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Remote command execution via twitter. Great geek projects, but do we really need them? On the serious side of things, do we really need web-based management interfaces on firewalls, printers, and phone systems? Maybe it's time to take a look at the sometimes-humorous, often-dangerous downsides. Mckt (pronounced "mckt is a three time consecutive winner of the bill Bilano 'heeey dude!' award, and a volunteer with the mitnick's Children foundation. He often finds himself in harrowing situations involving the stormtroopers of an popular software vendor, but always manages to escape using a rusty backslash and a pack of chewing gum. His mother is disappointed in him, but hopes he'll one day live up to his true potential. Return to top Mobile Privacy: Tor on the iphone and Other Unusual devices Marco bonetti security consultant at CutAway.

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There's almost nothing known on how to exploit weaknesses over arm in the assembly level, when there are security mechanisms which are very common in X86. This presentation also presents a technique to create a shellcode which will be able to pass security mechanisms over arm. For example, this technique can be used to exploit a stack-overflow on arm when stack is not executable. Itzhak avraham (zuk) is a computer network security Expert who has done a wide variety of vulnerability Assessments. Itzhak worked at the idf as a security researcher and later as Security researcher Training Specialist. Itzhak has worked at top penetration testing companies in Israel. He is a senior Engineer at Samsung r d (Israel) and he's a proud partner of m where he consults for special pentesting/hacking/RE projects. He's interested in any hacking related topics such as : regular (network/web) hacking, reverse engineering and exploitation of security weaknesses. As a hobby he's volunteering for malware analysis at MalwareInt. Twits under @ihackbanme and holds a personal hacking related blog. Return to top Web Services we just Don't need mike "mckt" bailey senior Security researcher, mad security a barbecue with jaws a built in webserver.

Return to top Exploitation on arm - technique and Bypassing Defense mechanisms Itzhak "Zuk" Avraham Researcher at Samsung Electronics partner at m In this presentation there will be covered (from scratch) quick talk on security mechanisms on X86 and how to bypass them, how exploits. This presentation starts from the very basics of arm assembly (since there are not lots of expert on this subject) and advance to an expert level of arm. After this talk you'll think in arm way. Today, arm is running on almost everything (mobile phones, tvs, or tons of other devices). Till now, we were used to think that arm means no protection mechanisms, which is not the case with the next generation mobile phones. In the recent/upcoming mobile phones you can database start seeing security mechanisms implied. How can you run your shellcode if your stack is not executable? What else do you need to know?

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Prior to datavantage, he managed the Internet application and unix worldwide. Amit holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from the Interdisciplinary center at Herzlya. Return to top scada and ics for Security Experts: How to avoid Cyberdouchery james Arlen Security researcher The traditional security industry has somehow decided that they are the white knights who are going to save everyone from the horror of insecure powergrids, pipelines, chemical plants. Suddenly, every consultant is an expert and every product fixes scada. And because they don't know what the hell they're talking about - 'fake it till ya make it' doesn't work - they're making all of us golf look stupid. Attendees will gain a practical level of knowledge sufficient to keep them from appearing foolish should they choose to opine on any of the various real issues stemming from Industrial Control or scada systems. Attendees will also feel embarrassed for something they've said, empowered to call out charlatans, essays and much less worried about cyberhackers unleashing cyberattacks which cybercause cyberpipelines and cybermanufacturing plants to cybergonuts and cybertakeovertheplanet using cybercookiesofdeath. James Arlen, cisa, sometimes known as Myrcurial, is a security consultant usually found in tall buildings wearing a suit, founder of the Thinkhaus hackerspace, columnist at Liquidmatrix Security digest, Infosec geek, hacker, social Activist, author, Speaker and Parent. He's been at this security game for more than 15 years and loves blinky lights and shiny things.

Some say the the mere term is an error. CyberCrime on the other hand has been a major source of concern, as lack of jurisdiction and law enforcement have made it one of organized crime's best sources of income. In this talk we will explore the uncharted waters between CyberCrime and CyberWarfare, while mapping out the key players (mostly on the state side) and how past events can be linked to the use of syndicated CyberCrime organization when carrying out attacks on the opposition. We will discuss the connections between standard warfare (kinetic) and how modern campaigns use cybersecurity to its advantage and as an integral part. With more than 10 years of experience in the information security industry, iftach Ian Amit brings a mixture of software development, os, network and Web security expertise as a managing Partner of the top-tier security consulting and research firm Security innovation. Prior to security innovation, ian was the director of Security research for the content Security business Unit at Aladdin Knowledge systems, where he created the airc (Attack Intelligence research Center). Prior to joining Aladdin, Amit was Director of Security research at a global Internet security company, leading its security research while positioning it as a leader in the web security market. Amit has also held leadership roles as founder and cto of a security startup in the ids/ips arena, developing new techniques for attack interception, and director at Datavantage responsible for software development and information security, as well as designing and building a financial datacenter.

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Vulnerabilities are disclosed daily and in the best case new patches are released. Is no new that many application's update process have security weaknesses allowing fake updates injection. The new version of the framework will show how many updates system are still vulnerable to this trivial attack. Francisco Amato is a researcher and computer security consultant who works in the area james of vulnerability development, blackbox testing, reverse engineering. He runs his own company - isr infobyte security research m, from where he published his developments in audit tools and vulnerabilities in products from companies like novell, ibm, sun Microsystems, Apple, microsoft. Founding organizer of ekoparty south america security conference www.

Federico kirschabum is currently the cto of Infobyte security research, company based in buenos Aires, Argentina. With almost 10 years of experience researching and pentesting networks, he has developed a deep knowledge in the computer security telecomunications field. He is one of the founders of the ekoparty security conference, one of the biggest con in Latin America which is held yearly. Besides computing, federico studied Filmmaking and worked in several productions. In his free time he loves to play competitive paintball and make asados for his friends. Return to top, cyberCrime war Charting Dangerous Waters, iftach Ian Amit Managing Partner, security innovation. CyberWar has been a controversial topic in the past few years.

Frequent international speaker, he has presented, among others, at defcon (Las Vegas Shmoocon (Washington) and fowa (London as well as published vulnerabilities in key sites such as m return to top, wpa too! Md Sohail Ahmad Manager r d, airTight Networks. Wpa2 is the most robust security configuration available today for wifi networks. It is widely used to secure enterprise wlans. Interestingly, it is also being used to secure guest, municipal and public wifi networks. In this paper, we present a new vulnerability found in wpa2 protocol which can be exploited by a malicious user to attack and compromise legitimate users.

We also present a few attack mitigation techniques which can be used to protect genuine wifi users. Md Sohail Ahmad is a wireless security researcher and currently works as a manager Technology at AirTight Networks. He has over six years of experience of research and development in various wireless technologies such wifi, bluetooth, gsm, gprs etc. He possesses strong background in secure driver development, protocol development, wireless network security and vulnerability assessment. He has discovered many security flaws and implementation vulnerabilities which has been presented in several international security events such as Defcon, toorcon, comsware etc. He holds an mtech in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology roorkee, india. Return to top, evilgrade, "you still have, pending Upgrades?". Francisco Amato founder, Infobyte security research. Federico kirschabum cto, infobyte security research.

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José book palazón "Palako" is globally responsible for mobile security at Yahoo! With more than 9 years experience in security auditing, consulting and training for the public, private and academic sectors, his areas of expertise include mobile, web security, unix systems security and digital forensics. Frequent international speaker, he has presented, among others, at defcon (Las Vegas Shmoocon (Washington) and fowa (London as well as published vulnerabilities in key sites such as m return to top, connection String Parameter Attacks. Chema Alonso ms mvp enterprise security. José palazón "Palako" Security researcher, this session is about Parameter Pollution in Connection Strings Attack. Today, a lot of tools and web applications allow users to configure dynamically a connection against a database server. This session will demonstrate the high risk in doing this insecurely. This session will show how to steal, in Microsoft Internet Information Services, the user account credential, how to get access to this web applications impersonating the connection and taking advance of the web server credentials and how to connect against internal databases servers in the. The impact of these techniques are especially dangerous in hosting companies which allow customers to connect against control panels to configure databases.

mobile voting system using android thesis

Chema Alonso is a computer Engineer by the rey juan Carlos University and System Engineer by the politecnica University of Madrid. He has been working as security consultant last six years and had been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 2005 to present time. He is a microsoft frequent speaker in Security conferences. He writes monthly in several Spanish Technical Magazines. He is currently working on his PhD thesis about Blind Techniques. Recently spoke in bh europe 2008 wallpaper about ldap injection blind ldap injection attacks, in def con 16 about Time-based Blind sql injection using heavy queries, in toorcon x about rfd (Remote file downloading) and in deepSec 2k8 in Austria. Recently has been selected to be presenting in HackCon4 and HackCon 5 in Norway and in Schmoocon 2k9 in Washington dc, black hat Europe 2k9, def con 17 and ekoparty and Argentina.

Project: fields with * are mandatory, full Name email id phone number. The Associated Press 3h ago, top Technology Stories, latest Technology headlines 13m ago 3h ago 3h ago 7:18, oct. Joe raedle/Getty Images, suggested Interests. Foca2: The foca strikes Back, chema Alonso ms mvp enterprise security. José palazón "Palako" Security researcher, foca is a tool to extract information in footprinting and fingerprinting phases during a penetration test. It helps auditors to extract and analyze information from metadata, hidden info and lost data in published files. This new release of foca, version 2, adds tools to scans internal domains using ptr scanning, software recognition through installation paths, etc. The idea of foca is to give as much info as can be discovered automatically starting from a public domain name.

Labels: Poster Presentation Topics for cse, poster Presentation General Topics, general Paper Presentation Topics, poster Presentation Topics for Computer Science Students, Presentation Topics for Computer Science Students, computer Related Topics for Presentation, seminar Topics for cse on Latest Technology 2017, ieee seminar Topics for Computer. Email :- related Pages). Download Project: fields with * are mandatory, full Name email id phone number: Android forensics has evolved over time offering significant opportunities and exciting challenges. On one hand, being an open source platform Android is giving developers the freedom to contribute to the rapid growth of the Android market whereas on the other hand Android users may not be aware of the security and privacy implications of installing these applications. Users may assume that a password-locked device dates protects their personal information, but applications may retain private information on devices, in ways that users might not anticipate. In this thesis we will be concentrating on one such application called WhatsApp, a popular social networking application. We will be forming an outline on how forensic investigators can extract useful information from WhatsApp and from similar applications installed on an Android platform. Our area of focus is extraction and analysis of application user data from non-volatile external storage and the volatile memory (RAM) of an Android device.

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Stack overflow, join Stack overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Your Answer draft saved draft discarded, sign up or log in, sign up using google. Sign up using Facebook, sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest, name, email, by clicking "Post your Answer you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy, and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home, computer Science, computer Science seminar Topics, published on Mar 30, 2018. Computer Science (CSE) Seminar Topics, more cse seminar Topics, labels: bca seminar Topics, bsc Computer Science seminar Topics 2016, college seminars Computer, computer Science(CSE) ieee seminar Topics, computer Engineering Science ieee seminar Topics 2016, computer Graphics Seminars, computer Hardware seminars, computer Paper Presentation Topics, computer. Labels: General Seminar Topics for Students, Essay summary topics, ppt paper Presentation Topics 2016 : cse, it, ece, ee, mech, civil, Chem, biomed, Presentation Ideas for Powerpoint, persuasive essay topics 2016, Speech Topics 2016, topics for Oral Presentation, general Topics of Presentation 2016, mba gd topics.

Mobile voting system using android thesis
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Is there a free alternative? Power and Protest: Global revolution and the rise of Detente and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

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  1. Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Study on Bilinear Scheme and Application to Three-dimensional Convective equation (Itaru. Text messaging, or texting, is the act of composing and sending electronic messages, typically consisting of alphabetic and numeric characters, between two or more users of mobile phones, tablets, desktops/laptops, or other devices. Foca2: The foca strikes Back Chema Alonso ms mvp enterprise security. Informatica64 Jos palaz n palako security researcher foca is a tool to extract information in footprinting and fingerprinting phases during a penetration test. Computer Science (CSE) Engineering and Technology seminar Topics, latest Tehnical cse mca it seminar Papers, recent Essay topics, Speech Ideas, dissertation, Thesis, ieee and mca seminar Topics, reports, synopsis, Advantanges, disadvantages, Abstracts, Presentation pdf, doc and ppt.

  2. Android users may not be aware of the security and privacy implications. Here you can find all of the fantastic talks and speakers to be presented. Find the below 145 java final year Mini Projects With Titles. Java mini project titles 1 Simple network management Protocol (snmp) java mini Project; 2 Integrated Production. Do it yourself Research Surveys Get great data using Surveymonkey for diy research. Vol.7,.3, may, 2004.

  3. Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at abc news. Android forensics has evolved over time offering significant opportunities and exciting challenges. On one hand, being an open source platform. Android is giving developers the freedom to contribute to the rapid growth of the. Android market whereas on the other hand.

  4. Introduction: The project, online voting system a t Project aims at creating a system through which the voting process is made easier in cooperative societies. In the current system, voting is performed by using ballot paper and then the counting is executed manual. Computer Science cse project Topics. Driver Drowsiness Detection, system Using. Image Processing: Smart Ration Card, system using, rfid and biometrics.

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