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resume help sydney

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Krishna, volume 91, number 7, july 2003. Schmidt, and Ron Cytron, multi-paradigm Scheduling for Distributed real-Time Embedded Computing ieee proceedings Special Issue on Modeling and Design of Embedded Systems, volume 91, number 1, january, 2003. Chris Gill, david levine, and douglas. Schmidt, The design and Performance of a real-Time corba scheduling Service the International journal of Time-Critical Computing Systems, special issue on real-Time middleware, guest editor wei zhao, volume 20, number 2, march 2001. Schmidt, david levine, and Sumedh Mungee, the design of the tao real-Time Object Request Broker computer Communications, special Issue on building quality of Service into distributed System, Elsevier Science, april, 1998. Tim Harrison and david levine and douglas.

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Schmidt, techniques for Optimizing corba middleware for Distributed Embedded Systems Proceedings of infocom '99, march 21-25th, new York, new York. A real-time I/O subsystem that minimizes priority inversion interrupt overhead over high-speed atm networks and real-time interconnects, such as vme. Papers published on this topic include: Fred Kuhns, douglas. Schmidt, carlos o'ryan, and david. Levine, supporting High-performance I/O in qos-enabled orb middleware cluster Computing: the journal on Networks, software, and Applications, volume 3, number 3, 2000. Fred Kuhns, douglas. Schmidt, david levine, and Rajeev bector, The design and Performance of a real-time I/o subsystem Proceedings of the 5th ieee real-Time technology and Applications Symposium (rtas99 vancouver, British Columbia, canada, june 2-4, 1999. Real-time event and scheduling services that integrate the capabilities of tao described above to form the basis for next-generation essay dre systems for many research and commercial projects, including boeing, cisco, lockheed Martin, raytheon, siemens, and saic. Papers published on this topic: mythology Irfan pyarali, douglas. Schmidt, and Ron Cytron, techniques for Enhancing real-time corba quality of Service the ieee proceedings Special Issue on real-time systems, co-editors Yann-Hang lee and.

Papers published on with this topic include: Irfan pyarali, carlos o'ryan, douglas. Schmidt, nanbor Wang, vishal Kachroo, and Aniruddha gokhale, using Principle patterns to Optimize real-time orbs ieee concurrency, volumn 8, number 1, january-march 2000. A highly optimized corba iiop protocol engine and a highly optimizing idl compiler that generates compiled and/or interpreted stubs and skeletons, which enables applications to make fine-grained time/space tradeoffs. Papers published on this topic include: Alexander. Arulanthu, carlos o'ryan, douglas. Schmidt, michael Kircher, and Jeff Parsons, The design and Performance of a scalable orb architecture for corba asynchronous Messaging Proceedings of the ifip/acm middleware 2000 Conference, pallisades, new York, april 3-7, 2000. Schmidt, Optimizing a corba iiop protocol Engine for Minimal footprint Multimedia systems ieee journal on Selected Areas in Communications special issue on Service Enabling Platforms for Networked Multimedia systems, september, 1999.

resume help sydney

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Tao's orb gender core concurrency models are designed to minimize context switching, synchronization, dynamic memory allocation, and data movement. Tao was supermarket the first standards-based orb with these capabilities. Papers published on this topic include: douglas. Schmidt, sumedh Mungee, sergio flores-gaitan, and Aniruddha gokhale, software Architectures for Reducing Priority Inversion and Non-determinism in real-time Object Request Brokers journal of real-time systems, kluwer, vol. Schmidt, evaluating Architectures for Multi-threaded corba object Request Brokers communications of the acm, special Issue on corba, acm, edited by Krishnan seetharaman, volume 41,. An optimal active demultiplexing strategy that associates client requests with target objects in constant time, regardless of the number of objects and operations. Tao was also the first orb with these capabilities.

Developing innovative optimization techniques and doc middleware software that can achieve high-performance, low latency, and real-time predictability end-to-end. Based on the result of our empirical performance studies described above, we have developed middleware optimization techniques that can yield highly efficient and predictable Object Request Broker (ORB) implementations, without sacrificing flexibility, reuse, or standards-conformance. We have applied and demonstrated these optimization techniques in the context of: adaptive communication Environment (ace which is an object-oriented toolkit containing frameworks and components that implement key patterns for dre systems. The ace orb (tao which is a high-performance, real-time orb targeted for dre systems with hard and soft qos requirements. The component-Integrated ace orb (ciao which is a real-time corba component Model (CCM) implementation built on top of tao. Zen, which is an implementation of real-time corba implemented using real-time java. Ace, tao, ciao, and zen are open-source software that have been used in thousands of dre systems around the world. As a testament to our prowess in technology transfer, many companies (including oci, oomworks, PrismTechnologies, remedy, and riverace) now provide commercial support for ace, tao, ciao, and zen using an open-source business model. The following is a synopsis of the key research contributions and publications stemming from the ace, tao, ciao, and zen projects: A real-time orb core that supports deterministic scheduling and dispatching strategies.

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resume help sydney

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As a direct result of the analysis in our work, for instance, many corba suppliers have tuned their orb implementations to improve performance considerably. Thus, the current generation of real-time corba orbs are now competitive with hand-coded C/c tcp/ip day implementations. This improvement is important for performance-sensitive, mission-/life-critical dre application domains, such as real-time avionics and high-speed digital imaging, where the use of higher-level business middleware greatly decreases development effort and increases system reliability and flexibility. Papers published in top journals and conferences related to our empirical studies of middleware performance include: Angelo corsaro and douglas. Schmidt, The design and Performance of real-time java middleware special Issue on Middleware for the ieee transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, volume 14, number 11, november 2003.

Andy gokhale and douglas. Schmidt, measuring and Optimizing corba latency and Scalability over High-speed Networks ieee transactions on Computing, april, 1998. Aniruddha gokhale and douglas. Schmidt, measuring the performance of Communication Middleware on High-Speed Networks Proceedings of sigcomm '96, acm, san Francisco, august 28-30th, 1996. Additional publications related to our middleware performance experiments are available at nderbilt.

The remainder of this section describe my research goals and key contributions in more depth, and cites representative examples of my publications. I also summarize my research accomplishments during the past decade. Description of Research goals and Contributions my research on middleware and mdd has produced distributed services, protocols, and tools that enable dre systems to invoke operations on target objects without concern for their location, language, operating system, or hardware. Software for these types of applications must be flexible, efficient, and predictable. Flexibility is necessary to respond rapidly to application requirements that span an increasingly wide range of media types and traffic patterns.

Efficiency and predictability are necessary to support the qos demands of performance-sensitive and time-sensitive dre systems. Despite dramatic increases in the performance of networks and computers, designing and implementing flexible, efficient, and predictable dre systems remains hard, and substantial time and effort is required to develop and deploy these applications today. My research has therefore focused on innovative techniques, patterns, and mdd tools that have improved dre system development by: Rigorously identifying middleware bottlenecks and key sources of priority inversion and non-determinism Optimizing end-to-end middleware performance and Simplifying and automating middleware software development, validation, and evolution. My specific research goals and contributions are described below. Rigorously identifying performance bottlenecks and sources of priority inversion and non-determinism in middleware over high-speed networks and embedded systems interconnects. We have developed and employed middleware testbed environments to conduct extensive experiments that systematically identify the performance bottlenecks and sources of priority inversion and non-determinism in communication middleware software on high-speed networks. The experiments in our testbed have studied lower-level network programming mechanisms, such as socket-based c interfaces and the c wrappers for sockets, and higher-level middleware, such as real-time corba, which is an open international standard for distributed object computing that has been highly influenced. Our experiments on middleware performance have received widespread recognition in academia and industry.

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The research contributions of my work have involved: developing innovative optimization techniques, middleware frameworks and components, and mdd tools that can achieve high-performance, low latency, and real-time predictability end-to-end across high-speed networks and embedded interconnects. Discovering and formalizing patterns and pattern languages to enhance the development and evolution of middleware and mdd tools to meet the stringent qos requirements of dre systems. Identifying and alleviating key performance bottlenecks and sources of priority inversion and non-determinism in statement middleware platforms over local-area and wide-area networks. The r d efforts I have led have had a significant impact on academic research and commercial practice. For example, i have published over 300 technical papers and books and am listed as the 135th most cited computer scientist out of a population of 750,548 authors (ml). Scores of universities throughout the world also use the middleware and mdd tools my research group has developed as the basis for their research and teaching efforts. Moreover, the middleware platforms and mdd tools developed in my research group is used by thousands of developers in hundreds of companies world-wide (including bbn, boeing, cisco, ericsson, kodak, lockheed Martin, lucent, motorola, nasa/jpl, nokia, nortel, raytheon, saic, siemens, Sprint, and Telcordia) for a wide.

resume help sydney

University of California, irvine; Washington University,. Louis; the defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (darpa and Vanderbilt. In these efforts, i have conducted and managed pioneering research on a range of topics, including patterns, optimization techniques, and empirical analyses of software frameworks that facilitate the development of quality of service (QoS)-enabled middleware and model-driven development (MDD) techniques/tools for distributed real-time and embedded. The research agenda throughout my career has involved: Conducting innovative research that created and refined core middleware and mdd technologies, such as design formalisms, north qos specification/enforcement techniques, end-to-end middleware optimizations, and automated tools for specifying, analyzing, and synthesizing software from higher-level models and. Working in conjunction with colleagues in academia and industry to demonstrate and mature middleware technologies in the context of real-world mission- and life-critical dre systems, such as real-time avionics, missile defense, electronic medical imaging, high-speed network management, distributed interactive simulations, and teleconferencing. I currently direct the distributed Object Computing (DOC) group at the. Institute for Software Integrated Systems (isis) at Vanderbilt. University, which is internationally recognized as one of the leading research groups on middleware platforms and mdd tools for dre systems.

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Entitlement to work in Australia *YesNo. Entitlement to work in Australia is required. Position Details, i am interested in the following first employment type. Please select from the following choices. Please select at least one Employment Type. Full time, part time, casual, work experience, graduate opportunity. Contract/Temporary, other please specify, please select the department you would like to work. Please select at least one department. Finance, marketing, operations, people and Culture, product and Project Management.

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