Dissertationsdatenbank online

dissertationsdatenbank online

Praktiky zveřejňování vysokoškolských prací v evropě

Poland The national Library in Warsaw czech Republic National Library of the czech Republic Slovakia university library in Bratislava the biggest and oldest research library in Slovakia, serving both academic and general public. The website contains online catalogues that, among other things, register all Slovakian books and newspapers. National széchenyi library Online catalogue of the national Library, that contains Hungarian books since 1976, together with foreign books since 1987. Romania central University library of Bucharest (Biblioteca centrala Universitara din Bucuresti) The balkans Greece national Library of Greece Online catalogues of the Greek national Library Slovenia cobib - opac Slovenia union catalogue for the national Library of Slovenia, and 243 other libraries in the country. For each found item, it is possible to see its location. Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual library of Bosnia and Herzegovina Access to thirteen libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Leipzig dissertationsdatenbank uni medizintechnik - www

Cibera library catalogues, internet collections and other sources relevant for the essay study of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and the caribbean. Benelux Repertorium van boeken en tijdschriftartikelen betreffende de geschiedenis van Nederland (Leiden, 1941- ) available at the State library humanities department. National Library of the netherlands (Koninklijke bibliotheek) Official website of the royal (National) Library in The hague. The main catalogue contains more than one million egalitarianism records (books and periodicals including everything published in the netherlands since 1974. It also provides access to different sub-databases, bibliographies etc. For titles published before 1974, you should consult printed bibliographies at the State library humanities department, group vii m: Holland and Belgium. Bibliographie de belgique national bibliography of Luxembourg (Bibliographie luxembourgeoise) The website of the national Library of Luxembourg contains link to the national bibliography, which consists of two parts: Bibliographie luxembourgeoise (2001-2007) and Bibliographie dhistoire luxembourgeoise (2001-2007). The search button on the librarys home page will lead you to the, which is the joint online catalogue of the thirty-three major libraries from across the country. Malta libraries and Archives Department Online gateway to the national Library of Malta, the malta public Libraries, gozo public Libraries and the national Archives of Malta. Eastern Europe: American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies The database provides an index to journal articles, books, dissertations and other publications on topics related to the former soviet Union and East-Central European history, published in the United States and Canada since 1990. Around 70 percent of records are presented in a full-text format.

Only some theses are available in full-text form, others are accompanied with abstracts. InfoNet - austria infoNet provides online access to austrian information and documentation institutions, such as research libraries, museums, public institutions, and archives. Switzerland Helveticat Swiss National Library (Schweizerische landesbibliothek) The online catalogue of the Swiss National Library, which obtains a copy of everything published in Switzerland. It also contains the Swiss Union Catalogue of Serials. Spain Spanish national bibliography (Bibliografía española) The Spanish national bibliography is part of Biblioteca nacionals database Ariadna, which catalogues books, periodicals, maps, images, videos and music recordings. From the bibliography website you can return to the home page of the Spanish National Library. Indice historico espanol: Publicación trimestral del Centro de estudios historicos internacionales Cibera library catalogues, internet collections and other sources relevant for the study of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and the caribbean. Portugal Porbase joint online catalogue of the portuguese national Library and 149 other libraries in the country.

dissertationsdatenbank online

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Printed best edition Italy in the seventeenth century. Printed edition Modern Italy. Printed edition bni - bibliografia nazionale Italiana på cd-rom The Italian National Bibliography contains references. 523,000 titles published in Italy in the period 19The period is covered in different printed catalogues, available at the State library humanities department, under the group vii. For further information please ask at the librarys Front desk. Vatican Biblioteca Apostolica vaticana The official website of the vatican Apostolic Library. Vaticans official website austria database of Austrian higher degree theses (Österreichische dissertationsdatenbank) Online references to all dissertations defended at universities in Austria from 1990 to the present. Searching is possible by key word, author, year, or university.

Printed edition The cambridge history of modern France. Printed edition Bibliographie nationale française (BNF) Online version of the French National Bibliography, containing bibliographical information on materials divided into following groups: books, periodicals, music, audio-visual, maps. For most of the groups, information runs from 2001 to the present day. Search tip: from the bnfs home page, there is a link les catalogues de la BnF, which leads you to the bibliothèque nationales online catalogue, called bn-opale plus, and which contains the bnf. There you can actually locate the materials found in the bibliography. French Historical Studies Archives nationales Archives départementales Bibliothèque nationale Italy bibliografia storica nazionale longman history of Italy: Italy in the age of the renaissance. Denys hay and John Law.

Dissertationsdatenbank uni leipzig sprachenzentrum

dissertationsdatenbank online

Persönliche literaturverwaltung - obvsg

It is possible to search directly in the archives library catalogue. See under Bestände findmittel. German quarterly Clio online: Fachportal für die girl geschichtswissenschaften Clio is an online gateway, leading to a variety of online resources in History, related both to german and international projects. The website is partially translated to English. Die düsseldorfer Virtuelle bibliothek; Geschichte a comprehensive web portal on German history. It contains links to research institutions, archives, library catalogues, specialized bibliographies, and history reference works of different kinds.

Zeitgeschite-online a gateway to different online resources relevant for German history. It contains also the online history magazine called zeithistorische forschungen. Printed edition Stuart Jenks, dieter Rübsamen (eds.). Magazine Stacks Tables of contents of scholarly journals, in German and (some) in English, with free-text search possibilities. Quellenkunde der deutschen Geschichte: Bibliographie der quellen und der Literatur zur deutschen Geschichte (Stuttgart: Anton hiersemann, 1965-99) available at the State makers library humanities department, under iii. Printed edition zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für schleswig-holsteinische geschichte. Schleswig-Holsteinische Archive france bibliographie annuelle de l'histoire de France.

Cambridge: at the University Press. Printed edition The new Cambridge medieval History. Printed edition The new Cambridge modern History. Cambridge University Press, 1957-85. Printed edition Nobel Campus Emdrup State and University library The cambridge Economic History of Europe. Cambridge University Press, 1942-89.

Printed edition Nobel Campus Emdrup State and University library Index to theses, accepted for higher degrees by the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland An index of higher degree theses defended at the universities in Great Britain and Ireland since 1716 to the present day. Bbc history a comprehensive history website, developed by the bbc specialists. The emphasis is on British history. Germany historische bibliographie jahresberichte für deutsche geschichte Online bibliography of German history, since 1984. Jahresberichte für deutsche geschichte vol. 1-14 (1925-1938) has been digitalized as well. Monumenta germaniae historica An impressive collection of digitalized primary documents, relevant for Germany and for the kingdom of the Francs in the period 500-1500. This is an ongoing digitalization project, which should be finished by 2010. The german Federal Archive (Das Bundesarchiv) The archive holds records from the federal Republic of Germany, german Democratic Republic, the german reich, the german Confederation, as well as military archives, a film archive, political party papers etc.

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National and University library of Iceland - gegnir. Gegnir is the joint, web-based catalogue of most of the libraries in Iceland. Materials are organized in different groups, such as books, journals, manuscripts, or maps and searching is possible by many different criteria. The national Archive of Iceland The short introduction to the archive salon is in English, but the actual catalogue is only in Icelandic. Western Europe: England and the republic of Ireland Bibliography of British and Irish History (bbih) The bibliography of British and Irish History provides bibliographic data on historical writing dealing with the British Isles, and with the British Empire parts and Commonwealth, during all periods for which. The British Library newspapers The national archive collections in the United Kingdom of British and overseas newspapers. The national Archives The official archive for England, wales and the central uk government. It contains records on British history from the domesday book (1086) to the present day. English Historical review The Oxford Companion to British History The Oxford Companion to Scottish History The Oxford Companion to Irish History historical Dictionary of Late medieval England, The cambridge Ancient History 1-12.

dissertationsdatenbank online

Years : Norsk bokfortegnelse. The norwegian libraries joint web portal. Norwegian Periodical Articles (Norart the norwegian Historical Data centre (nhdc or rhdregistreringssentral for historiske data). The aim of the centre is to digitalize and make publicly available a range of historical sources, such as censuses, and parish registers. Searching is possible by names, birthplaces and other friend criteria. Finland, fennica, the national Bibliography of Finland, fennica is the name for the finnish National Bibliography. It contains references to books and journals published since 1488, to maps from the period, and again since 1987 onwards. It also contains links to electronic publications, as well as references to works published abroad, either on Finland or by finnish authors.

conferences held in Norway, but published abroad; foreign-language translations of works published by norwegians (since 1978 works on Norway by foreign authors. The bibliography covers all publications since 1921, with many older publications also included. The years are covered in print: Pettersen, Hjalmar, bibliotheca norvegica, vol. The years : Norsk bokfortegnelse. Both publications are available at the State library humanities department, group vii. Norwegian List of Serials (Norper references to journals, annuals, series, annual reports and newspapers, published in Norway, together with some foreign periodicals thematically related to norway. The database primarily covers periodicals published after 1970, with occasional older examples (dating back to 1600).

This is a joint web portal of all Swedish libraries. It incorporates practically all Swedish titles since 1866. Libris Articles Database, nättidningen svensk historia, this is an reviews electronic magazine on Swedish history. It provides news in research, novelties from the field, recently published books, as well as links to in-depth research. Published by the pk media. Norwegian Historical Bibliography 1980-97, knut Helle. Printed edition, this book in twelve volumes, available at the State library, offers a history of Norway from the oldest times to 1998.

Theses dissertations McGill Library - mcGill

Fold, table of Contents, national bibliographies, library catalogues, journals, major reference works etc. For the similar information on Denmark, see the topmost links on the. Northern Europe: Sweden, swedish Historical Bibliography, all materials published since 1994 are almost completely covered. Registration of publications from the period 1977-93 is in progress. This online version is a continuation of the printed edition, available for the years. Linton: sveriges historie (Århus: Aarhus Universitetsforlag, 1994). Printed edition, this is an overview of the Swedish history for the period, together with business the explanations of unknown words and an annotated bibliography.

Dissertationsdatenbank online
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  3. Dissertationsdatenbank, a listing of Austrian dissertations since 1990 provided by the Österreichischer Bibliothekenverbund. Database of Austrian higher degree theses (Österreichische. Dissertationsdatenbank online references to all dissertations defended at universities in Austria from 1990 to the present. Accepted for Higher Degrees by the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations Union Catalog Sudoc (French theses page) sudoc: An online catalog. This subject guide describes the University of Waterloo library s resources and services that support research in Film Studies. Open access dissertations online, a service of the deutsche nationalbibliothek.

  4. The garland Encyclopedia of World Music. Grove dictionary of Music and Musicians. Ceeol - central and Eastern European. Online, library - info conditions and Politics in Occupied Western Europe, info Osterreichische. Dissertation abstracts online (see dissertations and theses) The Österreichische.

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