Simple english writing

simple english writing

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Your key weapon here is the comma. In English commas show readers where to pause for breath, and help them read the sentence in meaningful chunks. If you want, you can revise the rules for commas here. Lets look at some examples where commas are vital to understanding the sentence. Confusing: we need to concentrate on the engineering technology and design sectors. Is that the engineering technology sector and design sector, the engineering technology and design sector, or are engineering, technology and design all separate sectors? Only a comma will clarify. Better: we need to concentrate on the engineering, technology and design sectors.

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Lets look at the results. Clearer: we have to use all the resources available. In doing so, we need our staff to do significant research. Now, you have a sentence that is clearer to all non-native speakers. Kiss-in-Practice: Part 2 do you remember our introductory sentence? Lets continue kissing it: Let me just take a minute to say that unnecessary, understood dillard from the situation i am delighted use active verb: delights me about the opportunity given to me by yourselves unnecessary, understood from the situation to be appointed use another word. And therefore In the next few years i am here with unnecessary my stated understood aim to continue the growth of this company use possessive pronoun 'its' in this competitive rapidly-evolving sector. After eliminating all this excess baggage, the sentence becomes a lot clearer: my appointment to Xs executive team delights. In the next few years i aim to continue its growth in this competitive rapidly-evolving sector. But there is still more to be done, so lets move on to the fourth and final technique. Use punctuation for Clarity how do you use punctuation for clarity?

Is the fact of the matter really necessary here? It is understood from the sentence that it is a fact that. Black created the feasibility study. Use of overly-complex words: we need to utilise reviews all the resources available. In doing so, we require our staff to do significant research. Utilise and require are great words, and can be understood easily by speakers of Latin-based languages, but what about your colleagues in other counties? Wouldnt using simpler words with the same meaning be better?

simple english writing

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Eliminate Unnecessary jargon and Long words we can cut down wordiness and improve comprehension by eliminating repetitive and unnecessary shredder complex language. This principle is difficult for English summary learners coming from cultures which prize complex, florid sentences. Basically, you need to avoid: 1) saying the same things twice and 2) repeating information which is already understood in the situation. Most importantly and this concept is challenging for English learners who speak latin-based languages you must not use a long word when a short one will. Here are some examples: too wordy: my opinion on this matter is that we have only three options. Instead of saying my opinion on this matter, why not just use a verb which demonstrates you are giving your opinion? Better: I think we have three options. Too wordy: The fact of the matter is that. Black developed the feasibility study.

Better Our ceo is travelling to paris this week. Her schedule is very tight. Possessive nouns and pronouns can really help your writing. Also, americans often change passive tenses to active tenses to increase clarity. Here are some examples: Passive: abc parts was purchased by dp motors. Active: dp motors purchased abc parts. Passive: Three hundred applications were received by our firm for this vacancy. Active: Our firm received three hundred applications for this vacancy. In both cases, the sentence is simplified and also easier to understand.

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simple english writing

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Use as Few Words as Possible to convey precise meaning we need to cut out all the unnecessary words. But how do you do that? Lets look at 2 important ways possessives and active tenses. The first technique is to use possessive nouns summary or pronouns when possible. Possessive nouns are nouns which show ownership. They are made by adding an s to the noun and putting it before the noun it owns.

Lets look at a few examples: Instead of the company of my father Better my fathers company Instead of the plant of y incorporated Better y incorporateds plant There are also possessive adjectives, which include: my, your, his, her, its, our, their. They substitute for a noun which has already been mentioned. How not to use apostrophes Again, lets look at a few examples: Instead of Kettle the and Sons has Kettle and Sons headquarters in Sudbury. Better Kettle and Sons has its headquarters in Sudbury. Instead of Our ceo is travelling to paris this week. Our ceos schedule is very tight.

However, in one sentence there are four subjects and four verbs. That is a lot of information to take in before you get to rest at the full stop. Why not divide the sentence into 2 or even 3 parts to help the reader remember each important point? We can do so with helpful linking language: Throughout the year, profits have increased. However, we have to be vigilant about maintaining our place in the market.

In fact, our competitors are quite fierce and additionally they have a strong online retail business. With the helpful use of however and in fact, this passage clearly highlights the 3 main points: 1) increased profits, 2) need for vigilance and 3) fierce competition. Kiss-in-Practice: Part 1 Before we continue to the second of the 4 techniques, lets remember our introductory sentence. We have a compound sentence divided by and. To improve clarity we divide this long sentence into two separate sentences, to emphasize the 2 separate ideas. Let me just take a minute to say that i am delighted about the opportunity given to me by yourselves to be appointed to the executive team of x industries. And therefore In the next few years i am here with my stated aim to continue the growth of this company in this competitive rapidly-evolving sector. But this sentence is still rather confusing, so lets continue with the next technique.

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The subject and verb are far apart see how many words are between the subject (one) and the verb (was)? This sentence creates confusion because it bombards you with so much information after the subject that it is difficult to link the subject to the verb. A better sentence construction would be: During last summer working at Acme cat Hats Corp, one lesson I learned was organization. Here the subject (one lesson) and the verb (was) are happily close together, minimizing confusion. The additional information sits comfortably at the beginning. Lets look at another example. Throughout the year, profits listing have increased, but we have to be vigilant about maintaining our place in the market because our competitors are quite fierce and additionally they have a strong online retail business. Here, there are no major database problems with the subjects, verbs or objects being too far apart.

simple english writing

Long sentences are often caused by compound sentences,. Sentences with multiple subjects and verbs. So how do you avoid compound sentences? Simply divide compound sentences into easy-to-follow, manageable chunks. Follow the subject-Verb-Object Rule, or svo. According to this rule, pollution the closer the sentence follows this pattern, the easier it is to understand. Lets look at some examples. One of the lessons learned from my job at Acme cat Hats Corp during last summer was organization.

buried under all those extra words. The kissed sentences distil the message into two clear points. How to kiss, what are some basic kiss principles to help you simplify your writing? Avoid long sentences with multiple subjects and verbs. Use as few words as possible to convey a precise meaning. Eliminate unnecessary jargon and long words. Use punctuation to guide the reader. Lets look at each of the above 4 techniques in detail now.

Plain English Campaign that evaluates government and business documents, and recognises those documents that meet its requirements for clear communication. Many government documents proudly display this mark of recognition. In the us 1000s of university students each year are taught to simplify writing in classes. Americans have even developed a slogan to match this idea the kiss principle. Kiss reminds us to keep It Simple, stupid! The writer, george Orwell had 6 rules to stop bad writing and to keep language clear and beautiful. Kissing your reader, lets look at two sentencesone pre-kiss and one kissed book with clarity: Pre-kiss: Let me just take a minute to say that i am delighted about the opportunity given to me by yourselves to be appointed to the executive team of x industries. Kissed: my appointment to Xs executive team delights.

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By, danielle capretti, have you ever read a long, complicated sentence, but when you arrived at the end of it you forgot the beginning? Have you read such sentences over and over again, trying to understand them? More importantly, have you written sentences like this? Maybe you thought that long, complicated sentences make a better impression of your English? Some cultures year consider that complicated sentences with complex vocabulary demonstrate the writers high level of education and knowledge. In Anglo-American culture clear, direct communication is highly valued. The reason is that short, clear sentences demonstrate respect for the readers time and attention. Such sentences are also extremely helpful when communicating with non-native speakers. In fact, in the uk there is even an organisation called the.

Simple english writing
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There are 4 simple techniques to write better English, with more clarity and power. Impress people with your written skills, and.

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  1. The simple English wiktionary has a definition for: text. 1 Writing https simple. The letter 'x' is usually written out as 'ks' to make writing simple, for example in the word taksi instead of taxi. phonetic systems ( writing that shows the pronunciation of Japanese words and kanji is the japanese variation of Chinese characters. In English the word literacy has traditionally meant to be well educated.2 It also meant to be familiar with literature (to know. English language essay writing - experience the benefits of expert custom writing assistance available here Allow the specialists.

  2. To complicate matters, the rules of clear and simple writing. From simple, english grammar assignments to more complex Math homework, there is no assignment too complicated, nor too simple for our. Brilliant Ideas of Letter, writing,. English, applying For a job, simple job vacancy and application letter english cover letters writing. Nuclear energy in simple writing English and American speakers much of trying to a good professional always.

  3. The, simple, english, wiktionary has a definition for: letter. For other writing systems and their letters, see list of writing systems. Transliteration is how writing is changed from a writing system or alphabet to another, while making each sound stay the same. Retrieved from https simple. The exam tests all four, english language skills reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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