Biography of gandhiji in short

biography of gandhiji in short

Short essay on gandhiji in hindi language

Occupation: Barrister-at-Law. Mahatma gandhi fact 1: Mahatma gandhi was born on October 1869 into an age when race and religious prejudice was extremely strong and it was a very volatile time. Mahatma gandhi fact 2: His family was originally from Kutiana in the junagadh State and were often in the civil service of the current ruler. Mahatma gandhi fact 3: His first marriage took place when he was only thirteen years of age. Mahatma gandhi fact 4: When Mahatma gandhi was nineteen years old he travelled to England to attend the University college london where he studied to become a barrister. Mahatma gandhi fact 5: Once he had qualified as a barrister Mahatma gandhi applied, and was accepted, at a law firm in south Africa where he began to represent the muslim India traders out of Pretoria.

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Place of Birth: Mahatma gandhi was washington born in Porbandar. Kathiawar Agency, british India. Family background: His father was Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi and supervisor his mother was Putlibai. His father would marry a total of 4 times. His fourth wife bore him four children, a daughter and three sons, of which Gandhi was the youngest. Both of his parents were religious people, his father was a hindu and his mother came from a pranami vaishnava background. Mahatma gandhi became a hindu as had his father been. He married Kasturba and together they had four children, harilal, manilal, ramdas and devdas. Early life and childhood: he grew up in Rajkot a less impressive state than Porbandar. Education: he began his education at a local district school in Rajkot close to his home. Mahatma gandhi learnt the essentials of arithmetic and history together with geography and the gujarati language.

The male child sex ratio in vaikom is around 960, compared to the kerala state average of 964. The literacy rate of vaikom city.84, higher than the state average.00. In vaikom, male literacy is around.30 while female literacy rate.47. Notable people edit vembanadu lake, boat jetty, ktdc restaurant, riverside park, playground. References edit External links edit retrieved from " p? Mahatma gandhi, fact File biography: Lifespan: Full Name: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Nickname: Bapu and margaret Gandhiji. Date of Birth: Mahatma gandhi was born on October 1869.

biography of gandhiji in short

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Hindustan Newsprint Limited is situated in Velloor near vaikom. Demographics edit As per the 2001 census, 5 vaikom has a population of about 22637 (male: 10955; female: 11682). This region has a literacy rate of 92 (male: 97; female: 90). Population density of the region is 2496 per square. As per the 2011 census, 6 The vaikom municipality has a population of 23,234 of which 11,304 are males while 11,930 are females. The population of children under age 6 is 1807, which.78 of the total population of vaikom (M). In vaikom municipality, the female sex ratio is of 1055 against the state average of 1084.

One of the most popular temples in Kerala dedicated to lord Shiva, it was built in 1594. 2 Administration edit vaikom is administered by a municipality and is the seat of a munsiff's court (among the oldest to be established in the kingdom of Travancore ). Vaikom assembly constituency is reserved for Dalits and is part of Kottayam parliamentary constituency. 3 History edit vaikom was believed to be a part of a kingdom called Venmalanadu in the past. When Venmalanadu was split into vadakkumkoor and Thekkumkoor, it became part of Vadakkumkoor dynasty. Later in 1742, it became part of Travancore when the then Maharajah of Travancore, anizham Thirunal Marthanda varma, annexed Vadakkumkoor to his kingdom. 4 vaikom gained its fame on a national level during vaikom Satyagraha. Economy edit Old and New post box The traditional economy has been based on coconut and rice crops, and fishing ; more recently, crops like nutmeg, black pepper, and latex have been introduced. Tourism and software are also pursued as a means to livelihood.

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biography of gandhiji in short

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The famous Shiva temple situated here. Contents, location edit, boat jetty and ktdc restaurant along Vembanadu lake. Vaikom town is situated at the northwestern end of Kottayam district, close. Its western border is the. Lake vembanad, and is crossed by various estuaries of the.

Vaikom is the oldest township in Kottayam district, and among the oldest in south India. Citation needed, vaikom is also very presentation close to the popular tourism destination. It is 37 from, ernakulam and 32 km from Kottayam and about 60 km (37 mi) from. Vaikom Temple edit, main article: vaikom Temple, mahadheva the temple, the, vaikom Shiva temple, known as Thekkan Kashi (Southern Kashi is the heart of the town, and is remarkable for the vaikom Ashtami celebrations during november. It is notable as the venue of the vaikom Agitation for achieving for the lower castes the right to walk on the roads surrounding the temple.

His novels describe the problems of rural and urban India. Premchand wrote on the realistic issues of the day -communalism, corruption, zamindari, debt, poverty, colonialism etc. Premchand's writings have been translated not only into all Indian languages, but also russian, Chinese, and many other foreign languages. He died on October 8, 1936). From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. This article is about a municipality in Kottayam district.

For the temple, see. Municipality/Historical Town in Kerala, india, vaikom is a capital town of vaikom. Taluk, situated in the northwest. Kottayam district in the state of, kerala, india. The town is also noted for its role in the. Indian independence movement for being the venue of, vaikom Satyagraha, a civil rights movement aimed at securing freedom of movement for all sections of society through the public roads leading.

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Premchand was a great social reformer; he married a child widow named. She wrote a book on him, Premchand Gharmein after his death. In 1921 he answered Gandhiji's call and resigned paper from his job. He worked to generate patriotism and nationalistic sentiments in the general populace. When the editor of the journal _Maryaada_ was jailed in the freedom movement, Premchand worked for a time as the editor of that journal. Afterward, he worked as the principal in a school in the. The main characteristic of Premchand's writings is his interesting storytelling and use of simple language.

biography of gandhiji in short

Soz-e-watan was statement confiscated by the British, he started writing under the pseudonym Premchand. Before Premchand, hindi literature consisted mainly of fantasy or religious works. Premchand brought realism to hindi literature. He wrote over 300 stories, a dozen novels and two plays. The stories have been compiled and published as maansarovar. His famous creations are: Panch. Parameshvar, Idgah, Shatranj ke khiladi, poos ki raat, bade Ghar. Beti, kafan, Udhar ki ghadi, namak ka daroga, gaban, godaan, and.

While working, he studied privately and passed his Intermediate and. Later, Premchand worked as the deputy sub-inspector of schools in what was then the United Provinces. In 1910, he was hauled up by the district Magistrate in Jamirpur for his anthology of short stories soz-e-watan (Dirge of the nation which was labelled seditious. His book soz-e-watan was banned by the then. British government, which burnt all of the copies. Initially Premchand wrote in Urdu under the name of Nawabrai. However, when his novel.

He was born on July 31, 1880 in Lamahi near Varanasi where his father Munshi azaayab Lal was a clerk in the post office. Premchand lost his mother when he lined was just seven years old. His father married again. Premchand was very close to his elder sister. His early education was in a madarasa under a maulavi, where he learnt Urdu. When he was studying in the ninth class he was married, much against his wishes. He was only fifteen years old at that time. Premchand lost his father when he was sixteen years old.

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Here is a brief biography and history of Premchand. Read information on life of Indian writer Munshi Premchand. Born: July 31, 1880, died: October 8, 1936. Achievements: Premchand brought realism to hindi literature. Premchand wrote on the essay realistic issues of the day-communalism, corruption, zamindari, debt, poverty, colonialism etc. He avoided the use of highly sanskritized Hindi and instead used the dialect of the common people. Premchand popularly known as Munshi Premchand was one of the greatest literary figures of modern Hindi literature. His stories vividly portrayed the social scenario of those times. Premchand's real name was Dhanpat rai srivastava.

Biography of gandhiji in short
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  3. Check out this site for interesting facts about. Mahatma gandhi for kids. Short, summary, biography and Fun Facts about, mahatma gandhi. Biography and Interesting Facts about, mahatma gandhi for kids. Mahatma gandhi biography in Hindi all Information about mk gandhi history, with Essay, paragraph, nibandh, Speech in Hindi. Free marathi ebooks and Marathi books online.

  4. Biography, of, mahatma gandhi -. Here is a brief biography and history of, premchand. Read information on life of Indian writer Munshi. Mohan Das - a true story of a man, his people and an Empire (English). Vaikom town is situated at the northwestern end of Kottayam district, close to Ernakulam district border. Its western border is the lake vembanad, and is crossed by various estuaries of the river muvattupuzha.

  5. He had everything one could wish. Gandhi, the novel: Six days with Mohandas Gandhi: a novel of the last days of Mahatma gandhi. Biography, early life and background. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on to a hindu modh Baniya family in Porbandar (also known as Sudamapuri a coastal town on the kathiawar Peninsula and then part of the small princely state of Porbandar in the kathiawar Agency of the Indian Empire. The Story of Gandhi-by ramanbhai soni (for age above 10 years) a pictorial.

  6. Gandhiji 's full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on October 2, 1869 in a town called Poxbandar, gujarat. He was the architect of India's freedom and one of the greatest men of this century. Nehru was born of november 14, 1889 at Allahabad. Motilal Nehru was a famous lawyer of India at that time.

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