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maya summary

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I provide a foreground and background model to easily understand precessional shifting, and sketch the evidence in the academic literature that the ancient Mesoamericans were aware of precession (more of this evidence is detailed in Appendix 2). Mythology and Astronomy here the relations between mythology and astronomy are introduced, following the insights in Hamlets Mill. I provide some examples of how the maya mythologized astronomical bodies and events, emphasizing that one astronomical feature could be mythologized in many ways. As an example of the universality of one astronomical feature, the polar axis, i sketched how it was symbolized in Egyptian, hindu, mayan, and Finnish mythology. The Union of Captain Serpent and Captain Sun Disk The seven chapters in this section provide the major core of the original research and discoveries in maya cosmogenesis 2012. The pyramid of kukulcan: a cosmic Myth in Stone The reader is already familiar with the solstice-galaxy alignment, described in the Introduction. Another type of precessional alignment was alluded to as well.

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A timeline of Mesoamerican Culture here i sketch the entire history of the human presence in the Americas, up through the Classic, post Classic and post-contact periods. I suggest that the domestication of corn reveals an intelligence at work, even some 5,000 years ago, and we might expect a similar short intelligence working out star mythologies and observations. Precessional knowledge is indicated as early as the Olmec site of la venta, circa 1200. Calendrics: Mapping Methods Introduction to the mesoamerican calendrical systems, with special focus on the two that were used in World Age doctrines, namely, the calendar round and the long count. The precessional underpinning of these eschatological systems is introduced. I explain the correlation question that is essential for understanding why december 21, 2012 is the end-date of the 13-baktun cycle. Cosmology: Finding the center The cosmological interests punjabi of early mesoamericans are introduced, especially the concern with finding the center. I review the three celestial centers that they became aware of, and the impossible-to-ignore precessional considerations. The associated cultures that gave preference to each cosmic center reveals a differentiation or shift in cosmological orientation, manifesting particularly between Central Mexico and mayan areas to the east, circa 100. Precession: The mystery of the Ages Since precession is the constantly recurring theme, a full explanation is given here.

It resembles a chakra system and thus anticipates the barbing galactic Chakra model elucidated in a chapter in my book galactic Alignment. Mayan in design, i think of this complex diagram as a hermetic symbol akin to the kabbalistic Tree of Life. Preface terence McKenna was invited to write a 2,000-word foreword to my book, which he happily accepted in December of 1997. I discussed points with him and edited his first draft, which he approved right before he left for the 1998 Palenque / Uxmal conference. I wrote this introduction in two sittings around September 1997. With no diagrams, it serves to sketch my journey with mayan cosmology and describe the solstice-galaxy alignment in concise and simple terms. This introduction alone should drive home the magnitude and originality of this work. Precession Astronomy time and astronomy in the development of Mesoamerican civilization. In the final two chapters of this section, precession and the relationship between mythology and astronomy are presented as keys to a central concern of Mesoamerican consciousness.

maya summary

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Several were done with the artistic finesse of my wife, ellie. The book was printed in late may 1998. The contents: The hunab ku poem This poem was written in October of 1992. It was the first assignment in a series of three poems that emerged at three-year intervals. In retrospect I now realize that they were each about one of the cosmic centers: polar, zenith, and galactic. Each center has a deity, and this scenario resonates with other situations, such as that found in pekka ervasts key to the kalevala. The Frontispiece art Designed as an encapsulation of the zenith (Pleiades) Cosmology and the galactic Cosmology, which are located on the galactic Anticenter-Galactic Center axis.

My book, the center of mayan Time (1995) explored some early perspectives, but was only a preliminary work. Many essays and articles were written between 1995 and late 1996, and these became the main chapters of the book. Cosmos study emerged during an intense three-month investigation that culminated in the completion of a self-standing monograph, izapa cosmos, in early november 1996. Thats when I realized what the work was to be about in its broadest scope. Material that became chapter 24 was written in February 1997. Chapters 17, 23 and 25, and the Introduction, were written between August and november of 1997. The copy-editing process with joan Parisi wilcox took place in January and February of 1998. Terence McKenna wrote his foreword in January of 1998, which i edited with his approval, and the book was more or less complete by mid-March, when I traveled to merida to speak at the maya calendar Congress. There are almost 200 diagrams (originally 240) in the book, most of which I re-drew in early 1998.

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The misunderstandings occur in the report general population of interested people as well as among academics. Secondly, and more specific to my own reconstruction detailed in, mC2012, i have been chagrined to realize that, except for a very few readers and apart from the general thesis, the material in that book has been largely ignored and has remained un-integrated into popular. The deeper you go, the less can follow. I should probably limit my perspective to the realm of popular consciousness, for it mission is expected that the academic world will ignore and deride new perspectives for decades. However, exciting new perspectives are usually taken up much more quickly in the popular culture (the esoteric, psychedelic and metaphysical seekers out there). I am grateful that the general thesis, that of solstice-galaxy alignment in 2012, and a few other items have been acknowledged.

However, it is perhaps time to summarize the salient aspects of my work that culminated in that book. It may be unclear exactly how much of that book consists of my deeper elucidation of mayan traditions rather than simply parroting previously accepted discoveries, as so many new books often. To emphasize these exciting new discoveries, i will summarize the book chapter by chapter, and then summarize the major and minor items that are new. This in a nutshell summary will augment a similar summary i undertook in the first two chapters of my recent book, galactic, alignment, but will be more comprehensive. The general concern, mentioned above, regarding persistent misconceptions in the popular and academic perception of 2012, will be explored in the subsequent section of this essay. Maya cosmogenesis 2012 was the culmination of four years of intense research and writing. It was my seventh book since 1989.

A small architectural revolution was under way in vienna in that little block in the fourth district. It took a long time - and a lot of perseverance!  to turn the dingy backyards into the beautiful garden it is today: more than 9000 square metres of trees, shrubs, rose bushes, lawns, a table tennis table, slides, swings, little hills for tobogganing in the winter and running around in the summer, two huge sand. Fot those who go frequently, it's a perfect place to meet people from around here - it's like a village square, a really unusual and very special place in a capital city. The story my book tells is this: if you have a dream - go for it! Don't give up just because people tell you it can't be done.

Most things can be done if you have courage, a plan, friends who help you, lots of stamina, hope, and a lot of energy. At the end of the book, we ask the question "What is it that you want to do?" - and our (young) readers are free to write or draw their ideas on that last blank page. Home casita de maya hotel   Summary, we would love to hear from you. Your feedback will help us serve everyone with the best rates for the finest cozumel hotels. Brief chapter-by-chapter summary of, maya cosmogenesis 2012, john Major Jenkins. november 2002, order the book here. O more information, m ore than four years after the publication of my book. Maya cosmogenesis 2012, two realities have come to my attention. First, generally speaking several misconceptions about the maya calendar and the 2012 date persist.

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It is owl about the interesting story behind the well-known viennese community garden project "Planquadrat". In the 1970s, this block of buildings in the heart of vienna was fairly dilapidated: the buildings themselves were run down; 34 (!) concrete backyards were ugly and filled with barbed wire, broken glass, old tyres and rubble. The then mayor of vienna wanted to try out a new approach to city development and create a "Gartenhof a "backyard garden". Realising that this might be an opportunity to advertise the benevolence of our Socialist city government, he wanted our public broadcasting company, the orf, to report about the process and cast the city government in a positive light. The young journalists who were commissioned with the project, however, were inspired by the student protests plan of 1968 and wanted to actually ask the people who lived in that block and neighbourhood for their opinions - something that is of course now well known. Originally, most inhabitants were rather negative and cynical - many of them had heard a rumour that their "Biedermeier" houses from the early 1800s were to be torn down to make room for a big road, so why would they care about a garden when. The journalists realised that this was a much bigger story than previously thought. They installed an office in the block and devised strategies (together with architects and students from Technische Universität wien) to convince the city government that renovating these old buildings from the early 1800s would be better than tearing them down and erecting new flats. That's a given now, but it was completely unheard of back then!

maya summary

What is my responsibilty towards the urban environment I live in? Who shapes the city if I just consume it? Who makes decisions if I retreat into a cocoon of apathy? What happens when no-one wants to take over these roles? What can I do to make a difference? What can I do to make my dreams come true? The book is the perfect starting point for children and adults alike to start exploring all of these questions.

notebook. Her quiet state of mind also enables her to communicate with the ghost of her Popo, who before he died promised he would never abandon her. She becomes part of the small rural community, learns about the mythology of the island, as well as about Chiles tragic history, and discovers the mystery of Manuel Arias past and of her own family. One day she meets Daniel goodrich, a handsome African-American backpacker from seattle, and falls in love. Finally, her life seems happy. But one of mayas enemies has picked up her trail: she has something he is determined to recover. When he finally catches up with her on the island, maya realizes that no matter how well she hides, sooner or later she must come to terms with her past. How do we want to live together?

Confident she is too young and naive to double-cross or otherwise harm him, Brandon leeman initiates her into the world of counterfeiting money, a federal crime. While she is under leemans protection, maya is relatively safe, but when he is murdered, she must escape Chino, joe martin, a gang of counterfeiters, the police, and even the fbi. She ends up on the streets of Las Vegas— homeless, sick, and addicted to drugs and alcohol. Eventually, nini, her Chilean grandmother, rescues her and takes her back to california. After spending a month in rehab, maya agrees plan to ninis plan for her to travel to Chiloe, a remote island off the coast of southern Chile, where she can hide from her pursuers in the home of Manuel Arias, an old friend of Ninis. A recluse in his seventies who lives in a house with no doors, manuel Arias is haunted by memories of his ordeal as a political prisoner. He could not be more different from mayas kind Popo, but she learns to love him. At the same time, she struggles to understand why he would protect such a conflicted young fugitive.

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Maya vidal is sixteen when Popo, her beloved grandfather, dies and paper Nini, her grandmother, falls into a depression. Without the support of her family, maya quickly falls in with the wrong crowd in her Berkeley, california, high school, joining a trio of naughty girls who call themselves The vampires. She goes from being a good student and an excellent athlete to a delinquent, descending a spiral of lies, unsafe sex, drugs, alcohol and petty theft. Following a car accident, maya spends almost three years in a school for troubled teens in Oregon. After escaping one night, she decides to hitchhike her way to freedom, and is picked up by a truck driver who takes her to a motel, viciously rapes her, and leaves her in Las Vegas. In Sin City maya meets Brandon leeman and his two henchmen, Chino and joe martin, drug dealers and thieves who entice her to join their band. Dressed to kill, her hair bleached white, and perpetually stoned, maya distributes drugs in high-end hotels and casinos.

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Many automatically think tourist trap and drunken pink-skinned tourists on the beach when they hear the words riviera maya, and. Constantly amazed by her discoveries, maya 's enthusiasm is contagious.

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  1. Casita de maya cozumel, mexico hotel rates, specials, deals and details are listed here. Also listed are casita de maya cozumel, mexico. Week 17 karens Summary of Noss mayo we left Normans bay.00 and headed west, to noss mayo near Plymouth. 17 Noss mayo img_7809. Mayo have scored 14 goals and 81 points in the 5 championship games, an average 3-16 per game. Mayo cme consensus Conference summary, september 2008 other Accme reports mayo cme consensus Conference summary, september 2008.

  2. Maya, angelou at a plot summary of maya angelous i know why the caged bird sings. Bhagavad Gita, summary, the power influence Of, maya how to destroy. state - the cult of k'uk'ulkan - changes in the southern. Maya area, summary : culmination and transition in the terminal Classic. Maya angelou graduation essay - find out everything you have always wanted to know about custom writing Dissertations, essays. the southern maya - summary : reconstructuring the maya preclassic - 4: Early Classic And The rise Of tikal: - emergence of states.

  3. Maya, vidal is sixteen when Popo, her beloved grandfather, dies and Nini, her grandmother, falls into a depression. Brief chapter-by-chapter summary of, maya, cosmogenesis 2012 a nutshell summary will augment a similar summary, i undertook in the first. and detailed summary of the known histories of the codices is given in: Bricker, harvey. Bricker, Astronomy in the. The paperback of the i know Why the caged Bird Sings.

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