Detailed book summaries

detailed book summaries

Detailed, book review summaries

These fundamental laws are a combination of actions, thoughts, and tactics that you can employ in order to play the power game'. Greene understands and clearly outlines how power can be effective in furthering your business potential. The 5 second rule by, mel Robbins. Book summary, in The 5 Second Rule mel Robbins shares a useful tool that will help you in all areas of life. The 5-second rule can help you in those everyday moments of difficulty, uncertainty, and fear. It can help you improve your health, increase productivity and combat procrastination. Robbins helps you be courageous and step outside of your comfort zone. And most importantly, robbins explains how easy it is to take control and make a change!

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Procrastination is something everyone can relate. Mann's list has different approaches, theories, and techniques proposal that you can apply to your daily life to get more done and avoid the procrastination trap! The 4 disciplines of execution by, chris McChesney, book summary, the 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney is an excellent guide to removing the distractions of the day-to-day tasks in your day job and being able to focus on Wildly Important goals' and execute. Using real-life examples such as the ever-successful Apple and Steve jobs, McChesney produces a straightforward and actionable step-by-step guide that could transform the way you and your team work. The 4-hour work week. Tim Ferriss, book summary, the 4-hour Work week teaches techniques to increase your time and financial freedom giving you more lifestyle options. By automating a passive income and liberating yourself from unproductive tasks you can live the lifestyle of the new rich' one defined by having, doing and being what you want. Even for those people who have no interest in starting their own business, the principles in The 4-hour Work week can be applied to almost any situation or any environment you find yourself. The ideas behind the 80/20 principle, outsourcing, elimination, and liberation will help you develop a much more productive mindset. The 48 laws of power by, robert Greene, book summary, the 48 Laws of Power examines 48 key steps to understanding how to use and enforce your power.

Don't worry, i hate spam as well and won't use your email for evil purposes. Read online, tHE 100 reviews startup by, chris guillebeau, book summary, the 100 Startup by Chris guillebeau has two key themes: freedom and value. Freedom is what we're all looking for, and value is the way to achieve. The concept of having your own startup is the ultimate form of freedom according to Chris guillebeau. He discusses different lessons on the road to beginning your own startup. With a focus on small micro businesses this book has plenty of tips and advice for every step of the journey. 17 anti-procrastination hacks. Dominic Mann, book summary 17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks by dominic Mann is a list written to help you stop being lazy, overcome procrastination and finally get stuff done.

detailed book summaries

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Want access to over 40 book summaries new ones added each week. Download all summaries here! Subscribe to get a library of over 40 book summaries in pdf, epub, mobi and a few popular ones in mp3 formats. Please note, not every summary listed below is available summary yet, but we're working hard to add more every week. Great for sampling new books before you buy the full version. Enter your email to be sent one free summary of your choosing! You'll also join 34,850 other people who receive my productivity newsletter every week. Choose one free summary17 Anti-Procrastination HacksThe 100 StartupThe 4 Disciplines of ExecutionThe 4-hour Work weekthe 48 Laws of PowerThe 5 Second Rule50 Positive habits to Transform your LifeThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective peoplea guide to the good LifeAnything you wantThe Art of Non-ConformityThe Art.

genre: Sports / Basketball Let me tell you a story, a lifetime in the game, by john feinstein - genre: Sports / Basketball Life, the Universe and everything, by douglas Adams - genre: Science fiction / Humor loose balls: The Short, wild Life. Frank baum - genre: Children's books / Fiction The yankee years, by joe torre - genre: Sports / Baseball They call me coach, by john wooden - genre: Sports / Basketball / biographies Unweaving The rainbow, by richard Dawkins - genre: Science / Scientific divulgation. Books by dean Smith books by deloris Jordan books by douglas Adams books by Eric Sacharski books by fyodor Dostoyevsky books by gabriel García márquez books by gary pomerantz books by james. Webb books by joe torre books by john feinstein books by john Grisham books by john taylor books by john wooden books by jules Verne books by kareem Abdul-Jabbar books by ken Atkins books. Frank baum books by larry bird books by larry Platt books by magic Johnson books by mark Kriegel books by michael Jordan books by mike krzyzewski books by nba books by nicholas Sparks books by pat Williams books by Phil Jackson books by ray bradbury. Enjoy my summaries of popular productivity, business and self-development books. Read any summary for free, view the key takeaways and get an insight into what the full book is about. Please note, these are original summaries only, not the complete book. More summaries added each week.

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detailed book summaries

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Blackboard Strategies: over 200 favorite Plays From Successful coaches For nearly every possible situation, by Eric Sacharski - genre: Sports / Basketball. Bleachers, by john Grisham - genre: novels / Fiction. Blood on the horns: The long Strange ride of Michael Jordan's Chicago bulls, by roland lazenby - genre: Sports / Basketball. Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales, by ray bradbury - genre: Fiction and mph Literature / Short Stories. Change we can Believe in: Barack Obama's Plan to renew America's Promise, by barack Obama - genre: Politics / novels. Charlie and the Chocolate factory, by roald Dahl - genre: Children's Literature / youth Literature.

Chronicle of a death Foretold, by gabriel García márquez - genre: Nonfiction / Fiction. Climbing mount Improbable, by richard Dawkins - genre: Science / Scientific divulgation / Religion. Coach Tex Winter: Triangle basketball, by Ann Parr - genre: Sports / Basketball / nba. Crime and Punishment, by fyodor Dostoyevsky - genre: novels / Fiction / Classics. Dandelion Wine, by ray bradbury - genre: Fiction and Literature / Science fiction. Deception point, by dan Brown - genre: novels / Fiction. Digital Fortress, by dan Brown - genre: novels / Fiction Dirk gently's Holistic Detective agency, by douglas Adams - genre: Science fiction / Humor Dreams from my father: a story of Race and Inheritance, by barack Obama - genre: Nonfiction / Politics Drive: The Story.

20,000 leagues Under the sea, by jules Verne - genre: Adventure / Fiction / Classics 32 ways to be a champion in Business, by magic Johnson - genre: Sports / Basketball. A devil's Chaplain, by richard Dawkins - genre: Science / Scientific divulgation. A painted house, by john Grisham - genre: novels / Fiction. A parent's guide to gifted Children, by james. Webb - genre: Pedagogy / Psychology. A season On The Brink: a year with Bobby Knight., by john feinstein - genre: Sports / Basketball.

A time to kill, by john Grisham - genre: novels / Fiction. A walk to remember, by nicholas Sparks - genre: Romantic novels / Fiction. Angels and Demons, by dan Brown - genre: novels / Fiction. Anne Frank: The diary of a young Girl, by Anne Frank - genre: Humanities / biographies. Basketball Multiple Offense And Defense, by dean Smith - genre: Sports / Basketball / nba. Basketball Offenses And Plays, by ken Atkins - genre: Sports / Basketball / nba. Black Profiles In courage: a legacy of African-American Achievement, by kareem Abdul-Jabbar - genre: biographies.

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Knowledge is vast, so in book summaries, you may always find new self-help and self-improvements books that you didnt know before. Some of books summarized in this app: find solutions to your worries in How to Stop Worrying and Start living. boost your self-esteem with The six Pillars of Self-Esteem. become more social with How to win friend Friends and Influence people. become successful by learning the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. set up the right mindset for financial success with Rich Dad, poor Dad. gain and maintain your power with The 48 Laws of Power. We aim to constantly update the app with a new book every week. Stay tuned for more!

detailed book summaries

Go to m and subscribe right now, free of charge. Your competition is learning from and implanting strategies from todays business books, are you? Book summaries contains concise, comprehensive and high quality summaries of self-help books, providing the readers with easy to read internet texts, as they are written in simple and understandable language. Its a perfect tool for those that love books but have shortage of time. With book summaries, you can save time by reading the key points of each book without having to go through everything. Self-help and self-improvement books help you develop your mindfulness and broaden your horizons. These kinds of books are often read more than once because they are considered to be like consultants who share their life experiences and knowledge with the readers. Consequently, book summaries will be your best tool to refresh all these experiences and knowledge to boost your memory and help you revise all this information.

not to subscribe right now. As if providing you weekly detailed business book summaries wasnt enough to get you excited about improving your career and your future, m has gone a step beyond. Each business book that is summarized is dissected and broken down into a mind map. For anyone that doesnt know what a mind map is, mind maps are the wave of the future in learning. They are diagrams with words that branch out from a central idea. The important thing for you is that they help you learn the material from the books faster and help you remember them better. M offer all of the above—the newsletter, the mp3 audio summaries, the digital e-book formatted summaries, and mind maps, which will allow you to reach new heights by allowing you to absorb the key concepts, ideas, and strategies of todays top business books, and actually.

The answer to that question is a resounding. Thats why m has come up with the solution to your problem. Every week, m publishes detailed business book summaries in five digital formats. And heres the kicker—they deliver all these for absolutely free. Just go to m and subscribe to their newsletter today. Youll be kept up to date with weekly business book summaries so you can have the time advance your career by absorbing all the key concepts and ideas and actually implement them in your business. By subscribing to m for no cost, every week youll receive 6-10 page business book summaries in newsletter format that you can read right remote in your inbox. In addition to this, you receive these same idea inspiring, business growing summaries in MP3 audio format that you can upload in your Ipod or your favorite mp3 player, so that you can listen to your summaries in your car or on the. As well, m offers all their potential life changing summaries in digital e-book format that will allow you to learn new business strategies right from your Amazon Kindle, barnes and Noble nook, sony reader, or Apple Ipad.

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Download, report, description. M Introduces Their Free business book summaries. M offers detailed free business book summaries in five digital formats including pdf, friend transcript. M offers detailed free business book summaries in five digital formats including pdf, mp3 audio, html, mind Map, and Kindle digital e-reader editions. With modern society being as hectic as it is, people rarely have the time to breathe, let alone stay up to date on todays top business books. With the average person reading less than 5 books of any kind a year and over 10,000 business books being printed every year, something has to give. Usually that something means people forgoing their reading for other more pressing issues. But with todays economy and the jobless rate being where it is—companies laying off workers at a record pace and outsourcing to keep costs low—can you really afford to not stay informed in the business world?

Detailed book summaries
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  1. Want new book summaries emailed directly to you each week? Deck's book goes into detail about how mindsets can be applied to all areas of life from schooling, work, relationships and parenting. To kill a mockingbird. Get detailed summaries and analysis, character desctiptions, themes, and"s. If you did summarize fiction books, your summary would have to be detailed and demand would still need to exist. Those short summaries then link through to more detailed notes on each book.

  2. Book summaries are not that short, but they are prepared in a very structured and detailed way, so you can really get a grasp on what the books are all about. Books information, including plot summary and details, author, genre, language and price. Book summaries currently available: (in alphabetical order). Freebooknotes found 6 sites with book summaries or analysis of Small Island. Detailed study guides typically feature a comprehensive analysis of the work, including an introduction, plot.

  3. Looking for good book summaries? This list of book summaries shares the key takeaways from some of the best books of all-time, organized by category. Just like the writer of the book made a detailed plan before writing, you need to create a detailed plan before summarising. You need to decide how long the summary is going to be (how many words). Sample summary Plot of Macbeth. When youre writing a summary, you arent supposed to include little details about secondary characters, descriptions, or minor plot points.

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