Short essay world population day

short essay world population day

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At the end of Ramazan they eat sweets for three days. Those three days are called seker bayrami, which means sugar holiday. Another holiday is Kurban bayrami, which means sacrifice holiday. It symbolize the muslim pilgrimage to makkah and the willingness of Abraham? S to sacrifice his son. On that holiday an animal is usually sacrificed. The koran is the bible to the muslims. They believe the book contains the words of Allah as dictated to the Prophet Mohammed and Arabic and through Arch Angel Gabriel.

Essay on world population day

The turks are forest descends from the tatars. The laz and Hemsin are ethnic Turks. They live mainly along the eastern coast of the Black sea. Kurds, ethnic group live in an area called Kurdistan. The muslim resume religion plays an important role in the life of the turkish people. Throughout their lives, muslims strive to live the five pillars of Islam: professing Allah? S name and Muhammad? S role as prophet; fasting during the holy month of Ramazan; giving aid to the poor; making a pilgrimage to makkah, saudi Arabia; and praying daily at five specific times. Ramazan is the ninth month on the muslim lunar calendar. Turks fast for the entire month.

T meet the countries needs. In some parts of the country facilities are modern and satisfactory, but in other places, facilities are poorly equipped. People turkey is full of millions of people. To be precise, there are 65,599,206 people in Turkey. The avergae polulation density is about 80 person per sq km ( about 206 per sq mi) About 69 percent of the people lived in urban areas in the mid-1990s, r / compared with about 21 percent in 1950. The highest population concentrations were in Istanbul and in coastal regions. The official language book is Turkish and minor languages are kurdish and Arabic. And about 98 of these people are muslims. The people are called Turks.

short essay world population day

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Turkey is the largest exporter in textiles and clothing, which is almost all in private hands. They lead in manufacturing processed food, refined petroleum, iron, cement, steel, and chemicals. Coal, chromium, and copper are mined. Tourism is very important to biography their national economy. The turkish society relates to ours in that they are into competitive capitalism. The modern workers in shipbuilding yards or pharmaceutical plants are welling to work just as hard for good pay as we are in the. Health In Turkey basic health care is provided, but it doesn?

Agriculture is the backbone of the turkish economy. It once provided all the major exports. Now, it provides only half of what it use. The major agricultural products are cotton, tobacco, fruit, cereals, nuts, and opium. It has a strong growing private sector, but the state still has a major role in industry, banking, transport, and communication. The people of Turkey are very hard workers. They are fishermen, miners, and farmers. The main sources of employment are in jobs such as ship building, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and machine parts. The industries of Turkey are spread across a vast field of products.

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short essay world population day

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A party needs 10 of the national vote before it can be considered for a seat in Parliament. And a party must win 25 of the vote in a four- seat constituency, 33in a three- seat constituency. The result is that three parties dominate, motherland Party, the True path Party, and the social Democrat Populist Party. The administrative divisions, local government is made up of 80 provinces which are administered by governors representing the central government. The local governments elect their own mayors and councils. Passes laws in a some what similar way to our Congress. First the bill passes through the legislature and to the President.

The judicial branch consist of a constitutional court, happy which examines the constitutionality of laws passed by parliament. The judges of the court are appointed by the President. Court of Appeals, judges are elected by supreme council of Judges and Prosecutors. The final court of appeal is known as the court of cassation. Economy The economy of Turkey is a complex mixed system. There are traditional village agriculture and crafts, modern industry, and commerce.

The legislatue of the country is the Grand National Assembly, which is the parliament of Turkey. They have the power to make laws, ratify treaties, and declare war. But unlike our Congress they are an unicameral legislature. This means that they only have one house of legislature. The Grand National Assembly consist of two chambers, the national Assembly and the senate.

The national Assembly consist of 450 members, who are elected for 4 year terms by the people. The senate has 150 members, plus 40 others who are not elected, but appointed as members for life. The elections were last held April 18, 1999. The seats held by varies parties are subject to change due to defections, creation of new parties, and ouster or death of sitting deputies, as of January 1, 1999. They receive their power from the constitution of 1982. The Assembly is headed by the Prime minister, bulent Ecevit. S electoral system are elected according to the proportion of votes they attract, rather then with the most votes won.

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The country of daddy Turkey is a republic led by the an elected president, which is similar to our country. Their president. He is the commander- in- chief of the armed forces, he is presiding officer at cabinet meetings, and the head of state. The Executive branch is made up of the chief of state, which is President Ahmet Necdet sezer; the head of government is Prime minister Bulent, who represents the majority party or coalition in Parliament. The cabinet consist of council of Ministers appointed by the President. The cabinet members are nominated by the Prime minister and elected by the President. The President of Turkey is elected by the Grand National Assembly for a seven year term. All citizens over 20 years old are entitled to vote.

short essay world population day

They where free to warship in anyway they pleased. Because of the war women gained the right to vote to vote. In 1946, the multiparty era began. A military junta seized power and governed from 1960 to 1961. In 1961, a new constitution was ratified, and elections began. The 70?s were a time of political violence and economic travel uncertainty. Because of this, in 1980 a second junta was formed, which instituted martial law and abolished all political parties. The second junta was dissolved because of a new constitution, adopted in 1982. Turkey then became a republican parliamentary democracy.

War of Independence. On October 29, 1923, the turkish. Greece failed at what they where trying to attempt. After the war, the. Turkish people abolished the religious courts.

Ministers appointed by the presiednt; they do have a book national Security. Council that avise the Presiednt and the cabinet, similar to our government. The economy is a mixed system. S most important export is textiles and clothing. The koran is their holly. Bible that they live. Their education system is improving with a modern school system to bring literacy to the turks. The artistic tradition has given way to a move western orientation. They are very proud and hard woking people.

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Australian Life Essay research Paper Australian LifeLife. Australian Life Essay research Paper Australian Life life in the paper bush The australian life style was portrayed as one of the bushman although it was not The life of a typical Australian was really the city life The bushman was one with no classe life. Turkey essay, research Paper, turkey, 65,599,206 population, is a republic in Asia and a small part of southerneastern Europe. S lying between the Black sea and the mediterranean sea. Turkey is mountainous, coastol plain slightly larger than Texas. The weather is hot and dry in the summer with mild wet winters. They speak the turkish language, kurdish and Arabic. The government is republician parliamentary democracy, with a president; chief of state head of government, the prime minister; the cabinet, the council.

Short essay world population day
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