Mango farming business plan

mango farming business plan

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Even though the input cost is somewhat high, the steady export rate has more than compensated for this. The export price per ton is dependent on the grade of the mango, if it is single, and if it is a slice or concentrate. Mangoes are also important due to the various other drug and food derivatives that is being sourced from it such as jam, juice, flavors, marmalade, syrup, body products and a host of others. Even though mangoes are grown in more than 85 countries in the tropical and sub-tropical regions according to research, with over 63 countries exporting over 20 million metric tons, more than 97 percent of what is produced globally is from developing nations such as India. Nigerias position in the global community of countries exporting mangoes as at 2006 was number. Most of the states that produce these mangoes for exporting purposes are kaduna, benue, kano, jigawa, bauchi, plateau, sokoto, yobe, adamawa,  Kebbi, taraba, niger and the fct. The demand for mangoes as seen globally is in response to the increase in demand from Europeans, middle east and the Arabs. While the europeans see mangoes as a fruit that can help with health concerns, the middle east and Arabs see it as meeting their non-alcoholic dietary needs.

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The council will also help you with information such as the best way to preserve and package your mangoes for exporting in line with the international food laws of the countries you would be exporting. You will also need referral to establish a business relationship with any local bank here in Nigeria that handles international business, as the bank will help you handle the transactions and ensure that your credit remains afloat. Another important aspect that should not be overlooked is a business plan. If you cannot write a business plan yourself, below is one that has been written for you. Business overview, to successfully run a mango exporting business, you need to know all the kinds of mangoes that exist, so that you would know which ones are angelou peculiar to nigeria and which countries would want the mangoes that are being grown in Nigeria, before going into. Mangoes are classified into known types like amelia, julie, kent, ruby, alphonso and Apple haden. All these types of mangoes grow in Nigeria depending on the climatic condition as well as the prevailing agricultural practice in the area. Mangoes are medicinal contrary to popular belief that they are just a sweet fruit. Every part of mango, from the bark, leaves, pit or skin has been used as remedies for some sort of ailments. The medicinal properties of this sweet fruit can perform such functions as; contraceptive, laxative, cardio-tonic, aphrodisiac, anti-septic, expectorant, anti-parasitic, cough, anti-asthmatic et. The climatic condition here in Nigeria has tripled the countrys potentials over other suppliers of mango globally.

We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample mango export business marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for mango exporting businesses. So lets proceed to the assignment business planning section. Why Start a mango Export Business? Mango, known as the king of fruits is the favorite fruit of a lot of people not only in Nigeria but globally as well. Asides from the sweetness of the fruit, mangoes are believed to have medicinal properties that can cure ailments. Also, there are various uses of mangoes in the food industry, health industry and the beauty industry. Starting a mango exporting business is therefore one of the most lucrative businesses that a serious minded entrepreneur can start up and in no time start making profit. However, exporting the fruit is quite different from selling the fruit locally and a number of things have to be put in place before your mangoes can be exported out of Nigeria to countries in Europe, united Kingdom, north America, middle east and the United. One of the requirements you would need to fulfill before getting started as a mango exporter is in registering with the nigeria export Promotion council (nepc where you will then be given a certificate and an access to foreign buyers.

mango farming business plan

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You can also distribute leaflets. You dont have to worry much about marketing, when your farm will be popular enough. We think, this quail farming business plan guide will help you a lot for thesis starting and maintaining a profitable business. Always take good care of your birds and they will definitely reward you by giving you their maximum production. Are you about starting a mango exporting business? If yes, here is a complete sample mango export business plan template and feasibility report you can use for free. Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a mango exporting business.

Health Care, quails are highly disease resistant. Diseases and other health issues are less in quails. By proper care and management, you can keep your birds healthy and productive and free from all types illness or health issues. Marketing is very important factor for successful quail farming business. Try to determine the demands of quail products in your local market. Except good marketing facilities, you will not be able to make maximum profit from your business. You can try asking your relatives and friends for help. Make the people in your area conscious about the benefits of quail eggs and meat by placing posters around your area. Inform the people about your products and ask them to tell others.

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mango farming business plan

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Feeding, feeding your birds well balanced and nutritious feed will help to keep them healthy and productive. Quails eat a very less amount of feed daily compared to other poultry birds, such as chicken or plan ducks. An adult quail can eat a maximum of 20 to 30 grams of feed daily. Be very careful about the amount of protein in their feed. Nowadays many large or small poultry feed producing companies are producing commercial feeds for quails.

This type of commercial feed contain all types of necessary nutrients and you can easily feed it to your quails. Along with providing well balanced and nutritious feed, ensure adequate supply of clean and fresh water. Breeding, for successful breeding purpose, you have to keep male and female quails on a proper ratio. Most effective ratio for successful breeding is 5:1. That means, one male with every 5 female quails. Quails dont hatch their eggs. So you can also plan for purchasing an incubator for hatching their eggs.

Raising quails For Eggs: Regular egg producing quails are known as layer quails. Quails lay eggs almost daily, they can lay about 300 eggs yearly. Although egg production slow down from the second year. As a result, commercial quail farmer keep their layer quail for one year. Quail Breeding Business: you can also start quail breeding business, supply day old chicks or fertilized eggs. Housing, housing play a very important role for quail farming business.

Quails need a good house, that has all types of required facilities for their proper growth and better production. Ensure proper ventilation system and adequate flow of fresh air inside the house. Raising quails in cages has many advantages than floor raising system. And most of the people like to raise quails in cage system. Visit some farms near your area and look for their raising system. If they are raising in case system, then you can copy their cage design.

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Visit some of your nearest local market and try to understand which quail products have high demand and value. Producing those products which have a business great demand in your local market is a good idea. Because your production process will be much easier and profitable, if you can sell your products in your local market. So take a clear decision about the products that you are going to produce from your quail farming business. Usually you can raise quails for producing meat estate and eggs or for running a breeding business. Raising quails For meat: meat producing quails are called broiler quail. There are numerous broiler quail breeds available, although raising broiler quail is not as popular as raising the layers.

mango farming business plan

Why do you want to start quail farming business? Determine your production purpose first. You can start quail farming business for the purpose of making profit, for fulfilling your daily family nutritional demands and just for fun. Make a clear idea about your production purpose. Although some people start raising some quails as a hobby and turn their hobbies to a profitable business later. Quail Products, what type of quail products do you want to produce? You can start raising quails for the purpose of producing eggs or meat.

extending your farm production gradually. All you need for making your quail farming business highly profitable is to make a viable business plan and work according to the plan. It will also be beneficial for you, if you can practically visit some quail farms near your area. By visiting some farms practically, you will get a clear idea about the pros and corns of quail farming business. And it will help you to run your business perfectly. However, read the following discussion for making an effective quail farming business plan. What is your Production Purpose?

Commercial quail farming business is gaining popularity throughout the world day by day. If you intend to join this profitable business venture, you must have to prepare an effective business plan before starting. Actually preparing a clear and expository business plan is very important for all types of farming business. A clear and expository business plan means, a series of events that you have to perform before starting the production process for making your business more sustainable profitable. A perfect quail farming business plan should include almost everything related to this business such as your production purpose, products you want to produce, housing, feeding, breeding, health care and marketing. I think, you have already read a lot of books, webpages, magazines and newspaper about quail farming, and learned that quail farming is highly profitable. Quail farming is absolutely a very profitable business. But before starting, you have to make a good business plan and have to work according to the plan. Quail farming require less capital or investment presentation than raising any other poultry birds.

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A good business plan will help your farm or food production business succeed. Before you start writing your business plan, take a look at some sample business plans for farms, food growers, food production facilities, and other agriculture-related businesses. These, and hundreds more sample business plans, are included. It's the fastest way to create a business plan for your business. Learn more about business planning software. I just wrote my first business plan in book 24 hours using liveplan and it's beautiful and complete. Discover the benefits of liveplan, most Popular Plans in Farm and food Production. All Plans in Farm and food Production. Liveplan makes business planning easy, get Started, search Sample Plans.

Mango farming business plan
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  1. Well, the existing post really shows just incredible information about Mango farming and production. Planning to start a mango farm or raising mango trees for business is not only capital intensive but also labor intensive. A proper fertilizing plan must be organized after taking a soil and leaf analysis. In harvesting mangoes, one can either harvest by picking mangoes with stems attached and remove. If yes, then here is a sample poultry farming business plan template for beginners. Poultry farming is usually the business i recommend for retirees and individuals who are passionate about livestock farming.

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  4. Apart from this, mangoes are loaded with high vitamin a and vitamin C because of which, have the great market demand all the year around. So, friends, growing mango tree is a good idea to start a new tree farming business plan. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample mango export business marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for mango exporting businesses. To successfully run a mango exporting business, you need to know all the kinds of mangoes that exist. Mango farm maintenance and Growing, mango Tree garden in Asia, modern Mango cultivation.

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