Did you finish your homework yet

did you finish your homework yet

Have you finished your homework yet?

True 28 home task choose the correct tense. She (has left/left) school last year. I ( havent finished/didnt finish) my work yet. We (saw/have seen) a good film yesterday. I (have read/read) a lot of books when I was at school. 29 Listen to the children. No man who worships education has got the best out of education. Without a gentle contempt for education no man's education is complete.

Did you finish your homework, yet?

Pascal and Annie have never seen a whale before. Pascal readability and Annie have seen lots of whales before. Ey have seen whales underwater. Tthey havent seen whales underwater. Pascal and Anna have never visited the usa. They have been to the usa before. Ey have shown Ken a photo of a humpback whale. Ken has heard their recording False. He has not heard the recording. Humpback whales sing songs.

They have just bought new underwater cameras. Ken this is a margaret beautiful photo of a humpback whale. These whales love jumping out of the water. And have you heard our recording of a humpback whales song? Ken no, i havent. Annie well, humpback whales are very gentle and romantic. They sing love songs. 27 the task: say true or false:.

did you finish your homework yet

Common English question - have you finished your homework yet

Ken and where are you going to watch these whales? Annie in the usa ken have you been there before? Paskal yes, we have. Our father has lived there for five years and we visit him every school holiday with paper our mum. Ken are you ready for this trip? Paskal yes, we are. Our mum has already left. Shes been in the usa with our dad since the weekend.

They havent visited Westminster Abby yet. They havent been to the tower of London yet. 26 a whale oime ken you are going whale watching! Have you ever seen a whale? Pascal yes, we have. Our father studies whales so weve already seen a lot of lot of them from boats. But we havent seen a whale underwater yet. Ken are you scared? Humpback whales only eat plankton and small fish - not people.

Michael, did you finish your homework yet?

did you finish your homework yet

Did you finish your homework

We have visited uls Cathedral, but not Westminster Abbey. 19, we have been to tower Bridge, but we have not been to The tower of London yet. We are going there tomorrow. Love tom and Emma. What have tom and Emma already done? Changing of the guard (watch).

James Park air (listen to a concert) 21, they have listened to The concert. They have watched the Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. 22, tower Bridge (to be). Pauls Cathedral (to visit) 23, they have visited. Pauls Cathedral They have been to tower Bridge.What havent Tom and Emma done yet? Westmister Abbey (not/visit) The tower of London (not new to be).

Use the Present Perfect or Past Simple. (it/rain/this week) It has rained this week. (it cold/last week) It was cold last week. (I/not/read/a newspaper yesterday) I did not read a newspaper yesterday. 16.(I (not/read) a newspaper today. I havent read a newspaper today.

(She/not/eat/her dinner /yet) She has not eaten her dinner yet 17, read this letter from London. Dear, david and Anna, hi! We are having a wonderful time in London. We are staying in a hotel in the centre of London. We have already done a lot of things. We have watched the Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. 18, we have listened to a concert.

I haven't started my homework yet

(go) Mary went shopping twenty minutes ago. Is Pam here?(just/go out) no, she has just gone out. They are still eating their breakfast. (not/eat) father's They havent eaten it yet. Nick Is doing his homework. (not do) Nick hasnt done his homework. (give) Ann gave me her book yesterday. Make sentences from the words in brackets.

did you finish your homework yet

No yet/do) no, i havent done it yet. 10, open the brackets: (Present Perfect or Past Simple). Where is your cat? (see) I report have not seen. For example:.I. Very tired two hours ago, so i went to sleep. (be) Think, please: I was very tired two hours ago, so i went to sleep opping twenty minutes ago.

No, she has already visited her granny. Have you done your homework?

She/open/the window She has opened the window. We/come/home we have come home. I/buy/a bag I have bought a bag. 6, you essays can use the present perfect with just, already, yet. 7, answer the questions. Use the verb in brackets just/ already/ yet. Would you like something to eat? (just /eat) a banana. No, thanks ive just eaten a banana.

Great, expectations, book, review

1, present Perfect Past simple 2, lets study the example situation: Tom doesnt margaret know where his toy elephant. He cant find. He has lost his toy. 3, tom lost his elephant yesterday. My father/start/a new job my father has started a new job. Tom and david/go/to london. We/do/our homework we have done our homework. Tom and david have gone to london.

Did you finish your homework yet
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  4. _ What a shame, i didn t do my gamer homework yet! Nick Is doing his homework. (not do) Nick hasnt done his homework. Hand in your homework, hand in your homework, dont play a game!

  5. Homework is a waste of time, space and energy! Do you always finish your homework on time? Is it over yet? But it did remind me of the Space quest series - especially the beginning, in the ship! Gotta finish some Space quests.

  6. I downloaded, installed and upgraded Padre (upgrade took much more then 4 minutes) and did the hello world program. In fact, bloggers often just keep running year after year and forget theres such thing as a finish line. Pulling an all-nighter - staying awake all night to finish a major assignment or other homework project - is practically a rite of passage in college. The public school is one of the best institutions connected with the life of our nation. Floyd (18691923 keeping School, floyd s Flowers: or, duty and beauty for Colored Children, 1905 Despise school and remain a fool. German proverb Where are gone those older spirits in education who knew and taught boldly that school.

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