Jungle book trailer review

jungle book trailer review

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See video: Its a testament to the total-immersion powers of The jungle book, from its visual splendors to its sound design, that the seams never show; even more impressive is the films use of its craft not merely to dazzle us but also to further. Its all well and good to believe that a boy is talking to the she-wolf who raised him, but that illusion only matters if tears come to your eyes when they must part. Adapting the kipling stories, screenwriter Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The legend of Chun-Li) stays close to the path of the 1967 cartoon: orphaned Mowgli (. Neel Sethi ) is found in the jungle by wise panther Bagheera (voiced. Ben Kingsley ) and raised by a pack of wolves led by akela (. Giancarlo Esposito ) and raksha lupita nyongo ).

Teases a darker take on The

Bill Murray will voice the beloved bear Baloo, scarlett Johansson voices kaa, ben Kingsley voices Bagheera the panther, Idris Elba voices the tiger Shere Khan, Christopher Walken voices King louie the monkey, invention and. Giancarlo Esposito and, lupita nyongo voice wolves akela and raksha. The cast alone makes us eager to see the trailer, but now we really cant wait thanks to the teaser! HollywoodLifers, you as excited for, the jungle book as we are? Tell us your thoughts on the teaser below! Rudyard Kiplings man-cub Mowgli returns to the wild in The jungle book, but this time hes got the latest in digital animation to bring his animal friends and enemies to vivid life. If The walt Disney company insists upon cranking out live-action remakes of writing its animated classics which is neither an inherently good nor terrible idea this time around theres an effort to accomplish visual feats that werent previously possible. This book might lack the post-vaudeville razzamatazz of its predecessor, but director. Jon favreau and a team of effects wizards plunge us into one of the big screens most engrossing artificial worlds since avatar. (Not to mention the most convincing conversational creatures since babe.) I dont know where the fakery stops and the real animals, waterfalls and veldts begin in this movie, and I dont really want.

Set to some enchanting music and the peaceful sounds of nature (including a hissing sound that could be kaa the python! the clip uncovers the lush jungle and sneaks in diary a quick shot of Mowgli at the end. Needless to say, the teaser makes us even more excited for this movie! Luckily, disney isnt going to make fans wait much longer to see more — the clip is actually a preview of the trailer that will be released Sept. We already have an idea of what Mowgli, played. Neel Sethi looks like, but hopefully the longer trailer will give us a glimpse of some of the animals from the classic Disney story! Speaking of the animals, lets be reminded of the amazing cast Disney lined up for the film.

jungle book trailer review

The first, trailer for Mowgli Offers a darker take on The

Disneys live-action version of The jungle book wont be out until 2016, but the first official trailer for the highly-anticipated movie is set to drop Sept. As we patiently await the trailer, disney has given us a sneak peek of whats to come — and it looks amazing! Once Disney revealed a star-studded cast for its live-action. The jungle book in 2014, fans have been super excited to see what the studio had in store for the remake! As its 2016 release date gets closer, disney has kickstarted our journey to the. Jungle with a teaser trailer featuring Mowgli and the beautiful setting for the film. Watch the clip now! The six-second teaser doesnt give too much away, but judging from what we can see, the movie is going to be incredible!

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jungle book trailer review

The, jungle book (2016)

So, how does it measure up to The jungle book versions we have seen till now the disney film made almost 50 years ago and the classic anime show on doordarshan in the 90s? The tone may be different and it may be edgier, but at heart The jungle book is still an adventure and a coming-of-age tale. Favreau gives us that sense of wonder, something we so desperately desire in these days of one franchise too many. The fact that he manages to do it in a story we all know so well is remarkable. And if you are a kid who grew up in the 90s in India and are missing the Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai track, disney took care of that too with this new-age anthem. However, a word of caution, do take your children but prepare hypothesis them for some awe and shock. I hate to break it to you but.

Pahlaj Nihalani may be a teeny weeny bit right when he said that young children may get scared at some points during the film. The jungle book is no longer cute and cuddly but a tale of survival. This time, it really is a jungle out there. But I can guarantee one thing, once you and your children do enter it, you would not want to leave. Watch The jungle books trailer here. Welcome to the jungle!

But the real winner is Murrays Baloo. A slacker who is not above a bit of lying if it can get the job done, baloo is the storys comic relief. His relationship with Mowgli gives the film its heart and favreau lets it breathe. The fact that he gets the films best dialogues also helps. The duo also gets to sing the classic Bare necessities together and that itself justifies the price of the ticket. The shaggy ambling sloth bear is a perfect fit for Murray and Murrays lazy dialogue-delivery is a perfect fit for Baloo.

All in all, a casting choice made in heaven. Bill Murray plays the slacker Baloo who brings the much needed comedic break. That brings us to neel Sethi, our Mowgli and a difficult find if the director is to be believed. The Indian American boy has a natural screen presence and brings an infectious energy to the role. He does particularly well in the action scenes running towards or away from danger. He does rush through his lines at places but then, the boy was basically acting opposite tennis balls. Scarlett Johansson and Christopher Walken are stupendous in their roles and we would have loved to see more of them, especially johanssons hypnotic kaa.

The jungle book by rudyard Kipling

On the summary way, mowgli will meet the laidback bear Baloo, the mysterious serpent kaa and gigantopithecus (not orangutan) King louie. Shere Khans cruelty makes the jungle a terrifying, dark place. The voice work is excellent all around. We hear Shere Khan before we see him and Elba brings an air of menace to the film. Khan is enjoying his cruelty and the actor shows. Villain of the year, anyone? Ben Kingsleys Bagheera, also the narrator, is a statesman-like figure, mowglis fuller father figure and the voice of sense.

jungle book trailer review

From a burst of sunlight and colour in its happy moments, it seamlessly turns into a mist-filled horror with predators lurking at every corner when the mood takes. Every little detail in this film is rendered with such precision and love that though dangerous, it has enough joie de vivre to carry you along. The story of the film mostly is true to rudyard Kiplings timeless tale abandoned man-cub Mowgli was found by the wise panther Bagheera years ago. He brought the child to a pack of wolves which is headed by akela (Giancarlo Esposito) and mother wolf raksha (Lupita nyongo) brings him up with her other cubs. Dry season approaches and a water truce is called. As all animals drink at the river together, battle-scarred tiger Shere Khan demands that the man-cub should be given up as per law of the jungle. He makes it clear that he will attack the wolves if Mowgli doesnt become his lunch. To save mowgli, bagheera decided to take him to the village where humans live.

living, breathing being in the film but by the time The jungle book ends, the animals will feel equally real to you. Favreau and his team of tech wizards dont just give you cgi for the heck of it, they make it an integral part of the storytelling. This film would never have been the same without the present day technology and it can only be compared with, say, avatar. The film is an eye-popping spectacle where the jungle breathes and animals emote with their eyes. The wizardry is overwhelmingly successful in the portrayal of the animals. They are so real from the way they talk to their loping, sinuous walk to even their eyes that you eventually forget that some graphic artist just made them. Read: This is not the mowgli you know. Just like the animals, the director turns jungle into a place of fear and, yet, home.

The jungle book movie review, cast: neel Sethi, ben Kingsley, idris Elba, bill Murray, scarlett Johansson, Christopher Walken, lupita nyongo. Director: Jon favreau, rating: 4/5, somewhere in downtown Los Angeles, there is a deep, dark jungle where a boy called Mowgli lives among animals. The animals themselves speak in menacing tones of Idris Elba, hold you under their spell in the sultry voice of Scarlett Johansson and sing exactly like bill Murray. (If you are planning to watch the film in Hindi, make it Priyanka chopra, irrfan Khan and Nana patekar). Probably they got coaching from director Jon favreau on how to emote writings for the camera, or maybe they are just natural. Read: India gives much love to jungle book, earns Rs 10 crore in one day. Before you think i have taken leave of my senses while writing The jungle book movie review, heres the gist: The film is great but the cgi is even greater.

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It shouldn't be hard to imagine what a live action Disney film will look like anymore. Cinderella and, alice in Wonderland easily converted the cartoons of you childhood into visually stunning films. But, the jungle book seemed like it would pose a bigger problem as a live action film, since the narrative depends on Mowgli's jungle pals appearing fuzzy and friendly. Whether or not a realistically rendered cgi bear is shredder singing or not, it's probably not going to seem as huggable. But you shouldn't underestimate disney. Narrated by Scarlett Johansson (as kaa, the trippy snake) the trailer easily establishes the terror of Shere Khan (voiced by Idris Elba) and King louie (Christopher Walken). However, it also managed to make baloo seem like an approachable mentor for Mowgli (Bill Murray). Other big name actors lending their voices to the film include lupita nyong'o and Ben Kingsley. Neel Sethi, the film's only human star, also deserves a shout-out considering it's his first feature film.

Jungle book trailer review
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