Fbla business plan

fbla business plan

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Final performances may be open to conference attendees, space permitting (with the exception of interview and prep/case events). Recording performances is prohibited. All electronic devices must be turned off. All attendees must follow the dress code and wear their name badges. General The general event guidelines below are applicable to all national competitive events. Please review and follow these guidelines when competing at the national level.

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Internet access will be provided for: 3-d animation Coding programming Computer Game simulation Programming Digital Video production E-business Electronic Career Portfolio mobile Application development Public Service Announcement Social Media campaign Website design Internet access may not be wifi, so competitors should plan appropriately when selecting. Performance competencies Demonstrate excellent verbal communication. Display effective decision-making and problem-solving skills. Express self-confidence and poise. Work well as a team wish when applicable. Exhibit logic and systematic understanding. Conduct a professional business presentation. Answer questions effectively (when applicable). Penalty points Deducted by judges five (5) points are deducted if competitors do not follow the dress code. Audience Preliminary performances are not open to conference attendees.

In the case of team events, all team competitors are expected to actively participate in the performance. Competitors cannot be replaced parts or substituted for prejudged events with the exception of the chapter events—American Enterprise Project, community service Project, and Partnership with Business Project. All competitors must comply with the fblapbl dress code. Prejudged materials and résumés will not be returned. Technology guidelines The following will be provided for the final round of technology presentation events that allow viewing: screen, power, table, and projector. It is up to final round competitors to decide if they wish to use the provided technology. Competitors utilizing Apple products or other devices that do not have a vga port or hdmi will need to provide their own adapters.

fbla business plan

Fbla, business, plan, business, plan, template

It is up to the final round competitors if they wish to use the provided technology. Five (5) shredder minutes will be allowed to set up and remove equipment or presentation items. See the technology guidelines biography under General Performance event guidelines for additional guidelines. Penalty points Deducted by judges, five (5) points are deducted if competitors do not follow the dress code. Five (5) points may be deducted for presentations over the allotted time. Five (5) points may be deducted for not following guidelines. Performance guidelines, fifteen (15) competitors/teams—or an equal number from each section in the preliminary round—will advance to the final round. When there are more than five sections of preliminary performances for an event, two competitors/ teams from each section will advance to the final round.

Reports submitted for competition become the property of fblapbl, inc. These reports may be used for publication and/or reproduced for sale by the national association. Performance guidelines, visual aids related to the project may be used; however, no items may be left with the judges or audience. Final performances may be open to conference attendees, space permitting. Finalists may not view other competitors performances in their event. Technology guidelines, internet access will not be provided. The following will be provided for the final round of technology presentation events: screen, power, table, and projector.

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fbla business plan

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Reports must include a table of contents and page numbers. Pages must be numbered and formatted to fit on 8-"x11" paper. Reports start from previous State leadership Conference to current State leadership Conference. Follow the rating sheet sequence when writing the report. If information is not available for the particular handwriting criterion, include a statement to that effect in your report. Points will be deducted if the written project doesn't adhere to the guidelines.

Project content is prejudged before the nlc. The presentation of the project is judged at the nlc. Prejudged materials, visual aids, and samples related to the project may be used during the presentation; however, no items may be left with the judges or audience. The report scores will be used to break a tie. Reports must be original, current, and not submitted for a previous nlc.

It offers an honest and complete evaluation of the business potential for success and failure and identifies priorities for directing future business activities. Financials: indicate the accounting methodology to be used by the business. Discuss any assumptions made in projecting future financial results. Present projections honestly and conservatively. Appendix: includes copies of key supporting documents (e.g., certifications, licenses, tax requirements, codes, letters of intent or advance contract, endorsements, etc.). Note: Business must not have been in operation more than 12 months.

Prejudged Reports presentation, report guidelines. Competitors must prepare reports. Advisers and others are not permitted to write reports. The state chair/adviser must upload a pdf of the report by 11:59. Eastern Time on the second Friday in may. Front cover is not counted against page limit. American Enterprise Project, community service, local Chapter Annual Business Report, and Partnership with Business Project should include the name of school, state, name of the event, and year (20xxxx) on the cover. Business Financial Plan and Business Plan should also include the names of participants. Divider pages and appendices are optional and must be included in the page count.

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Company description: includes basic details of the business, including an overview, location, legal structure, and organization. Industry Analysis: provides an analysis of the larger industry in which the business will belong; analyzes key trends and players in the industry; demonstrates an understanding and awareness of external business decisions. Target Market: provides a brief overview of the nature and accessibility of the targeted audience. Competitive analysis: includes an honest and complete analysis of the business competition and demonstrates an understanding of the business relative strengths and weaknesses. Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy: demonstrates how the business product or service will be marketed and sold; includes both strategic and tactical elements of the marketing and sales approach. Operations: provides an overview of business operations on a day-to-day basis, including production processes, physical facility reviews, use of technology, and processes followed to ensure delivery of products or services. Management and Organization: describes assignment the key participants in the new business venture and identifies human resources the business can draw upon as part of the management team, employee pool, consultants, directors, or advisers. It also portrays the role each will play in the business development, and discusses compensation and incentives. Long-Term development: gives a clear vision of where the business will be in three (3 five (5 or more years.

fbla business plan

Computer- to help with taxes, television- for customers' enjoyment, wireless Internet- to help students. Website- for customers' questions The human resources are trustworthy people who will be there for any problems that arise Incentive pay: a method that directly rewards employees for their increased sales or efficiency we plan to perform updating procedures and add value to our restaurant. Increase the number of employees per restaurant we plan on using Microsoft Office Excel to keep track of all of our financials. We took equipment costs, our lease, supplies and extra money for unplanned costs into consideration Coca-cola will provide us with coupons, boxes, and cups. General Partnership: each individual receives tax allowances, and legal ownership Start-up Expenses Legal 1,200. Kitchen Inventory 6,000, packing Materials 1,500, kitchen Equipment 20,000. Insurance 1,500, rent 2,000, promotion 1,800, other Expensed Equipment 5,000 Business Sign 3,000 Permits 1,500 Office supplies 1,000 Other 3,000 Total ending Start-up Expenses 47,500 Start-up Assets Cash Required 10,000 Start-up Inventory 15,000 Other Current Assets 9,000 Long-term Assets 50,000 Total Assets 84,000 Total Requirements 131,500. Category: Prejudged Reports presentation, type: Individual or team, overview. Guidelines, event Specific, an effective business plan should include the following information: Executive summary: provides a brief synopsis of the key points and strengths included in the plan.

weaknesses, part of chain not shown to do as well. Mediocre staff, unsanitary establishment, lack of seating Mission Statement The mission of pizza my heart is to serve our clientele authentic Italian cuisine with a high level of customer service in an appealing setting, at a reasonable price. Advertising: Ads on popular radiostations, newspaper Ads. Selling pizza at local high school. Pizza for good grades at local high school. Others (as needed) pizza my heart will require our customers to give a full payment upfront Whole pizza: Made after purchase, individual Slices: Premade and stored in warmers Managers will arrive an hour before their shifts. Cross-trained employees 11:00. Closing time Equipment: Spokane restaurant Equipment (as needed ingredients: food Services of America (weekly) Uses of Technology cash Register- to hold the money.

Centennial High School, personal Finance 1st, beau groom, scappoose high School. Journalism 2nd, alexandra d'aquilla, tualatin High School, local Chapter Annual Business Report 2nd. Chapter event, hidden Valley high School, word Processing 2nd. Phetmany pitsnukanh, centennial High School, job Interview 5th, kali henderson. Hidden Valley high School, partnership with Business Project 5th, brian Koll, centennial High School, partnership with Business Project 5th, sean Cochran, centennial High School, business Financial Plan plan 6th Alondra barrera-Estrada centennial High School Business Financial Plan 6th Sarah Ali centennial High School Business Financial Plan. First club meeting: Sept. Online membership form here, membership slip here, sign up for Remind: Text @pwayfbla1 to 810-10, points Spreadsheet, pretzels "If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success" - john. Transcript of Business Plan(fbla pizza my heart Washington State fbla. Business Plan By: Katie stern, nathan Burley, breanna Thieren Executive summary company description Industry Analysis Target Market Competition Marketing Plan sales Strategy Operations Management organiation Long-Term, development Financials pizza my heart will be run by three main managers Area map: Calendar 75 of students like.

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The national leadership Conference in Anaheim, california was a success for the Oregon fbla delegation. More than 885 members, advisers, and chaperones attended the conference. From state day at Universal Studios to competitions to the closing session, Oregon fbla was able to show their Legacy of leadership at this conference. Special congratulations to those that were finalists in their events and placed in the top. Oregon fbla was proud to have the national champion position in three events! A complete list of winners and finalists is below. Event, place, remote student, school, business Plan 1st, sylvia marr, hidden Valley high School, business Plan 1st, jeydawn coates, hidden Valley high School, community service Project 1st. Makaila susi, centennial High School, community service Project 1st, kathleen Early.

Fbla business plan
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Aes assessment Plans and Reports. Every business starts with a story of humble beginnings. Let your beginning story start here at the fbla at Bergen Community college!

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  1. Future business leaders of America. What is the purpose of the organization. Nys fbla does not offer the following National events: Business Financial Plan, coding programming, database design application, lifeSmarts, management Information Systems. 2018 fbla officer Application. 5th place business plan: george bian and Merrick wang 5th place banking and financial systems: Harsha ramachandran! Rotary Club Career day.

  2. Transcript of Business Plan (fbla ). Pizza my heart Washington State fbla business Plan By: Katie stern Nathan Burley breanna Thieren Executive summary company description. Future business leaders of America (fbla ) is a nonprofit 501(c 3) education association with a quarter million students preparing for careers in business and business-related. President - chris Castiglia, american Enterprise Project Business Financial Plan Business Plan Project Community. What does fbla stand for?

  3. Business Financial Plan and Business Plan should also include the names of participants. Reports submitted for competition become the property of fblapbl, inc. These reports may be used for. Fbla business plan presentation - business Financial Plan. pa fbla policy leadership Handbook, revised Business Plan - modified business plans are an effective tool for evaluating.

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