Global reporting database

global reporting database

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Sqlcl, a command-line interface for queries, developed on the basis of Oracle sql developer 31 Universal Connection pool (ucp a connection pool based on java and supporting jdbc, ldap, and jca 32 Virtual Private database 33 (vpd an implementation of fine-grained access control. 34 Oracle Application Express, a no-cost environment for database-oriented software-development 35 Oracle text uses standard sql to index, search, and analyze text and documents stored in the Oracle database. Workspace manager version-enables tables 36 using the wmsys schema. 37 This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding. Multi-model support edit Oracle database provides a long list of supported data models that can be used and managed inside Oracle database: json document support 38 Oracle database supports javascript Object Notation (json) data natively with relational database features, including transactions, indexing, declarative querying, and. Oracle Spatial and Graph Oracle database provides native support for managing spatial and location data Oracle locator a freely-available subset of Oracle Spatial and Graph Oracle xml db, 40 or xdb, 41, a no-cost component in each edition of the database, provides high-performance technology for.

Sdd - gri, database, reports

In a multitenant configuration, one Oracle database instance known as "container database" (CDB) acts as a federated database system for a collection of global up lehigh to 252 distinct portable collections of database objects, referred to as "pluggable databases" (pdb each appearing to an outside client. Management Packs: integrated set of Oracle Enterprise manager tools for maintaining various aspects of Oracle database including: diagnostics Pack tuning Pack database lifecycle management Pack data masking and Subsetting Pack Cloud Management Pack for Oracle database developers Integration Apart from the clearly defined database options. For example, oracle data guard counts officially as a feature, but the command-stack within sql*Plus, though a usability feature, does not appear in the list of "features" in Oracle's list. such "features" may include (for example automatic Storage management Clusterware data Aggregation and Consolidation Data guard for high availability generic Connectivity for connecting to non-Oracle systems. Database resource manager (drm which controls the use of computing resources. 22 Expression filtering 23 Fast-start parallel rollback 24 Fine-grained auditing (FGA) (in Oracle Enterprise Edition) 25 supplements standard security-auditing features 26 Flashback for selective data recovery and reconstruction 27 Heterogeneous Services (hs providing connectivity to non-Oracle systems and code. 28 isql*Plus, a web-browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) for manipulating data in an Oracle database (compare sql*Plus ) Oracle data Access Components (odac tools that consist of: 29 Oracle data Provider for. Net (T) 30 Oracle developer tools (ODT) for Visual Studio oracle Providers for t oracle database Extensions for. Net oracle Provider for ole db oracle services for Microsoft Transaction Server Oracle-managed files (OMF) a feature allowing automated naming, creation and deletion of datafiles at the operating-system level. Recovery manager ( rman ) for database backup, restoration and recovery sql*Plus, a program that allows users to interact with Oracle database(s) via sql and PL/sql commands on a command-line.

The product's performance comes through the in-memory, columnar compressed format and through the use of simd vector processing (Single Instruction processing Multiple data values). In-Memory Aggregation improves performance of typical analytic queries using efficient in-memory arrays for joins and aggregation. 19 need"tion to verify oracle real Application Testing enable testing of system changes in a simulation of production-level workload fuller and use. Oracle timesTen Application-tier Database cache allows caching subsets of a database in the application tier for improved response time. It is built using Oracle timesTen In-Memory database. Security Oracle Advanced Security provides Transparent Data Encryption and Data redaction security features, the former allowing encryption of data stored in a database (all or a subset of it exported using Data pump, or backed up using Oracle recovery manager, and the latter allowing redaction. Oracle database vault enforces segregation of duties, principle of least privilege and other data access controls, allowing protection of application data from access by privileged database users. Oracle label Security is a sophisticated and flexible framework for a fine-grained label based access control (lbac) implementation. Management Oracle multitenant is the capability that allows database consolidation and provides additional abstraction layer.

global reporting database

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14 Database options and features edit database options edit The Oracle database offers a wide range of options 15 and features in the areas of availability, scalability, analytics, performance, security, management, developers and Integration. These aim to enhance and complement existing database functionality to meet customer-specific requirements. 16 All Database Options are only available for Enterprise Edition and offered for an extra cost. 15 17 An exception to these two rules is Oracle real Application Clusters option, which comes included with Oracle database 12 c Standard Edition 2 at no additional cost. 18 availability Oracle Active data guard extends Oracle data guard functionality with advanced features, allowing read-only access to data in a physical standby database to offload primary of such tasks as reporting, ad-hoc queries, data extraction and backup, offloading redo transport and minimizing standby impact. Scalability Analytics Performance Oracle Advanced Compression revelation complements Enterprise Edition basic table compression feature with comprehensive data compression and Information Lifecycle management capabilities, including those specifically tailored to Oracle's engineered salon systems, like oracle Exadata. Oracle database In-Memory, an in-memory, column-oriented data store, has been seamlessly integrated 16 into the Oracle database. This technology aims to improve the performance of analytic workloads without impacting the performance of transactions that continue to use Oracle's traditional row format in memory.

Xe for Oracle database 11 g was released on 24 September 2011, and increased user data capacity to 11 GB. Up to (and including) Oracle database 12c release, oracle also offered the following: Oracle database Standard Edition (SE) for single or clustered servers with a maximum capacity of 4 cpu sockets. It was largely the same as the current SE2 edition and included real Application Clusters for use on server clusters with a maximum of 4 cpu sockets. Oracle Standard Edition One (SE1 was first introduced with Oracle database. It offered the same features as se and was licensed to run on single servers with a maximum of 2 cpu sockets. Oracle corporation discontinued se and SE1 with the release, and stopped offering new licenses for these editions on December 1, 2015. Supported platforms edit Oracle database 12 c is supported on the following os and architecture combinations: In 2008, Oracle corporation announced the availability of Oracle Exadata database machine (V1 the first generation of Engineered Systems specifically designed for Oracle database workloads. In 2011, Oracle corporation announced the availability of Oracle database Appliance, a pre-built, pre-tuned, highly available clustered database server built using two sunFire X86 servers and direct attached storage. Some Oracle Enterprise Edition databases running on certain Oracle-supplied hardware can use hybrid Columnar Compression for more efficient storage.

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global reporting database

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Oracle database deployment edit Oracle database may be licensed and deployed on-premises on a choice of platforms including Oracle Engineered Systems, and on-Cloud with a choice of services running on general purpose hardware or Exadata. The various editions and Cloud services provide different levels of database functionality for difference use cases (e.g. Dev/test, departmental and non-critical apps, mission-critical workloads) with different levels of performance, availability, etc. Oracle database Cloud Services: for on-Cloud and Cloud at Customer deployments Oracle database editions: mainly for on-prem deployments Engineered systems such as Oracle Exadata specifically built for Oracle database deployment (on-prem, on-Cloud, Cloud at Customer) Database Cloud Services 11 edit Oracle corporation provides a wide-range. Oracle database Cloud Services are available on a choice of general purpose hardware and Exadata engineered systems, in either virtual machines environments or 'bare metal' infrastructure (now known as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure). Database editions edit As of 2017, the latest Oracle database version comes in three editions for on-premises deployments 12 : Oracle database Enterprise Edition (ee offers industry-leading scalability and reliability citation needed in both clustered and single system configurations and imposes no limitation on server. Oracle database Standard Edition 2 (SE2 intended for small- to medium-sized implementations, se2 includes real Application Clusters and may be deployed on servers or clusters with a maximum of 2 sockets total results and capped to use a maximum of 16 concurrent user threads.

SE2 uses the same code base as ee, and therefore upwardly compatible and simple to upgrade. Oracle database personal Edition (pe a single-user, single-machine development and deployment license that allows use of all database features. Pe is upwardly compatible to se2 and. Oracle corporation also makes the following edition available: Oracle database Express Edition (xe a free-to-use entry-level version of Oracle database available for Windows and Linux platforms limited to using only one cpu, up to 1 gb of ram and storing up to 11. It provides a subset of SE2 functionality (lacking features such as java virtual Machine, managed backup and recovery and high availability is community-supported and comes with its own license terms. Xe was first introduced in 2005 with Oracle database 10 g Release 2 with a limitation to a maximum of 4 gb of user data.

Oracle database 10g and Oracle9i database) have used suffixes of "g" and "i" which stand for "Grid" and "Internet" respectively. Prior to the release of Oracle8i database, no suffixes featured in Oracle database naming conventions. Note that there was no v1 of Oracle database,. Larry Ellison, "knew no one would want to buy version 1". 6, oracle's, rdbms release numbering has used the following codes: Oracle database version Initial Release version Initial Release date terminal Patchset Version Terminal Patchset Date marquee features Oracle.3 1979 First commercially available sql-based rdbms oracle.1.3 1983 Concurrency control, data distribution, and. PL/sql stored procedures, Triggers, distributed 2-phase commit, Shared Cursors, cost Based Optimizer Oracle.1.1.0 Parallel sql execution Server, xa transactions, Transparent Application failover Oracle.3.3.

7.3.4 February 1996 Object-relational database Oracle8 Database.0. 8.0.6 Recovery manager, partitioning Oracle8 i database 1998.1.7.tive internet protocols and java, virtual Private database Oracle9 i database 2001 december 2003 Oracle real Application Clusters (RAC), oracle xml db oracle9 i database release.2.0.vanced queuing, data mining, streams, logical Standby Oracle database. Real Application Testing, database vault, Online Indexing, Advanced Compression, data guard Fast-Start failover, Transparent Data Encryption Oracle database 11 g Release 1 september 2007 september 2008 Active data guard, secure files, Exadata Oracle database 11 g Release 2 september.2.0. Edition Based Redefinition, data redaction, hybrid Columnar Compression, Cluster File system, golden Gate replication, database Appliance Oracle database 12 c Release.1.0. Multitenant architecture, in-Memory column Store, native json, sql pattern Matching, database Cloud Service Oracle database 12 c Release 2 september 2016 (cloud) March 2017 (on-prem) Native sharding, zero data loss Recovery Appliance, exadata Cloud Service, cloud at Customer Oracle database 18c.1 February 2018 Polymorphic. Patch updates and security alerts edit Oracle corporation releases Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) or Security patch Updates (SPUs) 10 and Security Alerts to close security holes that could be used for data theft. Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) and Security Alerts come out quarterly on the tuesday closest to 17th day of the month.

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At Openworld 2017 in San Francisco, executive chairman of the board and cto, larry Ellison announced the next database generation, Oracle autonomous Database. Contents, history edit, larry Ellison and his two friends and former co-workers, bob Miner and, ed Oates, started a the consultancy called Software development Laboratories (SDL) in 1977. Sdl developed the original version of the Oracle software. Oracle comes from the code-name. Cia -funded project Ellison had worked on while formerly employed. 5, releases and versions edit, oracle products follow a custom release-numbering and -naming convention. The "c" in the current release, oracle database 18c, stands for "Cloud".

global reporting database

available only for reporting funds. Oracle database (commonly referred to as, oracle rdbms or simply as, oracle ) is a multi-model database 4 management system produced and marketed. It is a database commonly used for running online transaction processing (oltp data warehousing (DW) and mixed (oltp dw) database workloads. The latest generation, Oracle database 18c, is available on-prem, on-Cloud, or in a hybrid-Cloud environment. 18c may also be deployed on Oracle Engineered Systems (e.g. Exadata ) on-prem, on, oracle (public) Cloud or (private) our Cloud at Customer (e.g. Exadata Cloud at Customer ).

Marketing Database with contact information. Price: usd 6,750, single manager Enhanced Database, total of 21510 Funds (HF) 4927 single manager funds from our Single manager Hedge fund Database with contact and performance information 16583 single manager funds from our Contact Marketing Database with contact information and no performance data. Price: usd 5,250, fund of Funds Enhanced Database, total 7985 Funds (FoF) 866 fund of funds from our Fund of Funds Database with contact and performance information 7119 fund of funds from our Contact Marketing Database with contact information and no performance data. Price: usd 3,000, managed Futures (CTA) Enhanced Database, total 5990 Programs (CTA) 1098 ctas from our Managed Futures (CTA) Database with contact and performance information 4892 ctas from our Contact Marketing Database with contact information and no performance data. Price: usd 4,500, invaluable in the asset allocation process. — michael Bradfield, acacia trust. Ask us a question about the Expanded Databases, click here, key benefits, the largest number of funds and fund contacts available direct email and/or phone number, job title, and short bios for up to 5 key contacts per funds Can be imported into most crm. Sort and filter any field or combination of fields; a truly relational database assigning unique ids to all funds, managers and persons Reported direct from fund managers Refreshed twice each month with fund additions, updated performance and assets (only for reporting funds and important changes. Choose from Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) or Access (table) formats. Uses several established strategy matrixes to assist integration; import or export data to leading applications and platforms including Backstop, cogendi, finlab, Informais, markov, matrix-aims, pertrac, risk data, style Advisor, tao, and our proprietary map format.

Census Knowledge base, the census Knowledge base, a fundamental part of the resource centre for the 2010 World Population and housing Census Programme, is a repository of documents relevant for the field of population and housing census taking. Brindamos a las empresas las herramientas, recursos y programas necesarios para facilitar el seguimiento y gestión de gastos, ayudando a mejorar el cumplimiento de políticas y aumentando la seguridad. Barclays new Enhanced Databases give you cost-effective access to an expanded alternative investment universe. Download Enhanced Database sample, barclayhedge Enhanced Databases, nEW! We've combined our regular databases of reporting funds with thousands of non-reporting funds from our Contact Database to create the biggest value in alternative investment information available on the market today. Get both performance data* and thousands of additional contacts in each database. List of New Enhanced Databases: Global Hedge fund Enhanced Database. Total of 35485 Funds (hf cta fof 6891 hedge funds, fund of funds, and ctas from our Global Hedge fund Database with both contact and performance information 28594 hedge funds, fund of funds, and ctas from our Contact Marketing Database with contact information and.

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The banker Database - interactive banking reports global finance rankings. The banker - database, the banker Database is a service from the financial Times, providing comprehensive coverage of the leading banks in more than 190 countries. The banker Database combines standardised financial data, senior management information, The banker Rankings, m news and market data with original financial statements to provide all the information you need for worldwide bank research and analysis. Data quality, the banker's research and rankings have been the industry's standard measures of performance for more than 50 years. All data is researched and verified in-house by revelation experienced analysts using a standardised template of up to 150 items. Each bank's data is presented in a standardised template, using strict data point definitions to take account, wherever possible, of reporting and regulatory variations and provide unrivalled levels of cross border data comparability. Research Universe, we track significant local and foreign owned banks in more than 190 countries 5,000 public, private, government and subsidiary banks accounting for more than 90 of total global banking assets. Data archive of up to 30 years. Subscribers may request the inclusion of additional banks.

Global reporting database
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  1. Enhancements immediately available to all users eliminating extensive and costly software upgrade process, and database load processes. The banker provides economic and financial intelligence for the world s financial sector and has built a reputation for objective and incisive reporting. Commodity Trade Statistics, database (comtrade) un comtrade is a repository of official trade statistics and relevant analytical tables. Joint Oil Data Initiative (jodi) view the monthly oil data for the countries reporting to unsd, more.

  2. Frb dallas Home » Banking » Financial. Reporting »Financial, reporting, seminars. Discount Window/ payment System Risk. Active engagements with international role players such as the world Bank, united Nations Environment Programme and. Global, reporting, initiative also need to take place. Delivers data and reporting directly to your personal computer without proprietary, complicated desktop software.

  3. Oracle Active data guard extends Oracle data guard functionality with advanced features, allowing read-only access to data in a physical standby database to offload primary of such tasks as reporting, ad-hoc queries, data extraction and backup, offloading redo transport and minimizing standby impact on commit. Equifax joins the Unica partner Program as a platinum Marketing Service Provider. We welcome feedback, good and bad. When reporting errors, please be as descriptive as able. Refreshed twice each month with fund additions, updated performance and assets (only for reporting funds and important changes to fund and manager data. Database of, global, economic Indicators.

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