Report duty meaning

report duty meaning

Report - dizionario inglese-italiano wordReference

recount to carry and repeat (a message, etc.) to write an account of for presentation to others or for publication, as in a newspaper to make known the presence, approach, etc. Of: to report strange aircraft overhead to give a formal statement or official account of; announce formally (the results of an investigation, etc.) to present or return (something referred for study, action, etc.) with the conclusions reached or recommendations made: often with out : the. A loud, resounding noise, esp. One made by an explosion Law a formal account or record of a court case, decision, etc. the official records, published periodically, of court cases, decisions, etc. Origin of report me report noun.

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Definitions, even though Sylvia was still emotionally shaken, she was willing to give the police officer a autumn report resume of the incident. Noun, report is defined as a collection of information about something or rumors or gossip that is being spread. An example of report is a paper a student writes about a book. An example of report is a summary of findings provided after a committee investigates a situation. An example of report is a teacher's description of student behavior at a conference with his parents. An example of report is when someone says they heard from a friend of a friend that a ufo was spotted. Verb, the definition of report is giving an account of something or repeating something you've heard. An example of report is when a person calls the police to tell them about a crime. An example of report is when a journalist goes to the middle east to cover a war. Report to give an account of, often at regular intervals; give information about (something seen, done, etc.

be reluctant to companies are sometimes reluctant to report economic espionage. fail to he was charged with careless driving and failing to report an accident. Preposition from This is John Hutchins, reporting from Zimbabwe. on tonight we report on the situation in central Africa. to report the theft to the police as soon as possible. Phrases be widely reported The incident was widely reported in the press. reporting for duty this is Dan baker, reporting for duty. Report is used with these nouns as the subject: article, census, correspondent, inspector, journalist, magazine, apple media, newspaper, paper, participant, radio, researcher, scientist, source, study, survey, witness Report is used with these nouns as the object: abuse, allegation, assault, case, crime, data, decrease, difficulty, disappearance, discovery.

report duty meaning

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( AmE ) Roman. Roman verb adverb back the reconnaissance party reported back that thesis the town was heavily fortified. erroneously, falsely, incorrectly accurately, correctly initially, originally publicly if the facts that have been reported publicly are true dutifully she had dutifully reported this to her superiors. Verb report be expected to, be likely to, expect to the company is expected to report record profits this year. be delighted to, be glad to, be happy to, be pleased to, be proud to i am pleased to report that the plan is going well. be sad to, regret to i am sad to report that she is not very well. have to it is with regret that I have to report the death of one of our members.

appear, emerge, surface these reports surfaced throughout the summer. Report noun author, writer, writing results preposition according to a/the report According to this evening's weather report, there will be snow tomorrow. amid reports The rally came amid reports of dissatisfaction among army officers. in a/the report The findings are summarized in the report. report about, report into, report on The department has launched a report into the bombing. an official report on the accident report by a report by scientists report from a report from the select committee report to a report to the academic community 2 ( BrE ) ( AmE report card ) written statement about a student's work adjective good. ( BrE ) She got a better report card this time.

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report duty meaning

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acknowledge sth, admit sth, admit to sth The report admits to several outstanding questions about the safety of online the waste dumps. allege sth, assert sth, claim sth, contend sth argue sth demonstrate sth, identify sth, illustrate sth, show sth reveal sth The riots could have been avoided, a report revealed yesterday. predict sth fail to do sth The report fails to explain his decision. draw attention to sth, emphasize sth, highlight sth, point sth out, stress sth The report draws attention to the appalling conditions in the country's prisons. warn sth The report warns that more job losses are likely.

confirm sth conclude sth, find sth, link sth with sth a report linking ill health with industrial pollution advise sth, advocate sth, call for sth, propose sth, recommend sth, suggest sth, support sth, urge sth The report called for sweeping changes in the education system. question sth her report questions the scientific validity of the experiment. accuse sb/sth, attack sb/sth, blame sb/sth, criticize sb/sth be called sth, be entitled sth, be titled sth ( esp. AmE ) a report entitled Kick-start be issued, be out, be released, come out Criticism has been directed at local businesses in a report out ( published ) today. come in first reports of the accident are coming. be circulating i based my statement on reports circulating at the time.

BrE ) accept, approve, endorse following discussion, the annual report was accepted unanimously. dismiss, reject confirm, corroborate deny they could neither confirm nor deny reports that the chairperson was to be replaced. cite," they replied citing a report from the finance department. read, see consider, discuss, examine, review we have reviewed all reports from today's battle. investigate we're investigating reports of an explosion in this area. publish appear in a large number of tables and figures appear in the report.

Report verb be based on sth This report is based on the analysis of 600 completed questionnaires. address sth, concern sth, cover sth, deal with sth, detail sth, examine sth, focus on sth, look at sth, relate to sth The report looks at the health risks linked to obesity. comprise sth, contain sth, include sth present sth, provide sth The chairman's report provides a summary of operations. comment on sth, declare sth, describe sth, document sth, explain sth, express sth, indicate sth, mention sth, outline sth, say sth, state sth, summarize sth reports have indicated that a growing number of medium-sized companies are under financial pressure. cite sth, list sth, note sth," sth The report notes evidence that secondary smoke harms unborn children. add sth, continue , go on  The report continued in similar vein. The report went on to list her injuries.

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Verb report deliver, give sb, make, present The committee presented its report to the Attorney general. compile, complete, do, draw up ( esp. Bre prepare, produce, type, type up, write i typed up a report about the morning's events for our clients. generate the sites generate detailed travel reports. file, give (sb/sth), let sb have, provide, send sb/sth, submit our correspondent in Kabul files a report most days. i'll let you have a report as soon as I can. issue, release auditors normally issue a report as to whether the company accounts have been prepared correctly. leak a confidential report leaked to the press have, hear, obtain, receive we've had reports with of a gang father's shooting in the city. commission, request The government commissioned a report on the state of agriculture in the country.

report duty meaning

AmE ) the company's summary report for the second quarter of this year encouraging, excellent, favourable/favorable, glowing, positive adverse, bad, critical, damning, disturbing, hard-hitting ( esp. Bre negative, scathing sensational latest, new, recent, updated, up-to-date previous first, original There have been many new findings since the original report. early, initial, interim, preliminary follow-up, further, later, subsequent periodic, regular annual, daily, monthly, quarterly, weekly final draft status daily status reports as to how and what we were doing formal written oral, verbal published, unpublished special standard verbatim credible, reliable erroneous, false, misleading conflicting There. factual anecdotal live we'll have a live report from Manila in about 30 minutes. exclusive eyewitness, first-hand second-hand anonymous unconfirmed unconfirmed reports of a shooting in the capital independent joint official classified, confidential, secret internal business a damaging internal report on the department's organization public congressional, federal, government, parliamentary, senate intelligence, police reliable intelligence reports suggest that the terrorists have. investigative investigative news reports about glitches in the system media, press magazine, newspaper, radio, television news, traffic, weather commission, committee company credit, economic, financial, market expense ( AmE ) fired for falsifying an expense report consumer the consumer report for this 1993 model employment (. BrE ) accident, incident autopsy progress, status probation ( esp. BrE ) audit law ( esp. BrE ) The case has not yet been reported in the law reports.

dueteacute (as due). Synonyms : What one ought to do, what one is bound or under obligation to do service, business, function, office tax, impost, toll, custom, excise. Roman noun 1 written/spoken account of sth, adjective groundbreaking, important, influential, landmark, major lengthy brief, short 12-page, 140-page, etc. complete, comprehensive, extensive, full, wide-ranging ( esp. Bre i will have to make a full report of the situation to my superiors. detailed, in-depth general summary ( esp.

5 the measure of biography an engine's effectiveness in units of work done per unit of fuel. The performance of church services. Phrases and idioms : do duty for serve as or pass for ( something else ). Duty-bound obliged by duty. Duty-free (of goods) on which duty is not leviable. Duty-free shop a shop at an airport etc. At which duty-free goods can be bought.

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Interpretation, translation duty. ies) 1 a a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility (his duty to report it). B the binding force of what is right (strong sense of duty). C what is required of one (do one's duty). 2 payment to the public revenue, esp.: a that levied on the import, export, manufacture, or sale of goods ( customs duty ). B that levied on the transfer of property, licences, the legal recognition of documents, etc. ( death duty ; probate duty ). 3 a job or function (his duties as caretaker). 4 the behaviour summary due to a superior; deference, respect.

Report duty meaning
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  5. Duty — album par ayumi hamasaki sortie 27 septembre 2000 Durée 51:45 Genre wikipédia en Français. Noun report ri-pȯrt 1 : a usually complete description or statement a weather report a book report. If you forget to report for jury duty, you can be considered to be in contempt of court, and may receive a summons or even. Part 1 report reveals violations.

  6. To be responsible or subordinate ( to a superior). This is Dan baker, reporting for duty. To make a report, or response, in respect of a matter inquired of, a duty enjoined, or information expected; as, the committee will report at twelve o clock. Meaning formal Etymology dictionary. Duty — saltar a navegación, búsqueda, duty Álbum de estudio de ayumi hamasaki publicación wikipedia español.

  7. Definition of report _1 verb in Oxford Advanced learner s Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We had a sense of duty in our everyday motivation for our jobs. It is a citizen s duty to report a crime to their local law enforcement agency whether. Its time for a re-evaluation of California cabernet and its wide array of styles. To present oneself or make one s presence known: to report for duty.

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