Great new biographies

great new biographies

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Binyon's magnificent new biography of Pushkin shows how the great Russian poet turned art into a substitute for politics. Ralph Ellison: Emergence of Genius by lawrence jackson lawrence jackson's rich, meticulous life of the author of "Invisible man" is the first biography of Ellison. Regions of the Great Heresy. Bruno Schulz: a biographical Portrait by jerzy ficowski the polish poet and writer Jerzy ficowski meditates on the life of Bruno Schulz, the writer, artist and martyr. Richard Wright: The life and Times by hazel rowley hazel Rowley's biography of Richard Wright documents his early success and growing disaffection. Romancing: The life and Work of Henry Green by jeremy treglown henry Green was a famous novelist once and now he's not. How much would he have minded?

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The Orientalist: Solving the mystery of a strange and Dangerous Life by tom reiss tom reiss explains how a not-so-nice russian Jewish boy became a dagger-wielding Muslim writer. Orwell: The life. Taylor george Orwells work traversed the full spectrum of political ideology. Peter taylor: a writer's Life by hubert. Mcalexander it becomes apparent in Hubert. McAlexander's biography that Peter taylor was something of an unreliable narrator of his own life. Poet of the Appetites: The lives and loves. Fisher by joan reardon joan reardon's biography. Fisher examines her love affairs with people and food. Primo levi: a life by ian thomson ian Thomsons life of the Italian Holocaust survivor Primo levi seeks to answer shredders a lingering, and troubling, question. Pushkin: a biography.

Johnson's life is himself the subject of a biography, based on a trove of his letters and journals. Lucky him: The life of Kingsley amis by richard bradford richard Bradford's biography portrays a serial adulterer who didn't like anybody very much. Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow: The Tragic courtship and Marriage of paul laurence dunbar and Alice ruth moore: a history of love and violence Among the African American Elite by eleanor alexander eleanor Alexander has written an account of the tragic relationship paper between paul laurence. Malraux: a life by olivier todd andré malraux, his biographer Olivier Todd writes, was "autonomous in relation to facts." That is putting things mildly. Mark Twain: a life by ron powers ron Powers's biography recounts the crowded, whipsawing life of Mark Twain, part bum and part grandee. Mary Shelley by miranda seymour miranda seymour has written an affectionate biography of the woman who was at the center of the romantic movement but is remembered for a horror story. Melville: His World and Work by andrew delbanco andrew Delbanco says Melville had something smaller in mind, but "Moby-dick" ran away with its author. My wars Are laid Away in books: The life of Emily dickinson by alfred habegger alfred Habegger's life of Dickinson seeks to turn America's spinster into flesh and blood.

great new biographies

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Kafka: The decisive years by reiner stach reiner Stach examines the unfathomable kafka, focusing on his years of intensity. Karel Capek: Life and Work by ivan klima famous long ago, a czech literary figure is being resurrected by his fans, including ivan Klima, the author of a new thesis biographical study. Katherine Anne porter: The life of an Artist by darlene harbour unrue "Ship of fools" described a world drifting toward war, but for Katherine Anne porter, it meant success. Frank baum: Creator of oz by katharine. Rogers's biography. Frank baum praises him as a loving father and a sophisticated writer. The life of Graham Greene: Volume Three: by norman sherry norman Sherry's biography is invaluable as an intellectual and political history of the 20th century and fascinating as a rogues' gallery. A life of James Boswell by peter martin the author.

Isherwood: a life revealed by peter parker peter Parker has covered with daunting thoroughness the life of Christopher Isherwood, whose greatest fictional characters were always himself. Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy: a life by jean bethke elshtain jean Bethke elshtain seeks to rescue jane Addams from her reputation as a prim Lady bountiful by presenting the reformer as an exemplary public intellectual. Anthony Froude: The last Undiscovered Great Victorian by julia markus julia markus interprets a major Victorian sage without psychoanalyzing him. Jean-Jacques rousseau: Restless Genius by leo damrosch in this fine new biography, leo damrosch restores rousseau to us in all his originality. John Clare: a biography by jonathan bate jonathan Bate has written a biography of John Clare, an agricultural laborer who became a romantic poet. John Fowles: a life in Two worlds by eileen warburton eileen Warburton has written a painstaking biography of John Fowles, who has long been preoccupied with the workings of fate. John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life, his Politics, his Economics by richard parker the career of a public intellectual, ambassador and aphorist. Volume Three: Fighting for Freedom, by robert skidelsky the final installment of Robert skidelsky's magisterial biography of John maynard keynes emphasizes his role in devising Britain's wartime economic strategy.

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great new biographies

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Harriet Jacobs: a life by jean fagan yellin the essay scholar jean Fagan Yellin tells the story of the woman behind "Incidents in the life of a slave girl." Hart Crane: a life by clive fisher clive fisher's new biography of Hart Crane reads the poems. Hawthorne: a life by brenda wineapple brenda wineapple is the latest writer to tackle nathaniel Hawthornes life and try to distill his shadowy essence. Herman Melville: a biography. Volume 2, by hershel parker the second volume of Hershel Parker's massive biography of Herman Melville focuses on his life at home. Her Own Woman: The life of Mary wollstonecraft by diane jacobs the founder of the feminist movement and the mother of Mary Shelley.

I am Alive and you are dead: a journey into the mind of Philip. Dick by emmanuel carrère emmanuel Carrère's book, ostensibly a biography on the science fiction writer Philip. Dick, reads like a hyperadolescent spouting forth trippy what-ifs. Imagining Shakespeare: a history of Texts and Visions by stephen orgel lectures from an expert on the masques of the Stuart court and other visual aspects of Renaissance staging Iris Murdoch by peter. Conradi's new biography makes it clear that Iris Murdoch used her novels to conduct a long and thrilling course of public therapy. Iris Origo: Marchesa of Val d'Orcia by caroline moorehead caroline moorehead's biography of an Anglo-American heiress and author who was raised to be a true international citizen is succinct and informative. Irving Howe: a life of Passionate dissent by gerald sorin irving Howe, the subject of Gerald Sorin's new biography, saw the shtetl as an ideal against which to measure his dissatisfaction with capitalist America.

The Education of John Dewey: a biography by jay martin jay martin's biography of John Dewey, one of the century's most important philosophers, explores his uneventful life. Edward Abbey: a life by james. Cahalan edward Abbey, the literary provocateur and spiritual father of the radical environment movement, is the subject of a new biography. Emerson by lawrence buell lawrence buell's "Emerson" lucidly clarifies his subject's central ideas without grinding their contradictions to mush. Eudora welty: a biography by suzanne marrs suzanne marrs's new biography shows Welty to be fully connected to the world around her.

Fanny burney: a biography by claire harman a biography of Fanny burney, who turned 18th-century taste for gossip into a career as a fiction writer. The Fly Swatter: How my grandfather Made his way in the world by nicholas dawidoff nicholas Dawidoff's family memoir centers on his grandfather, the eminent economist Alexander Gerschenkron. Frank norris: a life by joseph. Crisler frank norris's writing was marked by naturalism and rationalism. Frantz fanon: a biography by david macey david Macey has written a prodigiously researched, absorbing book about the mind and the passion of a 20th-century revolutionary. Friedrich nietzsche by curtis cate curtis Cate explores the life and the labors of an incomparable mind. Gellhorn: a twentieth-Century life by caroline moorehead caroline mooreheads biography of Martha gellhorn, a wife of Hemingway, is a depressing account of the life of the archetypal "girl reporter." Hans Christian Andersen: The life of a storyteller by jackie wullschlager though he was homely and.

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A daring young Man: a biography of William Saroyan by john leggett william Saroyan's work is largely forgotten today, and John Leggett, his biographer, seems determined to keep things that way. Lawrence by john worthen john Worthen's. Lawrence is a troubled exile, writing his way into notoriety. Dostoevsky: The mantle of the Prophet, by joseph frank the final volume of Joseph Frank's biography takes us through the master's last decade and the writing of his greatest novel. Primo levi: a biography by carole angier the entwined complexities and contradictions of man and writer are caught in Carole Angier's biography of Primo levi. Dylan Thomas: a new Life by andrew lycett andrew Lycett chronicles the life of an unproductive poet who, after business early success, spent 20 years trying to be original again. Edmund Wilson: a life in Literature by lewis. Dabney's biography must proposal grapple with Wilson's innocent appetites, his pure idealism, his belief in the word and his vast impracticality.

great new biographies

By fiona maccarthy, according to fiona macCarthy's biography, female conquests served to distract Byron from his true desires. Charles Dickens, by jane smiley, in her brief biography, jane Smiley presents Charles Dickens as a conscious artisan. Cherry: a life of narrative Apsley cherry-garrard. By sarah wheeler, sarah Wheeler has written a biography of Apsley cherry-garrard, whose classic book tried to understand the terrible deaths of Robert Falcon Scott and his companions. Chester Himes: a life, by james sallis. In his crime novels, Chester Himes found an outlet for the pain of his turbulent life. Lewis as the scholar. Lewis demonstrates in this brief, loving and unassumingly learned biography, dante wrote the story of his own life.

for clues about his life. Boswell's Presumptuous Task: The making of the life. By adam sisman, adam Sisman's book is, in effect, the biography of a biography, and it's also a closely focused but highly affecting portrait of James Boswell the writer. The Bradbury Chronicles: The life of ray bradbury. By sam weller, sam Weller's biography describes the ascent to literary stardom of the man Time called "The poet of the pulps.". The Brontë myth, by lucasta miller, lucasta miller's wonderfully entertaining book seeks to tell how three clever sisters from Yorkshire became literary heroines. Byron: Life and Legend.

Anthony powell: best a life, by michael barber, the first full-length life of Powell is chatty and jokey in a manner peculiar to British biographers. The Art of Burning Bridges: a life of John o'hara. By geoffrey wolff, geoffrey wolff looks past John o'hara's reputation as an ogre to get to the writer who shook up 20th-century fiction. Arthur Miller: His Life and Work. By martin gottfried, martin Gottfrieds biography tracks the influence of Arthur Millers life on his work. Beautiful Shadow: a life of Patricia highsmith. By andrew wilson, andrew Wilson's biography explores the turbulence beneath the talent.

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Skip to next paragraph, following are literary biographies reviewed by The new York times book review since dec. Alice walker: a life, by evelyn. White traces the writer's life from her days as the child of georgia sharecroppers to the international triumph of "The color Purple.". Allen Tate: Orphan of the south. Underwood, a biography of the critic Allen Tate focuses on his southern aesthetics. Anthony Blunt: His lives, by miranda carter. Miranda carter has written a biography of the enigmatic art historian who was online surveyor of Britain's royal pictures and a secret soviet spy.

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  2. He spent much of his time fighting wars, first against the turks of the Ottoman Empire, then (from 1700) against the Swedes in the. Washington — a new biography on the late Steve jobs provides unprecedented access into the mind of one of the computer ages most brilliant and. Catherine the, great, russian yekaterina velikaya, also called Catherine ii, russian in full yekaterina Alekseyevna, original name sophie friederike.responsive (hierran) than the others; but these new ships were not a great success, as we hear of them grounding in action and foundering in a storm. Dalip Singh Rana, better known by his ring name The. Great, khali, is an Indian professional wrestler.

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