The girl on the train book plot summary

the girl on the train book plot summary

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Author paula hawkins' worldwide bestseller might not have been the peak of fiction - an intriguing premise, a solidly constructed lead character, slow-drip reveals, and a few twists all lead up to a fairly hackneyed ending - but it made for a solid read, one. The story's structure didn't appear to make for an easy transition to film. Much of the book, and early on in particular, is devoid of dialogue; it's exposition and exploration by way of the lead character's thoughts and personal deterioration, exploring her sob story contrasted against a sordid murder-mystery in which she finds herself caught in the middle. The movie, directed by tate taylor ( The help doesn't capture the novel's energy and intrigue to the same level. It's a fine translation in the cruder senses and sticks fairly close to the book in terms of basic maneuvers and how the plot unfolds, but coming in at about 110 minutes it just can't find that same inner depth and detail that blossoms. The girl on the train. Rachel (Emily Blunt) is a divorcee whose life has crumbled since her split with ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux).

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Financial Times ) "Hawkins' masterful deployment of unwittingly unreliable narration to evoke the aftershocks of abuse and trauma awesome is a powerful way of exploring women's marginalization" (. Huffington Post book description, the number one bestseller. You don't know her. But she knows you. Rear Window meets, gone girl, in this exceptional and startling psychological thriller. See all Product description). Deals, reviews, releases, top lists, database, community. By genre (67143) (53163) (14408) (10745) (7496) (49778) (11392) (3789) (32263) (6749) (8005) (79405) (8601) (2519) (20188) (31691) (2027) (16026) (2797) (9872) (2123) (26819) (1405) (6005) (3891) (15710) (6354) (19666) (2256) (892) (12864) (5510) (26692) (35686) (809) (4688) (8726) (2747) (5954) (55693) (9214) (4278. 69 popularity 823 collections 25 fans The girl on the Train Blu-ray review reviewed by martin liebman, january 8, 2017 reading the book on which a movie is based before (or after) watching said movie almost invariably leads to disappointment with the movie in some. Very few manage to tell the story as it was laid out in the source novel, never mind enjoy the character intricacies, narrative depth, and creativity the written word usually affords the material in question. The girl on the Train is no exception.

Android, windows Phone, to get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Or, product details, product description. Review write "Really great suspense novel. Kept me up most of the night. The alcoholic narrator is dead perfect." (. Stephen king ) "The thriller scene will have to up its game if it's to match Hawkins this year" (. Observer ) "A complex and increasingly chilling tale courtesy of a number of first-person narratives that will wrong-foot even the most experienced of crime fiction readers" (. Irish Times ) "achieves a sinister poetry. Hawkins keeps the nastiest twist for last" (.

the girl on the train book plot summary

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Theres still something here, however a sense of unhappy women plagued by controlling men, painful memories and their own essay uncertainties (Rachels drinking literally stands for uncertainty, making her unable to remember what happened). This is not a film thats likely to endure unless it becomes a monster hit, i suppose but it passes the time en route to its (surprisingly violent) climax, word with a few surprises and enough female angst to justify toms mocking question: What. Directed by tate taylor, starring emily Blunt, haley bennett, rebecca ferguson. Us mins, print Friendly. Add to list, flip to back Flip to front. Paused you're listening to a sample of the audible audio edition. Learn more, see all 2 images click to open popover, enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no kindle device required.

I have to keep things vague, jumble up all the men, says Megan to her shrink (Edgar Ramirez) and the film does something similar, jumbling up its women along with its chronology. It works for a while, but the effort of keeping the mystery afloat while also supplying dramatic arcs for Rachel and. Takes its toll after a while. Ramirez has the silliest role, called on to nod and look thoughtful as both Rachel and Megan make long tearful speeches about their lives (Shrink: Why are you really here?; Rachel: Because Im afraid of myself) but in fact the larger problem is the one. A maudlin streak of female masochism and insecurity. Blunt does her best as Rachel, but the role is essentially self-pitying: embarrassing herself on the train, rambling incoherently at an aa meeting, looking like a wreck with red nose and smeary mascara, basically waiting for someone to offer absolution by saying: you did nothing. The girl on the Train lacks a certain zing. Maybe its too vague, or maybe it gets the balance wrong between thriller and drama, or maybe its thriller plot is a little shopworn and its dramatic side a little mawkish.

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the girl on the train book plot summary

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The girl on the living Train by paula hawkins, a bestseller so huge it spent 20 weeks at the top of the uk hardback chart, though i admit Id never heard of the book till I saw it on the poster for the movie. The Thriller that Shocked the world it says on the poster, which I guess sounds better than The Thriller that Mildly Intrigued the world or The Thriller that Intermittently bored the world. The film starts off strong, bogs down in the middle, then perks up again in the final act with a late-breaking plot twist (this kind of thing is always about the plot twists) and the style is presumably cribbed straight from the novel, opening with. Babies are something of a motif in this film: Anna has one, rachel is desperate for one (but cant get pregnant, even with ivf megan doesnt want one she has her reasons despite constant pressure from her husband. The women mirror each other, which probably seemed more important in the book (it gets slightly lost in the movie looking out from the train, rachel projects her dreams onto happily-married Megan but meanwhile restless Megan projects her own dreams on those daily glimpses. That said, the film centres mostly on its title character, building a rather gloomy mystery on the shifting sands of Rachels post-drinking blackouts.

Comparisons to, gone girl (another big bestseller) are inevitable but. Gone girl was a dark comedy where the truth became collateral damage in the war between the sexes, whereas here the truth exists, it just needs to be pieced together from muddled memories (cue the usual quick montages of random fragments). I wont spoil the plot, except to say that Rachel glimpses something shocking as the train whizzes by megans house but director Tate taylor (who made. The help, plus the surprisingly lively james Brown biopic. Get on Up ) goes for a more low-key vibe, the soft padded music score and hazy, shallow-focus resume images suggesting lives of quiet desperation.

11.9111.91, out of stock, shipping not available, pickup not available. Pickup not available, qty:, customer reviews, average rating:3.5out of5stars, based onreviews.5 out of 5 Stars. Most relevantMost helpfulNewest to oldestOldest to newestHigh to low ratingLow to high rating. Sort by 1-5 of 6 reviews, see any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Electrode, comp, dc-prod-dfw7, env-prod-a, prof-prod, ver-22.0.9, cid. Originally published, january 13, 2015, author, paula hawkins.

Pages 395, publisher, riverhead books, isbn, the girl on the train a novel of 2015 by British writer paula e plot describes the life of the main character reichal who suffers from alcoholism and whether she will be able to win internal struggle with herself. And in the book it is transmitted terrific. It happens, you think you know everything about a person, but you do not even suspect that all you know about it it may be an illusion, imagination. 10 Related pdf files, the girl on the train. The girl on the train ebook. The girl on the Train epub. The girl on the train pdf. By preston Wilder, the premise is compelling, a riff on a common daydream: youre on a train, gazing at the houses beside the railway tracks as the train whizzes by, and you wonder about the lives of the people who live in those houses, crafting. A commuter, looking up from their book on the way to work, might gaze at the same house every day and commuters were presumably a big audience for.

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Hindsight is an evil thing. I wish refunds were applicable to underwhelming cinema experiences. I honestly cannot go into enough detail about london how much I feel this film has let me down. So much so, that I will be discussing this with my therapist. Not really, i don't have a therapist. But I might have to get one after seeing this monstrosity. If you liked the book, do not see the film. This button opens a dialog that displays literature additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out.

the girl on the train book plot summary

Last but not least; luke evans is Welsh and has a silly American feminist accent; you cannot tell me that no genuine American actor was available to play his part. Towards the end, the film becomes so farfetched (and so removed from the book) that I laughed out loud during what might be described as the pinnacle scene. I wasn't alone, there were several other audible giggles in the audience. Out of nowhere the film suddenly metamorphosis into a cross between Scary movie meets Dumb and Dumber, with a hint of What lies Beneath. It skips from psychological thriller, to the comedic teenage horror genre. I must mention that i am extra annoyed because i paid to see the girl on the Train in an extra big cinema screen with extra comfortable seats and leg room, thinking it would only enhance the great experience that the film was sure. Not only did I waste that twenty-something pounds, but I have neck ache and I will never get those two hours of my life back.

I was picturing her wearing overalls and doing naughty things to girls in prison toilet cubicles. It genuinely distracted from her role. Lisa kudrow (Phoebe, friends) also makes an unexpected appearance in the film which serves as another example of miscasting and again, it is highly distracting. Other than Jennifer Aniston everyone from the cast of Friends has been hit with the curse; it is impossible to watch Kudrow without singing Smelly cat in your head. Because of this, i most definitely missed out on several key details of the plot. Don't blame me, blame the people who cast her. Furthermore, kudrow brought nothing to the minuscule role so i do not know why she was even in the film to begin with.

Again, this is pointless. Emily Blunt is clearly a great actor, but that still does not save the film. You simply cannot polish a turd. If anything, the film made the plot far more difficult to understand than it had. And way longer than necessary. I could have flown to Spain and back in the time it took me to witness Emily Blunt's mental breakdown. The ironic thing is that the film is actually less than two hours long but it felt like forever margaret and that's my point.

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The girl on the Train is the perfect example of how Hollywood has a delightful knack of ruining good books (apologies, to the writer paula hawkins for this terrible outcome). The girl on the Train is also an accurate example of a good actor making a bad career move (my sincerest condolences to Emily Blunt). Firstly, i was excited to see this film; mainly because i have read the book. And secondly, because the trailer made it look deceivingly good. I can assure you, it is not. Annoyingly and unnecessarily the film's location has changed; the book was set in London and now plan it has moved to new York. It serves no purpose whatsoever. Even so, emily Blunt's character remains British and the rest of the cast are now American.

The girl on the train book plot summary
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  3. I enjoyed Gone girl but unfortunately girl on The Train did not thrill me as much. The girl on the Train is the perfect example of how. Towards the end, the film becomes so farfetched (and so removed from the book ) that I laughed out.

  4. Those plot points that werent entirely. The movie just feels suffocated, forcing a lot of plot points that in the book. The girl on the Train takes a fairly intriguing and well-structured book. January 22, 2017 Blu-ray reviews, Ultra hd blu-ray (4K) Tagged: Blu-ray review, drama movie, emily Blunt, the girl on the. On the book by paula hawkins. Girl on the train ; Megan (Haley bennett the young married woman whom Rachel glimpses every day on her way to the city; and Anna (Rebecca ferguson.

  5. Here: plot twists galore, red. The, girl on the train a novel of 2015 by British writer paula hawkins. The main moral of the book people are not what they seem, no matter how. Luckily, just like the gone. Girl movie, the movie version of, the, girl, on the, train lives up to the book.

  6. Book review: The, girl on the, train, by paula hawkins. Due to a drunken blackout, is a fantastic plot device that inspires both sympathy and frustration. Now theyll see; shes much more than just the girl on the train. This was quite a slow paced book and one of the narrators sounded like the voiceover. This one caught my attention, and I really liked the idea of reading a book with the title the, girl, on, the, train '.

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