Human rights report

human rights report

Human, rights and Democracy, report 2013

Thugs apparently acting as proxies of local law enforcement attacked journalists Elena kostyuchenko,. Novaya gazeta, and diana Khachatryan of, takie dela. Doctors diagnosed Kostyuchenko with a brain contusion afterwards. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, authorities continued to implement discriminatory policies and laws against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbt) people. In March, police found journalist and theater critic Dmitry Tsilikin dead in his. Petersburg apartment from stab wounds. The perpetrator, arrested a week later, confessed that he planned to blackmail Tsilikin about his homosexuality, but killed him during a confrontation. The police did not categorize the killing as a hate crime.

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Chechnyas strongman, ramzan Kadyrov, asserted that Salafis have no place in Chechnya, instructing police to punish those who stray from Sufi Islam, traditional for the region. Police raids against Salafis were widespread. Authorities also pursued collective punishment, including punitive house burnings, against relatives of alleged insurgents. Ahead of September elections for the head (governor) of Chechnya, local authorities targeted critics and those deemed disloyal to kadyrov, including through abductions and enforced disappearances, ill-treatment, death threats, and threats of violence against relatives. Chechnyas authorities also attacked critical journalists and human rights defenders. In March, a group of masked men believed to be Chechen officials proxies, attacked a minibus carrying Russian and foreign journalists traveling to Chechnya, beat the journalists, and burned the bus. The following week, thugs apparently acting as Chechen authorities proxies physically attacked the leader of joint Mobile Group for Human Rights Defenders in Chechnya (JMG). Jmg withdrew its team from Chechnya for security reasons. In may, chechen police arbitrarily detained and threatened a russian journalist researching a punitive house-burning. In September, following an unfair trial, a chechnya court sentenced 23-year-old local journalist Zhalaudi geriev to three years imprisonment on fabricated drug possession charges, apparently in retaliation for his work with caucasian Knot, known for critical coverage the of Chechnya. In Beslan, north Ossetia, during events commemorating victims of the september 2004 school hostage-taking, police roughed up and detained several activists wearing T-shirts and holding a sign saying: Putin is the Slaughterer of Beslan.

At literature time of writing, his case was pending. In may, a court sentenced Andrei bubeev to two years and three months in prison for extremist and separatist calls based on two posts on vkontakte, russias largest social network: a photo with a toothpaste tube saying Squeeze russia out of you, and an article. In november, russias Supreme court recommended that law enforcement authorities exercise good judgement and take into account relevant context, when launching criminal extremism cases based solely on reposts in social media. North caucasus, armed confrontations between Islamist insurgents and law enforcement agencies continued in the north caucasus, particularly in Dagestan. Russia media continued to report on North caucasus residents leaving Russia and joining the Islamic State (also known as isis) as well as on cases of detentions of North caucasus residents allegedly affiliated with isis. Salafi muslim communities in Dagestan were subject to intense scrutiny and harassment as law enforcement largely equated them with insurgents or their collaborators. Authorities placed Salafis on watch lists, repeatedly detained and questioned many of them without specific grounds; raided Salafi mosques; and carried out mass detentions of believers. They closed several Salafi mosques, including in makhachkala, dagestans capital.

human rights report

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In July, president Vladimir Putin signed into law counterterrorism thesis and counterextremism amendments known as the. Yarovaya law, after their key author. The law requires that cellular and internet providers store all communications data for six months and all metadata up to three years for potential access by security services. The law also bans religious activities outside of specially designated places, such as officially recognized religious institutions; criminalizes failure to report a crime without specifying when such a requirement would apply; increases penalties for vaguely defined public justification of terrorism online; and severely penalizes inducing. Prosecutions for Online Speech, from mid-20, russian courts delivered at least five guilty verdicts, with at least 15 cases pending, on criminal separatism charges for material posted online. Most charges pertained to remarks about Crimea being part of Ukraine, not Russia. For example, in may, officials charged and placed under a travel ban Ilmi Umerov, formerly a local official in Crimea and deputy chairman of the Crimean Tatars elected representative body, writing the mejlis, after his March interview criticizing Russias occupation of Crimea. In August, authorities forcibly confined Umerov to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks.

Authorities launched similar proceedings against several others, including Vladimir Ionov, 76, an outspoken critic of Russias role in eastern Ukraine. Ionov fled Russia in August. In December 2015, parliament passed a law empowering Russias Constitutional court to determine whether international human rights bodies rulings, including the european court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgments, contradict the russian Constitution and could therefore be deemed non-executable. A ruling deemed non-executable will not be implemented unless the constitution is amended. In April, the court found unconstitutional a july 2013 ECtHR ruling finding the absolute ban on prisoner voting a violation of the right to choose ones government. In December, parliament adopted amendments requiring media outlets, broadcasters, and publishers to report funding from all international sources, including Russian ngos designated as foreign agents, or face fines. In June, parliament adopted legislation holding internet search engine owners with more than 1 million daily users accountable for content appearing on their sites and requiring Russian-language search engines and those advertising for Russian audiences be owned by russian companies or citizens. Dunja mijatović, the Organization for Security and co-operation in Europe representative on freedom of the media, said the vaguely worded legislation would result in governmental interference of online information and introduce self-censorship in private companies. A june law empowers law enforcement agencies to place on watch lists individuals allegedly engaging in anti-social behavior, or actions that run contrary to commonly accepted norms of behavior and morality.

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human rights report

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Authorities fined many groups for failing to display foreign agent labels on publications. In October 2015, an appeals court upheld a 600,000 ruble (10,000) fine against Human Rights Center "Memorial a leading human rights group, for not labeling materials actually produced and published by resume a different group. Russias prosecutor general designated three more foreign organizations undesirable under the 2015 law authorizing bans on foreign or international groups that allegedly undermine russias security, defense, or constitutional order, bringing for the total number of banned groups to seven. All seven are American democracy promotion or civil society capacity-building organizations. Russians maintaining ties with undesirables face penalties ranging from fines to up to six years in prison.

Freedom of Assembly, authorities increasingly refused to sanction public protests organized by government critics and political opposition and punished protesters participating in unsanctioned peaceful gatherings and single-person pickets. In December 2015, a moscow court sentenced peaceful protester Ildar Dadin to three years imprisonment, later reduced to two-and-a-half, for repeated breaches of public assembly regulations. Dadin is the first activist imprisoned under this criminal provision. In fall 2016, dadin alleged beatings, threats, and degrading treatment by staff of the segezha penal colony in northern Russia where he is serving his sentence. An investigation into his allegations was pending at time of writing.

"The transformation of discrimination and demonisation into mass violence is tragically familiar, and its ruinous consequences cannot be easily undone he added. "The feeble response to crimes against humanity and war crimes from myanmar to Iraq, south Sudan, syria and Yemen underscored the lack of leadership on human rights. Governments are shamelessly turning the clock back on decades of hard-won protections.". The government in 2016 further tightened control over the already-shrinking space for free expression, association, and assembly and intensified persecution of independent critics. Parliament adopted laws expanding the power of law enforcement and security agencies, including to control online speech.

The parliamentary vote in September resulted in the ruling party, united Russia, gaining a constitutional majority in the State duma, the parliaments lower chamber. Russia continued to support rebels who commit abuses in eastern Ukraine. Russias actions in occupied Crimea created a human rights crisis. Freedom of Association, the authorities used a 2012 law to demonize as foreign agents dozens of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs including leading rights groups and independent think tanks. At time of writing, the register of foreign agents by russias Ministry of Justice includes 148 ngos. Between 20t least thirty groups closed rather than accept the label. In June, authorities for the first time criminally prosecuted an activist under the law, charging Valentina Cherevatenko, chair of Women of the don, a human rights and peace-building group, with malicious evasion of registration as a foreign agent. If found guilty, she faces up to two years imprisonment. In February, a court dissolved agora, an association of lawyers defending civil and political activists, after the justice ministry alleged agora violated the foreign agents law and undertook work beyond its mandate.

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Fighting between a saudi Arabia-led coalition and Iranian-backed houthi rebels has killed more than 10,000 people since the conflict broke out in March 2015. The saudi-led coalition has undertaken a major campaign of aerial bombardment against the houthis in Yemen, aimed at restoring the government of President Abd-Rabbu mansour Hadi. Elsewhere, in myanmar, a government crackdown against the country's mostly muslim minority rohingya population summary led to more than 655,000 refugees fleeing into neighbouring Bangladesh in the final five months of 2017, according to the. The number of refugees has since risen to nearly 690,000 in recent weeks, the un has said, making it the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world. Myanmar's history of discrimination and segregation of the rohingya were early "warning signs" of the ongoing crisis, Amnesty's report said, which writing was sparked by rohingya arsa fighters attacking more than 30 police sites in the country's western rakhine State during August 2017. The un has said the crisis may amount to genocide. "This episode will stand in history as yet another testament to the world's catastrophic failure to address conditions that provide fertile ground for mass atrocity crimes Shetty said.

human rights report

signal that enables certain kinds of activity and inhibits others.". The number of hate groups in the us grew by more than four percent last year, according to us-based civil rights watchdog the southern poverty law Center, marking a 20 percent rise since 2014. The us department of State told Al jazeera it welcomes "constructive scrutiny" of the us' human rights record by ngos and other governments. "We do not ask of others what we would not demand of ourselves. We are mindful of, and take seriously, advice from domestic and international civil society about how we can improve a state department official said anonymously. "Promoting, protecting, and advancing human rights has long been and remains the policy of the United States.". Global crises, amnesty's report - covering 159 countries - arrives amid a number of ongoing humanitarian crises worldwide. In Yemen, more than 22 million people - about 75 percent of the population - are in need of humanitarian assistance following almost three years of civil war, according to the.

Zeid ra'ad al-Hussein, the un's human rights chief, has denounced, venezuela's excessive use of force against anti-government protesters, stating pro-government security forces and armed groups were responsible for dozens of demonstrator deaths between April and July last year. New era of activism, the regressive approach to human rights adopted by a number of world leaders has, however, inspired new waves of social activism and protest, Amnesty said, highlighting the example of the women's March in January last year, which with began in the. Margaret huang, Amnesty's executive director in the us, said the movement had showcased the power of public protest. "Defenders of human rights around the world can look to the people of the United States to stand with them, even where the us government has failed huang said. "Activists from across the country remind us that the fight for universal human rights has always been waged and won by people in their communities.". The women's March movement saw rallies take place in several us cities, and more than 600 locations worldwide, during January 2017 in protest over perceived anti-women comments made by Trump during his successful presidential election campaign. Warning Washington, trump is setting a "dangerous precedent" on human rights, Amnesty warned as it released the report at a press conference in Washington, dc, citing the president's discrimination of transgender individuals, verbal attacks on the media, and anti-immigration rhetoric. It is the first time Amnesty has published its annual human rights assessment - started in 1961 - in the. Leslie vinjamuri, an associate fellow with the us and the Americas Programme at the uk-based Chatham house Institute of International Affairs, told Al jazeera Trump has rejected "core principles of human rights".

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World leaders are revelation undermining human rights for millions of people with regressive policies and hate-filled rhetoric, but their actions have ignited global protest movements in response, a rights group said. Us president, donald Trump, russian leader Vladimir Putin, and China's President. Xi jinping were among a number of politicians who rolled out regressive policies in 2017, according to Amnesty International's annual human rights report published on Thursday. The human rights body also mentioned the leaders of Egypt, the Philippines and Venezuela. "The spectres of hatred and fear now loom large in world affairs, and we have few governments standing up for human rights in these disturbing times salil Shetty, amnesty's secretary-general, said. "Instead, leaders such as el-Sisi, duterte, maduro, putin, Trump and xi are callously undermining the rights of millions.". Amnesty's The State of the world's Human Rights report cites Trump's controversial travel ban prohibiting entrants to the us from six Muslim-majority countries, venezuelan authorities' use of force against demonstrators and unlawful killings in the Philippines' anti-drug war as evidence of policies resulting. More than 20,000 people have been killed since june 2016 in Philippine President. Rodrigo duterte' s anti-drug campaign, according to an internal report.

Human rights report
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  4. minister Hasanul Haq Inu, mp, said today that the recently published us human Rights Report was biased and violated diplomatic norms. Home home news 2017 Human Rights Report Iran Executive summary. Andrew Pintos Human Rights Report Released pintos Report concerning the Ontario human Rights System was released by the Attorney. Mpac's Human Rights Report Card for Muslim countries is a research project assessing the human rights record of nine countries that.

  5. march 2014 Human Rights Watch report documented how the Ethiopian government uses surveillance to monitor opposition groups and. a 2015 report, human Rights Watch documented numerous examples of factory interference with unions, including physical assault. World Report 2014: Russia arrests and Harassment of Human Rights Defenders, government Opponents, and Other Critics continued to report. by governors in case of offices becoming vacant early, the russian Foreign Ministry said in its first annual report on human rights. world's Human Rights report cites Trump's controversial travel ban prohibiting entrants to the us from six Muslim-majority countries.

  6. In her new report on the state of human rights in the Islamic Republic, un special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran. Dc human Rights Report reveals room for Improvement This is the third report on human rights. 2015 Human Rights Watch Report on Sudan, the icc has issued arrest warrants for five individuals, including President al-Bashir, for. to keep human rights off the agenda as it courted foreign investors eager to exploit its untapped natural resources, especially oil and. Tisa impact assessment report ignores crucial human rights concerns assessment of the lack of human rights commitments by tisa parties.

  7. 2003 human rights report for Colombia, colombias human rights ' record, despite significant improvements by police and military forces. chair of Women of the don, a human rights and peace-building group, with malicious evasion of registration as a foreign agent. The azerbaijani government escalated repression against its critics, marking a dramatic deterioration in its already poor rights record. Minugua - ninth report on human rights (1999) United Nations Verification Mission in guatemala, translated by United Nations. Human, rights, report on civilian Casualties - april 2018 of international human rights law in Ajdabiya, al-Zawiya, benghazi, kufra. of the report, human rights activists, trade unionists, representatives of un agencies and other members of civil society from around.

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