Dental statement of purpose

dental statement of purpose

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I hope to be able to use my Spanish more in the future, here in California, working with immigrants from Latin America. Since my arrival to the United States and until today, i have faced what is perhaps the greatest challenge of my life: English. The first time that I took the toefl, i received the disappointing score. Yet, as a testimony to my struggle, last year, i managed to score 104. And, as I have been working very hard, every day, especially with English in the medical/dental field, i believe that I would score considerably higher at this time if I were to re-take the test. I hope to be granted an opportunity to demonstrate how much I have improved and my dedication to continue to improve daily in my English skills. My central goal in life is to serve my community and I have long been dedicated to helping those in need. In high school, i worked with children from poor, under-privileged, and troubled families, helping them to do their homework and to develop better study skills.

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Thank you for giving my application your attention and consideration. Statement of Purpose dental Advanced Standing dds international Dentist. I am a young woman and a dentist who was born and raised in Poland. I came to the United States with my fiancé and now live in Hawthorne, california. I graduated from the medical University in my home town of Lodz in 2004 and completed my studies in the faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, obtaining the title of Doctor of Dentistry in 2006, shortly before moving to the. Upon my arrival, i immediately began preparing for the national board Dental Exam (nbde) and have now finished Part. At present, i am diligently studying for Part. After completing a program for International Dentists and becoming licensed to practice dentistry plus in my newly adopted country, my long term goal is to continue to focus on enhancing my professional skills and to specialize in the area of restorative dentistry and endodontics. I hope to someday establish my own dental office where i might be able to make special contributions to the less privileged members of our community. First, however, i look forward to working for another talented dentist where i will be able to gain additional experience. Polish is my native language, and I learned Spanish in high school; i also read and speak some german.

Since arriving in biography the us, i have been shadowing an excellent and highly experienced practitioner,. I have familiarized myself with the dental environment in the us and now feel ready to join the program to enable me to practice here and am very excited at the prospect of doing. I am aware of the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity in healthcare provision. I speak some Spanish and intend to extend my current knowledge. I am interested in other cultures and look forward to being part of an interesting mix of students in the program and exchanging experiences with them. I know that the program will attract many well qualified applicants. However I genuinely believe that i am an excellent candidate. I am passionate about dentistry; i am very interested in learning about and applying the most modern techniques and treatments available; i am determined to become an excellent practitioner offering excellent treatment; I look forward to working in free clinics to provide treatment to the.

dental statement of purpose

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Many came forward at the end to request further information or to be examined. I regard this as one of the most useful things that I have ever done and believe that we started a process in that area that will result in the saving of many lives. After graduation, i was very fortunate in being offered a post in the dental wing of the most prestigious private hospital in my locality, one of the yashoda group of hospitals. I worked as a dental Surgeon under the direction of the Chief Prosthodontist and Implantologist,.  I was also mentored by other excellent experienced dentists and was able to use the most advanced equipment such as wand-like intra oral cameras and caries detector lights. I am very interested and excited about such useful and interesting technological developments and look forward to seeing many more. I worked in an environment that was in great contrast to the free clinics that i knew as a student, money was often no object to our patients and expensive crown and implant treatments were common. The experience of having worked at both ends of the spectrum has been extremely edifying and has made me determined to give part of my time and skills to those unable to pay for treatment. Dentistry is a prestigious and well rewarded profession and I believe that this places an unavoidable responsibility on me to give something back.

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dental statement of purpose

Dentist Personal, statement, writing

I spent a great deal of time during my undergraduate studies working on various educational projects and screening camps and the most valuable, in my view, were those that were conducted in rural schools and orphanages in order to teach those young enough to fully. There is a habit in many rural areas in India known as reverse smoking, this involves smoking from the lit end of the cigarette and is extremely dangerous to oral health carrying high risk of perforation of the palate and malignancy of the oral mucosa. One day an elderly man came to our community clinic, adams when I was undertaking rural rotations, his main complaint was a small hole in his cheek which he asked us to repair. The hole was, in fact a complete perforation of the palate and buccal mucosa. This was the first of many similar cases I saw in my rural rotations. The provisional diagnosis in this case was Squamous Cell Carcinoma caused by reverse smoking.

I was shocked and surprised but I was to discover that this mans problem was not particularly unusual. On one rural rotation I suggested that, instead of giving the approved health talk, we put on a play to get the message across. I wrote the script, organized the cast and bus transport. Village leaders and elders were given personal invitations. The event was very successful and attracted a large audience. The play was about the dangers of reverse smoking and we established that many of the audience were completely unaware of the dangers.

I was born and raised in Alton, Illinois and this past may i graduated from xxxx university with a major in biology and a minor in Chemistry. I wish to continue my studies in my home state and this is of utmost importance to me; as it is in my home town and I want to achieve my long term goal of running my own family practice here and be able. I will take special joy in treating needy minority children at no cost and developing an educational center to teach people about the importance of dental hygiene. Accumulating money and possessions have little interest for. Rather, i live to serve and help people who need me because of the sheer joy that this gives. I want to thank you for considering my application.

Statement of Purpose dental School Pediatric Dentistry dmd writing. Robert Edinger: Admission Application Help. Owner at m, looking for more of the latest headlines on LinkedIn? Published on December 1, 2015, owner at m, if you were to look into the waiting room of a typical us dentists office, you are likely to see a number of relaxed looking patients reading magazines. If you look at those queuing for treatment at a free dental clinic in India, you will see many swollen face and pain filled eyes but also the smiling faces of treated patients leaving the clinic. This experience leaves little doubt about the utility of the dentists work and the good he/she does.  In India, dental hygiene is given a low priority in the lives of many and often ignored altogether. Total loss of teeth in early middle age is accepted as a normal effect of aging.

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I know a great deal about dentistry tools and i am familiar with correct dentistry terminology with hands-on experience in gender patient care, these experiences have confirmed that dentistry is the right career choice for. I have always worked well in a team environment and i am willing to go the extra mile to achieve my goals. I believe that I have the necessary drive and passion to excel and succeed in your program. It is my belief that a person's smile is one of their most important assets in life and it is my passion to help every person obtain the best possible smile. nbsp;I am well aware that many, especially the neediest in society, do not have the opportunity to take care pdf of their teeth. My central goal is to contribute to the movement to change that. I would especially appreciate the opportunity to study dental medicine at xxxx university, so that I may achieve my dream of studying at one the top dental schools in the country at the same time that i am able to stay close to home and. I am very conscientious and well organized, with a great sense of humor and I want nothing in life as much as I want to become a first-class, outstanding dentist. Thus, i feel that i am a strong candidate for your program.

dental statement of purpose

I know i am presentation going to get there. Generally speaking, if someone dedicates themselves entirely to their first priority in life, they meet with success. And for me this will be distinguishing myself as one of the most dedicated students in the program at xxxx's School of Dental Medicine. While i do look forward to supporting myself, i am not materialistic; it is the quality of existence found through service to others that draws me, the privilege of alleviating pain. I see the practice of dentistry as a form of social work and i am motivated by my love for my community. I especially look forward to the precious little and half terrorized-children that will come to me for help, putting them at ease, making sure that they understand that I truly care about them. They will be able to sense that i am doing this out of profound affection and a hunger to help. I have many hours of experience shadowing dental assistants at xxxx dental Care centre in Granite city and I was also a volunteer for give a kid a smile day, hosted by my university.

medical history. To inform patients of the results of such diagnostic and screening procedures with a view to discussing possible treatment options. Details of Staff working at practice 3 Dentists : Dr ones bds (Lond Dr v sharma bds (Lond Dr d au  BChD (Leeds) 1 oral surgeon: Dr j mcLoughlin bds (Lond) fds rcs (Eng) 3 Nurses 2 Hygienists 1 Receptionist 1 oral surgeon: Dr j mcLoughlin. Published on november 9, 2015, owner at m, perhaps the strongest aspect of my candidacy to your program at xxxx university is that i am very dedicated to my professional performance and also very highly motivated and determined to achieve my professional goals. I have dreamed of becoming a dentist for many years. Even as a child, perhaps especially as a child, i was well aware of the pain and dread associated with dental problems. I am so very attracted to dentistry because of the great challenge and opportunity. The chance to see my clients walking out of my practice with a big smile and a great sense of relief and confidence for me this will be sheer joy.

Temporary treatment provided if necessary. To keep patients well-informed of costs and to discuss treatment progress at each stage, obtaining relevant consent. To offer a preventative service. To establish an individually-developed personal dental health regime for each patient to meet their dental care needs and aim for a high level of oral health. Surgical procedures, to provide detailed information and explanations to patients where a surgical procedure is necessary including risks, procedure, etc. To obtain valid consent for all surgical procedures carried out at the practice. To monitor patient progress, post-procedure, following clinical protocol to ensure full recovery and minimise risks.

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This practice is registered with the care online quality commission for the regulated activities below. Aims and Objectives. Treatment of disease, disorder or injury. To provide a high quality and range of dental services to the whole community, including consultations, x-rays, routine restorative work, endodontics, treatment of periodontal disease, prostheses, cosmetic work. To offer patients a friendly and professional service. To explain the diagnosis to patients in detail, where particular attention should be given and necessary action treatment options, costs, risks, advice, etc. To refer to appropriately qualified specialist dental practitioners where necessary.

Dental statement of purpose
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  3. Chronicle Three statement of Purpose. Number 75- the boa rd flashed. My father and I were in this huge line of dental school applicants for. Instructions on how to write a dental school personal statement, a nd a resource for free dental school personal statement samples. Statement of Purpose contact. Care providers who register with us must send us a statement of pur pose.

  4. This practice is registered with the care quality commission for the regulated activities below. If you were to look into the waiting room of a typical us dentist s office, you are likely to see a number of relaxed looking patients reading. Perhaps the strongest aspect of my candidacy to your program at xxx. X university is that i am very dedicated to my professional performance. I am a young woman and a dentist who was born and raised in Poland. I came to the United States with my fiancé and now live in Hawthorne.

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