Simple literature review

simple literature review

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Trft - trouble flares, fusees and parade torches - 12 pages -.45/ea - 3OZ/ea production seal - mass tube plugging using simple homemade tools, this treatise shows how to plug/seal dozens of tubes at a time, one end or both, with or without. Plug hundreds of tubes in minutes for approx. 2 cents per dozen! Complete instructions with photos. Quick, easy, inexpensive and professional looking. Trps - mass tube plugging treatise -.75/ea - 1OZ/ea hydraulic press plans - 1 to 15 ton pressure complete plans with construction photos to complete a manually operated hydraulic press using an automotive type hydraulic jack.

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Trt - thermite incendiary compositions - 8 pages -.35/ea - 3OZ/ea whistles whistling devices formulae and details for making various size whistles and devices including diagrams and instructions for whistling bottle rockets, whistling fountains and whistling aerial shells. Trwd - whistles whistling devices -.75/ea - 1OZ/ea tracer ammunition - color pyrotechnic composition a guide to help you understand, make and use your glampalm own tracer ammunition. How about a burst of reliable color tracers to guide your aim, spot your hits or special effects use. Details and 19 formulae for red, white, blue, green, yellow, comet trailing, smoke trailing, and ignition compositions. Gives details on drilling the bullet bases and compressing the comp. Can be used in most any caliber - rifle, pistol and assault weaponry. 17 page illustrated booklet. Trta - loading tracer ammunition - 17 pages -.95/ea - 3OZ/ea trouble/signal flares parade torches this 12 page illustrated booklet lists instructions and formulae for 36 different color flare compositions including red, white, blue, purple, green, silver and yellow. It also explains parachute flares w/diagram, an underwater flare composition and friction scratch mixture for easy ignition without matches. Valuable literature for the outdoorsman and hobbyist alike.

Charts, diagrams, calculating volume mathematics, density, binders, effects of solid grain, cores and granulations, custom design, etc. Trsmoke - smoke generation manual -.00/ea - 1 LB/ea fountains, gerbs, falls rains illustrated booklet explians how to make colorful fountains, display gerbs and waterfalls. Included are formulae for glitter, flitter, various resume colored fountains and colorful special effects fountains. 41 formulations in all. 10 pages with detailed, diagramed procedures. Trfcf - fountains, gerbs, falls rains -.85/ea - 3 OZ/ea thermite incendiaries this easily prepared mixture produces heat and molten slag in the excess of 4000є f to melt through metals and for welding applications. Used during wartime to destroy heavy equipment and documents. Instructions for cutting, welding and 12 gauge incendiary inserts. Illustrated with 7 formulae for thermite, incendiaries and ignition compositions.

simple literature review

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Much better than commercial import. Check local laws first. Trbr - powerful home made bottle rockets -.95/ea - 1OZ/ea buzz bomb helicopter devices this treatise explains how to make powerful buzz bombs from our 4oz (RE4) rocket motor casings and plastic wings pbbw). Includes tool diagrams, construction details and propellant formula. Trbbh - buzz bomb helicopter type devices -.95/ea - 1OZ/ea smoke generation - tactical / survival / civilian over 50 fully illustrated pages of the most comprehensive study on smoke production available under one cover. Explains in detail the chemical candidates and what they do as well as the construction of smoke devices from casings to ignition. 60 formulae including black, white colors. Also covers rodent and insect control formulae.

Trrs - rocket missile stability -.25/ea - 1OZ/ea rocket treatise loading tool diagrams this treatise details steps and fuel formulae for constructing 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 1lb, 2lb 4lb "black powder" type rocket motors. It also lists diagrams and specs of the tooling needed for each constructed of aluminum. All the info you need to produce powerful, inexpensive rockets. Trr - black powder motors tool diagrams -.00/ea - 1OZ/ea inexpensive clasockets this treatise explains how to make small, powerful rockets capable of reaching hundreds of feet in the air for only pennies using homemade tooling from scrap materials. Details covered: tool construction, fuel formula, loading, staging, special effects, payloads, etc. Trir - inexpensive clasockets -.10/ea - 1OZ/ea deluxe bottle rockets make rockets for approx. This treatise explains fuel, construction, headings, etc., and gives diagram of completed rocket.

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simple literature review

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Trahf - advanced homemade fireworks - 86 pages -.85 - 1 lb plastic resin bonded rocket fuel systems - composite motor construction volume iii - 142 illustrated, single spaced, 8 1/2 X 11 pages of information and construction details on high power composite rocket. The only one of it's kind, this football manual details the chemicals and components of manufacture, lists what they do in the system and how to change the characteristics of the propellant or motor system by changing their percentages within. It gives over 37 propellant formulae including high smoke (black white colored exhaust flames, high impulse, low impulse and diagrams typical grain geometries such as core burning, moon burning, bates grain, end burning and "wildcat" designs. Also included is info on nozzle design, a chapter on making electric igniters, motor case construction, binders (ctpb, htpb, pban, vinyl, Plastisol, etc. ballistic modifiers, tooling, charts, diagrams, etc., etc. A welcome addition to the hobbyists library.

Professionally printed and bound. Trprp3 - composite rocket propellant manual -.95/ea - ship wt 2 lbs tracking smoke delay compositions construction and proper placement of the delay column is essential for visual tracking and correct timing of the recovery system ejection charge. This treatise gives delay column diagram and details of several delay compositions as well as tracking smoke. Trdc - tracking smoke delay compositions -.90/ea - 1OZ/ea rocket stability ever wonder why your rockets tumble or wobble in flight? This treatise explains this and more and how to correct it through design. Gives details for both finned and stick stabilized rockets.

This 3rd edition was printed in 1996 after being long out of print and is again available for a meager price. It explains hundreds of items with charts, formulations and illustrations. Hardbound 300 very informative pages. Shimizu - fireworks: art, science technique - 300 pages - 113.85 - 3 lbs out of stock the chemistry of powder and explosives -. Davis a rare find for the ordnance expert and advanced pyrotechnist, supplying a wealth of info on  the behavior of fireworks and explosives substances and phenomena - both chemical and physical chapters include black powder, pyrotechnics: color stars flares, fusees, torches, lances, whistles, rockets, roman.

Also covered are properties of powders, dynamite and other explosives, nitromines, primary explosives, detonators and primers. 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 hardcover - 490 pages, illustrated. Trcpe - chemistry of powder explosives - 490 pages -.85/ea - 2 lbs advanced homemade fireworks learn to safely make fireworks at home that really work. This booklet covers in detail how to make skyrockets, pinwheels, roman candles, aerial bomb shells, fountains and firecrackers. Complete explanation of each chemical and it's use makes manufacture easy and fun for the novice. Learn how to make the cases, mix the powder and assemble them into fireworks worth of any fourth of July display. 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 softcover - 86 pages, illustrated.

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It also gives information on making some of the chemical ingredients not easily found. The topics are detailed in a manner that the student can readily understand both on a practical and academic level. 8 1/2" X general 11 244 fully illustrated pages, softcover. Trpmpm - illustrated poor man's primer manual - 244 pages - 8 1/2" X 11" -.15 - 2 lbs. Ball milling theory practice for the amateur this 8 1/2" X 11 66 page book on the subject of ball milling for the amateur takes you from the science of milling, through the actual construction of an efficient, inexpensive and attractive ball mill for your. Fully illustrated details include the science of ball milling, step by step plans including bill of materials and tooling, method of casting lead milling media, milling jar construction, use the mill and improvements that may be added later. Whether you need to mill grams of chemicals or pounds, this book can improve your milling productivity. Trmill - ball milling theory practice - 66 pages -.85 - 1lb fireworks: the art, science technique -. Takeo shimizu this is most likely the most sought after fireworks construction book of all time!

simple literature review

Three years in the salesperson making and now available in this long awaited special effects book written by gary. The only one of it's kind, this massive book is 193 professionally bound 8 1/2" X 11" pages packed with color photos, detailed diagrams, charts, formulations and step-by-step instructions on how to produce theatrical special effects of all kinds. Also included is permit licensing information, contact numbers for atfe, apa, dot, etc., insurance details, safety, production sets, firing equipment, props and delivery devices and of course, mixtures formulations, most of which have never been placed in print before! The 16 chapters include making flash paper with or without acid, making electric igniters and pyrogens, color flame and sparkler-cord, making Ninja-style Throw-downs that really work, crossmatch quickmatch, smoke pots, smoke fog solutions, candles, smoking rope, exploding smoke, etc., flash pots, mines, concussion mortars and. There is not another book like it available anywhere at any price! Trspecfx - basics of theatrical special effects - 193 pages 8 1/2" X 11" -.35 - 2 lbs. The poor man's primer manual, this work details the production of ammunition primers from a commercial prospective and then in the final chapter gives comprehensive step by step instructions on how to produce (re-load) spent primers in a home laboratory environment. The well documented book covers the process of creating the necessary materials (priming mixtures primer component reconditioning and development and procurement of the basic tools used.

ordered. if you are placing an order with us online, you must be on file with us, regardless of what your first order. This means that we have to have a signed in ink order form and a copy of your driver's license on file. If you do not have these things on file with us, it will just delay your order. You only have to do it once and then you can order whenever you would like. Go to our order form page to print out the order form there. Then you can use that to fill out and send. if at any time you want to review your order so far, please click below. The basics of theatrical special effects.

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Home for Authors how to guides how. Conduct a systematic or evidence-based literature review - part. Need some help to get started with your business systematic or evidence-based literature review? Take a look at our simple infographic to help you get started! Simply fill in your details to view. We just need a few details before we unlock our comprehensive guide on how to conduct an evidence-based literature review * required, full name email country please and hondurasBritish Virgin IslandsBrunei darussalamBulgariaburkina zoneCape verdecayman IslandsCentral African RepublicChadChannel IslandsChileColombiacongocook islandsCosta ricaCroatiacubaCyprusCzech republicEcuadorEgyptEl SalvadorEquatorial IslandsFaroe islandsFederated States. (Republic of China)TanzaniaThailandThe gambiatogoTongaTrinidad caicos IslandstuvaluU.

Simple literature review
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  3. Provision of investigational drug after clinical research - review of literature, national and international guidelines. Sonia mansoldo dainesi I; moisés Goldbaum. Guide to conducting a systematic or evidence-based literature review. Need some help to get started with your systematic or evidence-based literature review? Note: For instructions on using the shopping cart, click here. Color Coding: Green - means that particular item is not hazardous whatsoever.

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