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Bernard tells stories about people who have entered the inner earth and what has happened to them. It mentions a photograph published in 1960 in the Globe and mail in Toronto, canada which shows a beautiful valley with lush hills. An aviator claimed that he had taken the picture while flying into the north Pole. In his Letters from Nowhere, bernard claims to have been in contact with great mystics in secret ashrams and with Grand Lamas in Tibet. He was, in short, another Gurdjieff. Bernard "died of pneumonia on September 10, 1965, while searching the tunnel openings to the interior of the earth, in south America." Bernard seems to have accepted every legend ever associated with the hollow Earth idea, including the notions that the Eskimos originated within the. Bernard even accepts without question Shaver's claim that he learned the secret of relativity before einstein from the hollow Earth people.

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He placed an interior sun in the hollow Earth. He even built a working model of environment the hollow Earth and patented. Gardner made no mention of reed, but did take symmes to task for his ideas. In the same time Vladimir Obruchev wrote a fiction novel Plutonia, where the hollow Earth's interior possessed one inner (central) sun and was inhabited by prehistoric species. The interior was connected with the surface by a hole in the Arctic. Other writers have proposed that ascended masters of esoteric wisdom inhabit subterranean caverns or a hollow Earth. Antarctica, the north Pole, tibet, peru, and mount Shasta in California, usa, have all had their advocates as the locations of entrances to a subterranean realm referred to as Agartha, with some even advancing the hypothesis that ufos have their homeland in these places. Bernard In 1964, raymond. Bernard, an esotericist and leader of the rosicrucians published The hollow Earth - the Greatest geographical Discovery in History made by Admiral Richard. Byrd in the mysterious Land beyond the poles - the True origin of the Flying saucers.

This story gets more complicated with nazi-designed ufos, nazi collaboration with the people who live in the center of the earth, and the possible explanation for "Aryan-looking" ufo pilots. In 2005, Steven Currey expeditions planned an expedition to the north Pole region to explore for a possible opening into the inner Earth. Agnew took over as leader on Currey's death in 2006, shredder with the plan of taking 100 scientists and film makers to the supposed Arctic "opening" in 2009. An early twentieth-century proponent of hollow Earth, william reed, wrote. Phantom of the poles in 1906. He supported the idea of a hollow Earth, but without interior shells or inner sun. Marshall Gardner wrote a journey to the earth's Interior in 1913 and an expanded edition in 1920.

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Adolf Hitler, reported much about Tibetan myths of openings into the earth. There is even a theory that Hitler ordered a research journey for such an opening in Antarctica, based on a speech of Admiral Donitz in front of a german submarine in 1944, when he claimed "The german submarine fleet is proud of having built. As the story goes. Hitler and his followers wanted to create a race of super soldiers an Ayran race (like the Atlanteans) to rule the world. They came estate to this conclusion through the acceptance of many occult beliefs and practices, including the hollow Earth Theory. There is a legend which says that Hitler and his chief advisers escaped the last days of the Third reich by going through the opening at the south Pole (Antarctica) where they discovered summary an entrance to the earth's interior. According to the hollow Earth Research Society in Ontario, canada, they are still there. After the war, the organization claims, the Allies discovered that more than 2,000 scientists from Germany and Italy had vanished, along with almost a million people, to the land beyond the south Pole.

Symmes' Theory of Concentric Spheres in 1826. It appears that reynolds has an article that appeared as a separate booklet in 1827: Remarks of Symmes' Theory Which Appeared in the American quarterly review. In 1868, a professor. The hollow Globe which put forth a symmes-like hollow Earth hypothesis, but didn't mention Symmes. Symmes's son Americus then published. The symmes' Theory of Concentric Spheres to set the record straight. Recent Theories, the, thule society, which was well known.

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However in his board Letters to a german princess Euler describes a thought experiment involving a patently solid Earth. De camp and ley also claim that Sir John Leslie expanded on Euler's idea, suggesting two paper central suns named Pluto and Proserpine (this was unrelated to the dwarf planet Pluto, which was discovered and named some time later). Leslie did propose a hollow Earth in his 1829. Elements of Natural Philosophy (pp. 19th century, in 1818, john Cleves Symmes,. Suggested that the earth consisted of a hollow shell about 1300 km (800 miles) thick, with openings about 2300 km (1400 miles) across at both poles with 4 inner shells each open at the poles.

Symmes became the most famous of the early hollow Earth proponents. He proposed making an expedition to the north Pole hole, thanks to efforts of one of his followers, james McBride, but the new President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, halted the attempt. Jeremiah reynolds also delivered lectures on the "Hollow Earth" and argued for an expedition. Reynolds went on an expedition to Antarctica himself but missed joining the Great. Exploring Expedition of, even though that venture was a result of his agitation. Though Symmes himself never wrote a book about his ideas, several authors published works discussing his ideas.

There are supposedly races that exist in subterranean cities beneath planet Earth. Very often, these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we on the surface. Some believe that ufos are not from other planets, but are manufactured by strange beings in the interior of the earth. Conventional Hollow Earth Theories, early history. In ancient times, the idea of subterranean realms seemed arguable, and became intertwined with the concept of "places" such as the Greek hades, the nordic svartalfheim, the Christian Hell, and the jewish.

Sheol (with details describing inner Earth in Kabalistic literature, such as the. Zohar and Hesed l'avraham). Edmond Halley in 1692 put forth the idea of Earth consisting of a hollow shell about 800 km (500 miles) thick, two inner concentric shells and an innermost core, about the diameters of the planets Venus, mars, and Mercury. Atmospheres separate these shells, and each shell has its own magnetic poles. The spheres rotate at different speeds. Halley proposed this scheme in order to explain anomalous compass readings. He envisaged the atmosphere inside as luminous (and possibly inhabited) and speculated that escaping gas caused the aurora borealis. De camp and ley have claimed (in their Lands beyond) that. Leonhard Euler also proposed a hollow-Earth idea, getting rid of multiple shells and postulating an interior sun 1000 km (600 miles) across to provide light to advanced inner-Earth civilization (but they provide no references).

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Hollow Earth business Theories always propose a central sun, aliens, and mythical subterranean cities and civilizations that some believe could link science and pseudoscience paper if physically discovered. Glaciers at both the Arctic and Antarctic regions are melting down at an accelerated rate, which will reveal the truth behind this mystery and its metaphoric connections to other creation myths in the story of humanity's journey on plant Earth. According to the hollow Earth Hypothesis, planet Earth is either wholly hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space. The hypothesis has long been contradicted by overwhelming observational evidence, as well as by the modern understanding of planet formation; the scientific community has dismissed the notion since at least the late 18th century. The concept of a hollow Earth still recurs in folklore and as the premise for a sub-genre of adventure fiction. It also features in some present-day pseudoscientific and conspiracy theories. Underground civilizations link with the 'hollow Earth Theory'.

about hypothesis

Top available domains 3-letter Domains (alphabetical) m m (and variants) m 4-letter Domains (alphabetical) m m m m m m (and variants) m (and variants) m, other High Value domains (by length) m m m m (and variants) m (and variants) m m (and variants). Org m (and variants) m (and variants) m (and variants for a list of all available domains, click. Please contact us with interest. Only emails with specific and serious offers will receive a reply). Hollow Earth Hypothesis - subterranean civilizations - agartha - crystalinks. Hollow Earth Hypothesis, as science and science fiction merge, we unravel the ancient mysteries of the human experience. If indeed entities exist beneath the surface of the planet, they would not live in molten rock but in space ships. And as the tectonic plates are breaking - it is either by their doing, a knowing that the consciousness hologram that creates this portfolio reality, is ending so they no longer have to monitor from below, or they emerge as the plates naturally break apart.

of the water. Though tribal societies had had some form of government, this was usually personal in nature, exercised by a patriarch over a tribal group related by various degrees of kinship. Now, for the first time, an impersonal government as a distinct and permanent institution was established. Irrigation increased the food supply, allowing larger numbers of people to agglomerate into towns and cities. Because farmers were vulnerable to attack, armies were needed, with the implication of an officer class. Town specialization of labour brought the emergence of potters, weavers, metalworkers, scribes, lawyers, and physicians, while the new surpluses also created the basis for commerce. The more complex economy required records, so writing, of which the first examples come from the bookkeeping records of the storehouses in ancient Mesopotamia, was born. Wittfogel's theory has been modified by scholars who point to the emergence of urban civilizations in some areas without the presence of large-scale irrigation works. In their view, several factors, including geographic features, natural-resource distribution, climate, kinds of crops and animals raised, and relations with neighbouring peoples, entered into the response to the environment. These scholars might be said to apply a "systems" approach to the interpretation of the origins of organized societies.

Among these hydraulic civilizations, wittfogel listed ancient Egypt, mesopotamia, india, china and pre-columbian Mexico and Peru. The extreme importance of the role of irrigation in social development has been disputed by other writers. Not all of the features that professional Wittfogel linked are necessarily found together, and they also may appear without large-scale irrigation. The static nature of his model has also been criticized. Anthropologist Robert McCormick Adams suggested that archaeological evidence fails to support Wittfogel's contention that irrigation is the primary cause of the formation of coercive political institutions but conceded that, as part of a larger system of subsistence techniques, political structure, and economic relationships, it may. Work organization of the ancient world. The first general theory advanced to explain the development of ancient civilizations with systematic organization of work on a large scale, the emergence of social classes, and widespread specialization was elaborated in the United States by the historian and political scientist Karl Wittfogel in his.

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Karl Wittfogel: the hydraulic hypothesis, wittfogel's hydraulic hypothese summarized (adapted from on-line. Encyclopedia britannica 's articles). Home author list, wittfogel, wittfogel On The hydraulic civilization, civilizations whose agriculture was dependent upon large-scale waterworks for irrigation and writings flood control were called "hydraulic civilizations" by the german-American historian Karl. Wittfogel in his book. Wittfogel believed that such "hydraulic civilizations" although neither all in the Orient nor characteristic of all Oriental societies were quite different from those of the west. He believed that wherever irrigation required substantial and centralized control, government representatives monopolized political power and dominated the economy, resulting in an absolutist managerial state. In addition, there was a close identification of these officials with the dominant religion and an atrophy of other centres of power. The forced labour for irrigation projects was directed by the bureaucratic network.

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  5. Paleolithic Continuity, paradigm for the Origins of Indo-european Languages. Click here to download a pdf of this page. The following is a detailed summary of our tentative, current understanding of the core issues related to the presence of the visitors, and the possible earth changes that may be ahead. In ancient times, the idea of subterranean realms seemed arguable, and became intertwined with the concept of places such as the Greek hades, the nordic svartalfheim, the Christian Hell, and the jewish Sheol (with details describing inner Earth in Kabalistic literature, such as the. Civilizations whose agriculture was dependent upon large-scale waterworks for irrigation and flood control were called hydraulic civilizations by the german-American historian Karl. Wittfogel in his book oriental Despotism (1957).

  6. Hypothesis is the answer you think you'll find. Prediction is your specific belief about the scientific idea: If my hypothesis is true, then I predict we will discover this. Hypothesis : Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom on m free shipping on qualified orders. Below is a list of the top available domains. For a list of all available domains, click ease contact us with interest.

  7. A hypothesis (plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a r a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that. Gaia hypothesis. Ə / ghy-ə, /. Ə / gay-ə also known as the gaia theory or the gaia principle, proposes that living organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet. Observation is first step, so that you know how you want to go about your research.

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