Interesting vision statements

interesting vision statements

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The company displayed its 100GBase-lr4-compliant cfp device at ofc/nfoec in March. Finisar also used ofc/nfoec to display its 40 and 100Gbe cfp form factor. Rafik ward, vice president of marketing at Finisar, confirms that his company is developing "a whole host of different cfp form factors each of which will have a different availability timeframe. "But in general he says, "I think you'll start to see cfp modules, certainly from Finisar, available in production in 2010.". Sumitomo Electric device Innovations usa, meanwhile, is "focusing on the singlemode solution and developing the cfp transceiver because we have a very good solution for the 40G and 100G optical light source and receiver says Hiro Iwadate, vice president of engineering. He confirms that Sumitomo is already sampling its 40g cfp transceiver, which will be available this year, while the 100g version should be available at the beginning of 2010. Other companies currently developing cfp modules include avago technologies, which is now a member of the cfp msa, and Santur Corp., which is not a member of the msa but demonstrated a 100-Gbps transceiver platform running over 40 km of single-mode fiber at ofc/nfoec 2009. (Editor's Note: neophotonics purchased Santur in 2011; see "neophotonics agrees to acquire santur." high-density cxp, technically, the cfp will work with multimode fiber for short-reach applications, but it is not really optimized in size for the multimode fiber market, most notably because the multimode fiber.

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There are several design features that enable the cfp transceiver to support this range of distances as well as various power dissipations. First, its size is optimized for longer-reach interfaces and single-mode fiber applications; it is 120 mm long and 86 mm wide, which is the same length but twice the width of a 10Gbe xenpak. Second, the form factor includes a two-piece electrical connector. The connector itself features two rows—top and bottom—of metal contacts, enabling improved density in its overall footprint. Finally, the cfp also features a new concept known as the riding heat sink, in which the heat sink is attached to rails on the host card and "rides" on top of the cfp, which is flat topped. The heat sink can be included or omitted depending on the thermal requirements of the host system. When included, the heat sink presses down on the module, providing a good conductive surface that is also low friction, says Traverso, making it very easy for the operator to insert the module into the host board. The riding heat sink configuration "allows you to have one opening or aperture on the faceplate that's the same for all cfps but also allows the system vendor to decide, okay, this particular box is great in a low airflow environment, so i really need. "Or, i'm only going to accept modules that are 16 w and below; therefore, i don't need a heat sink because i have good airflow.' The riding heat sink makes the form factor a little bit more flexible for a lot of customers he contends. Traverso says Opnext has just day begun sampling its cfp transceivers and expects to go into production early next year to coincide with the completion of the ieee 802.3ba standard.

The cfp multisource agreement (MSA) was formally launched at ofc/nfoec 2009 in March by founding members Finisar, Opnext diary (Editor's note: Opnext was purchased by Oclaro in 2012; see "New Oclaro sets course" and Sumitomo/ExceLight (now known as Sumitomo Electric device Innovations usa following the merger. The founding members actually began meeting when the ieee 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group (hssg) was only focused on developing a standard for 100GbE. When that activity was expanded to include 40GbE in July 2007, the cfp msa followed suit. "At the time, we decided to design the cfp such that it could be agnostic and used for both data rates recalls Matt Traverso, senior manager of technical marketing at Opnext and editor of the cfp msa draft.0. The cfp form factor, as detailed in the msa, supports both singlemode and multimode fiber and a variety of data rates, protocols, and link lengths, including all the physical media-dependent (PMD) interfaces encompassed in the ieee 802.3ba task force, which is expected to ratify its. At 40GbE, target optical interfaces include the 40GBase-sr4 for 100 m and the 40GBase-lr4 for. There are three pmds for 100 GbE: 100GBase-sr10 for 100 m, 100GBase-lr4 for 10 km, and 100GBase-er4 for.

interesting vision statements

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By meghan Fuller Hanna, overview, despite having a similar acronym and mini emerging at roughly the same time, the cfp and cxp form factors are markedly different write in terms of size, density, and intended application. The cfp and cxp optical transceiver form factors are hot pluggable, both feature transmit and receive functions, and both support data rates of 40 and 100 Gbps. But the similarities begin and end there. Aimed primarily at 40- and 100-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) applications, the cfp supports both singlemode and multimode fiber and can accommodate a host of data rates, protocols, and link lengths. The cxp, by contrast, is targeted at the clustering and high-speed computing markets. The two are therefore complementary, not competitive, according to several sources. Native advertisement, multipurpose cfp.

Many people have commented that they enjoy hearing me speak about my work in my lectures, seminars, and workshops. Now you can hear me speak too - online. While you listen, you may wish to browse one of the many galleries available online. Find out when the next statement is posted. Series, voices 2007, reflections (1:45) 2007, surfaces (0:41) 2007, multiple perspectives (0:58) 2007. Interesting Times (1:09) 2007, you can't do that (0:47 ) 2007, smoke (1:26 ) 2007, a call to connection (1:00) 2007. The Primal Mind I (2:02 ) 2007. The Spell of the sensuous I (2:25).

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interesting vision statements

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Give them something inspirational — thats also credible — and watch them respond. This article was originally published on September 29, 2008. All content 2018 by The financial Brand and may not be reproduced by any means without permission. Please accept our apologies! We can't seem to find the page you're looking for. What should I do?

Please use the search Box above to find what you were looking for, or; Visit the home page and try to browse to the page again. You can also contact. Please include the url you tried to visit and the page with the referencing link. Find information on, useful links, katie alrdedba french and Italian, cinema and history; Italian cultural studies; Popular cinema; Terrorism in Italian cinema; The trivial. Second year student Hannah talks about with forming the Italian society and how she is rapidly noticing improvements in her language ability in time for her year abroad. Highlights, themes, series, antarctica, images, voice, i've found the process of writing about my work to be very useful personally—so much so that I make it an integral part of my artistic practice. You can read selections from my writings about my work here.

Lets use disney as example. Their mission might be something safe, like: Our mission is to provide a wide range of quality entertainment options to families and children of all ages. Other entertainment companies could very well have an identical mission statement. And Disneys core values are probably shared with at least some of their competitors. After all, disney isnt the only innovative family entertainment provider out there. So what makes Disney special?

Its their Brand Position: make magic moments and they live this out. If youve ever seen a disney film, gone to a disney theme park or cruised on a disney vessel, you should have had a fairytale experience. Thats how they provide quality entertainment to families differently than everyone else. They can train people to live out their brand position. They can (and do) teach people how to make magic moments — how to use their imagination and creativity to do something people will remember. They are The happiest Place on Earth because The magic Kingdom is the kind of place Where Dreams Come True. (see the how a brand position can bring clarity, relevance and differentiation to tangible things like slogans?) Its a lot harder to help your staff understand what premier or preferred mean. Those kinds of terms are hard to train because they are vague, and have many varied interpretations to different people.

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Reality Check: The 1 thing that prevents an organization from crafting a brand position is that the ceo or board thinks the mission or vision is the brand. Odds are, these brands will essay live stunted lives. What they need is the fourth leg of the table:. A brand Position (or brand essence, or brand strategy, or, usp, or whatever you want to call it) is where you can really differentiate yourself in relevant ways. Things like mission, vision and values clarify what an organization is about, while a brand Position says how you will deliver on those things. A brand Position says how you will achieve your mission, accomplish your vision, and live out your values. It says how you will be database different than your competitors. Will you become the premier provider by making banking easier? Will you be the most knowledgeable advisors?

interesting vision statements

jaded and skeptical about such statements. When most people read a mission statement (including employees they roll their eyes and think, phhbbbta premier financial institution. Just more corporate mumbo-jumbo. Lookalike missions, visions and core values arent the real problem though. Its when the board, ceo or senior leadership of a financial institution confuse any of these things for a brand strategy or brand position that real problems arise. In most cases, they arent anywhere close. The missing piece: a brand position. All too often, senior management and the board are left trying to build a 3-legged brand strategy out of statements that essentially say the same thing as their competitors.

They only get approved because they summary say nothing unique nor courageous. Heres an example of a mission statement for an imaginary financial institution: Our mission is to be the premier provider of superior financial solutions by earning peoples trust in the most friendly, professional manner possible. It is no ones in particular. And yet it is everyones. The day-to-day purpose, goals and beliefs of most financial institutions are almost identical, so its no surprise that they have similar-sounding missions, visions or values. They all want to do whats right, and hold themselves to the highest standards, so they canYeah, yeah. Its the same stuff you hear from hundreds of financial institutions.

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By jeffry pilcher, ceo/President publisher of, the financial Brand, some financial institutions have mission statements. Some have vision statements. Some companies have a defined list of core values, while others dont. One thing is for sure: There is a lot of confusion about what each of these tools should. The difference between. Mission Statement, a, vision Statement and, core values in the simplest terms: Mission Statements say what youre doing today. Vision Statements say what you want to accomplish tomorrow. Core values define what you believe. Reality Check: Most owl mission statements are full of trite, feel-good expressions.

Interesting vision statements
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  5. Highlights Themes series Antarctica images voice. You can read selections from my writings about my work here. Cs 189 Senior Projects webpage : overviews, vision statements videos, requirement specifications (srs design specifications. Electrical computer Engineering 188 Projects. This is the Unofficial Call of Duty modern This app makes possible that you can. You can play more fun and interesting if you play a mission with your friends.

  6. The december 2011 issue of Science featured an interesting article about Rose-human Institute of Technology s favorite animal-the elephant. Ceo statements on machine vision global market. We are looking forward to an intensive exchange of information and ideas and interesting dialogue. Mission, vision values: Student leadership development puts an interesting spin on how we view mission and vision statements along with values of an organization. i thought it would be interesting to study two languages and it meant I could go to more places! What the artist writes about his work.

  7. A lot of interesting statements and remarks have been made about these drivers with unofficial privileges in the regions when we conducted this survey. Some financial institutions have mission statements. Some have vision statements. Some companies have a defined list of core values, while. Institute s mission and vision statements.

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