Daily dashboard report

daily dashboard report

Cso online daily dashboard cso online

70 Facts about Visitors, by m/70 Enlarge This Image 70 Facts about Visitors, by m/70 This dashboard reveals 70 metrics about visitors to your site, in 10 widgets. Top 5 countries your visitors reside. Top 5 cities your visitors reside. Top 5 tablet and mobile devices. Top 5 language settings. Top 10 screen resolutions.

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Every widget is clickable to the source data, which reveals a more comprehensive report. Email Dashboard, by business Blast Analytics marketing Enlarge This Image Email Dashboard, by Blast Analytics marketing This email marketing performance dashboard details email marketing revenue, bounce rate, visits, top landing pages from ecommerce, top performing products from email marketing, email campaign performance and geographic (by country). Engagement, loyalty, and Traffic Growth Dashboard, by cemal buyukgokcesu Enlarge This Image Engagement, loyalty, and Traffic Growth Dashboard, by cemal buyukgokcesu This is another dashboard that hones in on device-specific metrics. But rather than transactional data, it focuses on providing engagement metrics specific to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It is a simple and quick way to understand how visitors engage with content on your site from a device standpoint, addressing the following metrics. Pageviews by day of the week for each device type. Repeat visitor metrics by device type. Pages per session and bounce rate by device type. The most engaging traffic sources. The apparent aim of the dashboard is to provide everything you need to analyze for traffic growth insights and to improve engagement and loyalty on your site.

Social Visits quality from Mobile report sheds light on social traffic from tablet and mobile devices. One of the most important pieces of data for an ecommerce manager is from the report titled revenue and Per Visit Value by social Network, which reveals revenue figures from social traffic and well as per session value. How is social performing for your brand? This dashboard gives you a view of off-site activity, on-site activity, and conversions and outcomes, making it easier to evaluate user activity throughout the conversion process. AdWords long Performance Snapshot, by loves Data Enlarge This Image AdWords Performance Snapshot, by loves Data This dashboard provides a quick review of the performance of your google AdWords campaigns without having to log into your google AdWords account. The dashboard provides all key adWords metrics, along with traffic metrics needed for a quick analysis of performance. The widgets provide data on the top 10 impressions, visitors, click-through rate, ad spend, conversions, conversion rate, keywords, visits and conversions per campaign and ad group.

daily dashboard report

Sales Report Template - excel Dashboard for Sales Managers

All-in-one Ecommerce dashboard, by paolo margari Enlarge This Image All-in-one Ecommerce dashboard, by paolo margari This report utilizes the 12-widget dashboard limit with some of the most important ecommerce transaction metrics. The big, colorful bar chart labeled Ecommerce conversion Rate by medium and device category, details mini the conversion rate of each device type, broken down by desktop, mobile and tablet. There is a transaction by medium pie chart that details the top six sales referral channels. There are also corresponding tables for the graphs mentioned above as well as standard ecommerce metrics, such as transactions, conversion rates, and revenue. The other widget worth mentioning is the Transaction and Ecommerce conversion Rate by city report that details transactions and conversion rates by city. It is possible to apply basic and custom Advanced Segments to filter traffic sources and to filter by products, categories, and even product skus. Social Media dashboard Import, by justin Cutroni Enlarge This Image social Media dashboard Import, by justin Cutroni This dashboard report is dedicated to a better understanding of social media traffic. Key widgets worth checking out include the following New Visitor Acquisition from Social report that shows a percentage of new traffic acquired through social media to help understand how it is helping drive traffic to your store.

Know what your top 10 selling products are on mobile devices (including tablets). ResponseTap Ecommerce dashboard, by responseTap, this is a quick-to-understand ecommerce dashboard that focuses on transaction metrics. My favorite widgets are the Transactions by day of week name bar chart that displays transactions by day of the week and the Transactions by hour widget, which shows transaction data by hour of the day. An ecommerce manager could use this dashboard to assign more live chat resources over busy periods this report generates. Enlarge This Image, responseTap Ecommerce dashboard, by responseTap. Seo dashboard: Finding Top Content and keywords, by k3v1np1k3. Enlarge This Image, seo dashboard: Finding Top Content and keywords, by k3v1np1k3. Even with the departure of keyword data, this search-engine-optimization dashboard comes in handy for mid-sized and larger e-tailers, as it reveals keyword data for 5 to 10 percent of organic traffic. It is a must-have dashboard as it reveals: Top organic search landing pages; Organic landing pages that have generated the most conversions (or goal completions seven (or more) long-tail keywords that have generated conversions (depending on your conversion settings 5 (or more) keywords, 3 (or.

The difference between a dashboard and a report

daily dashboard report

Dashboard vs Report; Differences At a glance power

With all 12 widgets put to full use, this dashboard provides tablet and mobile commerce data that store is easy to understand. The top widgets (all of which are customizable) that I find useful are as follows. High bounce mobile devices. Enables you identify devices that might have responsive or adaptive issues. Identifies the most popular pages on mobile and tablet devices. Social source and Action. Is quite useful for understanding social sharing of your content on mobile and tablet devices.

Mobile revenue and average Order Value. Understand revenue and average order value from mobile and tablet devices at a glance. A pie chart that outlines mobiles share of total revenue. Mobile cart Abandonment presentation Rate. Helps you identify cart abandonment rates on mobile devices at a single glance.

Data is key to making informed decisions, especially in the context of ecommerce. But filtering through the maze of available data in google Analytics can be daunting and time consuming. Custom reports and dashboards — two google Analytics options — can help ecommerce managers quickly access key metrics. But whilst custom reports are able to drill down to traffic data with virtually no limitations, the format of dashboards is report summaries comprising of a maximum of 12 widgets (boxes at a maximum of 10 rows per widget. Dashboards can be tailored for specific departments or members of an ecommerce team. They are handy tools for making quick and informed decisions.

Each google Analytics account has an allowance of 20 dashboards. Here are 10 custom dashboards that every online retailer should use. Perfect Dashboard for Ecommerce (revenue), by portent, enlarge This Image, perfect Dashboard for Ecommerce (revenue by portent. For this dashboard, the key metrics that you have access to at a glance are revenue, pageviews, visits, and Sales. There is also a channel-referral pie chart and a visits revenue chart. The top Landing pages table is also useful as it displays the top landing pages sorted by page views and average time on site. You are able to further filter this dashboard by Advanced Segments. Mobile Ecommerce dashboard, by justin Cutroni, enlarge This Image, mobile Ecommerce dashboard, by justin Cutroni.

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Request a demonstration on-line or Contact ExperTune at 1 (262) 369 7711. Contact Info, sandy myers, ken Slack, note, these closures are subject to change due to adverse weather conditions and other unforeseen problems. Other lane closures not yet summary scheduled may occur which do not appear on this report. You have not saved any software. Click "save" next to each software. Would you like to receive announcements of new versions of your software by email or by rss reader? Editors Note: meet Kunle campbell at Ignite 2015, our conference on Sept. 16 and 17 in Dallas, where hell present two sessions: google Analytics: Set-up Checklist for Ecommerce merchants and, essential google Analytics Dashboards, to save time and Improve focus.

daily dashboard report

These are the loops where they will focus their optimization analysis using the included Advanced pid tuner. Biggest payback loops uses a combination of technical and economic factors to ensure you are choosing the best priorities for your plant. The choice of economic factors is completely within your control. This is a routine task during system configuration. Our expert installation team will guide you through this process quickly and efficiently. Get a demonstration of PlantTriage. There is so much to see journey in PlantTriage. Get a private guided tour. Demo can be accomplished over the web, and takes about 1 hour.

down. PlantTriage saw that problem before the operators did." —maintenance Engineer on a paper machine. Drill-Down for Instant diagnosis, click on any individual loop to drill down for an instant detailed diagnosis of the problem. Apply the integrated pid loop tuning and analysis tools to the loops at the top of the list. This will have the greatest economic impact in your plant. Learn More About Drill-Down. Prioritized by Economics, biggest payback loops answers this question for plant personnel: "What can I do today that will have the greatest financial impact on my plant?" The ranking in Biggest payback is determined by a combination of economic and technical factors, selected specifically for. This window is a starting point for Process Control Technicians or Engineers whose responsibility it is to maintain the plant.

Plant Manager Hannu luoto said "This was a fantastic start-up.". Read the article from Chemical Processing magazine. Biggest payback loops—Problem Solver, with the biggest payback loops, PlantTriage looks at your entire plant, and prioritizes all of the control loop problems. The top 10 loops are shown in a web browser interface. Loop ranking includes economic significance, so if 2 loops with different economic importance have the same health, the one worth more bubbles to the top. They can also be scheduled to be emailed daily, weekly, or monthly, so you get the information you need, when you need. Like everything else in PlantTriage, the biggest payback loops is being updated all the time. When essay equipment starts to fail, you can be notified right away.

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PlantTriage biggest payback loops, focus your Efforts on the most Important Issues. The "Biggest payback loops" shows you where to shredder focus for the greatest economic return. The higher the average Economic Assessment the greater the benefit to your plant you will achieve by improving the loop. PlantTriage knows about the technical and the economic importance of each control loop. Using this information, it is able to prioritize the work required in your plant. When problems start to occur in the plant, the loop name will work its way to the top of the biggest payback loops list. If a new loop suddenly appears on the list, you know that something has changed in the plant, and it is worth investigating right away. Success Story with Biggest payback loops. At Borealis Polymers, in poorvoo, finland, PlantTriage improved a system start-up, using Biggest payback loops to identify issues.

Daily dashboard report
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  2. Click to report an insufficient or poor description. Dashboard builder Windows 7 - free download Windows 7 dashboard builder - windows 7 Download - free windows7 Download. Continuous Integration daily build(night build)and build automation tool. Use the site Usage. Dashboard to monitor sites.

  3. This dashboard report is dedicated to a better understanding of social media traffic. Bhq 2015 Track record. This report contains stat boxes for all 30 major league teams. Daily, work Plan An on-screen to do list and a daily report for each service advisor to help quickly resolve problem areas. Dashboard is the first screen that you see after logging in to the administration panel.

  4. They can also be scheduled to be emailed daily, weekly, or monthly, so you get the information you need, when you need. Staunton District - traffic Alert for February 13 to 17, 2017 Alleghany county - multiple. Daily, closures on route 600 for Bridge work augusta county - portion of route 919. This is a dashboard recording the data and information of the under going Formula 1 2010 season. Report dashboard, sample (swf 588 KB). This is a quick-to-understand ecommerce dashboard that focuses on transaction metrics.

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