Big greek wedding 2 review

big greek wedding 2 review

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Reviewed by: Nicole Granath contributor. On the whole, my big Fat Greek wedding 2 is somewhat predictable, although there are a few unexpected plot twists. Nia vardalos and John Corbett in 'my big Fat Greek wedding 2 Photograph: Organic Publicity. Up to the minute reviews from this year's Berlin Film Festival. What we'll be watching. In Issue 12, she tries to help Pinkie pie overcome her addiction to a delicious pastry called Phenomnomenons. Twilight casting her fail-safe spell, which is ineffective on Discord 's magic.

Big, fat, greek, wedding 2 reviews

The grandmother added a much needed comedic break where dramatic scenes appeared to unfold. What I really enjoyed about this film autobiography is that, not only is it funny, but it draws on important family values, illustrates serious relationship issues and shows that despite all the struggles one has been through, family will always be there to lend a hand. I found this to be a particularly touching idea. As much as essay the Greek family in this film were loud, oblivious, and constantly in the way, at the end of it all, they are there to love, support and cherish each and every member of their family. There were certainly aspects that could have been done better, for example, a bit more emphasis on the struggle toula and Ian face as a couple as well as a bit more depth into certain scenes, but this is something that I can let. This is mostly because, for the most part, my big Fat Greek wedding 2 satisfied me with its humour and plot, something that other sequels have yet to do correctly. All in all, my big Fat Greek wedding 2 was the perfect way to end the working day and made for many laughs and jokes. If you enjoy romantic comedies or youre after an easy, relaxing film, then this film is certainly one for you. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! Story: 7, visuals: 6, rewatchability:.5, overall:.5 film reviews films, my big Fat Greek wedding my big fat greek wedding. Paramount Pictures, romantic Comedies, universal Pictures.

The plot development was smooth and the proposal films narrative had an easy flow to it, allowing viewers to simply sit back, relax and enjoy all that the film had to offer. Much like other comedies of this kind, this film did have a whole lot of predictability, though unlike other cases, this felt like a good thing. The films predictability made for a sense of relief that despite all the family drama and the cultural differences between the young and the old, the bond between each family member would not be broken. Of course, when looking at the film critically, predictability made for a lack of anything special or new to the film. The characters were just as loud and outrageous as the first film. Its interesting to think that the family life depicted. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 could very well be an accurate representation of immigrant families in America. Each person watching this film will likely have their own favourite character. Mine was the little old grandmother, who without making a single sound, managed to bring me to tears as I laughed my way throughout all of her senile escapades.

big greek wedding 2 review

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The Greeks are all about family and we see early on just how close some families can. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 follows toula portokalos as she, once again, gets thrown into her familys nutty antics, all the while struggling to maintain a strong mother-daughter bond with her teenage daughter, paris, and a relationship with her husband, ian. But things are never easy when one comes from a family as upfront and in your face as the one in this film. Whilst its predecessor placed more focus on toula, my big Fat Greek wedding 2 did a brilliant job of featuring not only toula, but her entire business family as a whole, with an emphasis on the patriarch of the family, kostas (aka gus and his strong. Most comedy sequels struggle to outperform their predecessor but I found. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 to be funnier, bigger and Greeker (if thats even a word) than the first film. Not to mention that there was more heart and a stronger concept of family depicted in this sequel.

Finally, it wouldnt be a, greek wedding picture if the entire extended family didnt surround every moment and suffocate the life out of you with hilarious interactions and family dynamics that will be relate-able to individuals of any age.  Producer and actor Rita wilson and John Stamos also show up to add to the fun. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 will be a huge hit for those who fell in love with the charm and characters of the original film and will find acceptance with a new audience who are ok can relate to the eccentric nature. While young people probably wont consciously seek this out, they will be able to laugh if they find themselves seeing. . And despite it taking a long time to have a sequel, nia vardalos was wise enough to wait until she had something to truly say with these characters before writing a new chapter. . If only hollywood took the same approach with every property that audiences grow to know and love. Once upon a time there was a big fat Greek wedding; and one just wasnt enough. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 is a sequel to the 2002 comedy, my big Fat Greek wedding. Starring many of the original cast, including nia vardalos, john Corbett, michael Constantine and Andrea martin, the sequel brings back beloved characters for, you guessed it, another big fat Greek wedding.

my, big, fat, greek, wedding 2 says Opa!

big greek wedding 2 review

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For the new film, we find toula and her non-Greek husband Ian (John Corbett) raising their teenage daughter Paris (Elena kampouris). . toula has slowly been becoming the suffocating type mother like maria whom she was rebelling against in the original story. . As her daughter is about to graduate high school and head off to college, mom cant seem to let. . Facing empty nest is a real issue and this film looks at the conflicts that go along with it with the charm and humor that made the first film such a beloved movie. Toulas fears of losing the role of hands-on mother has affected her relationship with her daughter, where paris wants to escape the suffocating family style as much as her mother did before. .

It also correctly shows the struggle toula has rediscovery the identity she had as a couple, and just being with her husband Ian. . The film tries to remind us that before she was a mom, she was a girlfriend. . Both are important identities and for a while one relationship has dominated to the detriment of the other. The film also follows the eccentric parents Gus and Maria as they discover a problem with their marriage situation from 50 years before that allows for their stubborn ways to take center stage. . Michael Constantine is hilarious and this conflict seeks to show us the importance of continuing to pursue resume our loved ones no matter how much time weve been in a relationship with each other.

we now have that film. Kirk jones waking Ned devine, everybodys Fine, nanny McPhee ) takes over directing duties from joel Zwick who is better known for directing episodes. Full house, and, perfect Strangers in the 1980s and 1990s. . As a result, the sequel feels a little more cohesive like a feature film should be, and less like a made for television movie, that was one of the drawbacks of the original film. . What is consistent here, despite the 14 year gap is the sharpness of nia vardalos writing, and how she is able to convey the family experience we all have had as we look at her life inside the hyperbolic depiction of her Greek family.

With a 14 year gap, the actors, and as a result the characters, have certainly aged from the first movie to the new one. . When this happens, many sequels try to still squeeze youth out of their cast to try and recapture whatever perceived magic they think there is in that, weakening the overall brand as a result. . Here, this story allows for natural aging to happen and seeks to find new jokes and quirks to highlight rather than simply trade on the old ones. . you will occasionally see michael Constantines character Gus (Opa) still using some windex, but the film never seeks to recapture the original humor of that gag. . It is simply a part of the character now, allowing Gus to find new quirks to explore as his character has continued to age. . The same can be said of lainie kazans character Maria. Despite some of the flaws of this film, what it does get right is allowing the family to continue to grow and develop, allowing the characters to face new age-appropriate problems that seem natural and organic. This feels more like a continuation of a story in progress than an attempt to bring back the cast as an attempt to recreate the original. . For this, my big Fat Greek wedding 2 is to be commended.

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After realizing the spark in their marriage is not burning so high, toula and Ian (Corbett) go out to dinner in a sequence designed to recreate elements of their big first date from movie. 1, and also to allow them to once again get caught making out in a parked car. As the title promises, there is indeed another big and fat and stereotypically Greek wedding, but this time it involves toulas parents, gus (Constantine) and Marie (Lainie kazan who embark on a rocky road back to the altar after realizing their original proposal marriage certificate was. Seriously, everything from the first movie is dragged out of storage and thrown up onscreen again, even reviews joey fatone. (He plays one of toulas many cousins and gets a teeny-tiny subplot of his own.). Is The sequel Able to capture The Charm Of The Original 14 years Later? Nia vardalos has waited 14 years to pen another story of about toula portokalos and her funny and loving, if not suffocating, Greek family. . The original film, my big Fat Greek wedding was a smash hit and success and even spawned a television spin-off, but never a sequel. . Recently, nia, who also stars as toula, said that she wanted to write a story that wasnt just a sequel based on the success of the original film, but one that had a story that was compelling enough to tell. .

big greek wedding 2 review

My big Fat Greek wedding — the creatively titled, my big Fat Greek wedding 2 — has belatedly arrived, with, as unbelievable as this may sound, even more sitcom contrivances and one-note jokes. Can you guess how long it takes for the first Windex reference to pro rear its unnaturally blue-liquid head in this movie? If you said one minute, oh, my friend, you have wildly underestimated. My big Fat Greek wedding. (Note: Its more like 30 seconds.). Vardalos, who once again wrote the screenplay and also stars, has built this sequel on the premise that everything that happened in the previous film should be recreated in the second, but in a way that feels even less organic. Hence, just as before, the first spoken lines of dialogue consist of toulas father saying, youd better get married soon, because youre starting to look old. But this time hes not talking to toula, hes addressing her 17-year-old daughter Paris (Elena kampouris whos eager to get as far away as possible from this Hellenic helicopter family.

by Universal Pictures. More on wikipedia of 13 of 80 of 136 of 50. Universal, when, my big Fat Greek wedding was released in 2002, its massive box-office success came as a huge surprise, partly because such a simple, modestly budgeted indie managed to rake in so much money — 241.4 million to be exact, making it the highest. Nia vardalos semi-autobiographical story, in which she played toula, a greek woman attempting to negotiate the intrusiveness of her extended family and a whirlwind romance with a waspy dreamboat (John Corbett possessed an admirably warm heart. But it also boiled over with sitcom contrivances and one-note jokes. In case youve forgotten, one of the films most enduring gags involved toulas father (Michael Constantine) spritzing Windex on every ailment imaginable. Put some windex on it, he would say, and American moviegoers, who kept going to see. My big Fat Greek wedding for months on end, would laugh and laugh. Fourteen years have passed and the sequel.

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Big greek wedding 2 review
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The romantic comedy sequel, after all, cant be about two lovers coming together for the first time again, it almost has to try something new. Mpaa rating: for some suggestive material.

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  2. Home » 2016 theatrical releases » my big Fat Greek wedding 2 movie review: prearranged marriage. I recently rewatched the original my big Fat Greek wedding, which i enjoyed back in the day but had not seen since it was new in 2002. Jen Chaney.23.16 2 years ago. If you said one minute, oh, my friend, you have wildly underestimated my big Fat Greek wedding. (Note: Its more like 30 seconds.). The big Wedding Trailer 2012 Robert de niro, katherine heigl movie - official.

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