Resume einleitung

resume einleitung

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Se si versa del. Levetta channel liquido sul prodotto, asciugarlo immediatamente con un panno morbido e liscio. Operazioni preliminari non pulire l'unità con materiali abrasivi o corrosivi. Per l'impostazione del sensore: non sottoporre l'unità a forza o a urti eccessivi,. Far scorrere il coperchio del vano batterie no ad temperatura aprirlo. Causarne il malfunzionamento, la minore durata,. Inserire le batterie, rispettando la polarità indicata danneggiamento delle batterie o la deformazione di ( / -). Eseguire un reset dopo ogni sostituzione di alcune parti.

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Product.: thn132n se le prestazioni dell'unità sono scarse a causa delle Product Name: Wireless Remote temperature 4 basse temperature, l'unità ricomincerà a funzionare sensor correttamente a mano a mano che la temperatura manufacturer: idt technology limited aumenta no a rientrare nella norma (quindi l'unità. Hung Hom, kowloon, hong Kong reset is in conformity with Part 15 of the fcc rules. Premere reset per ripristinare le impostazioni Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1). Foro per ssaggio a predenite dell'unità. This device may not cause harmful interference. 2) This parete device must accept any interference southworth received, including. Vano batterie avvertenze interference that may cause undesired operation. Coperchio questo prodotto è progettato per offrire anni di vano batterie funzionamento soddisfacente purché essay maneggiato con. Supporto da tavolo cura. Attenersi alle seguenti avvertenze:. Foro reset non immergere l'unità in acqua.

Number (listed on our website at www. Com or on the warranty card for this product) for all panoramica le batterie alcaline standard contengono diary un'alta inquiries instead. Percentuale d'acqua, per questo motivo gelano alle 1 basse temperature, a circa -12C (10F). Le batterie we monouso al litio hanno invece una soglia molto inferiore, name: Oregon Scientic, Inc. 3 e gelano approssimativamente sotto i -30C (-22F). Address: 19861 sw 95th ave., tualatin, 2 usa quando si è in modalità senza li, sul campo inuiscono telephone.: diversi fattori, tra cui le temperature particolarmente rigide. Il freddo intenso può ridurre temporaneamente declare that the product il campo d'azione tra il sensore e la stazione base.

resume einleitung

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Senza li di Oregon Scientic tm (THN132N). circuit different from that to which the receiver is Posizionare il sensore vicino all'unità principale questo prodotto è compatibile essay con diverse stazioni connected. Durante i reviews mesi più freddi, dal momento che le meteorologiche senza. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio / tv temperature inferiori allo zero possono inuire sulle technician for help. Prestazioni della batteria e sulla trasmissione del si consiglia di tenere questo manuale a portata di mano segnale. Durante l'utilizzo del prodotto. Il manuale contiene declaration of conformity pratiche istruzioni dettagliate, dati tecnici e avvertenze il campo di trasmissione può variare in base a molti The following information is not to be used as contact che è necessario conoscere. È possibile dover provare diverse posizioni for support or sales. Please call our customer service prima di ottenere i risultati migliori.

Usage and lithium batteries in temperatures below freezing. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful P/N: 086l rev1 1/2 thn132N_M_EU_dd 1 interference to radio communications. However, there sensore remoto di temperatura batterie al litio. Is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a per ottenere risultati migliori: senza li particular installation. If this equipment does cause posizionare il sensore al riparo da luce solare diretta modello: thn132N harmful interference to radio or television reception, e umidità. which can be determined by turning the equipment Non posizionare il sensore a più di 30 metri (100 off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the manuale per l'utente piedi) dall'unità interna principale. interference by one or more of the following measures: Posizionare il sensore in modo che si trovi di fronte reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. It all'unità principale, riducendo al minimo le ostruzioni increase the separation between the equipment causate da porte, pareti e mobili. Grazie per aver scelto il Sensore remoto di temperatura connect the equipment into an outlet on a cielo, lontano da oggetti metallici o elettronici.

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resume einleitung

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Collection of such waste separately for special treatment is necessary. Note the technical specications for this product and countries rtte approval complied the contents of the user manual are subject to change All eu countries, Switzerland. Close the battery compartment. Place sensor next to the main unit. Initiate a sensor search on the main unit to start troubleshooting fcc using statement receiving temperature data from the sensor. Secure the sensor in the desired location using the This device complies with Part 15 of the fcc rules. Wall mount or table stand.

Problem symptom remedy operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and Remote cannot locate Check batteries (2) This device must accept any interference received, sensor remote sensor Check location including interference that may cause undesired Cannot. Channel one sensor is working Data does not Initiate a manual warning changes or modications not expressly match main unit sensor search approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. Note this equipment has been tested and found note install batteries in the remote sensor before the to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, main unit. Press reset after each battery change. Do pursuant writing to part 15 of the fcc rules. These limits not use rechargeable batteries. We recommend that are designed to provide reasonable protection against you use alkaline batteries with this product for longer harmful interference in a residential installation.

Doing so will invalidate the warranty on the unit and ic number: 3277a-thn132N may cause unnecessary damage. The unit contains to set up the sensor: no user-serviceable parts. Slide open the battery door. Only use fresh batteries as specied in the user's. Insert the batteries, matching the polarity ( / -). Eu-declaration of conformity instructions.

Do not mix new and old batteries. Reset after each battery change. do not use rechargeable batteries. Hereby, oregon Scientic, declares that the wireless. Make sure you use a different remove batteries when storing the product for a remote temperature sensor channel for each sensor. Compliance with the essential requirements and other due to printing limitations, the displays shown in relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. This manual may differ from the actual display. The contents of this manual may not be reproduced A copy of the signed and dated Declaration of without the permission of the manufacturer. Conformity is available on request via our Oregon do not dispose this product as unsorted municipal Scientic Customer Service.

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Here are for international inquiries, please visit: a few precautions: p do not immerse the unit in water. If you spill liquid shredder over it, dry it immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. Wall mount do not clean the unit with abrasive or corrosive. Battery compartment industry canada statement materials. Battery door do not subject the unit to excessive force, shock,. Table stand Operation is subject to the following two conditions: dust, temperature or humidity, which may result. Reset hole (1) this long device may not cause interference, and (2) malfunction, shorter electronic life span, damaged. Channel switch this device must accept any interference, including battery and distorted parts. Interference that may cause undesired operation of the do not tamper with the unit's internal components.

resume einleitung

Visit our website (m) to essay learn overview wireless ranges can be impacted by a variety of factors more about Oregon Scientic products such as such as extremely cold temperatures. Extreme cold digital cameras; MP3 players; children's electronic 1 may temporarily reduce the effective range between the learning products and games; projection clocks; health sensor and the base station. If the unit's performance and tness gear; weather stations; and digital and fails due to low temperature, the unit will resume proper conference phones. The website also includes contact 3 functioning as the temperature rises to within the information for our Customer Care department in case 1 normal temperature range (i.e. No permanent damage you need to reach us, as well as frequently asked will occur to the unit due to low temperatures). Questions and customer downloads. We hope you will nd all the information you need on reset our website, however if you're in the us and would 4 like to contact the Oregon Scientic Customer Care Press reset to return the unit to the default settings. Department directly, please visit: p 2 5 precautions or 6 Call. This product is engineered to give you years of satisfactory service if you handle it carefully.

use alkaline batteries amounts of water. Because of this they will freeze with this product for longer usage and lithium batteries keep this manual handy as you use your new product. In low temperatures of approximately -12C (10F). In temperatures below freezing. It contains practical step-by-step instructions, as well as Disposable lithium batteries have a much lower technical specications and warnings you should know threshold for temperature with an estimated freezing about oregon scientific about. Range of below -30C (-22F).

Resolution.1C (0.2f user manual, position the sensor close to the main unit during cold. Rf frequency 433mhz winter months as below-freezing temperatures may. Range, up to 30 m (100 ft). En affect battery performance and signal transmission. With no obstructions, introduction, resumes the transmission range may vary depending on many. Every 40 seconds, thank you for selecting the Oregon Scientic. You may need to experiment with various.

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For best results: specifications, place the sensor out of direct sunlight and moisture. Type, description, do not place the sensor more than 30 meters (100. Dimensions 96 x 50 x 22 mm feet) from the main book (indoor) unit. (L x W x D) ( in). Position the sensor so that it faces the main (indoor). Weight 62 g (2.22 oz) without battery. Wireless Remote temperature sensor unit, minimizing obstructions such as doors, walls, and furniture. Temperature unit c / f, model: thn132N, place the sensor in a location with a clear view. Outdoor range -30C to 60C (-22F to 140F) the sky, away from metallic or electronic objects.

Resume einleitung
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