teeth. Even spending a lot of money does not help.

Youngsters smoke because they think that smoking makes them appear broad minded and liberated. In the beginning youngsters take few puffs from their friends cigarette later these puffs converts into a habit it becomes a major part of business their life. After a period of time smoking start affecting its smokers health. Many people become chain smokers. Nicotine present in the cigarette causes cancer, asthma, damages heart, brain, liver and lungs. Advertisements: However every smoker is aware about the ill effects caused by smoking then too he/ she do not give. Tobacco companies are making huge profits every year all around the world. Every year governments try to hike tobacco prices to discourage the smokers.

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Here is your short paragraph on Smoking! Now days smoking have become a fashionable common practice among young boys and girls. Smoking initially becomes salon a habit when young scholars try to experiment new things at an early age. Advertisements: Despite of the ill effects caused by smoking adults too continue to smoke. Even cigarette packets display the warning mentioning the harmful effects caused due to smoking. But nobody pays heed. Even educated people ignore. Smoking makes people addicted towards. Those who want to get rid of it fail to refrain themselves from picking up a cigarette or cigar puffing it away.

Smoking paragraph writing
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Paragraph of Comparison and Contrast. My father said, we dont have to be a heavy smoker or a long-time smoker to get a smoking-related disease.

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  1. If you just start writing, you will. Here is your short paragraph on Smoking! Now days smoking have become a fashionable common practice among young boys and girls. Smoking in Public Places. Get a custom Essay sample written according to your requirements urgent 6h delivery guaranteed.

  2. Posted on november 13, 2015 by Shah Jamal. A paragraph about The bad Effect of Smoking. Writing Style of Francis Bacon. Wikianswers will not write your paragraph for you, but we will help you learn how to do it yourself! What does smoking mean to you? Are you for smoking or against it?

  3. Smoking There is no doubt that smoking is very much harmful to health. It causes many fatal. There is nothing good about smoking. So we should launch a massive program against smoking. Write a paragraph : Dangers of Smoking.

  4. Writing Paragraphs Editing Paragraphs Publishing Paragraphs Definition Sequence Choice Explanation evaluation. The controlling idea is that smoking can be e! Short Paragraph on Smoking. Category: Blog by team Work. The government can pass stringent laws for the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

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