Twelfth night plot summary

twelfth night plot summary

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Olivia insists he not speak further of Orsino. She confesses her love to V/C, but V/C cannot reciprocate and leaves. Act iii scene. Andrew, toby, and Fabian have noted Olivia's advances to V/C and Toby urges Andrew to challenge V/C to a fight. Maria enters and laughingly points out how Malvolio is now ridiculously dressed as the letter directed. Act iii scene 3, a street in Orsino's domain. Sebastian and Antonio seek lodging, but. Wants to see the town first and Antonio prefers to stay out of sight since he is in disfavor here.

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Act ii scene 5, toby, andrew, and Fabian develop the plot against Malvolio. Maria enters with a letter she has written to malvolio in Olivia's handwriting expressing her romantic interest in him. The men hide as Malvolio arrives. He speaks pompously story and again criticizes Toby for his drunkenness. Malvolio reads the letter Maria left in his path: "To the unknown beloved." and is convinced it is addressed to him. It urges him to "be not afraid of greatness" and to wear yellow stockings cross-gartered. He exits and the men emerge gleeful with anticipation. Act iii scene 1, olivia's garden. V/C jokes with Feste, whom she admires for his wit. Olivia comes to V/C and asks that he tell more about him, his name, etc.

She decides to write a letter to malvolio as if from Olivia. It will suggest Olivia loves him and recommend he dress up in certain bright clothing. The men agree to participate in the practical joke-toby refers to maria affectionately as Penthesilea (queen of the Amazons). Orsino speaks to V/c, asks her business if she has ever loved a woman and laments the nature of women and the transience of their beauty. Feste sings a song to cheer him. Orsino again instructs V/C to take a message of his love to Olivia, and V/C takes the opportunity to suggest to him that some lady exists who would reciprocate his love. V/C hints about her love and refers to a daughter of her father. Orsino gives her a jewel to take to Olivia.

twelfth night plot summary

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Act ii scene 3, olivia's house. Toby and Andrew converse about drinking. Feste arrives for more comic talk and singing. Malvolio enters, chides them for making his lady's house an alehouse, and suggests his mistress dislikes the disorder they cause and would like to see them leave. The men and Maria mock malvolio with singing, and he leaves in a huff. Maria comments the effect V/C has had on Olivia. Maria wants to have revenge on the puritanical and sycophantic Malvolio.

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twelfth night plot summary

Twelfth Night Synopsis

Antonio wants him to stay and receive his hospitality longer. Sebastian gives his true name, previously having claimed to be "Roderigo". He is son of Sebastian of Messaline. He tells of his presumably drowned sister viola. Is heading for plot Orsino's court, says he has many enemies there and should not go there. Act ii scene 2, outside Olivia's house.

Malvolio summary gives Olivia's ring to V/C. Viola lies, covering up for Olivia, saying the ring was from V/C. Malvolio is contemptuous of V/C. Left alone, v/C ponders what the ring can mean, since she did not leave it with Olivia as Malvolio claimed. She realizes that Olivia has fallen in love with her.

V/C wishes she instead were to be his wife. Act i scene 5, olivia's. Maria speaks with the Clown or jester Feste about Toby's drinking, feste's absence, etc. Olivia enters with her steward Malvolio. She chides Feste for his foolishness, but he answers " I wear not motley in my brain" and his words plays on religious themes. Malvolio disparages the fool, calling him a barren rascal.

Maria announces the arrival of V/C. Malvolio tries to turn V/C away, but V/C is persistent. V/C arrives and makes a speech on behalf of Orsino, saying as in the sonnets "Lady, you are the cruel'st she alive if you will lead these graces to the grave/And leave the world no copy." She chides Olivia's cruelty. But Olivia cannot love him, though she would like to hear from V/C again. At the last moment, Olivia gives Malvolio a ring to give to V/C, which she claims was left by him during this visit. Act ii scene. Sebastian, the twin brother of viola, and Antonio, a sea captain and his friend, converse.

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To maria, a gentlewoman, Olivia's uncle sir Toby belch laments his niece's continued air of mourning. Maria criticizes him for his excess drinking. He has brought in the foolish Sir Andrew Aguecheek to court Olivia. The men have an earthy conversation alone. Act i scene 4, orsino's court. Valentine speaks with viola who is now dressed as a man, cesario (V/C)-they have become good friends. Orsino arrives and commissions V/C book to bear messages of his love to Olivia.

twelfth night plot summary

He speaks in Petrachan platitudes in expressing his love. Valentine and Curio are gentlemen attending on him, and Valentine informs him that Olivia will not see him. Act i scene 2, seacoast of Illyria. Viola is a lady washed ashore after shipwrecking. She fears her brother is dead-he was last seen clutching a broken mast on the sea. She speaks to the captain, who says he was born nearby. He tells wisdom her of Orsino's fruitless quest for Olivia's hand. Resolves to serve this duke disguised as a man Cesario and enlists the captain to help her. Act i scene.

Sonnets. Sir Toby is similar to falstaff. Malvolio resembles a puritan and must be deflated as must all killjoys. Act i scene 1, orsino's court in Illyria. Count (or duke) Orsino loves countess Olivia. But she spurns his love and the company of men, ostensibly because she still grieves for her brother (dead now for 1 year-her father has also died) and also because she simply does not love him.

Per bevington : Partly derived from Plautus menaechmi and Italian play, gl'Inganni by gonzaga and. Emphasizes mirth, carnival atmosphere characteristic of the 12 nights following Christmas ending with the feast of Epiphany on the 12th night, jan. 6, the last day of the revels. It was a time to let off steam and to deflate pretentiousness. Derived from the roman Saturnalia. Play contains many playful religious allusions. Observes the irrational nature of love. Savor plan one's pleasures while still young. Orsino is trapped in courtly artifice of love's rules.

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Shakespeare database Twelfth Night or What you will Summary. William Shakespeare, twelfth Night; or, What you will. Summary by michael McGoodwin, prepared 1999. Acknowledgement : This work has been summarized using. The complete works of Shakespeare Updated fourth., longman Addison-Wesley,. quot;tions are for the most part taken from that work, as are paraphrases of his commentary. Overall Impression : This is a fairly funny play which I did not enjoy as much as some.

Twelfth night plot summary
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  2. S comedy yet is also not. Plot summary of Shakespeare's, twelfth, night : Orsino, the duke of lllyria, is in love with his neighbour, the countess Olivia. Please upgrade your account to access this feature and read more. Take your performing arts career to the next level.

  3. The Adventure of the Speckled Band Setting. Twelfth, night ; or, What you will. Fabian confesses the plot he, toby and Maria hatched against Malvolio. The plot of, twelfth, night. Comic it explores many social issues in it?

  4. High School and College; may's Best books free. Twelfth, night, book notes m, plot summary of, twelfth, night by william Shakespeare. But when his pageboy, cesario begins to work with him he becomes fond of the boy, guide. Twelfth, night, summary. Ridolfi plot was thwarted, in 1584.

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