Essay on favourite holiday

essay on favourite holiday

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The essay is thus well-organised and supported, and has a good range of grammar and vocabulary, with remote high levels of accuracy. The essay would thus score highly in the ielts test).

essay on favourite holiday

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That said, it is possible to encourage attendance by local people through cultural events and promotions. ( 300 words comments, the essay on museums and historical places begins well by introducing the topic and then explaining in the thesis statement the purpose of the essay. The first body paragraph clearly deals with the first aspect of the question, explaining the reasons why tourists prefer to attend museums and historical sites than local people. Two reasons are given for this. The second body paragraph then sets out possible solutions to the problem of low attendance of local people. Two solutions are presented with some examples to support them. The conclusion then summarises the main arguments that have been presented.

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essay on favourite holiday

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Although most places have sites of historical interest and a variety of museums to visit, it is predominantly tourists who come to see them, not local people. This essay will examine the reasons for this before suggesting some possible methods of attracting local people. The main factor is the different motivations of tourists and local people. For a tourist, the aim when visiting another country, city or region, is to learn about that new place and possibly to understand its culture and history. Visiting historical sites and museums is an excellent way to do this. On the other hand, local people have often lived in the area for much of their lives, and have either learned this at school or understand it through personal experience. In addition, tourists are on holiday and have set aside time and money for these activities.

However, local people may be too busy working and prefer to prioritise their spending on such things as school, shopping and socialising. Despite this, attendance of local people could be encouraged in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the perception of museums and historical sites could be changed by holding events at these places. For example, they could hold cultural festivals or galas for the community to celebrate a unique aspect of that particular place. Another possibility is to have special promotions, such as a reduced price or free tickets provided in local newspapers and magazines. Related to this, concession cards could also be provided to local people so they are encouraged to come more regularly. In conclusion, tourists have different motivating factors to local people, which accounts for the reasons that they are more likely to visit museums and historical sites.

New year has a special atmosphere of joy and excitement, renewal and magic. Christmas is not as popular in Russia as in other Christian countries due to two reasons: firstly, it was banned in Russia after the revolution of 1917, and secondly, new year which has similar traditions is popular in the country. This is an example of an essay on museums and historical places. It is a causes (or 'reasons and solutions essay as you have to explain why local people visit these places less than tourists, and then present ways to encourage more local people to visit. It is common for ielts candidates to only discuss one aspect, either causes or solutions, but not both. You should always read the question carefully to make sure that you know exactly what you are being asked.

This will avoid you making this mistake, which is important as partially answering the question will lead to your score being reduced. Take a look at the question, then examine the model answer and read the comments that follow. Museums and Historical Places Essay model. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists rather than local people. What can be done to encourage local people to visit museums and historical sites? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. Write at least 250 words. Essay on Museums and Historical Places - model Answer.

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It is being restored now, but it will take some time to. The second one is that in Russia there is a long-standing tradition of celebrating the new year whose traditions are very similar to those of Christmas. The only difference is that Christmas is a christian holiday shredder marking the birth of Jesus Christ, and Christianity is not as wide-spread in Russia now as it used to be before the revolution. Translate the following sentences into English. In Russia the new year is celebrated twice — on January, 1, according to the Gregorian calendar, and on January, 14, according to the julian calendar. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and has both religious and secular aspects. New year is the holiday when people see the Old year off and the new year in and stay up all night on December,.

essay on favourite holiday

christmas presents should be special and have a touch of magic, enabling your dearest wishes to come true. Firstly, giving gifts to all the members of the family adds to love and affection in it and helps to forget minor quarrels and misunderstandings. It makes you believe you are a family no matter what happens. Secondly, it creates the atmosphere of joy and magic. This simple and long-standing tradition helps you to believe in miracles and renewal, and regain optimism if you are in trouble. I believe christmas is not as popular in Russia as in most Christian countries. There are two main reasons why it is not. The first one is that after the revolution of 1917 Christmas celebrations were banned in the soviet Union for the next seventy-five years, and a century-old tradition was destroyed.

Firstly, they have a special atmosphere of joy and excitement everyone looks forward to for several months. They are holidays of renewal and magic, exchanging presents and wishes. Most people, irrespective plan of their age, stay up all night on December, 31, setting off fireworks and making merry. Father Christmas and Snow maiden are the popular characters of tv programmes and school festivals though no one except very young children believes in their existence. The second reason I prefer this holiday to all the rest is that it is the centre of the new year and Christmas season which is, in fact, a sequence of holidays. It starts on the 25th of December and finishes on January 14, and everyone has a chance of relaxing after a long period of hard and stressful work. There are many new year and Christmas traditions which make these holidays so special. For Christmas people decorate their houses with mistletoe and the Christmas tree, go to church, send Christmas cards — and, of course, give and receive gifts.

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(11 what is your favourite holiday? My favourite holiday, or, better to say, holidays are, definitely, the new year and Christmas. I n Russia the new year is celebrated twice — on January 1, according to the Gregorian calendar, and on January 14, according to the julian calendar which was used in Russia before 1918. Christmas is a traditional holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus with both religious and secular aspects. It is commonly observed on December, 25 by catholics, and on January, 7 by the russian Orthodox Church. New year and Christmas are the first, and the most joyful, holidays of the year, when people see the Old year off and the new year. I enjoy the holidays for several reasons.

Essay on favourite holiday
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  3. Italki is changing the way the world learns foreign languages. Definitely not on laogui s favourite breakfast in china list. Project my, favourite, holiday - aims and objectives: to design a poster about favourite holiday ; to develop students ability to work on their own; to develop students creativity. Essay on, museums and Historical Places - check out this model answer, tips and strategies for the ielts writing Task. This essay will examine the reasons for this before suggesting. In social studies, for example, an essay about geographical landforms and their effect on the culture of a region might necessitate additional criteria about the use of specific terminology.

  4. My, favourite, holiday, mY, favourite, holiday, i like going to london because it is so unlike my hometown Sungai petani. Essay on the due process model. M is one of the largest academic. Essay, libraries in usa. We have created an incredibly valuable learning and reference tool for students. New year is the holiday when people see the Old year off and the new year in and stay up all night on, december,.

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