Good write ups on love

good write ups on love

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And how it keeps changing day by day or week by week if i am right? As i have to conclude, all i will say is that you are a real good jolly person with whom i have enjoyed a lot and share a good relationship. Take care,enjoy life and don't be so serious about studies if u can. And if possible don't forget me and always keep in touch. I will try to remember you always. With love, -nisha subramanian Without being cliched, i would just say that she is not good but very good.

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She can pass straight and blunt remarks at people due to which she's often misunderstood too, but the fact is she is a v caring and soft hearted person. She is been my v good friend from the time i joined this department. She has supported me in so many circumstances and helped me solve so many problems. There has been times when i have been so tensed and depressed and she's been one of those few who have helped me come out. S She can be really nasty in teasing you and irritating you when she is in one of those moods and then she has had it from my side too. And tshen she will irritate you more and enjoy even more if she sees other person is getting irritated. U indeed resmember all our essay fights over petty things and the way we have solved them eventually? She, gargi and myself we have really had some v nice and mischief nights at abhimanshree, and i have enjoyed them all so k gargi and she will tell you what a nuisance we both are when we get together with our s she(gargi ). These are the some of the good times which i will be taking from here, for which the credit goes to you. I know you so much that plenty can be written about you, like about your crushes within and outside department asnd if you want i can even name some?

Before 5'th semester, really i didn't like parul very much but when i saw after fifth semester, myself and all the class mates were surprised coz parul had reduced weight and now look very good. Apart from all other things, parul is very intelligent and hardworking girl, thats why through out the semester, she has got good marks with some good firing guns. Parul, i know that you have all the things which helps a person to achieve dreams and there is no problem of luck who is always with good,i always pray to god that you achieve all the things which you want in your whole life. rupesh Kumar Parul- reflects meaning of her name in her attitude, she is really soft at heart. When ysou meet her and talk to her, you may think that she is a egoistic girl, but as you go on talking to her you will come to know that she is a cute lady with a nice e most important thing that. She cares a lot about e is the only one in the whole department,who listens my poems with great e does every work with great dedication, be it padai,be it masti, or be it anything. Her nature may god bless her and give all that she wants with in her life. naveen Bachkethi She is a sweet,bubbly girl with a pleasant e is one of the rare person in our class who can sit in front of computers most of the time studying and now days chatting or surfing the net too for long and long.

good write ups on love

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Some of the most memorable moment includes the bike riding that she did with my bike, she smashed the bike into the department's garden, and after that she has not looked on driving the bike again. I still think, she was very courageous thesis to think of riding the bike as heavy as mine and that too single handedly. She has a gentle heart, you need to understand her to realize how good a person she is, and i night am really great full to have your friendship for all these years. All the best for a great career and life right ahead of her. vishal Chauhan "Parul",If you would have heard this name then there is a lovely girl that would come to your mind. Parul look very lovely but never look like typical girl because she never wears any girl type of clothes so whenever i see her, i always remember "Kajol" of Film "Kuch Kuch Hota hai" but before interval in college. At the start. C.A she was very reserved and whenever i tried to talk to her, either she scolded me or gave me some "gyan" thats why i didn't like her, although i have always been a fan of her "Boldness"and "Bindaspan".

She has a great capacity to sit in front of the computer for long hours, just amazing. If you want to find her, you will certainly find her in the lab. She is intelligent and a very good programmer, she can write really big code and have the capability to understand and handle them. A very caring person, i can remember the tough time when she helped me in building up a beautiful relationship with Nisha. She is a very special friend. Sometimes gets into stupid and awkward situations because of her outspoken nature. But most of the time she didn't intend to mean them.

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good write ups on love

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The one from SanMax coaching class (please correct the spelling if I miss-spelled it). She was in my military first tutorial group for making the freshers (fachas) comfortable with Linux. But I got to know her too in my last semister (my sixth sem). And, she is yet to give me a treat of her internship. Last sem was full of fun due to you all ppl. A smart, intelligent and hardworking girl. A good junior and one of the pranksters.

I wish you all the best for your future. May all your dreams come true! silver Chandrakant Urf Paro. A great human being, with a kind and gentle heart. She is one of the most hard working person I have ever met.

(And suddenly sir calls back) (NS class has started and after half an hour parul goes outside and returns back). Parul: Ashit, there is a call for you. (I leave the class nd no-one. Returns back and then find her laughing). Me:Why did you tell lie? Parul:Bus yun hi, main bore ho rahi thi to maine socha tu bhi bore ho raha hoga so tujhe bahar bhej diya.

I think the day parul entered into this department,she had planned her lifestyle for the next three years. You would never have seen her doing so much masti in the first three semesters as much as she did in her last three semester. A perfect blend of "Tez" and "Shaitaan" dimaag. You can watch her concentration while she is studying. Rajendra prasad tshe ki unke bagal se baarat bhi chali gayi lekin wo padhte rahe and ek parul hai ki agar wo class room mein ya lab mein padh rahi ho to tum bagal se guzar jao, she won't even notice you. She is intelligent and hard e likes leg-pulling but sadly, she got her leg pulled so much on a day that she had to take bed rest for the next one month, in the third t in-spite of this serious leg injury she managed her. She enjoys every moment of her life (especially her life for the last few semesters and after that ). I wish you all the best for your future and please be the same bubbly and "Prankster Parul" as you are forever.

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udit Srivastava, ek punjaban. Kudi pataka.(Nothing more than this!). Parul:Ashit, tu apni mobile. (I give her my cell, and after a few seconds she comes back). Parul:Ye le apni cell maine ns ke sir ko missed call diya hai aur wo call back kar sakte hain. Me:Par kyon diya missed call? Parul:Aaj ki class shift kara de na, pumba mein dance competition presentation hai.

good write ups on love

Well in the end I will like to wish her a very happy and adventurous future and a successful life. abhik bagchi, my fst real conversation with her on our fst trek and I found very friendly and really fun loving. I was amazed to see a girl enjoying such a tough trek, addams many others were trembling while she was going on n on. And guess what I later found out she was a marathon Runner! Apart from being atheletic, she is a very good dancer too, still remember that Las Ketchup song. Now thing to write about just like e just can work on n on. God knows t she is a really hard worker. She can actually climb any mountain, by her sheer hard work. Just keep going.

amazes me is that she not only has the ability to watch and listen to weird songs, movies, music vidoes but also talk about tsthem all day long. I have also accompanied her in many journies to delhi, well I have never seen any body sleep more then she does in the train. She can practically sleep the whole day. Another thinstg that amazes me is her ability to go for days without eating substaintial food, i just don't know how she does that, i can't miss a meal and I have never seen her have all her meals specially ybe she hates to eat. Well jokes apart, i really admire her coding abilities, she is an amazing coder and can code anything in any language. She can literally stare at zillion lines of code for hours and find bugs in them, well I wish I could do that.

She is a gal who can do anything for her "friends" and tries to be a (mature) professional in her real mehow, she has essays a very special corner in my heart. In the competitive world, stands out by way of her modesty and friendly nature. Abt her "serious looks".then what abt those mischievous eyess? Only thing that i can say. Sometimes i like her don't- care attitude. Perpetually in jeans and a bag on her shoulder, rarely dons her traditional dress( except those early days in Ist sem.).I think it can make a welcome change sorry for "Dhanno type baaten what she generally says).but true. As a "Saddist" girl of our class she takes care of her "grades" too. Enjoys watching Cricket movies( specially hollywood type.).

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Parul Sachdeva, parul: ( A busy bee. i can still remember the day when we (rajendra, me and she. Of-course) were given only 5 mins to perform some skit. What to perform was the main question that we were facing at that en suddenly she came up with an brilliant idea abt "the theme" of skit and managed both of us to play d her own performance was simply at's why on that day. A very-very hard working gal and a balanced personality as well. She is barbing one of those "Meri marzi type".do whatever she wants. A "Non-Controversial" person (we all know how "difficult" that is in our batch). I have never seen her shouting at anybody. She is friendly, caring, thoughtful and emotional(too) yet practical "to the extreme".

Good write ups on love
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My father passed away a little before 10 am on Wednesday, january. About the text of the printed book. This festival is celebrated in Muslim countries over the the world with a great zealous and happiness.

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  1. Parul loves listenening to hindi and punjabi e also loves watching serials, soaps and hindi movies. The best thing that I have in my life except the god made relations, my best friend. The person with whom I fought the most loved the most and will miss the most. Bad Break-up on good terms. The experiences, the learnings and yes of- course, love and attraction are a few common things that one can find in a personal diary during this age.

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  5. Here he says he loves me and then he says he only want to sleep with mei dont understand where to find the so called love write -ups he says he only want. Why dont you make good use of yourself and achieve greatly tomorrow? Some will say i dont have any work doing, how am i expected to succeed in life? He loves bukkys beauty especially her make-ups. Browse top 9 famous"s and sayings about love ups And Downs by most favorite authors. "The note, which had been written on one of the pads i kept around for grocery lists, said, "My lover, i came in too close to dawn to wake you, though I was tempted.

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