Life of pi 3d review

life of pi 3d review

Life of pi (film) - wikipedia

Brokeback mountain, but in, life Of pi he rediscovers some of the old creative form which made him so talented when he came over to western cinema in the first place; his imagery and touches really add to a bright plot, and little noteworthy pieces. The brutal, hard work, ocean scenes look perfect when they could have easily failed and the various shots at night lit only by moonlight come across as pretty and watchable. Whilst not being a fan of 3D and more than a bit annoyed at the obvious adjustments in scale for scenes made for the format, there is a certain temptation to go see it again with the old specs. The lovely effects would have a new edge added if it was done right, and lees directorial vision and artistic talents would allow a bit of freewill towards a re-watch. It was jarring to see the obvious scenes made just for the excuse to develop it for the format, but from watching in 2d, it was weirdly the kind of stuff that would make you want to watch it. The relationship between pi and the tiger really does drive the film when it gets going; the idea of pi having to realise this animal hes grown up with is an animal, who doesnt have any identifiable emotions, and living in fear of being mauled.

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Cinematography and storytelling are traditional pdf elements that help make films; you cant really have a rainwater cast turn up without the two, and expect a good movie; and when done right, they can create exceptional quality on the big screen, which is just what we get. Narrating over an autobiographical tale to a writer that will make anyone believe in God, an elder Piscine pi patel (Bollywoods Irrfan Khan, Amazing Spider-Man ) recalls his life story up until he was. On a trip from India to canada with his family and their zoo animals, their boat sinks, and Pis (Suraj Sharma in his debut role) journey of survival aboard a lifeboat in the pacific Ocean begins. However, coming along for the ride, and hopefully survival, is a bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. Sharma as the pi we see for the majority of the film aboard the boat is decent enough; nothing blowaway but more than reliable for a debut film role. In a body focussed role (when you consider most of the film is shot in a massive water tank and scenes take place during storms) Sharma convinces us of the danger hes in using his physical movements, and literally being tossed around, which you dont. Theres noone else noteworthy in the cast (unsurprisingly apart from Khan (he delivers the emotion needed when relaying his story to a no-name writer and all of the various Indian actors and actresses were okay enough to slide by anonymously, except for the little boy. The most recognisable cast member is Gerard Depardieu of French cinema fame, but hes kept to pretty much a cameo appearance as the ships cook. Director Ang lees career hit a rocky turn after the literally comic book styled. Hulk film, and the poor attitude towards.

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life of pi 3d review

Life of pi (2012) - rotten Tomatoes

How pi survives without killing Richard Parker, himself, or dying of starvation is a fascinating allegory on faith and primal instincts. None of the allegory feels overwhelming or forced, and viewers will probably find themselves taken in by the story and forget theyre wearing bulky 3D glasses. Suraj Sharma, in his first film role as pi, faces the daunting task of carrying an entire movie. That he does it without sinking under the weight of the material—or looking lost playing opposite a computer-generated image—is another of the films small miracles. The great Irrfan Khan plays pi as an adult. Life of pi is filled with humor and wonderment, but also has its share of heart-stopping drama. Despite its pg rating, life of pi isnt really for kids. Richard Parker is fierce, and Pis loss of his entire family is hard to take. Nonetheless, its excellent end-of-year fare, and signals a return to form for Ang lee after the underwhelming.

Life of pi (2012) - imdb

life of pi 3d review

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Crouching Tiger, hidden Dragon ). Even his misses are interesting—who else would dare to make. Hulk, a movie based deepavali on the marvel comic, into something resembling a greek tragedy? And now lee tackles, life. The movie creates a clever framing device that successfully sidesteps one of the novels few problems, namely its clumsy humor concerning the translation from Japanese to English of a conversation between two insurance agents. Thats where the dissimilarities between the novel and film largely end. This adaption works from beginning to end.

The fantastic setting—in the truest sense of fantastic —helps, and lees choice of bold and rich visuals is a risk that pays off. Theres only so much computer animation can do, and lee recognizes the strengths and limitations of cgi. Richard Parker, the tiger with whom pi spends most of the story adrift on a life raft, always looks real, whether hes played by a living tiger or a computer. Pi ends up on a raft with Richard Parker as his companion through some of the best and worst luck possible. Pis father, who runs a zoo in their home country of India, decides to sell the animals to other zoos in North America. While making the journey across the world to canada, the freighter on which pi and his family are traveling with the animals sinks in an unexplained accident. Pi ends up on a raft with a zebra with a broken leg, a hyena, an orangutan and Richard Parker, the bengal tiger, after the freighter sinks.

All told, i thought life of pi was a pretty great film, and certainly something that needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible at the most technically advanced theater you can find. I'd also say that it's an excellent film for kids- although the shipwreck (an amazing setpiece) is intense, and some of the animals meet rather untimely ends. That said, this is really one the whole family can enjoy- and hopefully it'll be successful. It certainly deserves. 2 related videos, out Now (On Demand, dvd or Blu-ray).

Winner of four Academy Awards, Ang lee (who picked up a directing Oscar for his efforts) adapts Yann Martel's best-selling novel, the fantastical journey of a young boy adrift in the pacific Ocean, accompanied by a 450-pound tiger. More info, watchlist, selections. Fantastic journey, ang lees, life of pi is a rich and wondrous 3D interpretation. This, life of pi is something of a miracle. Its a 3D-enhanced movie based on a much respected novel and set mostly on a life raft. Given that 3D is often more trouble than its worth, some great novels have become terrible films, and not even Alfred Hitchcock could make a life raft interesting, life of pi s goodness and near-greatness is all the more impressive. Perhaps we shouldnt be surprised. Director Ang lee more often than not makes movies that are great (. Brokeback mountain ) or border on great (.

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But, i also loved the ice storm, and I thought brokeback mountain was a masterpiece. While life of pi isn't quite on that level, it can't be denied that lee has probably made the best adaptation of Yann Martel's book that's possible. While i found the first half-hour a little frenzied, and jarring in it's flashback/flash-forward technique, once the shipwreck kicks in, and pi finds himself adrift, it becomes pretty astonishing. Far from just being about a boy adrift on the sea, lee, with some of the best 3D photography i've ever seen, turns pi's physical and mental struggle to survive into a hallucinogenic semi-masterpiece. It's certainly one of the most gorgeous films i've seen in a long time, and pi's spiritual awakening, and fantasies are brilliant conveyed. Suraj Sharma, an eighteen-year-old newcomer, is excellent as pi- who's portrayed as somewhat naive in his enthusiastic embrace of all religion (being a hindu-catholic-muslim prompting a memorable admonishment from his pragmatic father- where he says, i'd rather you believe in something I don't than gender just. Once on his own on the open sea- with the very hungry richard Parker, Sharma makes his evolution into a surprisingly self-reliant, and ingenious survivor truly inspiring. While it's certainly almost a one-man show, life of pi does have a few juicy supporting parts, thesis the most important being Irrfan Khan as the older pi, and Rafe Spall as Martel. Khan is good as always- especially towards the end, while Spall as a fairly blank role, once which (apparently) was originally filmed with Tobey maguire, until lee decided having a star in such a minor part would be distracting (he's right).

life of pi 3d review

sane. Thanks to a hefty 100 million budget, it was possible to make the animals (including a zebra and a orangutan) cgi. Only a few years ago, this would have been either impossible or ridiculously fake-looking, but I defy anyone to watch life of pi and not be convinced the animals weren't real. If indeed, they've all been rendered with cgi, i say life of pi needs to win the best visual fx award at this year's Oscars, as that alone is a towering achievement. But how is the movie itself? Actually pretty great, for the most part. Director Ang lee tends to be hit an miss for. I'm one of the few that thought crouching tiger, hidden dragon was wildly overrated (any Shaw Bros., film is far better and I despised his take on the hulk.

Life of pi, view All Critic reviews (235 audience pdf reviews for. Life of pi, view All Audience reviews, life. Plot: The story of pi (Suraj Sharma)- a sixteen year-old Indian boy, who survives a shipwreck, and finds himself adrift on a lifeboat with a bengal Tiger- named Richard Parker. Not only does pi have to try and survive on the open ocean, but he also has to use all of his ingenuity to keep the tiger tame and fed- lest it devour him. Review: An adaptation of Yann Martels landmark novel, which none other than Barack Obama once called an elegant proof of God, life of pi was a book many considered unfilmable. Considering that the majority of the book is about a teen boy trapped on a lifeboat with a man-eating tiger, it must have been a logistical nightmare. I mean, how could you possibly film the tiger?

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Tomatometer, audience score, average rating:.1/5, user Ratings: 168,753. Critic reviews Consensus: A 3D adaptation of a supposedly "unfilmable" book, ang lee's. Life of pi achieves the near impossible - it's an astonishing technical achievement that's also emotionally rewarding. Life of pi, photos, movie info, director Ang lee creates a groundbreaking movie event about a young man who survives a disaster at sea and is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an amazing and unexpected connection with another survivor. A fearsome bengal tiger. (C) Official Site. Watch it now, people Who like this movie also like. Cast, news interviews for, life of pi, critic reviews for.

Life of pi 3d review
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  3. Review : Life. Far from just being about a boy adrift on the sea, lee, with some of the best 3D photography i've ever seen, turns pi 's physical and. Life of pi : movie review. Also the film is filled with dazzling visuals which is really perfect for. The story was engaging all throughout and.

  4. Life, of, pI 3D 20p. Ang lees Life of pi is a rich and wondrous 3D interpretation. This Life of pi is something of a miracle. Director Ang lee answers your questions about his 3D adaptation of Yann Martel's Life of pi, the booker prize-winning novel. Full review of Life.

  5. Whilst not being a fan of 3D and more than a bit annoyed at the obvious adjustments in scale for scenes made for. Life of, pi 3D, trailer. Winner of four Academy Awards, Ang lee (who picked up a directing Oscar for his efforts) adapts Yann Martel's best-selling novel, the fantastical journey of a young boy. Movie review : Life of, pi - cant just have one slice. looking film, which features the best 3D effects on screen since james Camerons avatar (2009).

  6. A 3D adaptation of a supposedly "unfilmable" book, ang lee's. Life of, pi achieves the near impossible. November 21, 2012 rating:.5/4 full. The 3D also drew special attention, including favorable comparisons to james Camerons stereoscopic milestone avatar. Life of, pi, review. Home movie, review, life.

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