Write name in hebrew

write name in hebrew

To write your name - translation into, hebrew

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Hebrew, names with Vowels (nikud) and English Transliterations

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write name in hebrew

How to write your name in, hebrew letters synonym

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Write, names in, hebrew?

write name in hebrew

Write, your, name in, hebrew, characters

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Write your name in hebrew and give you its meaning by Shovals

Imperative) / learns (m.s.) lamed 2556 the communist (m.s.) hakomu nis ti 2557 in connection / in relation / in contact / regarding be ke sher 2558 relayed / counted on samakh 2559 we will say / let us say / let us suppose nomar. (pl.) ha'adonim 2644 tomorrow makhar 2645 and now veka'et 2646 father's the kingdom / the kingship hamalkhut the queens hamalkot 2647 map mapa 2648 certainly / of course vadai certain / undoubted vada'i 2649 the money ha ke sef 2650 the flowers haprakhim 2651 for children. Impertaive) ha'aver 2764 the official harishmi 2765 with weapon be ne shek with the weapon ba ne shek 2766 rock / cliff tsur 2767 driver / drove / used to (m.s.) nahag 2768 required nidrash 2769 to/for a victory lenitsakhon to/for the victory lanitsakhon 2770. Imperative) red 2845 from here mikan 2846 nail masmer 2847 to/for the rabbi larav to/for a rabbi lerav mostly / in most cases / usually larov 2848 to move la nu 'a 2849 that/who brought (pl.) shehevi'u 2850 arch / bow / rainbow / curvature. Imperative) ktov 2914 showed (m.s.) her'a 2915 goes down / comes down / descends / decreases (m.s.) yored 2916 before him / in front of him / to/for his face lefanav 2917 pass / cross / go through (.) ovrim 2918 proclaimed / announced. Imperative) shi ru 3129 a layer of shikhvat 3130 simple (.) pshutim 3131 called / named (m.s.) / louse kina 3132 finances ksafim 3133 the institute hamakhon 3134 the appearance of / the performance of hofa'at 3135 shows / performances hofa'ot 3136 inspiration hashra'a 3137. Imperative) haf ni mi 3138 the ball / the pill hakadur 3139 the trunk / the race / the stem ha ge za 3140 side tsad 3141 threshold / verge saf 3142 low / short (.) nemukhim 3143 were formed / were created (f.s.) notsru.

write name in hebrew

the sea of beyam 1389. Imperative) ekhoz 1639 performed / executed (m.s.) bitsa 1640 in a ghetto be ge to in the ghetto ba ge to 1641 comforting / comforts (m.s.) menakhem 1642 bacteria khaydakim 1643 to return lashuv 1644 fell (m.s.) nafal 1645 the hand hayad 1646 was published. Imperative) hilakhem 1711 the material ha kho mer 1712 the general (.) haklalit 1713 in a village bekfar in the village bakfar 1714 in a style of / in a manner of besignon 1715 victory nitsakhon 1716 in return for / in exchange for. Imperative) shalem 1912 that/who arrived (m.s.) shehi gi 'a 1913 the affair of / the chapter of / the portion of parashat 1914 surgery ni tu akh 1915 top / peak si 1916 in how many / in how much / in some bekhama 1917. Lasfira 1934 the national (f.s.) hale'umit 1935 prepared / made arrangements / were held / were edited (pl.) ne'erkhu 1936 the effect / the influence hahashpa'a 1937 Torah of / theory of torat 1938 and in the year x uvishnat 1939 games of miskhakei. Imperative) hakhder 2148 flowers prakhim 2149 know (.) yod'im 2150 aspired / inhaled (m.s.) sha'af 2151 half- lemekhetsa 2152 sometimes lif'amim 2153 became clear hitbarer 2154 to take out / to spend / to publish / excluding lehotsi 2155 to hold lehakhzik 2156 possible (m.s. Adj.) efshari 2157 at a camp / in a group bemakhane at the camp / in the group bamakhane 2158 in the cell / in the chamber bata in a cell / in a chamber beta 2159 ok / well be se der 2160 built. Imperative) ha'anek 2212 the vote / the voting hahatsba'a 2213 trunk / race / stem ge za 2214 in fire be'esh in the fire ba'esh 2215 to attack litkof 2216 to deal with / to engage in / to work in la'asok 2217 apparently. Vekhadome 2298 in a research / in a study bemekhkar in the research / in the study bamekhkar 2299 the cat hakhatul 2300 urine she ten 2301 the boxing ha'igruf 2302 biology bio log ia 2303 the tropical (m.s.) ha tro pi 2304 the advantages.

In the transliteration, as with all the other transliterations on this website, you should emphasize the last syllable. Hebrew unless specified otherwise with an underline. Click to set custom html, want this Frequency list in pdf form? Transliteration, hebrew 1 of / first belongs to shel 2 you (f.s.) at the (direct object) et 3 on / about / top al 4 no lo 5 he hu 6 with im people / nation am 7 because ki 8 was (m.s.) haya 9 this. Imperative) daber 55 and ve and u 56 in all / at all bekhol 57 these e lu 58 second sheni two shnei scarlet shani 59 these e le goddess ela bat ala 60 when / while ka'asher 61 there is no ein nothing. Imperative) lekh 149 the man / the person ha'adam 150 you (m.s.) ata 151 in the name of / called beshem 152 and on / and about ve'al 153 the government hamemshala 154 to all lekhol to everybody lakol 155 under / beneath / instead. Imperative) ali 256 between them (m.) beinehem 257 and they (f.) vehen 258 sea yam 259 and between uvein 260 everything hakol 261 here is / you see / the mountains of harei 262 are not / are not here (.) einam 263 at the. Imperative) shuv 304 due to / because of e kev followed (m.s.) akav heel akev 305 that they (m.) / that are (.) shehem 306 done na'asa we will do na'ase 307 towards lilkrat 308 in them (f.) bahen 309 the time hazman 310 million. Imperative) hash'er 627 high / tall (f.s.) gvoha 628 in a field / in an area / in a range bitkhum in the field / in the area / in the range batkhum 629 specific (m.s.) mesuyam 630 the kind / the species / the.

Write, my, name in, hebrew, vowel, hebrew, language

Hebrew frequency list: 10,000 most commonly used words, these '10,000 most common words' are from a very large compilation of online texts of 5,000,000 words. The list is mostly from written texts (. Hebrew news sites, hebrew wikipedia, science, sports, international, some literature, etc.) and not oral transcripts, therefore the online frequency order is certainly a little different than what it would be for a list derived purely from spoken text. Therefore, this list is especially useful if you like to read. Hebrew, wikipedia and online news. In addition, you'll notice that all the words are left in their natural state - conjugated and with prefixes and suffixes. Thus, you might see the same word in multiple forms. This is intentional, because this is how.

Write name in hebrew
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First Grade reading Printable worksheets. incarnation of the avatar, aang has the ability to control the four elements and is tasked with keeping the four Nations at peace.

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  7. These 10,000 most common words are from a very large compilation of online texts of 5,000,000 words. The list is mostly from written texts (. Hebrew news sites, hebrew wikipedia, science, sports, international, some literature, etc.) and not oral transcripts, therefore the frequency order is certainly a little different than what it would. This study is to reveal the origins of numerous aspects in the tanak, hebrew, bible, of the patriarchal Indo-european elements incorporated into the text from the perspective of the deities, gods and goddesses, which many translators mask in their English translations.

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